Death Note-Kira vs the Fans

It was 3am, Light was on the big freaking computer looming over him secretly searching Wikipedia. He spends most of his time doing this now since he's handcuffed to L, the "great detective" who cant find Kira when he's handcuffed to him. Just for fun Light decided to search "Death Note" in the search box to see what came up. (Its 3 o clock in the morning and he's handcuffed to L, what else is there to do?......) Well, to his surprise he saw a very intensively long entry, mainly about him. "What the hell is this" he thought to himself. He scrolled to the bottom to find the references. there was a fan site with a chat room. Everyone was talking about him and the people around him. He saw one post by a Kiragirl54251454105144175865298641748452351565235456185 (I had to shorten the name, sorry) stating "Light is such a douche, And Misa's just a b*tch, L is super hot though, I hated Light when he killed him" Light did not know how to react, he had a sudden urge to thoroughly smack L though. And maybe even this KiraGirl. But why would she think he killed L, or how would she know either? He also saw pictures of either him or L several times, ones that he did not remember posing for and knows L never did. He would inspect this phenomenon later.


Light had no sleep that night....again. L never seems to sleep and he is scared of what L may do if he were to sleep before L did. Maybe L does not sleep for the same reason? Light just looked at the screen and thought pensively about what he saw the night before. He decided to look more into this. He went onto Google and searched "Yagami Light" He clicked on a search result that bared a strange name. "Light and L yaoi"....He then woke up the next day in a hospital bed. L approched him "I almost thought Kira had gotten you..that would have been such a shame to lose my prime suspect." Light returned wtih a sarcastic "Thanks."

Soichiro approched him. "Light I have never been more fearful in my life..not even in my own experiance of this. Stress seems to be racking at all of us here, its a wonder how L can handle this-"

L interupted "Actually you are incorrect, Yagami. Light just appears to be a light weight" Soichiro returned with a distressed "WHAT!?" Light was about ready to choke L, this could make a good cover up rather than finding his name."L" Light stated calmly "Would you do me a favor?" L replied "Yes?" "SHUT UP!!" Light lashed out at him. L stared blankly at him...

"Before I do I have something to say"


"Your last name is no longer Yagami."

"What do you mean?"

"From now on...I will call you Light Weight"

"Right now I wish that I WAS Kira"

"Oh I bet you do" L finished sarcastically.

"Can you tell me what is going on!?" Matsuda requested. He was unusually quiet this whole time.

Light told him "I found a greater evil"

Matuda had no idea what Light meant. L only sat in the corner scrunched up and nibbled at a piece of fudge.

Light eventually was able to make it out of the hospital, he never told a soul how he ended up in there. But he was correct. There was a greater evil in the world than he had known, Greater even than L.. Light would dub this evil...the Fandom.

End chapter 1.