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Summary: About 5 years have passed since the gang saw Ash, he reappears out of the blue in his hometown of Pallet much to the surprise of everyone. Ash decides it's time for him to settle down and open a gym in Pallet. What new trials and tribulations await our young hero? Rated M for adult situations that will occur later on in the story. AshxMisty,MayxDrew,BrockxSolidad. Takes place after the Sinnoh League.

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Chapter 33: The Generations Tournament Part 1

A week flew by rather quickly, Ash and Kazia were now on their way to Celadon. We now find Ash gripping on the handle bar on the passenger side of the car. He was wondering why Kazia was so adamant that they took the car instead of checking in on Air Salamence. He knew the journey would be too long for him to drive by himself, so she would have no other choice but to drive. To say that she drove recklessly was an understatement. Kazia was fine while they passed through the cities, but as soon as they exited city limits. She seemed to transform and her inner racer came out, at this moment she was veering through traffic on Route 4, approaching Celadon.

"Kazia..." called Ash weakly.
"Yeah?" she answered nonchalantly as she over took two cars in succession.
"We aren't in a rush. We still have time to make it to the tournament on schedule."
"Who's rushing?" she asked innocently as she accelerated out of a turn.

Ash just gulped audibly and double checked to see that his seat belt was fastened. After a few more moments of where Ash thought this was the end of him. The sign notifying them that they were approaching Celadon City passed, which caused Ash to breathe a sigh of relief. As soon as the city came into view, Kazia seemed to return to her normal self and decreased from insane to normal speed. A few more minutes and they found themselves pulling into the Pokémon Center's parking lot. As Kazia reversed in, and pulled up the parking brake. Ash inwardly said a small prayer thanking whoever was above that he indeed made it to Celadon intact. He also promised himself to never criticize Salamence for flying too fast and to only let Kazia drive within the city limits. Kazia noticed Ash still had his seat belt fastened and questioned him.

"You okay Ash? You look a little pale there."
Ash took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Yeah, I'm...I'm fine." he then loosened the seat belt. "I'm okay...just fine." Ash's feet visibly shaking he stomped onto the ground to alleviate the nervousness, and to let his mind know that the nightmare was over. After exhaling once more he reached into his pocket and dialed Wesley's number.

"Hey where are you guys?"
"In the lobby of the center."
"Okay, we just arrived. We'll meet up with you in just a moment."
"That's okay; we will come to you guys in the parking lot. Truth be told we were about to go look for dinner."
"Well that does sound like a good idea. Play a bit of catch up over a meal. I'm sure you will see me when you come out. We're the only ones in the parking lot at the moment."

It didn't take that long as Ash spotted the youngsters as soon as they exited the Pokémon Center.

"Over here!" shouted Ash, which grabbed the attention of the pair. Wesley jogged over followed by Jade who was just casually strolling.
"Hey Ash!" greeted Wesley excitedly.
Ash then ruffled the hair of his apprentice and greeted him with a smile. "Good to see you're doing well." He then looked to the lagging Jade. "What's her problem?"
"She's been acting like that since yesterday."
"Hmmm, might as well get the introductions out of the way."
"Hey Kazia, they are here." said Ash. Kazia was leaning against the side of the car looking into the city.
"Hello, you must be Wesley." said Kazia as she extended her hand.
"Yes, pleased to meet you."
Ash then motioned to the straggler pulling up the rear. "That right there is Jade."
As Jade caught up, Kazia extended her hand. With a sigh, Jade who was emitting an aura of disappointment shook Kazia's hand.
"How you doing Jade, guess we will be partners for now." said Kazia trying to ignore Jade's attitude.
"It looks so, I was hoping for Kai Nirvana though."
A vein suddenly appeared on Kazia's forehead. She was still trying to keep a calm expression on her face and not attempt to crush the hand of Jade. Ash gave a nervous laugh, he knew Jade had pushed a button and had to dissolve the situation as quickly as possible.
"Well you know Jade, Kazia can hold her own."
"According to my sources, she is more adept at being a breeder not a battler. Kai on the other hand is world renowned, same as you. They are still buzzing about the battle you two had in Goldenrod."
"How do you know this?"
"Sources, I just told you that Ash. Keep up will you." she explained, frustration evident in her voice.
Kazia then placed her hands on her hips and stood defiantly in front of Jade. "You may be right, I'm not as famous as these two monsters I work with." said Kazia poking Ash in his chest. "I would have you know, that I can hold my own and make those two sweat." This time she poked him harder, causing him to rock backwards, balancing on the balls of his feet.
"So you're saying that I have nothing to worry about then?" asked Jade.
With her hands still on her hips she leaned in and looked Jade in the eye giving her a toothy grin. "I'm saying you can make a spot on your trophy case for this trophy."
"That's what I wanted to hear." said Jade, who returned the grin.
"Nothing personal you guys, but don't cry when we beat you okay." said Kazia as she turned to Ash and Wesley who were observing their interaction.
"Wesley's used to losing to me so it won't be anything out of the ordinary."
"It was just once." said Wesley nonchalantly.
"I know it's hard to recover from such a beating. It's okay if you want to downplay it." said Jade arrogantly.
'How is so much attitude in a ten year old...' thought Ash. "Well before we maul you two in the tournament tomorrow. I would like to treat you guys to dinner, my way of saying thank you for losing graciously." said Ash, his competitive grin on his face.
"I think you have it slightly wrong Mr. Ketchum. It's our victory dinner, which you felt so graciously to award to us now." Kazia now stared defiantly at Ash.
"And you will be giving us another as a token of appreciation when the tournament is over as well." said Jade as she copied Kazia, but focused her glare at Wesley.
Wesley didn't feel the need to say anything; with his arms folded he just glared back at Jade defiantly.

"Mommy look." said a little boy as he walked by.
His mother looked in the direction he was pointing to see the four of them just standing there, staring at each other in a standoff. "Just leave them alone dear. It's not good to point at crazy people. Now let's go."

"I think we better get going." said Kazia still in her fighting position.
"Yeah, I think we should."

The following day...

"Team name?"
"Team name?" repeated Ash.
"Yes the name of your team." replied the obviously annoyed registrar.
"Umm? Wesley?"
"I really don't know."
Ash then scanned the arena. "TJFS...Lady Nuit...That's My mango..." said Ash as he read the advertising banners hung around the rafters.
"Team TF Nuit Mango it is." said the obviously irritated registrar. "Here are your access badges, a copy of the rules."
"Any questions ask the officials..."
"Wait...that isn't the name we..."
"Next in line!"
"Wait!" shouted Ash as he was escorted to the contestant entrance with Wesley in tow. As they sat in the contestant waiting area; Ash found himself being consoled by his apprentice.
"It's not...THAT...bad of a name..."
"Not THAT bad." said Ash his face resting in his palms. "How will they inscribe..." Before Ash could continue his rant he was cut off by newcomers.
"Behold weaklings, bow in the presence of the..."
"...Blue..." started Jade.
"...Bombshells!" finished Kazia and they both simultaneously struck a pose, extending their hands with the sign for victory.

Ash didn't bother lifting his head up. If he did he would have noticed that Kazia and Jade were dressed in matching outfits. Dark blue skirts, with a light blue trim, their shirts were the same color as the skirts trim. The ends of the sleeves were trimmed in the same blue as the skirt. Wesley on the other hand was rather impressed and clapped his hand to show it.

"So what do you guys call yourselves?" asked Jade.
Ash started to sob lightly, and Wesley just sighed. "You don't want to know."

This caused Kazia and Jade to exchange questionable glances, but they just shrugged it off. A few more minutes passed and the announcement to prepare for the opening ceremony came across the speakers. All of the contestants started to file into the arena, leaving Ash and Wesley. Well Ash was still sulking over the fact that his teams name was practically jumbled words slapped together. This forced Wesley to attempt to drag him out, not having much luck as one would imagine. Ash eventually resigned to the fact that this trophy would just have an interesting story to tell.

'Well got to get in the right frame of mind, got to win the trophy first.'

Ash slapped himself on the face twice, regained his composure and surged out the entrance. He now pulled along Wesley, who was previously pushing him. The stadium where they were hosting the tournament was relatively new, well new to Ash. He was shocked to see that this was not the only contestant area as others filed out from the opposite end. That was when he noticed a trend with those participants; even if their clothes were not the same, the colours still matched. Black bottom, white top and what looked like an insignia emblazoned in some fashion on various locations. If that wasn't curious enough, Ash then noticed the flags posted around the arena. Flags bearing the symbol he knew all too well, the symbol of "The Ordained". This definitely put Ash on high alert, but this was definitely not of their normal repertoire. They didn't look as if they were planning anything; the fact that Nurse Joy and even Officer Jenny and the other officers were present reinforced that thought. He scanned the crowd to see that even a few Gym Leaders were present. Ash relaxed his guard slightly, still uneasy about the fact that they were involved. The tension was slightly lessened, simply due to the fact that they were brazenly waving their banner, even if it was under the disguise of being a "sponsor".

'I guess we will just have to wait and see.' thought Ash.

The ring announcer had a very proper voice, a voice that rung of elegance and refinement. A voice that almost put Ash and Wesley to sleep. The rules for the tournament were simple, sudden death tag battles. Each trainer chooses one pokemon, the last team with a pokemon standing won. Contestants were allowed to change pokemon each time they advanced a round if they so desired. Those on the left would be pitted against those on the right, with those on the right being "The Ordained". The draw took place live, with the brackets being displayed on a wide screen on the right side of the stadium. As the announcer ended his droll speech, he quickly announced the first battle.

"Team TF Nuit Mango vs. The Enlightened! Will the two teams now stand forward."

The crowd had a slight murmur about them as they were trying to figure out exactly what that name stood for. Or even what kind of outrageous appearance the members belonging to a team with that extravagant name would look like. With a slight blush, Ash and Wesley stepped forward. A small silence came across the stadium only to be disturbed by the giggling of a certain team, a certain team where both members had blue hair. Their reaction triggered a buzz in the stadium crowd, buzz generated from loud snickers to full out bouts of laughter.

*AHEM* The announcer cleared his throat to silence the crowd. "Now will the remaining contestants please exit the ring as the two teams prepare for the first battle."

Ash and Wesley walked to their standing positions on the field, a slight blush from the embarrassment on their face.

"This is definitely embarrassing." said Ash.
"I can still hear Jade laughing." added Wesley.
"I think she will be laughing for a while."
"You're probably right."
"But what else can we do but..." Ash then paused and struck a pose pointing to the sky. "We shall make the name TF Nuit Mango, a name of LEGEND!"
"Yes master!" shouted Wesley as he copied Ash's pose.

This caused laughter to come from the crowd once again, as they found their antics hilarious. On the opposite side of the field, those present were not as amused.

"Look at these low lives." spoke a raven haired gentleman. His eyes focused on the state of his nails.
"They probably did such an outrageous name to hide their lack of skill." continued his brunette colored teammate.
"How unfortunate for them to have to match us in the first round." continued the older teammate.
"Unfortunate indeed. Now shall we teach them their place?"
"But of course, this is what this whole event is for."

"Contestants ready?" asked the referee. Ash and Wesley still remained in their pose. "Contestant's ready?" the referee asked once again, and once again they continued to make their pose. "I will take that as a yes. Enlightened are you ready?"
"Of course." they replied.
"Match begin!"

The crowd let loose a roar, this was the first match of the tournament and they were hoping that it would be an exciting one.

Still in pointing to the sky, Ash looked at Wesley. "I guess we should get serious now."
"I guess we should master."
"Come my pupil!"
"Yes master!" he replied with as much enthusiasm.

The Enlightened were not amused, as the scornfully glared at their opposition.
"Come forth Jynx!"
"I summon you Weavile!"
"Let's go Meditite!" shouted Wesley as he released his faithful partner.
"No sense in holding back then" said Ash as toothy grin adorned his face. "Charizard I choose you!"

Ash's Charizard entered into the arena, roaring and snorting smoke from its nostrils. He looked down at Meditite and scoffed slightly at its diminutive size. Meditite sensed that it was being under estimated and stomped the floor below it fracturing the ground that it stood on. Charizard just smirked at his now partners display of strength.

"What do we have here?"
"It seems there is discord in their camp. Shall we show them what teamwork is?"
"Yes we shall."
"Icy Wind Weavile!"
"Join in with Avalanche Jynx!"
"Use Confusion Meditite!" ordered Wesley.

Meditite began to flow with Psychic energy as it prepared its attack. That was until Charizard's wing flashed in front of Meditite, essentially saying to the pokemon. 'I got this.' Without even waiting for Ash's order Charizard stared down the forthcoming ice storm barreling towards them. His body, started to glow a bright red, notifying Ash of what attack he was about to use. He opened his mouth letting a bright white light to form in his mouth and in an instant a blast shot from his mouth, the bright white light was surrounded by a red flame that spiraled around the white inferno. The blast widened its radius, clashed with the incoming snow storm, melted the ice and then barreled towards the opponents' pokemon and the trainers themselves. The attack connected causing an explosion, and smoke to could the vision of the referee. As the cloud of smoke died down, the referee had no choice but to call the match.

"The winner is...Team TF Nuit Mango!"

The Enlightened were in too much of a shock as they were also impacted by the Charizard's attack. They were basically rendered speechless as they were as yet to recover.

"Yeah, sorry about that Charizard tends to do things on his own when he is ready." apologized Ash.
Meditite looked at Charizard and just nodded in approval of what he did. Leaving Charizard to just smirk in response, letting out a stream of fire to display his raw power. The crowd that was once laughing at their name, now began to roar at what they had just witnessed. Their team name was definitely not a fluke as it seemed that Team TF Nuit Mango was definitely packing a punch.

"Show offs." came the response from the older blue haired individual watching from the waiting area.
"We will just have to show them who are the real contenders for the title." replied the younger.
"Most definitely."

The first half of the tournament bracket had completed all of their matches; the second half had continued as well and now was the last match of the first round. The first match by Ash and Wesley seemed to send a shockwave throughout the members of "The Ordained". They all took their matches seriously and decimated their opponents with sheer ruthlessness. Those who were not a part of their group and did survive were trainers of high caliber. Even though they survived it was due to type advantage and sheer guile on their part. As Ash watched the results from the brackets he noticed a certain pattern begin to occur. Those that were "invited" to this tournament were indeed novice trainers who were making a name for themselves. Whether it was because of the amount of badges they accumulated or for their tactile brilliance. The other partners were not seasoned battlers for the most part but people they knew. Out of curiosity he asked Wesley how he was notified of this tournament and his response was by way of a message to his phone. The message was sent a month before the tournament date. Of course to a novice trainer who communicated with other trainers his age; it would seem like it was a prestigious tournament that they were lucky to get an invitation too. Ash on the other hand just saw it as a boasting ground for "The Ordained". They didn't invite the truly seasoned trainers; it was a public display for them. A public display that just showed their raw strength and give them a false sense of security of their power. This was no generations tournament but a proving ground for them and their elders that they were indeed the chosen ones. Ash didn't show it, but he became slightly worried as he saw Kazia and Jade flash on the screen, The Blue Bombers vs. Blessings.

"And I thought our name was weird. Why just Blessings?" asked Wesley
"I think they came late and all the good synonyms were taken."
"I hope Jade eliminates them just so they won't have to use this name anymore."
Ash just chuckled. "We really can't criticize anybody when it comes to team names."
Wesley was about to respond but the start of the match was being announced and the teams were being introduced. This now grasped both of their attention and focused it towards the ring.

"Blue Bombers are you ready?" Kazia and Jade placed a hand on their side and gave thumbs up with their free hand to the announcer. "Blessings are you ready?" The auburn coloured hear duo simply nodded with a gloomy look on their face.

"Talk about creepy looking." whispered Jade to Kazia.
"Just looking at these guys make goose bumps appear on my skin."
"Better than the chills I'm getting."
"Let's definitely make this quick."
"Vanillish, enter." said the younger of the Blessings partnership in a very sloth like manner.
"Vanilluxe, enter." followed the elder, the enthusiasm remaining at the same as his protégé.
"Talk about lifeless." said Kazia as she shook her head. "Let's put them out of their mystery Jade."
"Blue Bombers go!" they said in unison.

Simultaneously moving, first their legs apart, and then twisting their body slightly. They reached for their chosen poke balls, made them larger, turned their bodies once again moved their hands in a curvature gesture and then released their pokemon onto the field. Their routine was reminiscent of the old cartoons that were shown on early Saturday mornings. As the light from their Pokémon's release died down; it was now apparent that it was a ghostly duo chosen by the Blue Bombers to do battle with the ice types representing "Blessings".

"Misdreavus" said Kazia.
"Ghastly" followed Jade.
"Plan Alpha." they said in unison.

Meanwhile in the crowd...

"Plan Alpha, how did they come up with code names and strategies already?" said Ash out loud.

Back to in the ring...

Misdreavus and Ghastly cried in response and went to work. Ghastly slowly faded away, while Misdreavus charged them head on.

"The foolish pokemon decides to fight us handicapped."
"And charging head on at that."
"Its partner had more sense and fled the battle."
"Time to put it out of its misery. Vanillish Ice beam!"
"Vanilluxe, do the same."

The ice-cream pokemon followed orders as they were told. They unleashed a frozen beam in Misdreavus direction. Misdreavus was not foolish enough to take the beams head on, but darted to the right, the cone pokemon pursued her with their beams. In the stands Ash was wondering why Ghastly vanished, and why is it that neither Jade nor Kazia seemed worried.

'This should be interesting'

Misdreavus was on the run, shooting into the air to give herself more maneuverability.

"This is now becoming quite dull."
"Time to end this."
"Vanilluxe Blizzard" ordered the elder Blessings member.

"Now Ghastly!" shouted Kazia.

At her command Ghastly now revealed himself, his new position being right behind the opposing pokemon. With a shriek he startled the pokemon and caused them to spin around to see the source. That was their undoing, as Ghastly's eyes began to glow a bright red hue. They gave off pulsating waves that soothed the two pokemon into a stupor. They began to rock slowly and eventually were placed into a trance.

"Your turn Misdreavus!"

With the two pokemon frozen by Ghastly's hypnotic glare. Misdreavus took her slow time and placed herself between the two of them. She opened her mouth, and began to emit a haunting melody. As the melody increased in strength, those in the crowd began to feel unnerved. Their hands became cold, their spines tingled or goose bumps slightly appeared on their skin. As Misdreavus stopped her haunting melody, the two ghost pokemon returned to their side of the ring.

"Plan Alpha, was indeed a success." The two then struck a victory pose leaving those in the crowd with puzzled glances.
"Wait for it, and..." Both Vanillish and Vanilluxe both collapsed on the floor. Both knocked out, without even being touched. "...bang."

"Both of Blessings pokemon are unable to battle. The victors, The Blue Bombshells."

"As if there was any doubt." said Kazia with a toothy grin.

A synchronized cry of disbelief rang throughout the stadium. The crowd was indeed shocked, an entire battle was won and yet not a blow was landed by the winning team. There were a few who stood up and began to clap, those mainly being Ash and a few other leaders.

"Hey Ash? Why are you clapping?" asked Wesley.
"It was a clever combination that was used."
"Combination? That creepy song was actually a move?"
"Yes it was, Perish song is its name. It's a move that causes pokemon to faint but it normally has a fairly low percentage of working. That's where the Hypnosis from Ghastly was so effective. It made them more receptive and then Perish song did the rest of the work."
"They really put a lot of thought into it." said Wesley as he began to clap as well.

A few minutes later Ash and Wesley were joined by the "Blue Bombshells".
"I must say I was impressed with your combination." said Ash standing up to greet them.
"If your mind is already blown, I don't think it will be wise to watch the rest of our matches." gloated Jade.
"Rest of our matches, confident I see."
"I did tell you that we were going to win this thing." she reminded Ash.
"I thought you meant 2nd place." he taunted.
"That would be reserved for Team TF Nuit Mango." she replied her tongue now stuck out.
Ash was about to reply when he heard his team name called to prepare for their next match. He motioned to his apprentice to follow behind him. He then looked to the smaller Jade.
"We will continue this later."
"If by this you mean what you plan to do with your runner up medals. No Problem" she said with a smirk.
Ash was about to engage Jade once again but Wesley pushed him in the direction of the ring. Ash was able to stick his tongue back at her for his response.

"Now for the first match of the second round. We have 'Gods Among Men' versus 'TF Nuit Mango' "Ash noticed that the crowd gave a greater reaction to his opponents.
'Must have left an impact on the crowd, or simply home town favourites' he thought.

What Ash didn't know was that they were the runners-up to the tournament the year before. Before him stood two silver haired individuals, whether it was confidence or arrogance radiating from them Ash could not tell. He just knew that this would definitely be interesting.

"You ready Wesley? This looks like this is going to be a tough battle."
"I hope so, this time I will be able to show you my battle skills." said Wesley excitement blazing in his eyes.

On the opposite the two members of "Gods Among Men" just smirked at their opponents.

"They really don't know who they are going up against, do they brother?"
"The look of hope and the enthusiasm brimming on their faces definitely supports my theory. The theory they are completely oblivious to the sheer class that they face." replied the older of the two.
"Well let's quickly send them back to the wilderness from whence they came."
"With pleasure."

"Teams ready?" asked the referee. After receiving a nod of confirmation he waved his flag. "Let the match begin!" he ordered.

On queue they all threw their poke balls and unleashed their chosen partners into the field. When the light died down, and the audience finally was able to see who the fighters chose. They began to roar, it definitely was going to be an interesting match indeed. If it was planned or sheer coincidence it seemed that one partner went with a colossus and the other went for a more diminutive approach.

"Let's go King!" shouted Ash, and in response King let out a boisterous roar. It then proceeded to shadow box as if it was warming up. Considering who his opponent was it was a good idea.

"Let's finish this quickly Aggron!" The steel behemoth bellowed.

"Let's show Ash what we can do Sandshrew!"
"Let us end their suffering Sneasel." the weasel like pokemon menacingly flashed its razor sharp claws and smirked devilishly. "Sneasel Metal Claw!"
"Metal Head!" ordered the oldest of the pair. Aggron's head glowed a brilliant white and the behemoth stampeded towards King.

Sneasel charged towards Sandshrew, and as Wesley prepared to give an order for Sandshrew to defend itself. Sneasel shifted its path and headed straight for Tyrannitar.

"It's easier to eliminate the most troublesome of the two don't you think."
"Yes, leave the scraps for last."

"Don't think we are going to let you guys have your way. Rollout Sandshrew!"

The sand mouse went to action immediately. It took two steps, then proceeded to all fours and after acceleration wrapped itself into a ball and barreled towards Sneasel. The Weasel pokemon was definitely caught off guard, but not enough to be hit. Using its agility once again Sneasel darted out of the way and also swiped at the passing rock ball. Instinctively Sandshrew uncurled itself and the metal hard claw flew over its body.

"Impressive peasant. Let's see if your luck will hold up with our next attack."
"Just shut up and battle you pretentious prick."

As Wesley and his counterpart argued, Aggron leading with its head crashed into King. King was being pushed back at force, evident by the trenches forming in the ring's terrain below his feet. King let out a mighty roar as he used his strength to bring the metal attack to a halt.

"Payback King!" ordered Ash. King began to glow a dreary purple aura, his eyes flashed purple momentarily and with a yell King shoved Aggron back to his starting position across the ring.

"Seems that older peasant isn't a push over either."
"If you prefer to talk during the match that is your preference. King Dark Pulse!"

Without hesitation King quickly gathered the dark energy and shot the beam at the still recovering Aggron. The impact of the blast caused dust to temporarily block Ash's view, but as the dust cleared he could only help but smirk. Aggron was standing there and seemed to simply be brushing off the bruise left by dark pulse's blast. Aggron suddenly let out a deafening roar, and King responded in turn. The challenge was laid down, and these giants weren't going to back down from each other.

"Metal claw!" Aggron's right glowed a violent white, lessened the distance and slashed at King.
Using his quick reflexes, King stopped the attack by grabbing Aggron's arm. "Fire Fang King!" ordered Ash. Fire began to form in King's mouth and with tremendous force gnawed into Aggron's metal hardened hand with the blazing inferno in its jaws. Aggron yelled with pain.
"Metal Claw!" came the instruction once again, this time Aggron's left began to glow and with a clubbing motion bashed the head of King causing the Tyranitar to release its grip on Aggron's right hand. "Heavy Slam" the opponent was definitely not going to ease up. With its large bulk, Aggron took a step back but then launched at King slamming its mass into the square of his chest.

The sudden impact lifted King off his feet and allowed Aggron to crash King's body into the stadium floor. With surprising speed, Aggron got up from this attack and his trainer issued the command next command. It was becoming more apparent to Ash, that this guy definitely deserved the roar of the crowd. He was relentless and his Aggron was assuredly a power house, but this was going to make their victory even sweeter.

"Flash Cannon!" Aggron followed his orders; looking down at his opponent he opened his mouth. The ball of light quickly gathered and as quick as it was formed, he unleashed the metallic blast at the grounded King.

"King, roll out the way and tail sweep." Snapping to his senses, King rolled out of the way to avoid being hit, and to start his counter attack swiped his tail powerfully at Aggron's feet causing the metal giant to land on his back and the blast to be unleashed into the sky. "Stone Edge!"

King let out a roar, the ground below him began to splinter and around him pieces of the earth began to levitate. The stones edges sharpened, the pieces began to spin rapidly around him and were lashed at the recovering Aggron. As the dust settled Aggron regained his footing, his once shining metal coat now dusted but definitely not looking worse for wear. King on the other hand began to breathe heavily. The type advantage was definitely coming into play.

As the match heightened between the two colossals. The match between their diminutive partners was at fervor as well.

"Icy Wind!" and on command Sneasel unleashed a sub-zero breath in the direction of Sandshrew.
"Dig!" countered Wesley. Just in time to avoid the icy gale that was heading his way he tunneled below the arena's surface. The hole that he dug sealed by the arctic winds that were blowing.

"Again with this pathetic running."
"If it's not broken, why fix it? Surface and Rapid Spin!"
"Watch out Sneasel!"

The ground below Sneasel quickly gave way and the spiraling rock ball that was now Sandshrew crashed into Sneasel's skull. Needless to say Sneasel was not very appreciative of Sandshrew's action and instinctively used its sharp claws to scratch Sandshrew causing the sand rodent to once again return to is upright position.

"Are you alright Sandshrew?" Sandshrew went onto all fours and nodded to affirm it was still able to battle.
"Sneasel, Metal Fury!"
"Metal fury?" Wesley was momentarily confused but he was enlightened sure enough. Sneasel had combined the speed used to launch Fury Swipes but his claws were now enhanced by metal.
"Fury Swipes Sandshrew!" Sandshrew's front paws began to glow white. Raising to his hind legs and surging towards the oncoming Sneasel.

The two pokemon interchanged blows, but it was becoming apparent who was having the advantage. The metal strengthened claws of Sneasel were pushing back Sandshrew's paws. Wesley seeing that this was definitely not going to play out to his advantage ordered Sandshrew to use rollout to evade. Sneasel pursued with ruthless tenacity and landed a telling blow that knocked the balled up Sandshrew. From the force of the blow Sandshrew skidded across the area, his ball form no longer retained but his body still spun from the momentum.

"Sandshrew!" cried Wesley as he watched his longtime partner struggle to get up.
"Finish this Sneasel, Ice Shard!"

As Sneasel opened its mouth and began to form the ice chunk it would then hurl at the struggling Sandshrew, something happened. As Sandshrew struggled to its hind legs, it let out a shrill. Its body began to be bathed in a white light, the key sign to show that Sandshrew was evolving. Wesley watched wide eyed as his companion's body grew. His smooth stone like skin was now being replaced with the spike scales that were the trademark of Sandslash. As the light faded Sandslash gave out an excited cry, slashing his now longer claws as if giving them a test run. Sneasel hurled the ice bolt at Sandslash, not caring for what had occurred. It had orders and continued to follow them.

"Dodge Sandslash!" ordered Wesley but Sandslash had other intentions. As the ice projectile headed its way. Sandslash galloped forward and when the ice shard was in its range lashed out with his claws splintering the ice.
"Slash! Slash!" was its triumphant cry. This drew a united gasp of amazement from the audience and brought a smirk to Wesley's.
"Good to see you are feeling a lot better. Now let's finish this."

Ash was keeping tabs on what was going on with Wesley and a small smile crept on his face as he saw Sandshrew evolve into Sandslash. He would offer his congratulations but he was having his hands were full with dealing with Aggron. No matter what King dished out the hide of Aggron virtually nullified the damage. While on the other hand Aggron's attacks were steadily accruing damage on King.

'The way things are now, this will definitely result in their win. Time to change things.' He looked at Wesley. "I'm going to stir things up a bit Wesley. Let's switch partners."
"Yep, I think we would be better off against the other's opponent. Just follow my lead."
"King, Sandstorm!"
"You too Sandslash!"

The two pokemon shouted and summoned a fierce sandstorm that whipped around the arena's grounds. To those in the higher seats the battle was definitely not visible, and to those in front they could barely make out the silhouettes of the giant pokemon.

"Now switch!" shouted Ash.

"Switch?" was the question that formed in their opponents minds. Unfortunately for them their questions would soon be answered.
"King Rock Tomb!" ordered Ash. King let out a roar and wrapped himself in a purple aura. Chunks of the cracked arena floor began to levitate and circle King.
"Iron Defense Aggron!" countered the elder of the pair; unfortunately Aggron was not the target of his assault. With a roar King unleashed the barrage of boulders in the direction of Sneasel. This caught the pokemon completely off guard, but it instinctively avoided the first boulder but not the second. As it slowed down, the other rocks continued to rain down burying the weasel like pokemon alive. The opponents still visually impaired by the blowing sand storm could not see exactly what was occurring but the screams of Sneasel let them know things were not going so well.
"Now Wesley!"
"Earthquake Sandslash!" With an excited cry Sandslash dashed in the direction of Aggron. Just about 10 feet away from the steel giant Sandslash jumped into the air spinning and as soon as he was about to come in contact with the earth again. Sandslash uncurled itself, is claw-like appendages slamming into the earth with a tremendous force. The effect didn't occur instantly, but after a few seconds the entire stadium began to feel the vibration, as the columns and support structures moved slightly because of Sandslash's attack. Aggron who was at the epicenter felt more than just a tremor. The released power violently shook the ground beneath Aggron, causing the pokemon to go to his knees. As the shaking continued the floor beneath him cracked and then caved.

"What just happened?!"
"Brother? What just happened?" asked the younger.

As the sand storm slowly dissipated the carnage that was wrought could clearly be seen. The referee then answered the questions of the silver haired brothers.

"Winners of this round. Team TF Nuit Mango!"

In the middle of the ring laid the unconscious body of Aggron uncomfortably resting on uneven ground. The audience scanned the crowd trying to find Sneasel but only those in the front were able to see its right hand protruding from the granite tomb that enclosed the rest of its body. Realizing the battle was over, King sat down obviously worn from the battle but still let out a roar to display his dominance.

"King, return!" ordered Ash as he placed King back into his poke ball.
"We did it Ash!" cheered Wesley. He rushed onto the arena and hugged his newly evolved pokemon. "Sandslash! That was amazing. You got so powerful!" he complimented. Sandslash humbly rubbed the back of this head showing his slight embarrassment.

Then suddenly the sound of applause murmured throughout the arena, and the murmur turned into a boisterous ovation. The crowd was simply in shock, the runner's up and past champion was knocked out by a new comer. This was truly a shocking turn of events, one that the book keepers definitely would not appreciate.

"I think we should go and shake hands with our opponents..." said Ash to Wesley, but as he turned to look where they were located. He realized they were now gone. "...if they were here that is."

The silvered haired brothers had recalled their pokemon and departed from the arena without any congratulations or vengeful remarks to offer.

"Talk about sore losers." said Ash.
"I don't think they expected to lose to us Ash."
"By the looks of it, I think you're right Wesley."

"We will have an unexpected interval between now and the second match. As we attempt to repair the ring as much as possible." came a message across the stadium's speaker system.

"Talk about flashy." was the greeting that the pair received as they arrived back in the waiting area.
"Now the audience has to wait a little bit longer to see our breathtaking performances."
Ash just smiled. "For some reason, you two just seem to get along really well. It's almost frightening how quickly you two hit it off."
"Geniuses just gel Ash." replied Kazia.
"Where are they?" he retorted.
"Oh very funny Ashy-boy" said Jade with a smirk.
"How did you?"
"...rces." finished Wesley.
"I think I need to ask Officer Jenny to give me a background check on you."
Jade's face became flustered for a bit, Wesley saw this and smiled.
"You know Ash..." he started. His sentence was cut short as Jade covered his mouth.
"Okay? Let him talk Jade." Jade mumbled something that only her and Wesley could hear and then stepped away. "Now what were you saying Wesley?"
"Nothing, nothing at all Ash." said Wesley as he exchanged looks with a now composed Jade.
"There is obviously something going on here, but I will leave it alone." Ash then looked to Kazia if she knew what was going on but she just shrugged her shoulders.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we now continue with the second round. Contestants please be ready."
"Looks like they are ready to start. Let's head up to the stands to watch our opponents."

The matches continued, and it was just as before. The Ordained's candidates continued to advance eliminating the outsiders. By the quarterfinal round the only outside teams left belonged to the Pallet Town Gym. Ash and Wesley faced a pair that used Beartic and Mamoswine but they were no match for Bulbasaur's Solar Beam combined with the fighting moves of Meditite who was definitely a power house in a minute package. The Blue Bombshells also made quick work of their quarter-final opponents. The combination of Riolu and Diglett proved to be too much for the pair of Glalie and Scizor. Their interesting union of their attacks definitely kept their opponents off guard throughout every round. It still amazed Ash how synchronized they were considering they just knew each other less than a day ago. Then it was time for the semi-finals and once again the power of Charizard proved to be too much for the opponents as his fire blast attack scorched the ring. The pokemon was definitely pumped up for this event. Now it was time for 'The Blue Bombshells' to take to the stage once again.

"See you in the finals." was Jade's taunt as she left the stands to head down to the arena.

As soon as the match started, Ash knew it definitely was going to be trouble but he didn't expect it to be this bad. The match should have ended shorter than it did, but the opponent seemed to have a point to prove. Despite the beautiful combination of Misdreavus and Ghastly the raw power of their opponents simply was overwhelming. Much to their credit both Kazia and Jade fought to the best of their ability. Their opponents just seemed to enjoy seeing them attempt to gain a foothold in the match and breaking them. Even when Ghastly was frozen by a powerful ice beam attack. Misdreavus did it's best to protect the frozen pokemon and still go on the offensive. When they seemed to be bored of the teasing they gave the order and a powerful psychic blast knocked Misdreavus unconscious. As the ref blew the whistle Ash and Wesley rushed to the arena to the side of their defeated comrades. Jade had fallen to her knees and was beginning to sob, Wesley immediately comforted her.

"It's alright; Ghastly will just be fine as soon as we get him to Nurse Joy." He could feel his travel companion nod as her sobbing eased.
Kazia on the other hand was fuming; she angrily started to step towards their opponents across the arena floor. Their adversaries stood still on the other side, a condescending smirk plastered across their faces. This infuriated her even more, she could feel her fists clench. What had pissed Kazia off was the fact that they were still targeting the frozen body of Ghastly during the battle. The pokemon was down for the count, there was no need to further injure the Pokémon or perhaps worse. The opponents Metagross began to move to block Kazia's advance obviously willing to use force if necessary. That was before her advance was blocked by Ash.

"Calm down Kazia."
"Move Ash! I have to give these jerks a piece of my mind."
"I said calm down!" shouted Ash much to Kazia's shock. This was the first time she had heard Ash raise his voice, anger definitely present in his tone. Ash looked over his shoulder to see the opponents still smirking. He then turned to face them. "The match is over. Call your pokemon off."
"It looked like we would have a little bit more fun after the match ended." said the oldest of the pair. He then shrugged his shoulders. "Well it looks like that fun is now over."
"Return Metagross!"
"Return Regice!" The oldest of the team looked at Ash with a devilish grin. "I guess this is goodbye for now. Sleep well, we will destroy you tomorrow." And with that he descended the stairs, his younger teammate laughed at them and then stepped off of the stage.

Kazia was now clenching her fist; her anger had yet to dissipate. "Ash..."
"Yeah Kazia?" answered Ash still looking at the retreating figure of his future opponents.
"Promise me Ash; promise me you crush those bastards with everything you have tomorrow."
"That I definitely can promise."

From the skybox reserved for the V.I.P, a familiar figure watched on with disdain. "You made it this far Ash, but unfortunately for you tomorrow is where you suffer defeat." The individual took another swill from his glass. "And I will revel in the look of you being crushed right before my eyes, every single minute of it."

Author's Notes: There you have it. Will Ash and Wesley get revenge? Who is the ominous figure watching from above? Will the registrar finally let Ash change his team name? Find out on the next episode of When One Ends!