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"You want me to do what?" Vanessa said as her eyes got wide.

"We want you to go into the Wesler warehouse," replied Britney

"For ten minutes straight." added Alex.

Vanessa looked backed at her two friends with disbelief. Well after what they were proposing they were going to be her former friends. She couldn't believe what they were saying.

"Are you serious?" she asked, just to be sure.

"As a heart attack," Alex replied with a smirk.

The trio stood in front of an old warehouse entrance that was down an alley in the middle of the city. Despite it being in the middle of the day, the warehouse was still seemed to be a dark and sinister place. The metal door was old and the surrounding bricks were well-worn.

Vanessa glanced up at the building and sighed. As much as she didn't want to do it, she knew that she would never hear the end of it if she backed out. She looked back at her two friends who stood patiently awaiting her answer.

"Fine" she said with a huff.

"Awesome'" Alex said while clapping her hands together.

She moved to open the metal door. As she did so it creaked loudly causing Vanessa to jump slightly. She leaned to peer inside the building and she saw what she had feared the most. Darkness. She didn't know what made her so scared of the dark but ever since she could remember it always made her nervous.

Sensing herself about to go into a panic attack, she tightened her grip on the soccer ball she held under her arm. Vanessa never went anywhere without it. Soccer was her true passion, the only thing that could make her forget about all the worries that plagued her life.

"Well, go on," Britney urged her.

Well, it's now or never Vanessa thought as she slowly moved inside the building.

She took a few steps inside and immediately felt her heart beat faster. She looked back at the two girls who were motioning for who to go in.

"Ten minutes?" she asked, just to be sure.

"Yup, that's it." Alex confirmed.

She looked back into the darkened building and swallowed. She slowly began to take a few more steps when she heard the familiar sound of the metal door creaking. All she saw was the sly grins on the girl's faces as they closed the door, cutting of the only source of light.

Vanessa ran back to the door but could not catch it as it closed completely.

"You guys!! This isn't funny. Come on, open the door!" Vanessa pleaded, but she received no response.

"Please!!" she continued, on the verge of tears.

After realizing that the door wasn't going to be opened, she turned back toward the building. With one last sigh, Vanessa gripped her soccer ball and made her way farther into darkness, hoping to find another exit. As she walked further she could hear her own heart beating.

It's just a building, same in the light and in the dark she tried to convince herself. As she moved further, she noticed a dim light hanging from ceiling up ahead. As she neared it, she saw the row of lights that occupied the hallway.

She let out a sigh as she walked down the known lightened hallway. Now, just to find a way out.

All of a sudden, Vanessa stopped in her tracks as she thought she heard a noise. She held her breath and listened to see if she could figure out what it was. She tiptoed further when she realized she was hearing the sounds of faint voices. She walked a few more feet more when she came across a door. She knew the voices were coming from inside the room and that she should probably should just walk away but her curiosity wouldn't let her. She gripped the door knob and slowly opened the door to peak inside.

She saw one man sitting down in a chair with his mouth taped and hands and feet bound together. There were two men in suits who had their back to the door who were talking to the man in the chair.

"So, you thought that we would ignore it if you didn't pay?" One of the suited men said. The man in the chair violently shook his head as if to say no.

"Well, I hope not because Sonny here hates it when people don't pay." The man said. The other man who was obviously Sonny merely nodded before taking out a gun and shooting the bounded man in the head.

Vanessa let out a loud gasp as the man slumped over and blood fell from his head. Before she could realize how loud she has been, the two suited men looked in the direction of the door.

Vanessa quickly backed away and ran towards the darker part of the hallway. She crouched in a corner as she saw the two suited men come out of the door. She held her soccer ball tight to her chest as she sat praying that she wouldn't be seen.

Things were quiet for a moment until the soccer ball suddenly became visible. She looked up and saw the suited man who had done the talking standing over her with a flashlight.

"Hello there, little girl." He said with a sinister smile.

Vanessa bolted out of the corner and ran as fast as she could down the dark hallway. She turned back and saw the suited man chasing her with the flashlight still in his hand.

"Come here little girl," he yelled after her.

Vanessa didn't stop, knowing that she had to find a way out of the building. She kept running until she saw a small window a few feet of the ground. She was about to reach it when the man violently grabbed her leg, tripping her up. She hit the floor with a thud and she could fell her knee scrape.

"Stop moving you little twerp." he said as she struggled against his hold.

"Let go," Vanessa yelled. She let out a shriek when his nails dug into her arm. She knew that she had to get away or he would kill her.

She stopped moving when she felt him push something into her back. She knew it was a gun.

"There, there little girl," he said as he turned her around to face him.

He held the gun pointed directly at her. Panicking, Vanessa looked around for something to use as a weapon but only saw her soccer ball, which gave her an idea.

"Your wasting your..," the man started but didn't get to finish due to the hard kick he had just received in the groin.

The man doubled over in pain while Vanessa grabbed her ball and climbed out the window. Once her feet hit the pavement she took off running, without looking back. She ran straight for a few blocks, fearing that she was still being chased. As she rounded the corner of the fourth block, she ran straight into someone, knocking her to her feet.


Detective Don Flack headed toward the exit of the precinct with a sigh. His last case involved the brutal murder of an elderly couple and despite catching the murderer, he was still unhappy with the way the suspect showed no remorse.

People these days he thought as he left the building. He had just walked down the steps and was turning the corner when someone ran into his stomach with a thud. He stopped abruptly when he noticed it was a young girl maybe, eleven or twelve. She had fallen to the ground due to the force of their impact.

"Whoa, are you okay" Don asked as he bent to help the girl up. She was a pretty young girl with light brown skin and thick long black hair. Her hair went down to just below her waist. She looked up Flack with her bright green eyes. She was definitely of a mixed race.

"Yeah, um...can I...borrow a ... phone? Police," she said as she was trying to catch her breath.

"Whoa, slow down. Look, I'm a detective okay, so tell me what's going on." Don said, showing her his badge.

"Somebody …shot.. I ran. chased." she said, still struggling to catch her breath.

Noticing she was still out of breath Don took her by the hand.

"Listen sweetheart, why don't you come with me and we will work this all out, okay,"

Vanessa nodded and allowed herself to be lead inside of the police station.

Neither Don nor Vanessa realized that at that moment, both of their lives would change forever.