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Interesting Year


Beep Beep Beep! Ugh stupid alarm clock, I'm up, I'm up. Before I could turn it off however Emmet came running into my room.

"Edward mom says if you aren't down stairs in 15 minutes then you won't get breakfast." Emmet talked about food like it was the whole reason for his existence.

"Yeah I know she makes the same threat every morning and yet every morning I still make it downstairs in time. Now can you please leave so I can get ready." Emmet just growled at me as he slammed the door shut. Well he was just a bundle of joy this morning. Quickly I jumped out of bed, grabbed the first clean pair of jeans and t shirt I could find and headed into my bathroom.

Finally one more year and I will be out of this boring little town and these obnoxious people I have had to endure already 3 painful years with. My name Is Edward Cullen, I am a senior and I hate high school. I am a perfect straight A student, I am Captain of the baseball team and everyone knows my name but I wish they didn't. I am not anti social by any means I just don't feel challenged by high school or any of the people in it for that matter. All of the boys only care about getting drunk and sleeping with girls and all the girls would do anything to get you to notice them. That is why I have never had a girlfriend nor do I plan on it anytime soon, girls just don't seem to respect themselves anymore. It doesn't really matter to me too much though, with college right around the corner I don't have time for anything else, especially not if I want to go into medicine.

Look at that, showered and dressed with 5 minutes to spare. Now if I could only do something with this bronze rat nest I call hair. I could brush it 4 times a day and it would just be permanent bed head. Apparently though I have been told that is one of my redeeming qualities, along with my emerald green eye and lean yet muscular body frame.

I could smell the pancakes and bacon as soon as I started walking down the stairs. Everyone was already at the table by the time I got there. "Morning Mom, Dad, Jasper, Emmet." With that we retreated into our comfortably, quiet family breakfast. Once the dishes were being cleared the talking began.

"So boys you excited for your senior year?" Esme, my mother, asked in her sweetly concerned voice. Esme and Carlisle are technically my adoptive parents but seeing as they are the only ones I know I consider them my real ones. Esme is a stay at home mom and the most honest and gentle woman you will ever meet. Carlisle is one of the best doctors in the country and is the most hard working man I know. He is the reason I want to become a doctor, it is my way of saying thank you for everything he has done for us.

"Yeah excited to get it over with." All three of us responded at once cause Esme to laugh and return to the dishes. We acted so much alike you would think we were actually brothers by blood but nope. We were brothers however, Esme and Carlisle adopted Jasper, Emmet, and I all at the same time right before any of us turned 1. Emmet is technically the oldest my one month, he is also the biggest, loudest and strongest. Girls go crazy for his over sized muscles and dark curly hair. Jasper is older than me by only five days he is the more reserved of the three of us. He is very laid back and enjoys just responding to others emotions rather than showing his own. I am also told that girls adore his baby blue eyes.

Then there is me, the youngest I guess you would say. I am a little bit like both Emmet and Jasper. Most of the time I like to be left alone to read or play the piano but when I am in the mood I can be very boisterous. The three of us are not only brothers but best friends. Jasper and Emmet both have the same sentiments as me when it comes to high school and all the conformity. That is why we just kind of stick to ourselves and why people call us the 'bad kids'. It is actually kind of funny that the whole school is afraid of us just cause we always turned them down to go to parties or to sit with us at lunch. Hell even the baseball team is afraid of us, I think that's how I got Captain and Emmet got co- captain.

Just then I looked at the clock. "Shit guys we have to go, we have like ten minutes to get to school." We practically tripped over each other running to the door leaving a smiling Esme in the kitchen.

"Shotgun!" Emmet screamed as we made it to my baby, my silver Volvo. To be honest she is the only girl I ever needed, I know every guy says that about their car but I meant it.

"Jeez Em relax, when have you ever known me to fight you over the front seat." Jasper chuckled as he climbed into the back.

"Oh Shut it Jasper, you know I use any excuse to talk."

"That you do dear brother, that you do." As soon as I finished Emmet smacked me upside the head.

"Anyways do you think Jessica, Lauren, and Tanya are finally gonna get the picture that they are nasty and we don't want them."

"Way to be tactful Em. Besides if they haven't figured it out by now, what makes you think this year will be any different." Jasper was always more calm then I was when responding to Emmet's stupid comments.

"Yeah I bet you right, but a guy can dream can't he." We were all laughing as we pulled in to the school parking lot with 5 minutes to spare. "Nice driving Eddie."

I growled at him. "What did I tell you about calling me that Emmet?"

"Relax, I was joking bro. Now lets get to class before we run into the 3 headed she beast." That was Emmet's insulting name for the three girls that have stalked us for the past three years. The only three people that weren't scared of us and the only three that we wish were.

"See you guys at lunch." We all waved and went our separate ways. The only classes we had together were gym and English and they were both after lunch.

As soon as I entered my Physics class I wanted to walk back out. Of course Tanya would be in it and of course the only empty seat would be next to her. Dreadfully I made my way over to the desk and sat down so I was facing as far away from her as possible.

"Hi Eddie! Did you have a good summer? I was thinking maybe we could catch up over coffee after school." Maybe if I ignore her she will go away. "Eddie did you hear me?" Nope

"Hello Tanya, my summer was fine, no I don't like coffee." Or you for that matter."Please try to refrain from calling me Eddie as that is not my name. If you feel the need to speak to me again Edward will work just fine." With that I turned my head away again leaving Tanya glaring death looks into the back of my head. Good maybe she finally will leave me alone. Oh how I doubted it.

Physics was soon followed by History, Calculus and now I was on my way too lunch. As usual I was the first to arrive so I went over to our empty table and waited for the other two. Jasper came in next looking rather amused, which could only mean one thing. "What did Emmet do now?"

He couldn't hold back the laughter any longer. "You're about to find out." As soon as he spoke the words, the doors to the lunch room went flying open and in walked a horror stuck Emmet.

"JESSICA I WILL NOT MAKE OUT WITH YOU!" The room filled with laughter as a red faced Jessica Stanley made her way over to her table while glaring Emmet. I almost felt bad for her, almost.

"Emmet was that really called for? The girl is practically crying." As soon as he sat down Jasper and I started lecturing him.

"Dude you two need to chill you don't even know the whole story. I was minding my own business putting my stuff in my locker when all of a sudden she comes up to me and just starts making out with me. It was so gross and her breath smelt like onions, I pretty much had to pry her off of me." Jasper and I just stared wide eyed at each other before we completely lost it. "Hey! It's not funny, I am traumatized for life. I don't think I will ever be able to kiss another girl again."

"Come on there drama queen, relax. You never kissing another girl again is like the wind never blowing in Chicago. It's just not possible." Rather than getting made like I expected him to he just joined in the laughter with Jasper and I.

"Well I must say if today in any indication then this is going to be on interesting year." For some reason I had an idea that Jasper's words were truer than any of us really thought. We spent the rest of the lunch hour stuff our faces with fries and talking about baseball.

Finally the bell rang and we made our way to the locker room to dress down for gym. We were starting the year off with volleyball, teams of three. Of course as our luck would have it we were all put on a team and had to play against the one and only three headed she beast. I have to say it was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

Jessica, Lauren and Tanya spent the whole game trying to be sexy and seducing us into letting them win. Emmet would just respond by hitting one of them in the head everytime he served. Even funnier was when Jasper told them that we would let them win if they stop trying to make us throw up. Lets just say that didn't go over well. Lauren threw the ball at his head and they stomped off to the girl's locker room.

Gym finally ended and the three of us made our way too English where we took the back three seats as usual. The kids slowly started to settle down as Mr. Brown entered the room. He was one of the most laid back teachers in the school, definitely the students favorite.

"So how's it going? I hope everyone's summer was amazing and not too short like mine." See what I mean. "Well I figured since we are all stuck here for one more year we might as well make the most of it. What do you say?" Everyone in the class started talking at once. " I take that as a yes. You will be happy to know that we have decided to add a new project to the agenda this year. No more boring research papers, nope this year we will be writing biographies. I know I know you hate listening to my boring voice so I will pass out the papers explaining it all to you. You will have 15 minutes and then we will discuss any questions you have."

He quickly walked around the room and handed out all the papers. When I got mine I will admit, I started to get a little excited. English is one of my best subjects and this project just made it much more interesting and challenging for me. Apparently this biography was to be done on another student in a different school, Forks High school. We had to write letters back and fourth to gain the information we needed to write this. The part about us having our prom there made a few people upset but it didn't bother me. It would be nice to go to another school and see if it is just as pathetic as this one, I hope not.

Once I was done reading all the instructions my eyes made their way down the paper to the name of my partner. Isabella Swan well that's a unique name. Before I could go more into depth on analyzing her name Emmet interrupted me.

"Edward what's your partners name? Mine is Rosalie Swan and Jasper got Alice Swan, I bet they are sisters, thats kinda hot." I was going to yell at him for being a pig but then I realized the name he said.

"Actually Emmet that's kinda funny seeing as how my partner's name is Isabella Swan. Let me see your papers." They quickly handed them over. "Well my guess is that they could very well be sisters seeing as how they live in the same house."

"Dude this is sweet, I never thought I would be excited to write an essay, I hope she is hot." Only Emmet...

"Well Jasper it looks like you were write after all, this year is going to be interesting." He just laughed at me.

"Aren't I always right?" There's the cocky Jasper we all know and love.

A few minutes later Mr. Brown quieted down the room and started answering questions. I didn't bother to listen I was too busy worry about that I would write to her about. Some how I got the pleasure, or not, of having to write first. Finally the bell rang pulling me out of my thoughts. I grabbed my bag and made by way out of the class room, out of the school and into my car.

We were driving home in a peacfully silence but Emmet doesn't like silence. "So Edward you know what you are gonna write? I have no idea, Jasper is the lucky one he doesn't have to write first." Jasper just laughed at him and beamed a smug smile.

"No idea either Emmet but I was thinking about it until you interrupted me." I laughed to let him know I was kidding and so did he. Before I knew it we were home and heading separate ways into our bedrooms. I stayed in my room just listening to music and reading until Esme called us down for dinner at 6. Dinner was delicious as always and the conversation basically stayed around out first day of school.

After diner I excused my self and went back to my room and started playing piano. Piano is my one fail safe when I have a lot on my mind. Suddenly my fingers over took the keys as I played a new song that instantly filled my thoughts. Though I had no idea where it came from.

As soon as I was done perfecting the song as much as I could I quickly made my way to bed, it was 11 and I was tired. As soon as my head hit the pillow her name filled my mind. Bella Swan, who was she, why coudln't I get her out of my head. Bella Swan.