Disclaimer: Pff. Who own Twilight? Yea, I don't! Stephenie Super Freaking Awesome Meyer does. Oh, and this takes place in the New Moon era, a couple of months after Edward leaves Bella.

In This Life: Chapter 1

Bella and Rain sat on the bathroom floor. Charlie wasn't home, so it would be a few hours before he came, and started to beat the crap out of Bella for not finishing the laundry. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore to her. She couldn't feel the pain from the several cuts on the wrist. All she could feel was bliss. She tilted her head back, her eyes closed.

"You're getting blood all over the skirt I lent you." said Rain, concentrating on her blood spilling from her wrist.

Rain was Bella's best friend. She moved to Forks a few weeks after the Cullens left, and introduced Bella to a life of drugs, cutting, and anorexia. Everything that Rain taught her, even down to her new style, Bella loved. Bella opened her eyes and looked at her wrist. It was true.

"Oh damn, I'm sorry. I'll buy you a new one." said Bella, standing up. Rain shook her head and she stood up as well, putting her wrist under the running water.

"Don't be. It looks fucking raw. Try and drip some blood on the other side." said Rain, smiling. Rain had long dirty blonde hair, with black and blue highlights. She had a nose piercing and an eyebrow piercing as well. She had on dark eye shadow, showing off her deep blue eyes, and dark red lipstick. She was a black skirt, with bright blue fishnets, and big black boots. Her shirt was also black, with a blue, faded lightning bolt.

"Okay, how about this?" said Bella standing, showing Rain the skirt, which was now covered in drops of blood. Rain nodded and smiled wickedly, holding a towel to her wrist.

Bella smiled back, looking at herself in the mirror, as her wrist and her arm was washing off in the sink. Her hair cut short at the top, kind of spiky, but she had a few hair pieces going down, that were long, and on one side of her hair, she had coon tails. Bella had two lip piercings. She was wearing a black and white long sleeved shirt, one of the arms pulled back of course, a blue skirt, and skinny jeans underneath. Bella loved the way she was now. And what she loved more was that if Edward ever came back, she would disappoint him with the way she decided to steer her life.

Rain walked out of the bathroom, white gauze was rolled around her wrist. Bella got the gauze from the cabinet, and did the same, as Rain turned on the CD player. Children of Bodom 'Are You Dead Yet?" started to play.

"Oh my freaking damn I love this song!" said Rain, and she jumped around on Bella's bed. Bella started to laugh, when she heard the front door slam. Rain opened her eyes wide and turned off the radio. Bella quickly bandaged up her cut, even though Charlie already knew about the self harm. He used it against her.

"Bella! Get the hell down here, you useless bitch!" he yelled throughout the house. Bella looked quickly at Rain.

"You're going to have to climb down the window! I'm so sorry Rain!" said Bella, but Rain nodded her head.

"I'm sorry. I'll see you tomorrow at school, I hope." she said, as she was halfway through the window. Bella quickly went down the stairs, and found Charlie's things thrown across the floor.

"Pick those up. I'm going to take a shower. When I get back, dinner better be ready." said Charlie as he pushed Bella against the wall, and walked past her. He stopped for a moment, and looked down at her wrist. He smirked.

"You're a piece of shit, you do know that right?" said Charlie turning around. Bella fought hard to keep the tears back, as she went into the kitchen.

She turned the stove. She would make Charlie steak and mashed potatoes. She put the oil in the frying pan, and put the steak on. The put instant mashed potatoes in a pot, and put water in it as well. She placed the pot in the stove, and turned it on. She left and went to go clean up Charlie's clothes that he left on the floor. She looked down at her wrist. You could see blood on the gauze. Bella ignored it, and put Charlie's jacket on the clothes hanger in the entrance of the door.

A few minutes later, when Charlie got out of his quick shower, Bella was setting up the table for Charlie. Charlie almost never let her eat around him. He said he thought it was disgusting. Bella took this chance to just not eat at all. She was putting the drink and the utensils on the table when Charlie came in.

"Did you do what I asked you?' said Charlie, pushing Bella out of way, as he sat down. Quickly, Bella tried to go up to her room, but Charlie caught her. "Oh no you don't. Sit on the damn floor like the dog that you are." He said, pointing at the floor next to him. Bella sat down, scratching at her gauze. Charlie looked down, and then Bella heard a clatter.

"You made my food when your bleeding? Are you fucking retarded? Are you trying to infect me with whatever disgusting shit you have?!" he said, starting to get angry, he stood up. Bella also stood up, backing away, shaking her said.

"No no no! Please, it started to bleed after I made you the food. It's fine, I swear. Please." She said starting to cry. Charlie threw her to the ground, and kicked her in the stomach.

"Are you talking back to me?! Get up!" he said, and Bella quickly did so. When she was only halfway up, Charlie grabbed her by the hair, and started to drag her to his room. Bella started to cry more. Charlie threw her on the bed, and straddled her, covering her mouth, shutting out the screams.

"This is what you want right?" he said, ripping her clothing off her. Bella tried to scream, but her mouth was covered. She tried to shake her, but Charlie slapped her. And then, all Bella could feel was pain. She didn't want to look, so she closed her eyes shut, and just cried. It was over in a few minutes. Then, Charlie just kicked her off the bed.

"Get out of here, you stupid whore." He said, throwing her out of the room, and shutting the door behind her. Bella just stood in place, sobbing uncontrollably. After a few minutes, she went up the stairs slowly and silently, tears still running down her face. When she got to her room, she took a shower, even though that couldn't wash away how badly she felt about herself right now. When she got out of the shower, she put on a pair of jeans, a random shirt and a black sweater, and grabbed her backpack that had a pillow inside. The quietly sneaked out of the house and started to run. She knew where she was going. The old Cullen house.

Yes, she did hate them for leaving her, but she felt some comfort being there. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. She sighed, and went around back, where the door was sure to be open. And it was. She went into the living room, and remembered when she first met the Cullens. That was the day her life had just become a living hell. She sighed, and just cleared her mind. She got the alarm clock that was left behind in the basement, set it for 6:30 AM, and went to sleep on the rug floor and her backpack.