The gears in Glinda's mind slowly started to turn and she realized she was lying in a bed. She felt like her body weighed so much—she could hardly move her head. But she did, although it was a slow and somewhat uncomfortable feat. She blinked—her eyes felt itchy, but she was too tired to reach up and rub them—good thing, too, because her mother always said that eye rubbing gave you ugly bags.

She tried to lift her head, but it simply fell back to the pillow. She could swear she had seen a layer of dust on the blanket—ugh, how revolting.

How long had she been asleep?

When had she fallen asleep?

It was then that the memories flashed back.

Elphaba admitted to having an affair with Fiyero…

Her heart stung, and her eyes screwed shut. Her Elphie… with… HIM…

Feeling so torn… so distraught… she ran, and then…

A dark forest. Evil trees. Pain splitting through her body.

She cringed and gave a shuddering breath. How had she made her way back here?


"Melena!" she yelled out, panic rushing through her. Her baby! Melena had screamed for her. Where was she? Where was her Melly? She had to make sure she was okay.


Glinda's heart instantly forgot all of the hurt, all the worry, and swelled with pleasure. That voice. That name.

She heard the sound of rushing footsteps, followed by the loud skidding sound of someone not quite factoring in a slippery floor while running.

The sound of a body crashing into something gave Glinda the strength to sit up—worried her daughter had hurt herself.

Melena stumbled around the now broken suit of armor which had been standing outside in the hallway into the room, kicking off some metal piece from her leg. Glinda looked up into her daughter's hazel eyes—there were so many different emotions running through them.

Melena's face lit up with a queer sort of happiness—one that was marred with worry.

"Hello, dear." Glinda whispered, finding that her throat was very dry. Melena quickly moved across the room and sat down on the bed across from Glinda, her hand quickly reaching out to grasp hers. The worry increased—no doubt from the fact that her skin felt cold—she could tell from the look of her daughter, and the way she looked down at their entangled hands. "Oh dear, don't worry I'm fine. Just a little tired."

Melena scoffed, but cracked a smile.

"I've been sleeping that long, have I?" Glinda smiled a little and squeezed her daughter's hand. "I'm so sorry to have made you worry so much."

Melena's worry seemed to ease some more, and she leaned forward, squeezing the hand in return.

Glinda smiled and looked around the room. There was a black cloak that tangled into the holes in the beam to form a sort of coat rack…

"Have you seen Elphaba? I'd like to speak to her… I… I must have worried her so much with my escapade…" When Glinda looked back at her daughter, she was stunned to see her bent over. "Dear?"

Melena's face was clouded with what appeared to be anger for a few moments, and her grip on Glinda's hand tightened. But then, when Glinda was about to ask what was wrong, her shoulders started to shake, and she heard a sob come from her beloved child.

Glinda quickly turned to Melena and reached her other hand out, about to put it on her shoulder. "Mel—"

"Mommy…" Melena looked up at her. Glinda's heart skipped a beat. Tears streamed freely from her eyes and stained her cheeks. Her body trembled with each ragged sob which wracked her body.

Glinda's confusion was pushed to the back of her mind. Melena climbed into the bed without invitation or question. She didn't need it. Glinda moved to make room, and then when her daughter was comfortable she wrapped her arms around her and held her close. In this moment, Melena wasn't a young woman—just a child, HER child, who needed her. Glinda didn't question it, and held her precious girl against her, stroking her hair lovingly and waiting for the sobs to soften.

"She's gone, Mother…"

Glinda held Melena tighter, but even as the pain splintered her heart, she didn't speak. She just hummed sweetly and soothingly rubbed Melena's back.

It wasn't until Melena's eyes had shut and her breathing had deepened that the tears came.

Authors Note: Sometimes I forget that Melena is only a teenager. I think that Melena forgets it too.

Here you go-as per usual not sure when this will be updated again. Hope you all are having a wonderful winter season!