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Title: Give Thanks
Author: Danceronpointe
Date: 11-25-08
Rating: PG
Category: MSR, holiday

Spoilers: None- Set around 3rd Season
Summary: Mulder is having thanksgiving on his own- but what will change that

Wednesday before the Thanksgiving

It was November, in Washington. The air was already frozen and most days never rose above 40 degrees. All the leaves had fallen off of the trees. There were Christmas decorations everywhere. "Isn't it a bit too early?" Fox Mulder asked his partner, Dana Scully.

She laughed, an uncommon action, "It's almost Thanksgiving, Mulder."

He nodded, knowingly, "It gets earlier every year."

"If that's what you think, then maybe there should be an X-File," Scully joked.

Mulder smiled, liking the good mood his partner was in. She rarely laughed these days, neither of them did. They were both too tired and busy.

Scully was realizing this too. She sighed; she never had any time to just relax these days. She lived her work. If she wasn't working on a case, she was talking with Mulder. Not dates, just hanging out as friends. That was one of the reasons that she had decided not to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner at her mother's house. She wanted a time to just be Dana, the sister and daughter, not Scully the FBI agent.

Unbeknownst to Scully, Mulder had no place to go for Thanksgiving. He hap planned on eating a turkey sandwich in his apartment. After his fake sister appearing and his father's death, Mulder was not ready to have a meal alone with his mother. He didn't know what Scully was doing, but was sure that she wasn't doing much, she would have invited him.

Mulder decided to pose the question while nothing much was happened, "So Scully, where are you going for Turkey Day?"

Scully bit her lip, wishing that she wasn't having this conversation. It was an odd feeling for the FBI agent. "Um- probably going to my Mom's."

Mulder nodded for a minute, trying to process his feelings. He had assumed that Scully was alone too. He had been hoping for an invitation. The way that she had carefully avoided his question made him think that she wanted to be alone, "Okay," he nodded, "That sounds fun."

Scully grimaced, "Yeah. Trust me, its not as good as it sounds."

He laughed at her, "I'm sure."

Scully felt bad for telling Mulder her plans and not inviting him. The truth was, she could have invited him. Her mother had asked if a certain Fox might be attending. Scully had quickly said no. She had wanted some family time, but now… she wanted more than anything to have Mulder along with her.

It would be awkward, but at least Mulder could keep the jokes in perspective. He wouldn't get any romantic notions, which was not necessarily a good thing…

Scully sighed and walked to her car, "Have a happy Thanksgiving, Mulder."

"You too," Mulder replied, wishing that he could say more.

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