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Qui-Gon Jinn felt his heart jump to his throat as his Padawan's lightsaber ignited with a simple push of a button.

Normally this would make him proud, that the raven haired young man was preparing for another well minded battle. But today he ignited his saber against Qui-Gon himself.

"Xanatos please, don't do this!" The older of the two men yelled.

"Give me ten good reasons why I shouldn't Qui-Gon! You just killed my father!" The raven roared, tears in his eyes.

They both vaguely wondered how it had come to this.

One second they where having a press conference on a renowned Telos hall, next thing riot broke out, the governor attacked Qui-Gon, and then the governor was dead. And now here they where, standing on either side of the meeting hall, bodies littered all over the floor. Simple as that. But unfortunately enough the governor had been Xanatos's father and the young man was furious.

"Xanatos you saw what happened! He attacked me. I did it in self defense." Qui-Gon tried to reason.

"J-Just…..JUST SHUT UP!" Xanatos screamed, his voice shaking. He took several steps backward. "He's dead…." he mumbled tossing his lightsaber carelessly aside. As he backed up further his whole body wracked with sobs and he held his head in his hands.

Qui-Gon understood now. Xanatos was just having a hard time coping with witnessing his father's death. He didn't want to kill anyone, or even attack for that matter. He was just trying to release his emotions towards all this.

Qui-Gon, having realized this, began to walk towards his apprentice. Xanatos looked up and when he saw his master approaching, stepped back further. Fear etched in his features.

"Calm down Xanatos, it's alright. I won't hurt you" Qui-Gon said softly. He wanted to slap himself the second he finished saying that.

Qui-Gon you idiot! He's a grown man not a dog…

"Xanatos please listen to me-"The Jedi master was cut off as his apprentice tripped over a body behind him and fell harshly to the ground.

A pang of guilt hit him as Xanatos curled up as far as his 20 year old body would allow, and tears began to stream down his face.

Qui-Gon slowly and carefully stepped over the body, crouched down next to his apprentice and pulled the young man into his arms. Xanatos didn't protest, rather he buried his face into his master's tunic, sure that his tears would fall safe.

"It's alright my padawan…'s alright" Qui-Gon breathed through the raven hair.