Authors Note: Well here is my new story and I hope you all enjoy it. It's a little different than what I'm used to so I hope I carry it over well. Enjoy!

It wasn't supposed to be like this, had things been the way they were supposed to be, she wouldn't be in this bed with bloody sheets. This baby would be dead, not in her arms and already attaching itself to her heart.

No, no, that's not it. Had things been the way they were supposed to be, this baby would be complete with a lover by her side, commenting on how they were relieved that she hadn't crushed their hand during the delivery.

She wouldn't have to give her baby to dear old Nanny.

She wouldn't have to leave her baby.

But here they were….

The baby was handed to the ageing Nanny, and Nanny, against her better judgment; fell in love with the child who clasped her tiny hand around a wiggling finger.

Nanny now held a precious bundle within her arms, a bundle with brown, fluffy hair and pale skin, beautiful red lips and tiny little hands and feet. Nessarose, in all her no-armed glory seated in a chair, slumped and angry at the new arrive in her Nanny's arms.

The baby cooed and sucked on Nanny's finger. She had no teeth, but her gums felt misshapen. Nanny didn't care, the baby was healthy, and she continued to rock the baby back and forth.

"All of the arrangements have been made; she will visit every break, three times a year until graduation from Shiz. You'll be taken care of by Ama Yoke, an old friend of mine. You'll be fine dearie."

"No I won't, I won't! You should take care of me!" Nessarose cried in anger.

"I can't take care of a baby and you, dearie, dear Nanny is getting old." Nanny looked from the baby to Nessarose, who had managed to move up in the chair.

"Too old to take care of a baby," Nessarose commented.

"Not that old, dear, just too old to take care of two children." Nanny explained calmly.

"That baby is born of sin, horrible, disgusting sin. Why must you keep it, Nanny?" said Nessarose, her voice loud and obnoxious. "Give it to a church; let the priest of the Unnamed God cleanse the sin out of the child."

"You speak out of misplaced anger," said Nanny, cradling the baby to her bosom. "I am not giving this baby to a church to be raised by unkind holy men. She'll stay with me, and you, dear, will finish your education just as your father wants."

Nessarose scoffed, and glared in jealousy at the innocent, but in her eyes, evil child which lay comfortably in her Nanny's arms.