Underlying Personalities.

A Get Backers Fan Fiction

By: Cauryn Terenkey.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Get Backers characters.

The door to the Honky Tonk opened, jingling the bell attached to the door frame. Natsumi turned with a smile to greet the customer that had come in.

"Welcome Mr. Akabane!" She smiled. The killer smiled back.

"Hello, my dear Natsumi. How have you been?" He asked in his usual tone.

"Very good thanks. What can I get you?"

"Oh, nothing today. I was merely coming on business. I was asked to transport this package to Paul." Akabane withdrew a small package from his coat and placed it on the counter. Paul emerged from the back room not a moment later and grinned.

"Thanks Jackal. That last Limitless fortress episode really took a toll on my computer. She's not used to being used a lot." He said, drying his hands.

"It's no problem." Jackal smiled. Natsumi came up from serving a table, holding her tray close to her chest.

"Are you sure you don't want anything to drink?" She asked.

"I would be delighted, my dear, but I must leave or I will be late meeting a client. Good day to you both." Akabane grabbed the front of his hat just beside the tear, bowed his head a bit, and smiled, opening his eyes a bit. He then turned and left the café, leaving Natsumi and Paul scratching their heads. They really would never get that man.


"Dad! I'm home!" Natsumi called as she walked in the door. No one answered so she knew he was still out. She dropped her bag off in her room, then went to run the bath water. It was nice to sit back and relax after being on her feet all day. As usual, she left her cell phone on the low table beside the bath, and lay a towel nearby so she could dry her hands if it rang.

After her shower, Natsumi slid into the bath happily, smiling as she went over the days events. After Akabane had left, Ban and Ginji had come back, their entire pay going to pay off their debt to Paul. Ban had been in tears, laying like a vegetable on the counter, tears pouring down his face. The most that the two would be able to keep from their pay was enough to pay for gas. Lucky for Ban his bug was very good with gas mileage.

Natsumi heard her father come home and call to see if she was back. Natsumi answered and then went back to thinking. This time her thoughts wandered to the Jackal. They normally did these days. He was a mystery to even himself, or so Ban and Ginji said. His quiet, murderous presence was always easy to sense even if he was outside the Honky Tonk. It was almost overpowering. Natsumi started chewing on her thumbnail. She had caught herself watching him longer than normal lately, and she thought she saw something different in his gaze today.

Her phone decided to ring at that moment, making her sigh. She should probably get out anyway before she wrinkled. It took her only moments to dry her hands and then she picked the phone up, talking happily with her friend. Agreeing to hang out in an hour, Natsumi hurried to change into her favorite, blue plaid mini-skirt, and her white V neck top. She grabbed the small bag she had bought to match it, clipping the cat charm her mother had made her onto it. She called a hurried goodbye to her father and ran out the door into the warm summer night. She was so glad she had finished high school that spring. She was free to do what she wanted.

Running though the streets, Natsumi began to spot familiar faces. Ban and Ginji were on the other side of the street, posting signs. She saw Kazuki, Juubei, and Uryu on the train. Himiko she was able to wave to as the transporter shot past her on her motor bike. She saw a sign for Madoka at a rehearsal hall, and knew that Shido was there. Emishi was amusing a group of kids close to Natsumi's destination, so she paused for a quick chat before she went on her way.

"Hey!" Natsumi called as she entered the store. She waved to get her friends attention. They hugged and fell into chatting. They talked about their jobs, what they planned on doing with their lives and once they sat down to eat at an outside diner, they began to talk about guys.

"So, met anyone cute at that café you work at?" Yuki asked with a smile. Natsumi shook her head. "Nah. Ban and Ginji are cute, but their just really good friends. Paul is old enough to be my dad, and the rest camp out at the limitless fortress. I'm lucky to see any of them at all. They'll come in on occasion though." Natsumi smiled. She tried to leave out the fact that the Jackal had been taking over her mind lately, but Yuki, as always, was perceptive.

"But you must have met some one. You've been distracted a lot tonight. You keep looking around when a guy in a suit walks by." Natsumi winced.

"I swear, are you sure you haven't had a crush radar installed in that head of yours?" Yuki laughed.

"Sorry, no. Anyway, what's he like?" she asked, leaning across the table, sipping on her shake. Natsumi put her chin in her hand, looking out across the street.

"Hnnnn… well, He's quiet, and it's easy to tell when he's nearby. He's got this presence. He's tall, and normally wears a suit, I haven't seen him in anything but a three piece. And the jacket is really long, almost reaches his ankles, he always wears gloves, and a wide brimmed hat with a nick in it over his left eye." Yuki swallowed, mulling over the description she had just received.

"He sounds like an odd one. Typical Natsumi."

"Hey!" Natsumi pouted, crossing her arms.

"Well its true!" Yuki laughed. "You told me yourself all the weirdo's that walk into the Honky Tonk!"

"Well, they're not weird, not to me. I mean sure, most of them have unique fighting styles, but I like them." Natsumi smiled.

"Okay, I have GOT to see them for myself. You've been spouting all this weird stuff about human electric eels, a guy with a psycho strong right arm and the power to induce minute long dreams… the only believable one is the animal trainer." Yuki said.

"Sure. Lets go now. Ban and Ginji should be lazing about over at the Honky Tonk about now. I think the majority of the gang is at home though."

"So I can at least see the men who saved you?" Yuki asked.

"Uh huh. Come on, you'll love them!"

A half an hour later, Natsumi was walking into the Honky Tonk with a grin and a wave.

"Hey guys! Meet Yuki!" Natsumi said cheerily, smiling as she saw her prediction was right. Ban and Ginji were sitting at the counter, just finishing up a pizza, adding even more to their tab than there already was.

"Hey! Natsumi!" Ginji said happily, running forward to give the girl a hug. "Hello to you too, Yuki!" Ginji grinned.

"Yo." Ban said, giving the peace sign from where he was.

"Yuki, This is Ginji Amano." Natsumi said, indicating the blond that was still beside her. "And the man at the counter with the purple sunglasses is Ban Midou."

"They don't look like their anything special." Yuki said. "How did they save you?" Ban choked at this.

"Yuki doesn't believe me that Ginji was once the lightening emperor of the limitless fortress. Or that Ban is an awesome natural fighter." Natsumi said with a shrug.

"Not anything special? Girl I could snap your neck like a twig with my 200 kilogram grip. Ginji here could roast you alive if he felt like it."

"Please, Ban, don't scare her!" Ginji said, sweat dropping.

"See?" Natsumi asked.

"Better believe it, Yuki." Paul smiled. "Nice to meet you by the way."

"My pleasure." Yuki smiled.

"Anyway, Ginji is like an electric eel, born with the ability to generate his own electricity." Ban continued.

"That's not physically possible!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Give her a shock, why don't you Ginji?" Ban asked as he lifted the last slice of pizza.

"Hey! That's my slice, Ban!' Ginji pouted.

"Nope, mine now." Ban grinned.

"BAN! NO!" Ginji yelled, his hands sparking. Ban slowly brought the pizza to his mouth, and went to bite down, but ended up electrocuted anyway. Yuki stood by the door in shock as Ginji happily ate his pizza.

"W-wow, how do you DO that?" She asked. Ginji shrugged.

"I dunno." Ginji shrugged.

"How about a pizza girls?" Paul asked. Yuki and Natsumi happily agreed and joined Ban at the counter.


Tokyo was rather peaceful, he thought. Despite what some people believed, Kuroudou Akabane did not always think about killing. Most of the time, yes, but not constantly. Since meeting Ban and Ginji, he had wanted to become strong enough to overpower them. They gave a little spice to his dull life. They wouldn't die easily, so Akabane knew he had some enjoyment ahead of him.

Another thing he would think about was the city about him. He did enjoy it, but he also liked to travel, one reason he became a transporter in the first place.

And last but not least, the one thing people would think was farthest from the killers mind. Skirts. Miniskirts to be exact. They fascinated him, their movement. Heaven only knew why he would stare discreetly after young girls, watching the fabric swish about. Perhaps his strange attraction to this type of fashion confused him more so than his own power. Each was a mystery, and he often contemplated how to solve each one.

Up ahead at the crosswalk, Akabane happened to notice long legs jogging across the street, and a blue plaid skirt swaying back and forth. Smiling sadistically to himself, Akabane followed, his eyes never leaving the skirts movements. Perhaps he found them so fascinating because they were so short, that they revealed more than what should normally be seen, but still covered what a man really wanted to see.

"..r. Akabane! Are you okay?" Akabane nearly jumped as he realized that the owner of the skirt was talking to him. It turned out it was Natsumi. She had left her long hair down today, and to accompany her short skirt, she was wearing a white V neck top that dipped down a bit farther than normal.

"My apologies, Miss Natsumi, I must have let my thoughts wander." He said apologetically.

"I'm just glad you didn't walk out into the street." Natsumi smiled. He wondered why she hadn't grabbed his arm, but then remembered that she knew what he was capable of.

"May I ask what such pretty thing like you is doing out here, this late at night?"

"Oh, I was hanging out with Yuki. We ended up at the Honky Tonk until it closed." Natsumi said with a smile. Akabane smiled back.

"Sounds like fun." He said. "But really, I can't let such a lovely girl walk all the way home on her own. Shall I escort you there?"

"Sure!" Natsumi said with a blush. The pair fell into step beside each other, talking about their day.