Chapter 1: Tears.

I kneeled down on a padded red cushion, my hands clasped and my eyes squeezed shut. I knelt before a picture of my dead mother; the mother that had raised me so lovingly, and had left me a few weeks ago.

A tear pushed its way from my eyelid, and timidly slid down my cheek. I took a deep breath, and opened my eyes.

'I miss you, mom.' My voice was all scratchy, and the whisper was hardly audible. As another tear inched down my cheek, I brushed the hair out of my eyes and sighed. The grim sense of loneliness and heartache had begun to wash over me again. My body shuddered.

"Sachie-sama?" His voice.

I stopped to listen, my hands still smearing the salty tears across my face. My yukata, with the intricately embroidered patterns of waves and flower blossoms was now splattered with the drops of sadness. I looked around warily, strands of hair falling over my face, and stared at him.

'Rakuto.' I whispered again, my voice hoarse. I clawed rabidly to brush my hair out of my eyes.

His eyes were full of worry and concern, his locks of light brown hair tousled, the top two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. I had a pretty good idea that I had woken him up with my crying…

I blinked again.

My vision started to blur, and the flow of tears increased. I started to bawl, and I turned away. This was truly embarrassing, and I could feel my cheeks flushing a deep crimson.

Second later, his arms were wrapped around me. They were protective, and strong. He cradled me close to him, and my face pressed into his chest. His neck fit into the nook of my neck, and he was softly whispering words of comfort into my ear.

"I miss her!" I cried, my arms snaking around him. "I miss my mom! I wish she'd come back…" I slumped onto him, pushing him against the floor.

"I just want her to come back! I mean, I love everybody here, but…" My words were becoming slurred and garbled, making no sense whatsoever. But Rakuto just held onto me. The entire time, he never let me go.

"I know, Sachie-sama." He kissed me softly on the neck. "I know."


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