bella pov

" Bella dear you need to wake up your mother waiting for you outside " . I was woken up by my teacher who walked me off the bus into esme's car.

" How was your trip honey " .

" Good "

" Esme ware's Edward "

" he's at some school thing helping with younger children .

esme pov

I lied quickly to her i coulden't help be fell like she was catching on to our secret .

" He'll be back in a few hours so don't worry "

" I won't as long as i have you Esme. Hey esme It was wondering if I could call you mom now if you don't mind".

" Of course you can would love that ". IT lit a candle in my dead heart knowing that Bella thought of me as that . mom.

We soon arrived at the house and bella ran in the door upstairs to her room . Children are so random sometimes.


I smelled a sent that did not belong to any of my family of friends it smelled like Volturi what would want in forks ?

" hello Edward how are you ". Asked a childish voice belonging to Jane ( i don't like jane should i kill her soon )

" Hello Jane what brings you here "

" a message from Aro he wants you to go to Italy and bring the human child .oh and don't worry we won't kill her ".

" good bye edward see you soon " she faked a smile while handing me 5 plane tickets . i'll take Emmit , jasper, Alice. jane left out the door with a evil smirk on her face . how did see ever get to bee so mean .

I'd better book a flight to Italy and hunting i must leave before bella comes home . if aro dose anything i kill him my self .

r i know i have bad grammar and spelling i can't help it