Reunited Lovers One Shot Contest

This is a contest run by Mrs Cullen For Life and The Cullen's Secret. It's all about love, fluff and of course reunions!

All entries must be in for by 20th December 2009, midnight (British Time), and then the finalists will be announced in the new year, ready for you all to vote!!

Rules . . .

1. It has to be an one shot. (but can be extended after the contest winner is announced)

2. It has to be about Edward and Bella. Other characters can be involved and talked about but the main story has to be E/B.

3. Only Human stories (sorry!).

4. Each person can admit up to 5 stories each.

5. Any scenario (as long as they're human) is allowed. Anything from 90 years later to unknown pregnancies. We will never judge J

6. If you want a lemon in you can but they are NOT compulsory.

7. Have fun!!

To enter simply PM either Mrs Cullen For Life or the Cullen's Secret, and your story will automatically be entered and added to the C2 created.

If you enter please paste this, along with the correct information, at the top of the One Shot before sending it to us.

Reunited Lovers One Shot Contest

Name of Story:



Lemon: Yes/No

* The Cullen's Secret has written an example called Un-Break My Heart, for anyone who wishes to see one*

To read the entries go to the Reunited Lovers One Shot Contest C2.

If you have any questions about the contest, contact either Mrs Cullen For Life or The Cullen's Secret.

Good Luck!!