When to Love

Chapter 1

"Lame, lame, lame." A boy with blonde, spiky hair that was slightly curled to one side sat next to a window and repeated the same word over and over again in his head. With one pencil in his hand, he took down notes that his teacher instructed him to do and went back to staring out the window. The blonde took a deep silent sigh, thinking of the slowing days of school. Only four more months until school got out and everyone was starting down the days until their freedom from tests, reports, and nagging teachers.

Except for him.

For some reason the boy hated summer. He also hated the slow sluggish days of school and how everyone talks about their summer plans.

"Roxas Tsukanaki."

Roxas snapped out of his daze and immediately stood up out of his seat.

"I want you to listen Mr. Tsukanaki, you're failing every class at this time of the year and I expect you to do good this year."

Roxas hung his head in shame.

"Yes, Sensei." He said in a low voice.

After two hours of mindless lessons from his teachers, school was finally over for the day. Roxas began to loosen his blue plaid tie as he opened his locker. He opened it and took out his books for homework. He slowly put each book in his backpack totally unaware that his friend was hiding behind his locker door.

"Sora, What are you doing?" The spiky haired brunet lifted one finger to his lips and indirectly told him to 'shut up'.

"It's Kairi," he whispered a little loud, "She's following me everywhere!" Roxas was confused.

"Dude, did it ever struck your mind that she may like you?" Despair spread across Sora's face.

"I don't like her! I mean she's nice and all but she's not my type!"

"Then what is your type?" Sora was about to answer but was cut off by an annoyingly familiar voice.

"Sora, where did you go?" A red headed girl turned the corner and spotted Sora hiding behind Roxas.

"There you are silly! Come on now and let's study!" Sora panicked and sprinted toward the exit with Kairi running after him. Roxas shook his head and head out of the now deserted school.

Roxas walk through the empty streets of Twilight town with nothing on his mind except his failing grades. He reached his destination at last. He looked up at the old clock tower that stood right in the heart of Twilight town. He made his way up to the top by climbing the long spiral stair case that only a few people can climb on. Once on top, Roxas set his backpack right next to the door and sat on the edge of the tower and stared off into the sunset.

After a good five minutes, he grabbed his backpack and began to do his homework. He couldn't understand most of the math problems nor could he understand the kanji that was his Japanese homework. Roxas realized that he needed to pay more attention in class but it was so boring.

"Oh geez … what is it?... what do I… here I need to… find the square root of seven!" He mumbled to himself for an hour and eventually gave up.

He stuffed his homework in his backpack and laid his back to stare at the orange blotches called clouds. Suddenly, he heard the door open and slam in one second and immediately sat up. Sora was exhausted and slowly walked to Roxas with sweat running down his face.

"Yeesh! What happened to you?" Sora collapsed next to Roxas and managed to say one word.

"Kairi!" He fell on the floor and pretended to be dead. Roxas laughed a bit and asked how he managed to escape from her clutches this time.

"You won't believe how she tried to teach math!"


"She used puppets to explain it to me!"



"What possessed her to do that?"

"I was complaining that it was too hard 'cause one, it was hard especially how she explained it and two, I thought it would make give up on me but that only made it worse."

"How did you shake her off?"

"I offered to buy her ice cream and ran for my life."

"Is she looking for you?"

"Ooooooooohhhhhhh yeah, she's looking for me." Roxas laughed at the fact that Sora was being taught by a girl that wanted to get in his pants. That's what Roxas thinks of Kairi.

"Sora did you bring your KDS?"

"Of course." He held up a silver compact handheld game system with KDS engraved on the latch. It wasn't long for the two boys to battle each other out on their game. Roxas had the upper hand since his character was at level two hundred and six and Sora's character was at level eighty-four. Sora was beating Roxas for the first time till he used his special combo move that knocked out Sora's character.


"You lost Sora."

"Great now I have to buy the ice cream!"

"Hope you have enough money."

"Shut up!"

Then the clock tower struck at six o' clock. Both boys took their attention off their game and stared at the time for a while.

"I better get going Roxas."

"Alright, see ya tomorrow Sora." He grabbed his backpack and headed out the door. Bored and alone, Roxas played his game by himself and beat every computer challenger in the game. Roxas stared at the distance to see if the sun is still out there. When the sunlight disappeared from the sky, Roxas picked himself up and walked out the door.

He walked the streets alone again all the way to his house. Upon arriving to his house, he called out for his mother.

"Mom, I'm home!" There was no answer.

The house was pitch black and that told him right away that his mother was not home. He turned on the kitchen lights and found a note and a snack under a Japanese food guard. He read the note.

"I'm sorry honey,

I'm not able to be home again. Work has been piling up these days so I can't be home to make dinner. Please don't get into any trouble while I'm gone. I left a sandwich for you to eat later and if you're still hungry there's some food in the fridge so help yourself. I love you and I'll be home as soon as I can. Be good!



Roxas looked under the guard and saw a turkey sandwich. He sighed and began to eat it.

"Great, another turkey sandwich." Roxas said in his head.

When he was finished he went into his messy room full of clothes all over the floor and books and papers scattered everywhere. He dug around for a clean or almost clean shirt and pants. He turned off the lights and sat in the middle of his bed. Roxas looked around at his deserted room hearing nothing but the thoughts in his head.

He was about to go to sleep till he felt an object up against his foot. Roxas retrieved it from his covers and saw that it was a photo. It took a while for his eyes to adjust to see the picture and he realized that it was something dear to him. It was his father and a younger version of himself on the clock tower eating his favorite food, sea salt ice cream. He remembered that day so clearly and how could he forget the first time he ate the blue popsicle.

Roxas hugged his knees to his chest and stared out the window to look out the moon. He knew tomorrow was not a going to be good day and he wished he forget it already but it was glued in his head. Tomorrow was the day that his father passed away. He hid under his sheets and whispered to himself one wish.

"I wish you where here dad." And he drifted off to sleep.

The next day Roxas woke up late as usual and rushed to get ready. He frantically searched for his dress shirt and his blue plaid pants and tie. Luckily his mother had his backpack and lunch ready for him at the door.

"Bye mom and thanks!" he said as he ran out the door.

"Roxas wait!" his mother called out. She snatched him and pulled his face in for a kiss on the cheek.

"Mom! I'm not a little kid anymore! I'm late as it is." Then the spiky haired boy ran out the door leaving his mother to watch him run to school once again.

"You'll always be my little boy." She whispered in the soft blowing wind.

Roxas was in a rush as usual and ran to his shortcut while repeating the directions in his head.

"Make a right at the bakery, then straight through the alley, and then climb over the fence." He climbed the tall wired fence and cautiously jumped down so he won't get his uniform dirty. He looked the people that walked on the sidewalk above and tried to find a way to get up there. Then he heard the first bell in the distance and knew he was late to class. He didn't want another detention so he found a dumpster to climb on and try to climb to the sidewalk.

Unfortunately for him, Roxas was too short. In his head he tried to find a way to climb the fence but nothing came. Time was running short so he went on his toes and tried to jump to grab the railing and pull himself up to the sidewalk. He missed the first time and tried again. Using all of his strength he jumped and got a hold of the railing.

He started to hoist his body up and grabbed a loose brick in the sidewalk. All of a sudden, a man with a cart rolled over Roxas's hand and caused him to let go of his grip. He let out a painful scream and fell into the trash can below his feet, head first.

A crowd was formed around the school gate when Roxas arrived. He was awestruck to see everyone not in class and he was more surprised when he saw all the teachers out there with them. He stood under a tree away from the crowd since he didn't know what was going on.

"Geez, what's going on?"

"Some exchange students are coming to the school from a really fancy school." Roxas looked up to see Sora sitting on a tree branch. He swung down from his shady spot to talk to Roxas.

"Man Roxas, did you get mugged or something?" Roxas looked at himself and saw that he was a complete mess from head to toe. Stains covered his once clean white shirt and trash was stuck in his hair with an offending odor that made Sora plug his nose.

"It's a long story. Why is everyone out here?"

"From what I hear, all the teachers wanted to give these 'exchange students' a formal greeting."

"But how come no one is in class."

"The teachers wanted them to be comfortable so they brought everyone out here. But I think the real story is that the girls wanted to see if they were hot." Roxas looked at some of the girls and saw that some of them were giggling and talking amongst themselves; he thought that they were probably talking these exchange students.

"For some reason I believe you. But why are they so special? We get exchange students all the time around here."

"Apparently, they are elite students from a fancy school and have the best grades up there and even graduated a year early."

"Why come here?"

"If you haven't noticed our school has the lowest grades in Twilight town."

At that moment a sleek black car drove up to the school curb and everyone at the gate fell silent. Then the car door swung open and two people stepped out. They both wore a black tuxedo with sunglasses. Aside from their matching outfits they look completely different. One had a cool calm look on his perfectly chiseled face and silver hair that gleamed in the sunlight.

The other one was a bit taller than the other man in black with a wide smile across his face with a green mark under each eye and extremely long and spiky red hair that reached down to his mid back. The principal approached them with, what appeared to be, a forced smile. He talked to the two men but Roxas and Sora were too far away to hear a single word. When it looked like the principal stopped talking to them the silver haired man took of his sunglasses and said one word.

"Thanks." With a smile and all the girls went crazy. Then the principal escorted the men through the crowd of crazy school girls. Roxas and Sora tried to get a better view of the exchange students but all the screaming and jumping girls were blocking the view.

"Hey Roxas!" He saw Sora sitting on the same tree branch as before and extended his hand to Roxas.

"Thanks." He lifted himself on the tree branch and sat next to Sora. They both saw the crowd follow the men into school and were soon left alone in the schoolyard.

"So the girls think that silver haired guy is hot. Huh. Maybe this is you're lucky day Sora."

"Why you say that, Roxas?"

"Maybe Kairi will stop liking you."


The two boys jumped from the branch they were sitting on and started to head for class. Then a chill went through their spines at the same time that made them stop in their tracks.

"Hey Roxas,"


"I have a feeling that those guys are going to be in our class." The thought of that fact made Roxas scared to go to class.

"Shut up, Sora!"

"What … why?"

"Cause every time you say things like that, they end up being true." That comment made Sora confused for a moment and the boys proceeded to class.

"Then again Sora, I had the same feeling." Roxas thought on his way to class. He knew this day would change everything forever.