When We Meet Again

Chapter 1

Summary: Bella and Edward were best friends until their lives were torn apart. Edward was always Bella's comforter when she was beaten by her cruel parents. Bella's parents die and Bella is forced to move away from her home in Forks, Washington to a cold, unfamiliar place, away from Edward. They try to keep in touch and stay friends, but will there letters be enough? What will happen when plans change?

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Edward and I were lying together on a blanket outside, looking up at the stars shining in the sky. I turned to face him. He was lying with one arm under his head, his whole body facing the sky. His eyes were closed. I smiled.

"So was that the best 10th birthday ever or what?" I said. He opened his eyes and smiled his crooked smile back.

"It was amazing. I wish this day never had to end."

"Me neither," I said turning to face the sky again. He took my hand and my heart fluttered. I had a little crush on him.

"Promise me something?" he asked, sitting up.

"Anything," I said, while mimicking his action.

"Promise me…Promise me that we'll be friends forever. That we'll always be together, no matter what happens."

"That's the plan," I said.

"Bella, I'm serious." The smile disappeared from his face and I knew he meant business.

"I promise, Edward, we'll be friends forever."

"Good," he said, and the smile I loved returned to his face.

The moment was ruined by my mother calling to me and telling me to come inside. She sounded drunk. Edward grabbed my hand again. I winced as he touched the bruise that was there from last night.

"Do you think you'll be alright?" He suddenly looked worried.

"I'll be fine," I said, trying to smile. "I always am." Edward tried to smile back.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I promised. Then I picked up my blanket and walked towards my house.

When I walked into the house, I tried to be as quiet as possible. My mom and dad were watching TV, and if I was lucky, they would be too busy watching it to notice that I was there. I was about halfway up the stairs. I was so busy thinking about Edward that I forgot that the stair creaked. I usually stepped over it, but tonight I forgot.

"Bella?" My mom called from the couch.

"Yeah, mom?" I said, making my way up the rest of the stairs.

"Where have you been?" She said, now at the bottom.

"Today was Edward's birthday, mom. Remember? I told you that." I was slowly inching my way to my room, hoping to avoid the pain that my mom would inflict on me. My mom noticed what I was doing and came up the stairs. I moved out of her way, but when she reached the top she hit me. I stumbled backwards hitting the door. She kicked me.

"You shouldn't have been out all day." She kicked me again. "I needed you here."

"I'm sorry, mom," I said struggling to stand up. "It won't happen again."

"You're right it won't," she said. She hit me again, and I fell, ending flat on my back, looking at the ceiling, with my arms at my side. 5 minutes ago this had been a comfortable position, but I had been with Edward then. She walked over and stepped on my wrist. I heard the sickening crunch and the pain coursed through my arm. I knew it was broken. My mom figured it out too.

"Oh, now look what you've done." She picked me up by the collar on my shirt and dragged me down the stairs. She didn't stop dragging me until we reached the car outside. She unlocked the door and threw me in the back seat. Then she moved to the front of the car and pulled out.

I was trying to buckle my seat belt. She was drunk and she was not the best driver when she was drunk. I sat there, taking in all her harsh words and trying to ignore them. I knew that no matter how many times she called me worthless, that I was not worthless. Edward had told me so and I trusted him more than anyone.

The speedometer skyrocketed reaching almost 80 miles per hour. We pulled into the hospital 20 minutes later. My mom came around, pulled me out of the car, and then let me walk into the hospital.

"Hello," she said in a sickly sweet voice to the secretary. "My daughter fell off her bike and I think her wrist may be broken. I held up my arm to emphasize her point. It was extremely swollen, and it was black, purple, and blue.

"Oh my," the secretary said. "I'll get a doctor to see her as soon as possible."

We sat down to wait, my mom not even looking at me. We only had to wait about 10 minutes before a nurse came over. She had pretty brown hair that was about shoulder length and warm brown eyes.

"Dr. Cullen can see you now," she said, smiling genuinely at me. I thanked her and hopped down from my seat. My mom only moved to turn the page of the magazine she was reading. I followed the nurse into another room.

"She'll be here in just a minute," she said before closing the door and leaving me in the 'oh so white' hospital room. I climbed up the steps to the table and sat on the crinkly white paper.

Dr. Cullen walked into the room only a moment later.

"Hello," he said. "What happened?" he asked when he got a look at my arm.

"I fell off my bike today," I said, using the same lie that my mother had used less than an hour ago. He gave me some pain killers. They worked pretty quickly, and it was a relief to escape from the pain. The doctor inspected my arm

"Well, I think you should go for x-rays, but I'm pretty sure that it's broken." He helped me down from the table and walked me too the x-ray room. I had x-rays taken on my wrist and they gave me a folder to bring back to the doctor containing the x-rays. I walked until I found the room and waited. When the Dr. Cullen came back in, he pinned the x-rays up to the light on the wall.

"There is a complete break in your arm and we need to set it and put it in a cast right away, or you may need surgery on it." I was led to another room, where it was set and a cast was made.

"What color would you like the cast to be?"

"Pink!" I said, excitedly. Pink was my favorite color. The cast was fitted to my arm.

"OK," my doctor said. "I'll need to see you back here in 6 weeks."

"OK," I said. Then I walked out to the waiting room to find my mom. She wasn't hard to find considering she was sitting in the same seat she had been sitting is as before. The only difference was that she was reading a different magazine.

"Mom, the doctor said that I have to come back in 6 weeks," I said.

"OK, honey," my mom said, smiling. She was putting on the show she always did when she was in public. She walked over to the secretary and made an appointment to see the doctor in 6 weeks. Then we walked out to the car together and drove home.

When we were about 5 minutes from home, my mother acknowledged my presence. She hadn't talked to me for the whole ride home. She turned to face me, no longer watching the road.

"You tell anyone what really happened and I'll kill you," she said. Her face was serious although I didn't need to look at her expression to know that she was serious. I didn't really answer what she said.

"Did you hear me?" she screamed. I went to answer, but I never got the chance to. Instead, I screamed at her.


She whipped around but it was too late. The car slammed into a tree. I didn't have time to recover from the impact before we were rolling down a hill on the side of the highway. I held onto the seat with all my might and screamed. The car was rolling down the hill as Edward and I had once done at the park. My short life flashed before my eyes.

I remembered moving into my house here in Forks when I was 5; when I met Edward; when I had first discovered that I could sneak into Edward's house by climbing out my window, across the apple tree, and through his; playing underneath the apple tree on crisp fall afternoons; Edward introducing me to friends; the first time that my mom and dad had beaten me; Edward's pleas to let him tell someone…I saw all of that flash before my eyes in the few seconds that it took the car to roll down the hill.

My head smashed against the window, breaking the glass. The car finally came to a stop. I was alive-at least for now. My new pink cast had split, my leg was at a weird angle and it hurt worse than breaking my wrist had, and I could feel the blood oozing from my head and onto my favorite pink shirt. I knew I needed to hold on to my consciousness.

"Mom…mom…" I said, trying to crawl to the front of the car. I couldn't reach it though. There was a large dent in the top of the car that came down very low. I couldn't crawl through. I couldn't see my mom past the dent. I attempted to open the car doors that I could get to, but they were stuck closed. I was trapped in there.

Then I remembered that my mom had her cell phone. I stuck my hand through the small space between the ceiling and the seat, hoping my arm was long enough to reach the compartment where my mom kept her cell phone. It was, but just barely and I struggled to reach it. I finally grabbed it and pulled it towards me. My vision was blurring. I couldn't see the numbers, but I knew where all the buttons were. I quickly dialed 911. I was fading, everything was growing black. I heard someone pick up on the other end, but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

"Help," I croaked. And then the blackness engulfed me.

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