Prologue Part 1

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Overlooking the various holoscreens floating around him, the ever logical and calculating Shockwave considers his latest findings. Ever since arriving in this solar system, his ship's sensors detected confusing and compounding readings. Settling the science vessel high above the northern polar region of the system's third planet, he re-calibrates the sensor system, and begins an ever detailed scan of the planet below, its orbiting moon, and the system's sun. Each of the three giving its own distinct sensor readout.

After many hours of scanning, his findings from the planet and its moon are the most detailed, while the readouts from the sun are, well, much less clear. From his millions of years of existence and scientific exploration, no star has ever given such readings. Nor has he ever seen such a similar species living in such close proximity, but have such a great technological gap. Those that live on the moon are more technologically advanced, and exhibit a great power source to support their society and much more.

Is this what I have been looking for? Ponders Shockwave.

The vessel's communications system has only been able to translate a few words thus far; Silver Millennium, Guardians, Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity. He leaves it open so the translation may continue.

What was that? He says to himself. Turning around in startled response he scans his surroundings. A slight noise, almost like a whisper caught his audio receptors. He looks out a large window nearby and glares at the sun, and again, he hears that ever slight whispering sound. Computing his thoughts, the mono eyed machine walks to a nearby pad. I will have to investigate this...later.

Standing on the pad, Shockwave reaches for an item sitting on a far off shelf. The datapad leaps from the ledge and flies straight into his grasp*. With everything ready, the Decepticon beams down to the surface of the planet.

Sitting in his chair overlooking his subordinates, the commanding officer continues to stare and wonder at what this vessel is and where did it come from. His ship, a frigate class vessel, was dispatched from the moon's starport to investigate the intruder.

"Captain." Says the junior radar operator. "The unknown ship is keeping its orbit above Earth's northern pole. And according to these readings, something has transported to the surface, and is moving about."

"This thing can't be allowed to interfere with the Earthlings." Claims the vessel's captain as he opens a small view-screen.

The image of the moon kingdom's supreme authority appears on screen. "What have you found about the intruder captain?" Asks the woman.

"Queen Serenity. The vessel is of unknown origin, and barely registers on our radar. Also, someone or something has transported to the Earth's surface and is moving towards the capital city."

The odango hairstyled woman ponders this new information, and makes her decision. "Captain. This intruder must not interfere with the progress of the Earthlings. I don't want to risk them being corrupted by this creature. Stop it by any means necessary."

"Yes my Queen." Confirms the captain as he closes the screen.

"Tactical Officer." Calls the commander. "Target all weapons onto the intruder's vessel, and fire once ready. I don't want that creature to be able to escape and go back to...wherever it came from."

Walking up the snow covered bank, Shockwave makes his way to the mountain's peak. There, he will have a great view of the city below in order to observe and catalogue its inhabitants. His system constantly uploads all the information he gathers to the science vessel's computer, but suddenly, the uploading halts.

Looking up at the sky, he sees a large flash and then fiery streaks crossing the heavens. Shockwave attempts to communicate with his vessel, but gets no response from any of the ship's systems. Pondering this latest event, he gathers all information available and deduces the only logical solution. My ship has been destroyed. He tells himself.

Gazing about, the Decepticon notices two small craft to coming toward him. A pair of projectiles leap from one of the craft and impact his position, throwing him to the ground. Quickly getting back to his feet, the Decepticon decides to make a run for a better tactical position. Another pair of explosions behind sends Shockwave violently forward ,but he hastily regains his balance, leaps into the air, transforms into his cannon form and fires at the attackers. The lead flyer explodes violently, giving him time to escape to the mountain top. Reaching the peak, Shockwave transforms back into his robot mode and squares off against the now lone aircraft.

The wingmate circles around and targets the hostile being. The Decepticon stands his ground and stretches out his arm toward the approaching craft. Reaching point blank range, the vessel abruptly stops, to the surprise of its two man crew. Slowly but surely, the vessel is pulled to the alien's position, stopping just meters from it, the pilot and bombardier look on in shock.

For several moments, Shockwave, with his palm wide open, merely stares at the craft and its crew. His telekinesis ability holding the vessel in place. Suddenly, he closes his fist and the vessel crushes in upon itself and falls to the ground in a loud crunch sound.

On the bridge of the frigate, the captain and his bridge officers stare in awe. They can't belive what they have witnessed. Just what is this thing?

"Any life signs from the bomber crews?" Inquires the captain.

Looking at the instrument before him, the junior officer replies. "I'm sorry. It's a total loss."

Gripping the bridge of his nose, the commanding officer contemplates his next move. By any means necessary. Were Serenity's words.

"Tactical officer. Bring the plasma cannon to full power and target the mountain top. Kill it!" Orders the senior officer.

"Powering up the plasma cannon to maximum capacity! Aye Sir!" Follows the junior crewman.

On the mountain top, the victorious Decepticon scans the wreckage of his defeated enemy. He sees the symbol of what looks like a crescent moon on the wing. Searching his databanks, he matches the symbol to that of several structures on the moon. What are they trying to keep me from? Shockwave quietly asks himself.

A sudden force and rush of heat sends the Decepticon into the air and crashing back down. The disoriented machine tries to get up, however, his systems are in complete disarray. With so much damage done in the blink of an eye, his entire body shuts down and enters stasis lock. The ground around him suddenly gives way, dropping him into the massive crater, and plunging into the magma like liquid.

Hours later, standing before his monarch, the captain reports in full detail of the incident with the apparent alien.

"And that's all there is my queen. If I may be excused, I have some...unwanted letters to write, your highness." Finishes the commanding officer.

"You have done all that was expected of you captain. Thank you for your report, and please add my deepest condolences to the families of your bomber crews." Replies the saddened monarch.

Nodding in approval, the captain turns around and leaves. Leaning to one side of her throne, Queen Serenity replays the video recording of the battle with the purple construct and looks at this enemy with a sense of angst and awe. Feeling a kicking sensation, Serenity grabs her swollen belly and rubs it gently. Calm down Serena. She thinks to her soon-to-be born child. It won't trouble you.

Surrounded my several holoscreens, the Decepticon master and commander, reviews the data of the recent offensive operations against the Autobots in several sectors. The operations have gone well at the start, but now the Autobots have well established defensive positions around the major objectives, causing the rapid offensive to grind to a halt, entering yet another, drawn out battle of attrition.

Hearing a set of doors open, he turns to see the Constructicon Scrapper.

"What do you have for me Scrapper?" Asks the imposing, silver Decepticon.

"Lord Megatron. Shockwave is missing. He hasn't communicated his whereabouts ever since he left." Reports the Constructicon leader.

"Have you searched his various laboratories and workshops?" Further queries Megatron.

"We have searched them all my Lord. He took all of the hardrives and data storage devices he had in his edifices." He explains.

"Why would he take all of his data with him?" Wonders Megatron. "Unless...he wanted to make sure he found EXACTLY what he was searching for. Searching for what though?"

"Well Lord Megatron. This may shed a small spark of light." Scrapper admits and hands his master a datapad. "Just a title, no details unfortunately."

Grabbing the pad, Megatron reads it, but without details it's merely just a title; PROJECT: UNICRON.

10 years later

Hearing the scream of a child, the woman runs through the foot deep snow, and reaches a set of pine trees with what looks like a cave entrance just beyond them. She gets to the opening, only to stop as the little redhead girl bumps into her and wraps her arms tightly around the woman.

"Beryl where have you been?" Asks the concerned woman. "I was so worried."

"Mommy. There's a monster in the cave!" Answers the somewhat panic voiced girl holding a tall staff.

"Honey! Don't you ever wander away from me like that! I thought I lost you, then you screamed and I thought that..."

"I'm sorry mommy." The girl apologizes. "I just saw the opening and got curious. There's something buried in the cavern mommy."

The child takes her mother into the cave, much to the woman's reluctance. Little Beryl lights the way with her staff, the orb on top of it glowing brightly. Both soon reach the wide cavern, and she shows her mother the discovery.

"See mommy?" She points to a chunk of purple metal with what looks like digits. "It's a hand."

"And over there." Gestures to a large column which suddenly angles downward. "A leg and knee."

Then finally, she points to the coup de gras. A big, purple coloured, geometric object, with a pair of what looks like faded silver horns that line the side of it, and at the center of it's featureless...face, sits a perfectly shaped golden sphere.

"That gold thing glowed for just a second mommy. That's why I screamed." She explains.

The speechless woman looks around and ponders. Could this have something to do with the mountain's eruption ten years ago?

* I decided to give Shockwave the ability of Telekinesis. I just think he would be so badass with it.