Author's Note: hello everyone, this is my first IronMan fanfic so please review! I was inspired by watching "Don't Mess with Zohan" (I don't know why) and Mariah Carey's songs. All her songs are hers (of course) and Ironman is not mine (but thank you Marvel and Stan Lee). This story is set after the Iron Man movie.

'Damn it all Tony Stark!' She thought to herself. It was so nerve wracking every single time he would give her that smile-a smile that only she herself have been the receiver so far. Even before Afghanistan, even after all the women, one smile was always reserved for her. Her knees get weak and her mind starts to freeze, making her stutter and sometimes trip over things. The most infuriating part is, the man knows he has that power over her.

'Hmmmm…..' a little thought occurred to her. Power eh? Tony Stark doesn't realize what power really means. To be honest, ever since his 'return', Tony has been a changed man. No more women, no more stupid childish acts-with the exception of trying to get himself killed as Iron Man- he has become more focused and he lives with a life of purpose. To a man of Tony's brilliance, it was empowering to see…and definitely very sexy. She has been mulling over the question he posed in her head…

'If I had a girlfriend that knew my secret identity..' she smiled. 'Yeah right' it wasn't a secret anymore. But that question has since stayed in the air between them, waiting to be answered every time they are staring at each other. That too has become more common. Sometimes she gets so hot and bothered that it takes physical distance to stop her from wiping his brow of sweat or to touch his chin, just to finally know how her skin felt against his goatee.

'Stop it!' she berated herself. It was time to act. After 10 months of constantly staring at each other and having sexually-filled tension between them, it was time for Pepper Potts, assistant extraordinaire to the dashingly handsome Tony Stark to show her boss who really has the power in their relationship.

"Jarvis.." she said. Taking her folders and Blackberry, she moved towards the safety of her guest room in the Stark Mansion. Her 'home' away from home, this has become more of her own room since some of her clothes stay here.

"Where is Tony?" she asked.

"At his workshop with Col. Rhodes working on their suits madam"

"Thank You. Please activate guest room camera 2 and wait for my command"

"As you wish madam" came the reply.

As soon as she closed the doors, she moved to the window and breathed deeply. She closed her eyes for a moment and then it started:

"Jarvis, play Mariah Carey's Migrate volume level 16 and start camera recording". Immediately the room filled with music. The deep bass beat was helping her relax as she unconsciously flexed her muscles. She waited for the smooth sounds of her voice. She had a dirty little secret: the usually conservative Pepper Potts is a crazy fan of Mariah Carey. Even a worse secret was that she knows how to sing and dance and enjoyed doing it at home. However, this was a different situation; she had a mission and that was to put Tony Stark to his knees! She took a few moments to gather her courage and started to sing.

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Keep it movin... Bounce
Keep it movin... Bounce
Keep it movin... Bounce
Keep it movin... Bounce"

She started to sway her hips from left to right. She slowly moved towards the floor length mirror on the wall. She slowly moved her hand up to remove her bun and shook her head of hair down to her back. She moved and danced slowly moving down and back up, her hands splayed on her legs. Slowly they made their way up to her thighs.

"Once again nothin' jumpin' up in yo place,
Sick of your berry buzzin' all in my face,
Way too much to tolerate,
Time to roll,
Y'all know I gots to migrate."

Pepper finally let go. Her hands had a mind of their own, as they placed themselves all over her body. Inside, Pepper was imagining touching Tony. Her thoughts drifted to his chest, feeling that hardened muscle contract against her palm as she moved it down to his arms across his back then down to his ass. As she danced to the music, the red blinking camera continued to do as she instructed.

Meanwhile…..(at the workshop)

"Do you hear that?" Rhodey asked. He swore he heard some deep bass music coming from upstairs. It has been 5 hours since they last emerged from the workshop. Tony was underneath the black floor, adjusting the robots so that it can accommodate the 'War Machine' suit. His head finally popped up and tilted to the side.

"Wha-?" he asked. He never heard that kind of music before, assuming that was what it was. The deep 'boom' sound coming from upstairs was somewhat muffled, yet it did resemble some sort of song.

"Jarvis, what is that noise?" Tony asked.

"Sir, it is a song Ms. Potts is currently listening to" said the AI.

"Pepper listening to music? That's the first-where is she currently?" he wondered out loud.

"Ms. Potts is currently in her room sir, dancing" replied Jarvis.

Both heads whipped up so hard, Tony hit his head on the back of the floor and Rhodey could be seen with eyes enlarged.


"Jarvis, did you just say that Pepper- was dancing?" asked a shocked Rhodey.

"Yes sir, and she requested to be recorded" was the reply.

Tony nearly fainted. Rhodey's smile grew wider.