I do not own Twilight or any related characters. This was written out of enjoyment of the series, and no profit is being made.

Spoilers: Eclipse - Chapter 16
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Eclipse AU - Team Human has been alerted of the newborn army and the true identity of the Cullens.

Trust and Warfare

"The girls I killed. There was this one that reminds me of you. A lot."

"Emmett, you don't have to-"

"Just listen for a sec." The vampire ran a hand through his dark hair, sighing. "It's the one girl I don't remember. And we don't forget. But it's like the picture gets hazier and hazier. Her scent drove me… crazier than the others. I started talking to her. She was just walking home. We were alone. I took her down an alley. And then… I was shaking, and… I go blank. She talked like you."

Angela lowered her head.

"I sort of worry about you. Not that you can't handle yourself, now." He looked down to the front lawn and parking lot of Forks High School, where the battle of humans and Cullens versus Victoria's army raged.

"Emmett," she said softly. Jessica Stanley screamed somewhere far below, but she didn't bat an eye. Just looked at him from beneath that soft hair.

"Stand back."

He obeyed as she flicked the cigarette lighter and the flame crawled down the rag into one of Chief Swan's beer bottles. Silver mist spewed from the neck as the potion heated. "Fire in the hole!" she shouted down to Mike and Eric in the parking lot, who were struggling with two newborns. She threw the bottle down and it exploded over one of the newborn's backs. It howled in pain as the potion dissolved the stone of its skin. They heard Mike's flamethrower roar, and she turned back to him.

"I trust you," she shrugged. "I don't know how else to say that to you."

He smiled, but it was just a default expression his face slipped into. This one didn't mean anything. "I wonder if you should be allowed to trust me."

"It's not about if I'm allowed." She knelt down to prepare the next potion. (She always double-checked the janitor's bucket to make sure she had enough, and when she had to make more she always read Carlisle's old book twice. That's why he was up here guarding her.) "It's already happened. And I don't intend to stop." She smiled up at him gently, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

He started pacing again, watching the door that opened onto the roof. "This conversation would be dangerously different if you replaced the word 'trust' with something else, Ange."

She blushed.

AN. I've just recently gotten into Buffy the Vampire Slayer via my brother's boxed sets. Which led to me thinking about how Twilight would've been so much better if humans were allowed to/able to fight vampires.