Crypto and Hatanna were zooming through what seemed like a never ending tunnel. A small light appeared at the end and Crypto and Hatanna were thrown into the most beautiful garden they had ever seen. For the first time in Cryptos life, he did not want to destroy something.

Crypto and Hatanna walked through it, gazing upon all the plants abundant with fruits and veggies. Crypto saw a tree that was glowing with some fruit on it. He plucked a pear, as did Hatanna, and they ate it. They felt so full of life and they were happy. Then Crypto grabbed Hatannas arm and dived behind a bush. A man and a woman were walking through the garden, without clothes on!

"Well, at least they aren't ashamed," Crypto said.

"I think they are the only ones, you moron."

Crypto followed the man and Hatanna the woman. The woman approached another tree with some apples on it. A snake started to talk to her and she eventually ate the fruit and urged the man to do so too. They suddenly looked like they were electrocuted then they ran away to put some clothes on. Crypto and Hatanna followed them and eventually they left the garden. Crypto and Hatanna were thrown out by an unseen force, then they decided to stick around. They couldn't enter the garden anymore. There was no way in. An invisible force field was preventing entry.

"What now? How are we going to get back?" Hatanna asked looking worried.

Crypto had no answer. They decided to settle down in a small little land surrounded by mountains. Years and years passes, and Crypto and Hatanna never seemed to age. They finally changed their clothes and wore brown cloaks instead. They grew a little less violent in that time too. Almost a thousand years passed, and Crypto and Hatanna had decided that the fruit allowed them to live forever.

Crypto and Hatanna decided to expand their race, and had some little Furon brats. They had three kids. Kippy, Kryptonite, and Cleto. The world was full of people now, so holobobbing would be much easier to do now. Crypto decided, after a thousand years, to check on the worlds progress. Crypto holo-bobbed a traveler and then threw him off a cliff, splattering his body everywhere.

Crypto chanced upon a small town full of people. An old man, along with some others, were building a boat. Crypto approached the man.

"Hey, bub. What are you building a boat for? Ya crazy or something?"

"No, the flood is coming!"

Crypto stood frozen. The flood were here too. Crypto ran back to the mountain and flew over it and landed in their yard. He immediately started working on his own boat. After a year, he built a boat big enough for fifteen people. Crypto and Hatanna wondered why a boat was needed to stop the flood. Were they allergic to boats? After many days, Hatanna had another child. Their first girl. They named her Poxy, after Pox.

The kids were now grown up savages. One day, while Crypto was zapping many animals, it started to rain heavily. It hadn't rained once since he and Hatanna had been here. The water began to rise quickly, so he and his family hopped in the boat. After many, many days. The rain ceased. It took many more days for the rain to evaporate.

"So that's what the old goat meant when he said the flood. I shouldv'e know! I'm a retard."

Hatanna slapped him.

"Hey! I just though of something! We should find that old man and kill him, then repopulate this world with Furons!"

Hatanna replied, "But honey, we won't have any more humans to destroy!"

"Good point."

Thousands of years passed. Nothing knew happening, except the advancment of the world. Crypto and Hatannas offspring died after many years, but Crypto and Hatanna remained. They were now back in the 2008. They made their way to the city of Philidelphia. At the Wal-Mart that Crypto destroyed thousands of years ago.

"My goodness! Thousands of years! Do you have any idea how much smarter and wiser we are now?" Crypto said.

"Very." Hatanna replied.

Crypto suddenly realized something.

"Hey, we didn't interrupt the regular time-line in anyway. So if everything went the same way as it would have gone if we weren't their, then would there not be another me?"

Before Hatanna could answer, a U.F.O. zoomed out of the clouds and landed on the rooftop of the Wal-mart.

"O no! Now I gotta kill myself!" Crypto said. When his memory of what happens next hit him, he grabbed Hatannas arm and ran away from the parking lot. A massive explosion erupted behind them. Crypto ducked as debris fell down all around him. Crypto circled around the Wal-Mart and stopped at the door.

"Stay here."

"No way! I'm going with you!" Hatanna shouted back.

They went inside and hid in the docking area. The other Crypto would check back here eventually. Crypto and Hatanna hid behind a crate, and then the door blasted open. There he was. The other Crypto. He checked behind a bunch of shelves and Crypto walked out from behind the crate, Zap-O-Matic in hand. The other Crypto returned and saw him. He shot his Zap-O-Matic, but the real Crypto reflected it with his mind powers.

"How did another clone get made! There's only supposed to be one of me!" 2008 Crypto said.

"Well, we are the same clone." Old Crypto said.

"Yeah right!"

"No, really! In the future, you and Hatanna decide to go into a time machine, because the Covenant and the Flood come to earth."

"Who's Hatanna?"

Hatanna stepped out.

"I am Hatanna."

2008 Crypto smiled. "Well, after I kill this fake, you can be my pet!"

Old Crypto stepped in front of her. "Bring it on!"

2008 Crypto grabbed his disintegrator ray and started shooting at Crypto. It hit Crypto, but didn't hurt him. 2008 Crypto was shocked. Old Crypto grabbed him by the neck.

"Foolish Furon! I ate from a tree of life! I'm gonna live forever and nothing can stop that."

Old Cryptos fingers punctured 2008 Cryptos neck and he slowly chocked to death on his own blood. Crypto dropped hisself on the floor. Crypto kicked his dead body and then disintegrated it.

"Dang! I forgot how fun that was! Let's be physcopathic killers again!" Crypto exclaimed.

"Not yet, dear. Let's wait a couple of years."

"Oh, alright..."