When To Love

Chapter 4


Roxas slowly walked down the streets of Twilight Town while kicking a can. He couldn't believe how all his friends are not going to summer school and he'll be left behind…

What could he do now the school year is ending? There are only a couple tests till the final for all his classes. If he didn't do well on the next test then he would have to get a perfect score on his final to raise his grade.

That's impossible. Unless…

He asked Axel for help.

That would be the death of Roxas. Just the idea of him asking Axel for help made him squeamish. Then again he had no more options; and Axel is his only hope.

He reached his destination, the Clock Tower, at last. Roxas slowly made his way to the top of the tower remembering how he and his friends would always climb up the stairs after summer school to watch the sunset while eating sea salt ice cream. Those fond memories put a hole in his heart knowing that there was a possibility of that not happening anymore. Roxas shed a few tears on his ascend to the top.

Once he was at the top, he saw the sun setting in the distance as he was sitting on the edge of the tower. It brought back the memory of when Hayner was bragging about his victorious battle between Seifer and wouldn't shut up about it for two hours. It brought a smile to his face but only for a moment for he knew that if he wants to keep making memories during the summer he needs to focus on the important subject, school. He looked in his backpack to find, not his homework but, the frustration, the teacher, and his friends telling him he can't do it.

Roxas threw his backpack to the other side of the tower and started cry in anger and confusion. He hugged his legs and let his hot tears flow to his knees.

"What am I going to do? I can't do anything?" He repeated that over and over again till a flashing light came from his pocket. He pulled out his KDS and examined the message that appeared on the screen.

"Hey, don't be sad!

There will always be hope.

I'm always with you so don't you ever cry.

You got it!"

The sender was unknown. Usually Roxas would delete those types of messages but this time it made him feel better so he kept it for the time being. He switched modes on his KDS to his game that he would always play with Sora but since Sora's time is spent with Riku he had no one to play with. Roxas battled against computers and gained experience points with each round. It bored his to tears till he saw the message again. "NEW CHALLENGER" in bold red letters flashing on the screen.

Roxas accepted the challenge to find it was the same person that stained his perfect record, Pyro. This time Roxas wanted revenge and it would be sweet. Roxas battled out the challenger bringing his character to his knees once again and this time he made sure he stayed down for good. He used his secret move on Pyro that he has never used before, not even on Sora (for he knew Sora would cry if he did that to his character.) Then it happened again that move that Pyro used in the past that defeated Roxas and brought shame to his perfect record.

He was defeated in a split second and it didn't take long for Roxas to have reality set in. Then as he was getting up from the edge of the tower he saw something go around the corner and he knew that it was his opponent from his game and he knew that he must confront him. Or tell him off.

Roxas quietly slid against the wall and peered around the corner to get a better look at his opponent of real life. He saw that the person was really tall with tight black jeans and black jacket with the hood over his head and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Roxas saw the light coming from his KDS and saw the words appear on his screen that he wanted to show up on his KDS. As soon as the mysterious person closed his KDS Roxas took the chance to pounce on him. Roxas lept and pinned the guy on the ground.

"I got you! You- Axel?" Roxas landed right on top of not-so-mystery-person.

"Ah geez, what was that for?" Axel was rubbing the bump on his head that he got on impact from Roxas.

"You're Pyro? What the hell!"

"Okay I beat you in game, that doesn't mean that you have the right to try and kill me."

"Why didn't you tell me!"

"Uh, Roxas…"

"Don't change the subject! You're suppose to be my tutor remember!" Roxas pouted and crossed his arms in frustration.

"One, it's supposed, two, I don't mean to alarm you but was that your backpack that fell off the tower just now."

Roxas looked over the place that his backpack was resting on, only to find papers flying in the wind.

"Oh my God! My tests!" Roxas bolted from his position (and kicked Axel's face in the process) to look over and to see that his backpack was falling to the street below. Roxas made his way down the stairs to try and catch his bag even though he knew he wouldn't make it. As soon as he burst out of the door he saw Seifer laying on the ground with his gang around him and questioning the sudden appearance of the backpack.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Seifer was furious

Roxas wanted to hide behind a corner but he was wide open for an attack at any given time. Oh shit, I'm fucked. Roxas wanted to run away, he really did but he couldn't find the strength to move his legs.

"Hey you guys look at these test scores, they're absolutely horrendous." Fuu passed a couple of papers to the gang to examine.

"Whoa! These are so bad, ya know!"

"Who could ever get these scores?"

"Don't know Vivi but whoever it is they are one dumb piece of shit that's for sure."

"Hey back off!" Roxas approached them with a confident stride. Ironically he wasn't confident at all he just went to them to save his reputation, which is too late now.

"So, you're the one who's been getting these bad scores huh?"

"You're one to talk Seifer, I bet you have the same grades as I do."

"Likewise." Fuu intervened and held her test that showed a higher mark than Roxas' test.

"We've been getting help none other than-"

At that moment Axel came up to Roxas' side and placed his hand on his shoulder and pulled Roxas closer.

"Speak of the devil himself, Axel you came to join the party." Seifer stretched out his arms to welcome his tutor but Axel was not amused nor in the mood to take the gesture.

"What are you doing to Roxas." His voice was filled with rage

"Nothing. We were showing Roxy here what the difference between him and I."

"So you were making fun of Roxas. You know I don't like that."

"Still trying to keep that promise, huh?"

Roxas knew that Axel was trying to protect him but, what is that promise?

"Axel, what does he mean by that promise?"

"You don't know Roxy?"

"Shut up Seifer."

"It was a promise Axel made to your dad a long time ago."


"Don't listen to him Roxas, everything he says is a lie."

Axel didn't want this to go any farther then it already has; he pulled Roxas to his chest and took a battle stance.

"You aren't actually gonna fight me are ya?"

"I'm going to protect Roxas even if it means that I have to fight you."

Seifer backed off a little but he didn't take it seriously. Without warning Seifer charged at Axel thinking that he couldn't fight with Roxas in his arms.

He was wrong.

Seifer went flying and landed hard in the sidewalk with a bruise on his face.

"SEIFER!" His gang ran toward him to help him up. Roxas wasn't sure what happened, it was all too fast. One second he saw Seifer running toward Axel the next second he sees Seifer trying to get up.

"Damn! Axel you really have changed!"

And with that he left.

Axel let go of Roxas and gathered the papers on the ground. Roxas helped him but didn't say a word to him and the silence continued on the walk home. It was a good thing that Roxas' mother wasn't home or she'll be bombarding them with questions.

He put down his backpack and headed up stairs till Axel grabbed his arm. Their eyes locked which seemed like forever.

"Roxas about earlier today, I'm sorry."

"No, I should be apologizing, if I didn't pin you down then that wouldn't have happened."

Silence fell upon them again.

"Roxas go to bed, I'll tell the teacher to excuse you from tonight's homework."

"Okay." Roxas said weakly and made his way up to his room.



"What Seifer said earlier, what he said was a lie. Please forget it."

"I will." I won't he continued to walk upstairs.

He settled himself in his bed and stared at the sky. He breath started to slow, eyelids grew heavy, and sleep set in.

What will tomorrow bring? What is this promise that Axel and Seifer talked about? Do they have a past together? How does it tie in with his father and himself?

Nothing will ever be the same that's for sure.

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