Rating: E
Warnings: None
Pairings: Mentions of Jack/Ianto, Jack-Gwen friendship
Spoilers: None really?
Summary: Gwen takes the day off.
Notes: I wrote a fic that isn't Gwen-Bashing. OH MY GOD!

When she picked up the phone and dialled Jack's cell it was with a tiny thrill in her heart. She cleared her throat and went over what she would say in her head. The phone rang once, twice, and was halfway through the third ring when Jack picked up.

"Hello Gwen." Jack sounded a little out of breath, and she wondered what Jack had been doing when she rang.

"Jack." Her voice was scratchy and tired sounding, and she mentally congratulated herself on sounding as sick as possible.

"Gwen, you sound awful." She heard a smashing sound and Ianto apologizing in the background. Jack chuckled a little.

"Yeah, I think I may have come down with a head cold. Do you mind if I skip out on today, get some sleep?" She tried to sound as pathetic as possible. "I mean, if you need me to come in I will, I was just hoping—"

"No way Gwen." Jack cut her off, and she stifled a giggle as there was another crashing sound on the other end. "I don't want you here if you're sick, take all the time you need. I'm sure we can hold down the fort while you're gone." Ianto said something she didn't quite catch and Jack laughed. "Naughty boy…"

"Okay. I'll see if I can get in tomorrow."

"No problem Gwen, feel better."

She hung up and immediately did a little happy dance, flipping her long brown hair over one shoulder and striking a pose of victory.

The hairbrush in her hand was the perfect fake microphone, and she gyrated her hips enthusiastically as she bopped around the apartment. The speakers pounded out a drum solo that she couldn't help loving right away. Life was good. She had the whole day to herself, the flat was empty and she could do whatever she wanted. And right now, she wanted to dance.

She leaped onto the living room table and thrust her arms into the air, waving them slowly before running her fingers down over her chest. Each new drumbeat coaxed a head bob, each screaming guitar rift made her grin.

She pressed a few buttons on the remote and smiled as her Pay Per View menu came up on the screen and thumbed through them, looking for something the suited her fancy. A bright red bowl of popcorn sat on her lap, smelling deliciously of butter and salt.

She'd thrown on her most comfortable pair of flannel pyjama pants, the red and pink plaid nicely offsetting her grey tank top. Her hair had been pulled up into a messy bun with a few strands escaping and framing her face. She didn't bother with makeup or a bra, who was looking at her? No one!

She chose a romantic comedy and ordered it, grinning and settling down to watch contentedly.

The adorable couple shared a final kiss on screen, and Gwen smiled a little as she got up and stretched her arms above her head. She walked to the kitchen and began rooting around in the fridge for something to eat. She came up with leftover pizza and that was good enough for her.

She sat back down in front of the television and started watching a random Japanese game show she's caught a few times, laughing at the ridiculous things the participants had to do. The set was bright green and blue, and a young woman was struggling to climb up a rope while being pelted with giant foam balls.

"I could do that." Gwen said to no one in particular, and took a large bite of pizza.

The next day she walked into the hub, smiling at Jack when he noticed her.

"So you're feeling better?" He sipped a cup of coffee, lips pursed. She smiled a little at him.

"Much. I just needed a long nap and a lot of fluids. I'm a little scratchy but I felt worlds better this morning." She grabbed herself a cup of Ianto's steaming brew, watching the lazy tendrils of steam with interest. Jack clapped a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm glad you feel better. The place isn't the same without you."

She beamed at him and took another sip of coffee as the others walked in.