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Dean was too weak to do anything but lay in that bed. But he never took his eyes off the door, and his body was too rigid to relax. Bobby didn't move away from the bedside. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Sam.

"Sammy," breathed Dean. "Don't take off like that again, you scared the shit out of me back there."

A flicker of a smile appeared on his brother's face.

"Sorry, it took longer than it expected."

"Did you get it?" Bobby asked, but Sam, or who they thought was Sam, ignored that question. Instead he moved towards Dean's body.

"Sammy?" Dean frowned. "What are you doing?" He tensed as he felt Sam's hand move to his face. Suddenly he yelled as blinding pain stabbed him left and right.

"What they hell?!" Bobby stood up as he saw what looked like electricity flying from Sam's fingertips. "Sam, what the hell are you doing to your brother?"

And than just like that, the pain was gone. Dean could breathe normally again. His body wasn't aching. He wasn't weak. He was well again. He didn't know what had happened, or how he knew, but he was well. He knew that much for certain. He sat up, gasping for breath.

"Dean?" Bobby helped him sit up. "You feeling all right, boy?"

Dean stared at him.

"I feel like I've never been sick." He stared at Sam again, who kept his eyes lowered. Something wasn't right. He had sensed it the moment he had walked into the room.

"What the hell did you do to me, Sam?"

"I kept my promise," a voice whispered. But that voice was clearly not Sammy's. It was too low. Too dark. Suddenly the figure that looked like Sam raised his head and Dean adn Bobby both saw that his eyes were liquid black.

For a moment no one said anything.

"Oh," the figure added with a sinister smile. "I'm not Sam. But I'm sure you know that by now."

Dean just stared at him in wide eyed horror.

"No," he whispered, feeling sick all over again. "Who are you?!" He suddenly bellowed in rage, letting anger sweep over him. "What the hell have you done to my brother?!"

"He's still in here, alive. Barely, but it's more amusing to have him alert than dead." The none Sam smile grew wider. "I kept my promise. He said he'd let me take him, if I healed you..."

"You sonofabitch," Dean growled, his voice and body shaking. Bobby just stood there in utter shock that Sam would do something so daft and something so rash. And all out of the love for his brother.

The kid was an idiot he decided grimly. But that didn't help matters much.

"I kept my promise," the figure in front of them repeated. "Because like I told Sammy-"

"Don't call him that!" Dean's voice was dark and dangerous now. He wished he was on his deathbed again. He'd rather be in the agony he was before than watch his brother be taken over by some Goddamned demon.

"The devil keeps his promises," the figure erpated, ignoring him completly. That stunned them back into silence, not that Bobby was saying much before.

"The what?" Both whispered and the Not Sam smiled as he looked at him.

"You heard me." he said simply. "Now if you excuse me, now that I have kept my promise I have work to complete." And just like that, before they were able to say anything-even register what was happening, he vanished before their very eyes...

To be continued

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