Disclaimer: I do not own Temari or Shikamaru or any of the other characters of Naruto!

Talkie Thing: Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting anything in forever, but I was really busy! This is my first Naruto thing...a challenge from a friend. She wanted me to write a ShikaTema poem, so here ya go! It's in Shikamaru's POV...and you can guess who he's talking about!

Troublesomely Indescribable

She's indescribable

Like a playful desert breeze

Teasing and twirling

But always out of reach

How troublesome it is

To reach up for something

You can never truly catch

That you can never truly hold

She's completely indescribable

A bird just taking flight

Spreading wide its wings

And reaching for the sun

How troublesome it is

To chase after something

You know may never land

May never learn to accept you

Females-so troublesome

Like a mirror, they can be fragile-beautiful

And when you find a bright one

That reflects your own desires

That's the one you follow

You reach for

You hold

For though mirrors can shatter

And birds must take to the sky

Though the breeze is forever free

It's impossible not to try

To keep them close to your heart

She's completely and totally indescribable

The only thing I can say about her

Is she's so troublesome

So troublesomely indescribable

End Blurb: You know, I really tried to put a lot of effort into this! It turned out pretty well. If you agree, please let me know! XD I find it ironic how he's saying she's indescribable and yet he is describing her...and very nicley, might I add! Anyway...until next time! SEE YA!