…Came Tumbling Down

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I took a deep breath, unintentionally pulling in the scent of Bella's liquid arousal. My fingers still clasped the zipper of my jeans, the button already undone from her wandering caress earlier. I smiled, a smile that hardened from my lips to my darkening eyes as I remembered her slight form shaking sinuously against me. Good God, she already smelled so wet and luxurious; she was as excited as I was! My erection shook and solidified into an icy huge mass as my hand still hovered.

This time our love making, our touches, my caresses, would have nothing to do with retaliation. I no longer needed to erase the impossible scent of Jacob from Bella's mind, I didn't need to scrub his imprinting ways from her body. He was gone and that was over. This time was for pure enjoyment, to show Bella a side of me she had never seen, and one which I had never allowed myself to explore.

I wanted her.

Bella watched as my fingertips glanced slightly, lightly down the flap of my jeans. I grasped hold of myself through the material, delineating my rock hard shape clearly for her. Grinning, I saw Bella's eyes narrow upon the movement of my hand, her teeth bit her bottom lip and I knew she was holding in a husky moan, the sound of which never ceased to make every glacial muscle in my body clamp down.

Pulling my hand up I reached my tip, still fully clothed. I imagined her hand in my place. I pressed my thumb down, knowing now that Bella was thinking of her hands wrapped around me as well. I certainly did not need to read her mind to know the twist and turns of her body and passionate expressions. A full throaty groan shook her body and her eyes worked their way slowly, tantalizingly, up my body to my own golden gaze. I melted beneath the desire I read in her searing brown orbs.

Trying to hold her in my stare I stood from the bed. Bella tumbled into the dent my marble frame left stamped in the mattress but quickly settled back upon the pillows. Still dressed in nothing but my crisp white oxford shirt, Bella stared into my compelling eyes as she quickly fought through the final buttons until it was completely undone and open all the way. Her long ivory legs were demurely crossed at the ankles and the shirt now gaped away from her breasts just enough to hint at the glorious mounds on either side, her soft nipples jutting, pink and puckered against the cold cotton fabric. Her shivering tummy clenching and releasing with each breath as she retrained her eyes from mine, lowering them to watch my fingers humanly-slow releasing the zipper, bite by bite.

"Oh god!" This was the only coherent expression she seemed capable of forming. I smiled at the utterance. And I hadn't even revealed myself.

I rolled my hips as the metallic teeth unhinged, wanting nothing more than to rip my clothing off and take Bella with animalistic ferocity upon that ridiculously huge golden gilded bed! I couldn't stop the grunt that fell from my lips at another gasp emitted from her glistening perfect lips when I opened my jeans to her. I was bare underneath. My cock sprang out slowly. Bella licked her lips and I followed the action, easily recalling the vision of her lips licking up and down me.

Opening the flap all the way I pulled my full, long, thick, hard length out then reached slowly down into the crotch of my denims to cup and lift out my balls so they were resting upon the V of the rough splayed fabric. The cold of the tinny zipper was nothing compared to the chill of my skin. I was naked and open to Bella.

I watched her head loll back just faintly, her cheeks sucked in as she pulled a needed breath into her blushing body. Her hard nipples were thrusting against my white shirt, absolutely begging to be sucked.

Once she'd opened her eyes again, limpid, melting, on hazy fire, I casually wrapped a cool hand around myself and started stroking. Bella had no idea that it was not my actions, but her impossibly uncontrollable reactions that had me growing even more elongated and broader and stiffer.

"Oh fuck Edward!"

"What is it, love?"

Her eyes followed my movements and lingered upon the jutting muscles of my abs before resting on the strident V that framed my treasure trail, leading in an unerring arrow straight to the place I knew she most wanted to touch, lick, kiss, and feel.

Reaching across the silken duvet, Bella attempted to touch me. Her lips full and languorous. Parted. I knew her suck would be blazing hot. I had felt it before.

My hips jutted back just enough to stay out of her reach. "No baby. Not yet. You just watch. And tell me if you like what you see."

With eyes narrowed, Bella contemplated my actions and my velvety smooth words for just a moment before a look of determination, a certain willfulness that always turned me on, shifted across her elegant face. It was the look she had used when I'd first rocked against her on this bed, when she had attempted to disrobe the both of us and compel me to make love to her. What a fool I'd been then to deny her! I'd had no earthly idea what I was forestalling.

Not one for being subservient, Bella decided to retaliate. I was fucked. Utterly and completely undone…almost.

Breathily, tauntingly, Bella replied, "Mmmm, Edward, you know I like what I see. That's exactly why I want so desperately to wrap my own hands right around you and pull them up and down, harder and faster until you plead with me for release. Now you tell me, love, do you like what you see?" Her voice had dropped several octaves until it was a low purr that vibrated against my inner ear.

Rising to her knees, just milliseconds beyond my reach, Bella's hands wended their way slowly up her inner thighs. All the while she watched the rough motions of my hands pleasuring myself as I continued to stroke. Her fingers strayed between her legs where I could smell the floral, musky, sweet scent of her pouring out. If her seductive words had not been enough to make me lose my tight control, I feared the tempting fragrance that saturated her just might! My eyes were hooded as I followed the tips of her fingers edging closer and closer to the juices that I wanted so much to taste.

I dropped all pretense of palming myself and again restrained Bella from the bliss she had in mind. My now unoccupied hands shot out to grab hers in a firm grip. Her eyes crashed with mine, firming into a look of anger and desire that made me even more ludicrously rigid.

"No, love, that is mine to touch." My voice was deep, my eyes dazzling and promising impossible delights, my hold unbreakable.

When I was sure she would not disobey me, I released her wrists and stood straight back from her. With unknown slowness I continued to disrobe. For Bella and Bella alone. She watched me as she sank back upon her heels, thighs spread, and her beautiful glistening pink lips so very near, so very open to me and temptingly half-hidden beneth the tails of my shirt.

She reached for the edges of that shirt and just lightly pulled them open, across her aching nipples, showing me what I wanted. Brusquely she pulled the shirt back. Bella arched at her own movements, all the while watching me pull my tastefully tattered jeans down my muscled thighs, over my knees and past my feet. I wanted nothing more than to pull the fabric out of her hands and over her shoulders, plastering her arms to her sides so she could no longer move.

Helpless to stop myself, I did just that, not with my usual hasty speed, but with a torturous, ridiculous indolence that had Bella once again moaning, twisting and swaying beneath my touch, begging my hands to touch more that just the shirt that was draped so boldly over her most intimate parts.

I parted the cotton wide, cold hands skimming the peaks of her breasts on their way up to her shoulders before yanking the sleeves down forcefully. Gathering the shirttails in a tight grip, aching to plunge my fingers straight into her now that her wet core was so close to my hands, I forbade myself still and hastened to tie the sleeves and tails securely around her wrists that were resting against the sumptuous curves of her buttocks, then tying her to the bedpost behind her.

Her arms now trapped as I twisted the sleeves around her wrists, and still I had caressed nothing more than the cloth, barely shushing across her deep rose colored nipples that beseeched me, not her tummy that trembled, not her lips that she had nearly caused to bleed from biting back the moans, and certainly not her sweet engorged center.

Somehow Bella managed to stay balanced on her knees, legs split open, arms hooked behind her, almost to the edge of the bed.

I had never seen her more turned on or more pissed off.

I could see everything now and I drank in each glistening drop of her with my keen sight. Bella was already swollen, her aroma spilling into the air around us. I was drunk; she bewitched me. I dragged in a deep breath, pulled my muscles tight and begged for the unseen imaginary gods above to give me just enough discipline to bury the longing that swept through me and shook me. Beguiled.

"Call me a prude now sweetheart, I dare you," I wrenched the words from my choking throat, willing them to sound smooth, attempting to dazzle her as much as she did me.

In a sudden flash of lucidity, Bella swam up through the force of my charms, my near-fondling, my physical body displayed before her, turning my sexy smirk on me, eyes glinting in a wickedly erotic way, "So, what are you gonna' do Edward? And don't you dare ply me with any more cake samples because I swear I will smash that gorgeous new shiny stupid Mercedes Guardian around the nearest tree! I know it's purported to be indestructible, but being clumsy Bella, I am certain I could find a way."

Snarls broke through my lips as I realized she was trying to break me, shake my concentration and shatter my control, no longer the least bit inhibited or worried about crossing my formerly unbreakable boundaries. At my growl, Bella only threw back her head, baring the contours of her succulent creamy throbbing throat and laughed brazenly. A new sound to add to my archive, one I would never forget.

My resolve strengthened. I would be in control as never before, in control of Bella's body just as she had been in control of mine the first time. And I would let myself lose control of myself as never before!

A hiss turned purr curled my lips. Bella's snicker abruptly halted as I pulled my hands from where they had rested lightly upon her bound wrists up to her delicate face. I willed her eyes to mine, our lust-filled orbs reached into each other. Her pupils dilated, shading the brown into black as she read my clear intentions. Satisfied with that reaction, I pulled my fingertips coolly along her high cheekbones until my thumbs rested against her full lips. A gust of hot air immediately warmed each whorl of my fingertips. Hot. Breath. Fu-huck!

Slowly, my fingers worked their way down her absurdly graceful tasty neck to the center of her chest, momentarily avoiding her breasts that swelled and sought my hands. Taking a deep breath of Bella-stained air, my lips collided with hers harshly. Her body twitched and bit against the restraints that held her in check so she wreaked havoc upon my mouth instead. Thrusting that pointed tongue in and rasping it against mine with no hint of delicacy! She nibbled my lips and then gave up control completely to pull my sculpted bottom lip into a feral bite. My hips bucked against her of their own accord. Jesus! A final swirl of my tongue within her mouth, wetting her parted lips in a quick farewell; I pulled back and surveyed the damage.

Chest heaving, nubbins divine and pleading, lips pursed against the intake of jagged breaths of air, face nearly caved in with desire, eyes closed against the force of need. Bella.

Briefly, I spread my frosty hands out to palm first the swells of those perfectly round high breasts. I scraped my flesh against her nipples and watched in equal parts delight and excitement as the skin puckered, drew up, and stood completely erect against me.

"Bella, you are so beautiful. So heavenly! Look at yourself. The way you react to me. I can't get enough!" Bella lifted her head and dropped her chin, eyelids at half-mast while her lush eyelashes cast shadows upon her cheeks. She watched every path my hands took.

I allowed myself to keep hold of the deeply pink marbled flesh that called me. Fingers pulling, plucking, pressing; using all of my musical talent, as if playing the piano, pulsing out an unforgivable rhythm. In tune with my touch, Bella moaned and took up a steady call of my name, "Edward," she breathed and it was the most delicious sound I had ever heard in my century long existence. The chords of her throat stood out ever more tautly.

My other hand dragged slowly, sweetly, but oh so frigidly down the middle of Bella's chest. My palm turned over and I flitted the back of my hand, knuckles firm and unyielding, across her burning flesh. A new sensation to remember forever. Soft heat emblazoned upon my icy skin roasting me from the outside in. Unbearably and achingly intimate.

My frosty touch melted, my flesh melded to hers. I flipped my hand back around and continued my scintillating foray down Bella's heaving, hot, restrained, bending body. She wrenched against the constraints of my shirt and was no longer able to shoot her smartass remarks at me. In fact it seemed a miracle that she was still able to breath. I myself was having trouble remembering, and the pulse within her body was an unsteady frenetic thrum-thrum-thrum that mirrored the freezing venom that shot up the rigid vein within my cock. We were beating in time. I felt jubilant to have silenced all but Bella's tremulous breath and writhing skin!

I spanned the slim width of her waist with a single hand. From my thumb to my pinkie, my lengthy pianist's fingers reached to either side of Bella. Pulling and pressing with the least of my power I grasped her as gently as possible, feeling yet negating the raging lust pounding my body.

When I retracted my fingers, barely pulling Bella's trembling flesh along, I dipped my index finger into her succulent navel and swirled it around. My own stomach tightened notch by notch when she raised her head to watch my wanderings, her breath erupting across my arctic lips.

We kissed again. Droplets of sweat formed on Bella's body wherever I touched. Our mouths, our skin, wept.


Slick friction.

Intense gliding.



It was pointless to resist her siren's call now. I had to weave my hands through her hair; the lavish strawberry scented locks upon her head and the hair of her mons below. Damp, sweet, and musky, hinting at the weeping lips that beckoned me.

Gingerly I wound my fingers lower. Lower. Lower. I met her engorged bead first. Ripped across it with my nails and then returned to drum against it. I was dimly aware of Bella's breath starting and stopping and shuddering at my trickery. I couldn't even tear my eyes away from the insanely beautiful sight of her beneath my touch.

Wet, pearlescent, glowing.

Deep pink.


Aching, nay, begging to be touched.

Softly, I hoped, I let the fingers of one hand sweep straight down her swollen lips to gather the drenching moisture while my other hand extended her legs further, slid back along her thigh to spread her folds open to my hot volcanic stare.

So…Jesus Christ! Hot, blazing, crazy, wet sweetness! I could not drink her blood, and that bloodlust was almost always in check, but I could most certainly partake of this other fluid that trickled so readily from her. I licked my lips in anticipation of the epicurean delight that was so nearly mine.

Dipping a finger inside I closed my eyes against the raging heat that enveloped my entire hand then shot up my arm, encasing my body in flames, lapping the edges of my long forgotten, forsaken soul!

Furrowed, silky, messy, dripping, tight. Oh shit! So tight!

As I pulled my finger out, Bella's hips followed me, demanding me to enter again, to stay forever. Her head thrown back, breasts jutted out. The shocking fuchsia of her nipples piercing the air that thickened around us.

"Edward!" A sharp gasp flew from her mouth.

Before allowing her the pleasure, I placed my soaking finger in my mouth and sucked the full flavor of her from it. Jesus Fucking Christ! The taste was…unreal. Unbelievable! So, so tempting.

Flattening my fingers, I slid them straight up the wanton wetness of her, up and down but never in, in the manner I had stroked myself.



Wild with the feel of her need.

I stopped all movement, waiting.

Bella reared up, straight onto her knees, her hips gyrating in the air against the ghost of my hand.

Her eyes burned into mine. Her gaping mouth closed and tautened. "Edward. If you don't continue pleasuring me", she stopped, knowing she was taunting me with my own early 20th century words, "I will not responsible for any of my misdeeds tonight!" Her voice was raspier, hotter, lambent. She would not plead nor beg; she was too obstinate. I knew this was as close as I would get.

With no warning I hooked two fingers and dove straight in. I feared she would break her back as she arched crazily against my chest, her breasts buried and belting against me.


I pulled my fingers all the way out and repeated the action, reveling in the sensuous twist and turn of her hips as she met my every thrust. A moan elicited each time. My own harsh breath littered with grunts, snarls and growls.

Her inner body gritted and released, her skin took on a new sinewy shape. My digits rocked inside of her, the cold melting just enough within the moist hot walls, my thumb pressing in a permanent beat upon her clit.

The edge was close. She had cliff-dived in an attempt to find me again and now she would dive off the abyss of our passion. I wanted my mouth to her when that happened.

"I'm going to have you in my face now, love. Don't worry; I won't bite you…too hard."

She should have been petrified; instead I watched intense anticipation fly across her expressive visage as she braced herself for my onslaught.

By this point, tasting her was tantamount, paramount. Keeping my thumb and forefinger squeezing and alternately whispering across the tight nub that strained toward me, I lowered my face to her bucking pelvis. One cool cold glacial lick up her slit was all I needed to know I never wanted to leave that sweet scented tangy place. Fuck me! How could anything even compare to her blood! This was worse, and infinitely better, because I was allowed this. I could do this and not kill Bella! But how would I ever stop myself?

My command, my forced control, fled quickly. I nipped her clit, wrapped my tongue around it, slithered against her the burgeoning shell-shape of her and dipped into the drenched recesses of her body.

Still wet.

Still tight as hell.

Still rigid.

And soft.

And exquisite beyond my wildest imaginings!

I suckled and sucked and licked.

I breathed and smelled and wove my entire face against her.

I had no coherent thought as to Bella's reaction, other than her fucking untamed hips reaching against me in a corrupt grip, pulling me ever closer, interring me more fully into her depths.

I pulled back just once to blow my frigid breath against her flaming lips. Bella grew inflexible and rolled her entire body against the breeze.

"Oh SHIT!"

And that did it! My fingers joined my tongue in pulsing in and out, over and over, flicking, lapping, and drinking her sweet flavorful fluid straight down the back of my throat and into my otherwise empty stomach.

I spread her wider and delved deeper and deeper. Her body twisted and heaved against my face. I bit her once, twice, thrice. Not breaking the skin but imparting my mark upon her, imprinting her. Bella shrieked at the force of it.

With more vigor than I would ever have allowed before, I pushed three fingers deep inside and lapped at her clit, willing her to cum violently upon my mouth and hand.

The trembling intensified, quickening around my fingers, swelling her juicy core even more against my pointed tongue that had warmed to room temperature against her smooth flesh. The venom in my mouth leaked onto her skin mixing with her own salty wetness.

Had Bella already been a vampire I had no doubt that she would have ripped the bedpost in half in her flailing orgasm that swiftly rocked her body, arching as if her insides were trying to escape. An outrageous shout shredded her chest and throat as it emerged, she flew straight up onto her knees and nearly dove into me. Saccharine slippery fluid flowed freely from her and straight into my thirsty mouth, quenching the fire within me even while it inflamed me further. I watched, enthralled, mesmerized at this new Bella shaking above me, distorting her angel's body into something corrupt and vicious and erotic against my sinful ministrations.

As her writhing slowed and stilled, bit by bit, her blessed hips the last to part of her to stop rolling as my tongue lapped languidly against her, slowly and sweetly sipping the last of her potent cum, I placed a final kiss against her still throbbing clit.

It was almost impossible to tear my eyes, my now black as night, hard as granite eyes, away from the part of her that had fed my passions so completely. Dragging my gaze slowly up her spent body, fulfilled but still swaying and trying to reach me, past her tense stomach, up the glorious mounds of her high breasts, silently circling what I knew to be the tingling perfection of her nipples. With both hands I held the full weight of those enticing mounds as I leaned in to whisper kiss up the long pale length of her throat.

Ending at the corner of her lips, looking straight into her eyes. Now a deep burnt umber hue on lazy fire.

Swooping down I pulled her mouth into mine, wrapped my tongue around hers. In response Bella's lips parted wholly and her breath whooshed across my face, smoldering where it touched. The feel of her naked flesh pressed so painfully tight against mine, her wetness seeping across my erection, seated in the only place it had ever belonged, between her thighs, her sumptuous lips raking mine roughly, victoriously, threatened to knock me off this bed.

I tore my mouth from hers.

Slanting just closely enough to breathe across her pout, I whispered with a voice edged in hardness, "Bella, I'm going to release you now. You can do what you want but just remember…I'm in control and I'm stronger than you. Are you ready?"

Instead of answering, Bella moaned lustily.

My body draped across hers, my head bent into the cleft where her shoulders met her neck. My hands tore the shirt from her wrists, freeing her from the bedpost.

Before I could even react, before my hyper aware senses even knew what was coming, Bella attacked me! Wildly, like an animal, ferocious in her need. And I assault right back!

Our bodies writhed against each other, clinging, tearing, trying to find purchase within each other's very soul. The sweat and wetness of Bella spurred us on, daring us to find leverage! Out of nowhere, Bella's hands, hot fucking inferno hands, grasped me forcefully and pulled firmly. My body stopped completely. As before, at her slightest touch upon me, my breath flew from my body and did not return.

Neck snapping back, teeth gnashing, growls erupting with every stroke, I reveled in the smooth swirl of her fingertips winding up and down in a sharp incantation that left me reeling. I could do nothing more than flash my savage eyes at her and thrust my hips in and out of her hold.

Breath returned. With it came the fresh onslaught of Bella's arousal. Her hair was a hot mess, damp tendrils shot all around us as she swayed in time to the tempo she wrought upon me.

I grew increasingly harder, enormous now, the vein down the center of my erection bulging with unspent venom.

Harshly I pulled myself from her grip. A howl shot out of her mouth met by my own answering snarl.

Bella looked up at me; she no longer doubted her hold on me; no longer worried about the physical difference between us. A pure untainted woman, unleashed and heady with her sensual power, was staring back at me. Daring me. Damning me.

"Bella, I'm going to make love to you now; fuck you"--her breath halted at those words--"against the walls." I paused, allowing her to remember to breathe. I smirked at the mesmerizing pull I still held over her. "In fact, I've decided we don't need the bed after all." My final words were uttered with fierceness.

I wrapped Bella's aching, arching totally naked steaming body against mine before I wrested all of my pent up hunger in the force of my fist which I brought down vehemently, crushing the mattress and frame to the floor! Feathers, shreds of satin flew through the air around us and the reverberation of crumpling iron groaned throughout the room.

I laughed freely at the release.

Bella had never seen me let go like this, and if I momentarily feared that I had frightened her, I could not have been more wrong. Her instincts forever impeccably warped, she saw no danger in this. Only me-- liberated with her.

Her starving eyes widened in awe, her body seeking to mold into mine, her lips searching out my mouth brutally.

With passion for her pouring through me, I came down from my high to soothe like velvet into the fragile shell of her ear, "I'm going to fuck you until the walls quake against us. Would you like that, love?"

In response Bella raked her nails straight down my marble chest, across my scrunching stomach, around my hips and into my buttocks. Her harsh caress weakened my knees and strengthened my need.

With no pretense at subtlety, just pure want, I flew with Bella across the room until she was pressed hard against the wall. Plaster shook and disengaged around us.

"Ready?" I could not contain myself much longer. My voice was thick and unrecognizable and my body sought out that softest dampest part of her.

Instead of complying, Bella shocked me--when will I ever understand this woman? -- and slithered down my body with ease, nibbling and mouthing and sucking all the long way!

How could my own skin, my flesh, that she licked sucked and sought to tear apart with her fragile human hands, feel heated from within? I swear my every rigid plane, valley, inflexible surface melted beneath her snaking sneaking touch only to set solid again as soon as she moved on. To loosen and relax only to become stone again was pure torture!

It felt as though Bella was pulling my unmoving insides out, making them respond with unheralded erotic impulses. My venom pulsed and beat within the blood-empty vessels running through the stiff muscles all along my body, from my neck, that she bit with those tiny perfect teeth, to my puckered paps that she lashed with viciousness I had never seen, to my abdomen.

Her fingers gripping me there while her tongue dove in and out of my naval, causing me to suck in the air, moist air tinted with the smell that Bella draped around us, and hold it tight. She enveloped me with no forethought and no warning in the only other place that rivaled the juicy eruption between her legs. Her mouth. Oh shit! There was no way I could withstand any more of that.

Pulling my cock free, enjoying that last grating suck, I almost knelt to the floor to cup Bella's curvy ass in my hands, fingers flickering into the moist depths of her. Plunging and circling and sweeping up her slick folds. As I stood to my full height, Bella's head pounded back against the wall.

Shards of plaster showered over us.

I repositioned my fingers slightly, opening her completely. Placing just my tip inside, Oh Christ, the heat! Insanity! How can I control this?, I pulled my hands back to her thighs, holding her viperish body in place.

There was nothing more I could say. And no way could I stop.

I thrust into her completely and felt the white hot flood encase me. Time stopped. We both ceased breathing in that instant.

There was no way I could move.

Bella's breath came back first, blessedly, and she started whimpering against my frozen mouth, gasping out the slightest, "Please, God, Edward, Please!" Her pleas were accompanied by the only motion I had allowed her, the clenching of her inner muscles over and around my unmoving form.

That was enough to make me cum right there!

Shaking the crazy hair from my face, I looked Bella straight in the eyes as I gathered my last shreds of self-control and pulled slowly from her, her rigid flesh clamping around me the entire way out.

It was too much to bear.

I was going to hurt her.

When just the tip of me remained, I stopped only for an inhuman instant before plunging back in, all the way, and harder than ever before. I watched Bella intensely for a reaction and all I saw was her head rearing back into the wall once again, her nipples raking mine, her lips widened in a silent 'O'!

I could do this.

Each release and thrust, all the torturous way out of her luscious, maddening, heat and then all the way back through her undulating walls, grew more ferocious and faster. The air around us collapsed in upon us until we were shrouded in a mist of moistness, mumbling incoherent sounds, unuttered tributes to one another.

All the while the frame of the house continued to quake. The plaster disintegrating, the floor beneath us warping as I continued to plant my feet more firmly to take up any slack between our panting bodies.

Cold driving into heat. Ice into fire. Fucking ridiculous icebergs into the white hot rays of her beating sunshine. Her body was a phoenix rising from the ashes of my tormented love, gratifying me as nothing else ever would. I was the Arctic cold, seeking to freeze her in time, for an eternity.

Our bodies clashed and chased, her supple trembling limbs seeking and reacting to the coldness of my own hard icy muscles. In turn, her body shivered, dazzled, glittered as mine could only do in the sunlight. She flashed and burned brightly in her desire, those pliable arms, legs, stomach becoming tough with unbearable desire. Her touch upon me was magnified a million times over with my senses, heightened not only by my vampire perception but by the simple fact of her unborn and unblessed craving.

I wanted to burst out of my skin! This was not unlike the feel of my heartbeat speeding, escalating, and attempting to shoot my still-human heart straight out of my chest in a burst of searing fire in the instant that I turned from man to vampire. Only now it was a torment tainted by unfathomable pleasure.

I heard the collision of the wall behind Bella as I plunged into her One. More. Crashing. Time.

I heard but did not comprehend the words flying from her mouth, piercing my ears in a wail, "Edwardjesusfuckinghellwhatdidyoujustdo!!!" Her hair whipped across the air around us, stung my face and creased my lips that were wrenched open in a stunning orgasm that had thrust us through the wall of my bedroom, across the hall and onto the railing of the staircase!

I gripped Bella's hips in an unforgiving hand and dove in once more while my other hand rattled the wood of the banister, keeping us in place. And in pace. Waves, roiling waves of release shattered Bella's body and quivered through me.






I heard but did not comprehend the beastly growl that groped its way from my un-beating chest, ripping the air, shredding any sense of decency I had previously laid claim to.

"BELLA! Oh GOD, Bella!" My still heart still leapt in time with my cock that swelled then expanded in her palpitating, steeped, ruffled body. She would not let me go. Another spill of her juices wept around me just as my own toxin rushed forth. I came with the force of a geyser; I felt my fluid spewing into her unrelentingly, meeting the apex of her and pouring back out upon our joined flesh.



Slowly stopping.



Silent but for the gasps of air, the slippery squelch of our bodies jarring against each other and the creaking of the staircase we were pressed against.

Unbelievably we came back down from the otherwordly ecstasy we'd just experienced.





Without withdrawing, I fastened Bella more closely against me and picked my way effortlessly along the damaged hallway, through the gaping whole in the partition, into my bedroom which was littered with the debris of our passion.

Collapsing onto the cool leather of my sofa, I held Bella outward against my body, my coldness soothing her overheated skin.

Sated, we surveyed the damage.

Satisfied, still unable to form words, Bella fell into a deep sleep.

Hours later, the sun beginning to breach the forlorn clouds of the dawn, Bella awoke. I was wrapped around her again, but now had the shirt that she'd worn earlier in my hands. Pooling the fabric against the skin of my arms, a crooked smile lifted the corner of my lips as I replayed and remembered every bit of her that had touched this shirt of mine all the while parlaying with me.

When she had shaken the dusk of sleep from her eyes, Bella did not deign to kiss me, claiming morning breath, but rather narrowed her eyes and inquired, "Edward, what exactly are you doing with that shirt?"

What was I doing with this shirt? I imagined that it was still warm from her skin, as was my body, slick with her musky floral sweat. It was damp along the shirttails that had draped and been dragged between her ivory thighs; the smell of her sweat and her wetness again wrapped me in a heady downward spiral. I closed my eyes to luxuriate in the aroma fully, breathing deeply.

I knew my eyes had shifted from dulcet amber to obsidian from the feel and smell of my shirt impregnated with all of her liquidity. I could not speak above a low gravelly rumble, "Bella, I was thinking about having it framed. Like the graduation caps. After all, we're going to copulate a lot."

The peal of Bella's laughter rent the silence. She blushed, that blush that had been missing last night. I pined for it, but my god, her sensual untamed beauty had been unparalleled. I looked forward to bringing out that side of Bella again….soon.

Just as thoughts of all of the lascivious, scintillating deeds I wanted to do to Bella began to play across my mind, I head the approach of Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, closely followed by Esme and Carlisle.

I could not even be bothered enough to tense at what I knew was coming. The jokes about my questionable masculinity, coupled with Bella's ineptitude, were already rolling on the tip of Emmet's caveman tongue.

I could not even be bothered enough to do more than cloak Bella more closely in the blanket that had slipped dangerously down to her belly, baring her breasts to me.

This was something new.

I did not care what the others thought. I welcomed it.

Of course Emmett could not contain himself. He bounded up the stairs with a jaunty stride. When he saw the damage in the hall, and then the bold hole in my wall, he let out a low whistle. Impressive, he thought. I swallowed the chuckle that bubbled up into my throat at his apparent approval.

Declining to use the door, Emmett poked his head into my room through the giant gap and took in the full wreckage of mine and Bella's lovemaking. Unable to contain himself, he stepped in, hands on hips, eyes wide with obvious admiration.

"Holy Hocking Shitballs, Edward! Bro, I didn't think you had it in you!" He gave out another long low whistle, glancing frantically from a thoroughly mussed up and disheveled Bella to myself, lounging, replete, both of us splendid in our total collapse and satiation. Bella was still so far gone that she didn't even flinch from Emmett's vulgarity, she just turned to bury her face into my chest, hiding her own satisfied smile. I could feel it lifting against my skin.

Unable to stop myself from responding, though I knew it was anything but chivalrous, I was just so full of Bella and our bliss, I parried, "Emmett, I didn't have it in me. I had it in Bella."

Emmett's laughter roared through the house, causing the last wedge of plaster hanging precipitously from the ceiling to crash catastrophically to the floor, plunging through the hardwood floorboards and into the Carlisle's office below where we heard a faint "Fuck's Sake Edward!" fly from Carlisle's otherwise polite lips.

Just then Rosalie swooped into the room, courteously using the door, and quickly cuffed Emmett on the back of his head before she whirred in the blink of an eye to repeat the same cruel movement against the side of my skull.

"Edward Cullen, that was just plain rude! Don't you dare let Emmett corrupt you, you are the gentleman of this family and I don't ever want to hear you speak of Bella like that again!" She shrieked in her fishwife's voice into my ear before dragging a clowning Emmett out of the room.

Bella had perked up with the advent of Rosalie and started to giggle helplessly.

I had the forethought to feel slightly ashamed at my boyish outburst and shook my head slightly in chagrin before asking, "What's so funny, soon-to-be Mrs. Cullen?"

"Well, I guess Rosalie had best plan on a lot more hunting trips if she thinks you're going to keep treating me like a fragile china doll. Because what you did to me last night was anything but courteous, and I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Yeah? Yeah? Right. Go Edward!

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