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Hook Me Up

Simon groaned as his mind crept toward consciousness, his body kicking and screaming all the way. He stretched his arms above his head and arched his back. His pillow was MIA and he rolled onto his left side in an effort to locate it. Simon's eyes opened immediately at the surprising sensation of weightlessness followed by an image of the ground rushing to meet his face. Without having to think about it, his arms and legs shot out to brace his fall. He landed on the tiled floor in a perfect crouch.

"Whoa," Simon's whisper echoed in the empty room. He was still in the kitchen of the Hotel Dumort and his sexy companion was gone. That wasn't a surprise since there were beams of sunlight filtering through the cloudy windows.

Rubbing his tired eyes, Simon stood and turned in a slow circle, trying to piece together fragments of memories from events of the night before. His eyes landed on a smear of blood marking where he and his lady friend had been sitting the night before. Images and sensations washed over him. Her hand on his thigh, creeping higher. The scent of her blood, the taste of it on his tongue. Hands roaming over sweat slicked bodies. Hot, panting breath.

Simon shook his head. It was stuffy in the kitchen and he needed fresh air. Sunlight. As he didn't want to walk through the upper stories full of sleeping vampires, he made his way through the basement maze, climbed out the window and jumped up through the open drainage grate onto the alley street. Stretching his arms overhead, Simon took a deep breath and promptly choked. He glanced behind him and saw he was standing in front of a very full dumpster. I just can't win. Shaking his head, Simon walked out of the alley and down the street toward Luke's house. He wanted to see Clary.

Using his rather new stealth ability, Simon crept through the backyard and hoped that the back door wouldn't squeak when he opened it. He braced for the harsh noise and the door did not disappoint. Simon was grateful that Maia wasn't in the house, as the noise would have hurt her sensitive ears. Also, after yesterday, he wasn't sure he was ready to face her. His relief was short lived, however, as she flew into his arms the moment he entered the kitchen.

"Oh my gosh, Simon," Maia said breathlessly. "Where have you been? I looked everywhere for you last night!"

Simon hadn't anticipated that Maia would be so worried about him. Guilt clenched his heart as he held her in his arms. There was something else, too, something he hadn't felt in a long time: home.

What have I done?

He swallowed around the lump in his throat and withdrew slightly from Maia, but kept his hands on her shoulders. He was shocked at the circles under her eyes, which revealed how little she had slept the night before. There was something else on her face, too. Hurt. She knew. The realization that Maia could smell the other vampire on him felt like a punch in the gut.

"Maia," he began, rubbing his hands lightly on her arms while trying to pull her close to him again. "Look, I can explain. I went with Raphael to the Hotel…"

Maia shoved him away with more force than he had anticipated. Simon staggered back and slammed into the wall. Had he needed to breathe, it would have knocked the wind out of him. As it was, he just started dumbly at Maia, not knowing what to say.

"You don't owe me an explanation, Simon." Maia said, her voice cracking and tears pooling in her brown eyes. "I don't have a claim on you. I just thought – apparently I was wrong."

Simon was crushed as he watched Maia run from the room, tears spilling over and streaming down her face. He hated it when they cried. There was nothing more heart breaking than a girl with red eyes and a puffy nose, especially when you caused it to happen. With a sigh, Simon rubbed his chest and headed toward the stairs. He needed to talk to Clary more than ever.

Luke was snoring away in his bed as Simon walked carefully down the hall towards the office where he knew Clary would be sleeping. The same pull out bed where he had slept with her, at one point. Please let her be alone. He opened the door a couple inches and peered through the crack. The breath he didn't realize he'd been holding came out in a quiet whoosh of relief when he saw only Clary. She was lying on her side in the middle of the mattress, with her back to the door and an arm across her face, shielding her eyes from the sun. Simon was mildly surprised that he didn't feel the clench in his stomach or the pang in his chest that he'd felt downstairs with Maia. This was odd, as those pangs of longing had always been reserved for Clary alone. The tides were turning and Simon had no idea what to do about it.

He walked over and gave the foot of the bed a light kick. Clary didn't stir. Simon put more force into the second kick. Still nothing. This time he lifted the bed a couple inches from the ground and let it drop. She gave a little grunt but no indication that she was waking up. Sighing, Simon sat on the edge of the bed and began bouncing up and down, shaking the bed rather violently. Clary's groans grew louder with every bounce until she finally rolled and slapped Simon hard on the back.

"For the sake of all things holy, Simon, cut it out!" Clary whined as she squinted at the alarm clock, and then gasped as she realized what she had just said. Eyes wide, she looked over her shoulder at Simon. He stared back at her with equally wide eyes. They cracked at the exact same moment and burst into laughter.

"Shhhh," Clary sputtered. "You'll wake up Luke! I," gasp "really don't want him to be grumpy."

Simon flopped helplessly on the bed next to her, gripping his sides. Clary smacked him in the face with a pillow and left it there. She covered her own face with the other one until they had both regained control.

"Oh, man!" Clary was still out of breath as she grinned at Simon. "Why was that so funny?"

"I have no idea," he panted. "I think we just hit a wall of some sort. Felt good, though, didn't it?"

"Yeah," she agreed and laced her fingers through Simon's. "Yeah, it felt great."

She scooted closer to Simon on the bed and lifted his arm so he could wrap it around her. They lay together, Clary's head on Simon's chest, staring at random patterns of sun on the ceiling and enjoying the moment. For the first time in at least two months, things felt normal. They were just Simon and Clary, inseparable best friends as they had always been. Simon tilted his head and kissed Clary on the forehead. It was his way of letting her know he was glad she was still there for him, despite all the changes of late. Clary returned the gesture with a tight squeeze.

"So, why is it that you woke me up at," Clary sat up slightly to read the clock and flopped back down with a grunt, "Seven am?!"

"I think I fucked up," Simon stated matter-of-factly.

Clary gave him her full attention. "Go on."

"Raphael called me last night, about going to the Hotel Dumort with him," Simon explained. "He said something about needing to interact with other vampires. I know he's right, but the last thing I wanted to do was go back to that place, you know? I kept remembering how I felt that night I was turned. How they had surrounded and cornered me."

Clary made a small noise of distress and Simon patted her hand that was still on his chest. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't talk about that around you."

"No, its okay," she protested. "You need to talk about it. I'm here. Tell me."

Simon smiled at her and shook his head. "You don't need to know those details. Let's just leave it with I wasn't exactly comfortable going back there. It was really overwhelming, actually. Vampires are very, uh, sexual creatures."

"Are they now," Clary grinned meaningfully at Simon. He nodded and laughed, trying to think of a delicate way to explain the previous night and decided to just spit it all out.

"There were so many of them upstairs that I needed to get away. I went downstairs to the basement. Do you remember that kitchen down there? I was sitting on the counter when she came in." Clary raised her eyebrows and Simon nodded. "Yeah, this is where it gets interesting. I, um, don't really remember a lot of the details. She bit her wrist and offered it to me. It was what I imagined drinking an entire fifth of vodka and then smoking a crap ton of weed would be like. When I woke up, she was gone. I came straight here and Maia was waiting in the kitchen."

"Yeah, she was looking for you last night," Clary explained. "Something happened yesterday afternoon with Bat; I guess something she wasn't happy about."

"Well, she found me." Simon sighed. "She smelled the other vampire and she ran out. She was so upset."

Saying the words aloud brought reality crashing down onto Simon full force. He knew that he would see the look on Maia's face every time he closed his eyes. What bothered him the most was that he had misread the interaction between her and Bat yesterday and abandoned a friend when she needed him. They had a connection he hadn't been able to find with anyone else, especially with the other vampires. He worried now that it was lost forever.

"I need to find her," Simon's voice slurred as exhaustion washed over him. He continued murmuring as he drifted off to sleep. Clary slipped out of the bed carefully so she didn't wake him. She knew he needed the rest, especially after last night. Before leaving the room, Clary turned and gazed at her friend, looking peaceful for the first time in several weeks. She smiled and closed the door to go downstairs to make coffee, knowing that everything would sort itself out eventually.