A/N: I am a fan of shonen-ai/yaoi (at least with some pairings…some are just creepy), LxLight being one of them, but I just don't understand mpreg. As a microbiology major with a physical anthropology minor, mpreg just seems to bug the logical part of my brain (which isn't that large to begin with)…so I had to write this. I am a fangirl myself, though, so I mean no offense.

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"Eww…what's wrong with it?" Light asked while gazing a little disgustedly into the crib of his and L's (yes, his and L's) newborn child.

L tilted his head slightly, his thumb resting on his bottom lip in his trademark contemplative pose. "I believe it's YY chromosomally, Light-kun."

Light's eyes widened in shock. "Really? I'm surprised it was able to survive."

"I'm surprised two men were able to have a child in the first place." Light nodded, and as a sort of afterthought L added, "Though I suppose nothing can stop the fangirls."

Light seemed surprised and more than a little confused. "What?"

L cocked his head in puzzlement. "What?"

A voice from outside the story yelled, "L, you're breaking the fourth wall!"

L looked up, his countenance bearing an expression of false innocence. "Am I? I apologize." He turned his gaze back to the crib.



A/N: OMG! There was slight self-insertion! I apologize. In fact, I apologize for this whole thing.

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