Author's note: Of course I don't own any of the GH characters. There's some slash. (For the character of Harold Morgan imagine Charles Keating in the role). Written for the Save the Quartermaines challenge.

Summery: What if there were greater forces in the works to save an extraordinary family from certain doom? What if being a Quartermaine was dangerous for different reasons than everyone thinks?

Tracy traced the red and gold seal on the black envelope. The seal haven't been used since she was in college. She bit her lip and tapped the envelope nervously as Monica and Edward came into the room.

"Daddy," Tracy held the envelope out. Edward looked at it closely.

"Is this a joke? What are you up to?" Edward asked.

"It was hand delivered to the house . I didn't see who, Alice handled it." Tracy looked confused. "Who would do this? Only the two of us would use the seal."

"Alan, A.J. or Jason" Monica breathed.

"What?" Tracy asked.

":Alan showed the boys the seal and had one made for them when they went to boarding school."

"Why would Jason use it now?" Edward asked.

"Why don't you just open it? It's addressed to you." Monica said. Tracy opened it.

"A person of interest wishes to meet you at 29 Park Avenue, Southampton at noon on April 21. Come alone and make sure no one follows you. Come on it has to be a prank."

"But the seal…." Edward trailed off.

"Isn't that the old house?" Monica asked.

"It's the old address. When Alan tried to buy it for Monica, the owner absolutely refused to sell or even to meet with him. Said the house has been in his family for years. The meeting is in a week."

"Should we go?" Monica asked.

"It said for me to come alone. Perhaps I should follow directions." Tracy said.

"Really? Are you should you want to do that?"

"I'll take Alice." Tracy decided.

Alice and Tracy drove up to the house.

"Did your father and Monica suspect anything?" Alice asked, kissing Tracy.

"Nope and Luke's off chasing Cassadines or diamonds or God knows. I think I should go alone. I'll meet you at the hotel."

"O.k. Call me if you need anything," Alice said.

"Don't tempt me."

Tracy approached her childhood house and knocked. She traced the seal on the knock and waited. When no one answered, Tracy wandered out back and saw a man standing in what was her mother's first rose garden. She felt breathless and blinked back tears.

"Alan?" She called.

"Tracy!" Alan turned around and grinned at Tracy. "Aren't you going to give me a hug?"

Tracy rushed into her brother's arms. "Al! I can touch you. You're real!"

"Of course I'm real. What would I be, a ghost?"

Tracy laughed. "I thought I saw your ghost after…"

" Oh, like I would haunt you. Why wouldn't I haunt Monica? Come in."

Tracy gaped at Emily and A.J sitting at the table playing cards. Alan cleared his throat and they looked up.

"Aunt Tracy!" A.J. grinned.

"How's my favorite godson?"

"Better now that you're here."

"What's going on here?" Tracy asked.

Alan, Emily and A.J. exchanged looks.

"I'll explain that," An unfamiliar voice answered from the doorway.