I WAS OUT HUNTING WHEN I HEARD SOMETHING FROM BEHIND ME IN THE BUSHES . I WALKED OVER SLOWLY . THAIR I SAW A LITTLE GIRL AROUND 8 YEARS OLD CRYING . I NOTICED SHE HAD CUT'S ALL OVER HER AND WAS COVERED IN DIRT . I WALKED UP TO HER. '' WHAT'S WRONG LITTLE ONE AND WHY ARE YOU ALL THE WAY OUT HEAR ALONE ? ...... SHE DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING . I TRIED READING HER MIND . BUT IT WAS STRAGGLY BLANK I COULD NOT READ HER MIND ? '' W-WHO ARE YOU SHE stuttered nervously . I"M Edward Cullen and may i ask who you are and what your doing out hear ? '' I'm Bella swan and i was camping with my parents when we were ambushed by a man and a women . the sucked the killed my mommy and daddy and before my mommy died she told me to run ." i see would you mind coming with me i might be able to help you ''. ''alright''she stood up and fell down again.i chuckled and she gave me the cutest evil eye . when we got to my car i helped her in to the back seat and buckled her in . '' wear are we going ? I'm gonna take you to my house so my father can look at your injuries. '' I'm a scared of doctors .'' ha ha he won't hurt you Bella . i started to drive after about 5 min we wear at my house and Bella fell asleep i carried her in the house soon as we wear in the house i was acted by.......

I'm gonna stop their ha ha ha cliffy i need at least 2 revwies befor i start part 2