Chapter 13: Forest Fight

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The bright sun beamed across the clear blue sky above the city. It was an unusualy warm morning, but the weather wasn't the topic of choice on morning news shows, talk radio programs, or people's minds. The many meteors that descended the previous evening were all the rage. More so was the fact that at every crash sight not a single meteor or object has been recovered.

Lita grabbed her coat and quick stepped out of her apartment. She got to her car, only to see that a large, red and blue coloured transport truck blocked her in.

"Aaahh." The annoyed woman groaned. "What the hell."

"Greetings, Lita." Said the booming voice from the big rig.

The surprised brunette said nothing, and cautiously walked to the front of the large vehicle. Lita looked at the shiny chrome grill and noticed a particular, red coloured, symbol atop of it.

"You're an Autobot." She softly assumed, still a little uneasy.

"Yes, Lita. Or should I say, Sailor Jupiter." Replied the bassy toned speech.

The woman relaxed once she recognized the voice. "Optimus Prime."

"That's me." Came a more upbeat tone from the Autobot master. "I have some news for the Sailor Soldiers, and you in particular. Please, climb in and I'll explain."

The woman nodded and climbed into the hulking vehicle. Even though she is the tallest of the Sailors, Lita had to really haul herself into the cab of the over-sized Peterbilt.

Where the hell is he? Pondered Thundecracker as he strolled outside the dilapidated church. The morning fog started to lift, however, was still thick enough to limit the Decepticon's vision and sensor scans. He looked to the balcony of the aged structure and noticed a familiar face sitting at a table.

"Hey, Nephlite." Said TC as he approached the Dark general. "You seen Skywarp?"

"Thundercracker. Yeah, he took off earlier this morning." Replied Neplhite after a taking a sip of tea.

"Who did he go with?" Further queried the Decepticon. "I was never told of a mission, Starscream is out at Beryl's request, Blackout is back at base, and Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet are helping to ferry supplies to the new Hashima Island base."

"He went by himself. Why? What's the big deal?"

"You let him leave alone!? Without supervision!?" Bellowed the suddenly annoyed TC.

"The hell are you yelling at me for?!" Rebutted Nephlite. "Skywarp said that Megatron and Beryl wanted to know the whereabouts of those Decepticons that haven't made it to the Dark Kingdom yet. Perhaps some of the new arrivals haven't found a suitable alt mode or are waiting for a better time to move, or whatever." He took another drink of tea before going on. "What's wrong with you?"

TC rubbed the bridge of his nose, annoyed that Nephlite fell for one of Skywarp's tall tales. "Nephlite. Skywarp fed you a bullsh*t story so that you'd let him go." He then changed his tone to something serious. "Skywarp has a malicious sense of humour, and has very little or no regard for organic species and takes of joy in their torment. I've had to stop him several times after our arrival here from trying to...indulge himself."

Nephlite didn't like that he was dooped so easily. He quickly downed the rest of the beverage and glanced around with hast, pondering what to do now.

Thundercracker's usual calm demeanor soon gave way as the Dark Kingdom general merely paced around the table.

"Nephlite!" Loudly snapped TC. "Where did Skywarp go!?"

At a heavily congested intersection, the red/blue Peterbilt remained unmoved, all thanks to an unexpected accident on the bridge.

"Sorry, Optimus." Apologized Lita, leaned over the steering wheel. "This thing sorta happens some times."

"No matter." Responded the booming voice. "It gives me the opportunity to give you the news I have." He paused momentarily to collect the information. "We found Sailor Mercury."

"WHAT!?" Bellowed the suddenly alert Lita. "Where is she!?"

"Bumblebee went back last night to the abandoned church the Decepticons and the Dark Kingdom are using, to detail the area more thoroughly. During his scans he picked up energy and biological readings. Wheeljack and Perceptor confirmed those readings belong to Sailor Mercury."

"Optimus, we have to get her." Declared the very concerned brunette. "There's no telling what the bastards did to her."

"Bumblebee is keeping a constant watch on the area, and updates me on a regular basis. So far, they haven't moved Mercury, and are oblivious to our surveillance." Added the Autobot master. "I've contacted Serena and Darien earlier and told them the same thing. They want to mount a rescue as soon as possible."

"I'm ready right now!" Exclaimed the now energised woman.

Optimus chuckled somewhat at the sudden burst of life from his passenger. "I understand, however, the transport vessel carrying the reinforcements I requested will arrive later today. Until that time, we'll just have to be patient and hope the enemy doesn't move Mercury."

Lita became silent as she contemplated the mech's words. She wanted to go right away, but after careful thinking, the tomboy knew Optimus was right. If she and the rest of the Sailors and Autobots recklessly rushed in to attack, they would be completely unprepared and the probability of failure would be extremely high, and Sailor Mercury being killed in the process, certain.

"You're right." She huffed. "I just want her back so much, that's all."

"You'll get her back, Lita." Assured Prime. "I promise."

Lita crossed her arms on the steering wheel and rested her head on them. A black F-15 Eagle with purple highlights raced at tree top level just above the bridge. Some people exited their vehicles and pointed to the sky, but not at the black F-15. The brunette found this odd and focused her attention to an object in the heavens. The object of attention got progressively larger as it descended, and her expression turned to shock. The remains of a Boeing 747 collided onto the bridge, and slid directly to the intersection.

"OPTIMUS!" Screamed Lita as the large passenger jet continued it's momentum right to her.

"HANG ON!" Came the bellowing response.

The massive red/blue Peterbilt broke rank with the other vehicles, and quickly made it's way onto the crowded sidewalk. The Autobot blared the air horns as people jumped and dove to avoid the American big rig. Lita glanced at the side mirror as the jumbo jet crashed through the same intersection she and the Autobot had occupied just seconds earlier.

Optimus rushed off the sidewalk and back onto the road, colliding with a few cars along the way. Though they were clear of the 747, the misadventure wasn't over as one of the jet's turbofan engines crashed directly ahead of Optimus.

"Oh my god!" Cried Lita.

"This'll get a little rough!" Came the booming reply.

The seatbelts wrapped themselves tight around the woman's form, and she covered her face and braced for what was coming. Around the truck's tall grill and massive bumper, electricity crackled and bolt currents began to form. The sudden impact sent sparks, flame and various turbojet parts flying in all directions. For the woman on the inside, the loud crunch of the hit soon gave way to high pitched screeching and scratching as fan blades slashed across the windows. Though the entire event from impact to clear was no more than a second, it seemed like an eternity for the woman. She glared across the cabin to find it totally undamaged, with the exception of cracked and scratched windows.

"Lita." Called Optimus through the cabin's speakers. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." She huffed, sweat running down her face. "How bout you, Optimus?"

"I'm fine. Trailbreaker gave me a small portable shield generator before I left the outpost. Just incase something happened."

"Lucky for us."

"With Decepticon re-inforcements now on Earth, my Autobots don't want me taking any chances. However, that shield was just a one shot use." Replied Optimus. He soon drove off the main roadway and onto a road that cut through a forested area.

"Why are we going this way, Prime?" Asked a curious Lita.

"My nav system indicates that since the plane crash, all other routes are completely congested."

"Okay." She answered. Lita leaned back in the over-sized seat and glanced at the sideview mirror. "Hey Optimus. This black semi-truck behind us looks alot like your vehicle mode."

The mysterious, black coloured Peterbilt switched lanes, it's turbocharged diesel engine roared as it lined itself side by side with the red/blue Peterbilt. The unknown then turned into Optimus, and shoved the Autobot off the paved road, and into the grass. Optimus soon regained control and tried to get back onto the road, but was cut off by the attacker.

Optimus swung the rear end around to face the attacker, then ejected Lita, and quickly transformed. The brunette rolled after hitting the ground, then changed into her Super Sailor Jupiter form. She concentrated her attention on the top of the grill, and tensed as she recognized the purple symbol. It's a Decepticon. She said to herself.

The black truck bore down on the pair then transformed, and lunged at the stunned Optimus Prime. It tackled the Autobot to the ground, then with it's massive strength and momentum, threw the mech away. Optimus crashed onto the ground and slid, but quickly got back up, only to freeze up momentarily as he recognized the face of a longtime rival.

"Hello, Optimus." Said the large, black mech with a menacing grin.

Optimus Prime narrowed his optics and replied with a much soured voice. "Motormaster."

Standing next to a tree, Jupiter shot a powerful lightning bolt from her arm, and hit the large Decepticon in the knee section. Motormaster growled at the pain, and fell to his other knee. Optimus ran at full stride and tackled his adversary, both rolled on the wet ground then separated and sprang to their feet. Prime quickly ripped a tree from it's foundation, swung it baseball style and landed a successful hit. Motormaster flew several paces before crashing on the grassy turf.

"Hide Jupiter!" Commanded Optimus. "Get help!"

The momentary lapse allowed the hulking Motormaster, the larger of the two mechanical combatants, to counterattack. He jumped into the air and swung a downward punch that caught Prime's forehead. With the momentum still on his side, Motormaster grabbed a dazed Optimus by the shoulders and rammed a knee square into the Autobot's chest, severely damaging the front armour.

"Motherf*cker!" Grunted the Decepticon as he swung Optimus and threw him.

The monstrous mech took a step forward, however, a pair of lightning bolts struck him on the leg, and arm. Jupiter, disobeying Prime's command, ran toward the black mech, jumping and dodging blasts from it's handheld cannons. A couple of shots landed very close and sent her to the ground. She huffed and got back to her feet, but wasn't quick enough to dodge Motormaster's foot. The impact threw the Sailor Soldier into a tree and broke several bones in the process.

The distraction made by the fallen Jupiter allowed Optimus the best chance he'll ever get. Prime grabbed the distracted Motormaster by the shoulder. "Damn traitor!" He grunted, as he spun the black mech around then landed a full blown punch into the Decepticon's chest. "Junkyard crap metal!" Snorted the Autobot as he spun his adversary again and punched him in the back. The Autobot twisted the Decepticon's arm then flung him up and over, slamming him to the ground.

Optimus quickly glanced around for the wayward Sailor. "Jupiter!" He cried out. "Where are you!?"

Leaned up against an evergreen tree, the bloodied, and broken Sailor Jupiter slowly opened her strained eyes. Blood sprayed out when she coughed, and everything she saw was a blur. The disoriented image of a person appeared next to her. It put one hand to her chest, and the other on her forehead, and she relaxed as a warm sensation began to flood her body.

Motormaster swung out his elbow and made contact with the side of Prime's face, then followed through with a swinging fist to the same area. The disoriented Optimus fell to his knees, then a solid kick to his wrecked chest knocked the mech onto his back.

"Some King of the Road." Snarled the chuckling Motormaster.

The hulking Decepticon picked up Prime's discarded battle rifle, selected the high velocity round, and pointed it to his adversary's head. A force slammed into the Decepticon's shoulder, spinning him around, but before he could recover his balance, a fiery arrow smashed into his knee and exploded, followed a split second later by a powerful beam of light striking him in the chest. The flustered Motormaster lost his balance and fell to his back.

The battered Optimus Prime sat up and quickly glanced around the area in to see his unknown defenders. He could see movement within the treeline, but couldn't tell who it was, until a familiar voice called for him.

Sailor Moon, in her super form, ran to the side of the damaged Autobot. "Optimus." She said. "Are you alright?"

"Sailor Moon?" Queried the large mech. "I'll be fine." He declared, then clutched his wrecked chest. "My self-repair system kicked in, but I can't find Sailor Jupiter. Where is she?"

The odango haired Sailor pointed to a particular place in the treeline. "Over there. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Saturn are working to heal her wounds. She's in real bad shape." Moon looked back at the damaged Optimus, and continued. "We contacted your Autobot base before we came here. Ironhide is on his way with a team."

"Good thinking, Sailor M..." Prime began to say but was interupted by a communique.

*Optimus.....Bumblebee.* Reported the scratchy transmission. *...Mercury...the Dark Kingdom...way to your position....pursued by the Decepticons.*

"Bumblebee." Called Optimus over the airwaves. "Say again." He commanded but was met with only white noise.

"What's wrong?" Asked the concerned Sailor Moon.

"Bumblebee sent a transmission, but it was quite broken up, as if someone was trying to jam him. He sounded very anxious. Something must've happened at that abandoned church."

Sailor Venus slowly approached the downed Motormaster. She tensed when the mech began to move, then stepped back then yelled. "That huge robot is getting back up!"

Sailor Moon, and Optimus stopped their small talk, and along with the other Sailors, looked on as Sailor Venus ran from the mobile Motormaster.

"These things just don't die." Exhaled a soft toned, and shocked Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Soldiers assembled around Optimus Prime, and where joined by Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Saturn and the healed, but weak, Sailor Jupiter. The hulking Optimus got up to one knee, grabbed his battle rifle, and aimed right for the his adversary. The weapon made a loud bang as the solid armour-piercing shell flew from the barrel. The violent impact struck the unprepared Motormaster with such force that he was thrown back many paces, and rolled several times before coming to a stop.

"Hold up!" Bellowed Tuxedo Mask upon hearing an approaching vehicle. "We got company."

A yellow coloured Chevrolet CobaltSS burst through the treeline and approached their position.

"No one attack!" Ordered Prime as he recognized the incoming coupe. "It's Bumblebee."

The CobaltSS came to a hard stop next to the crowd. A sudden chill came over Sailor Mars, she felt something with malicious intent, and it was extremely close.

"What's so urgent, Bumblebee?" Queried the kneeling Prime.

"Take a look." Replied the exhausted little mech. The passenger side door opened, and out came the one thing any of them never expected.

"Mercury." Exhaled Moon after a moment of surprise. "It' Really?"

"Yeah. Hi." Replied the soft spoken Mercury.

There she was, Sailor Mercury, and with the exception of dirt, grass and mud on her, she was totally unharmed. Mars kept her eyes on the Sailor, the malicious presence was still extremely close. Why is this presence so close? Pondered the black haired Sailor.

Motormaster endured the pain, and lifted his upper body from the churned soil. "STUNTICONS!" Yelled the damaged mech as fluids spat from his mouth. "ATTACK!"

"That doesn't sound good." Observed a cautious Sailor Venus.

A pair of brand new 2010 Chevrolet Camaros, one black, the other silver, abruptly burst from the treeline, while overhead, a CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter descended near the Sailors' position.

"Prepare yourselves!" Bellowed Prime.

Sailor Saturn planted her Silent Glaive into the earth and formed a protective barrier that surrounded them all. The Camaro pair, Runabout, and Runamuck, transformed into their robot modes and fired a volley of energy bolts and rockets. The CH-53, Grindor, skimmed the top of the trees, then changed to his robot form and threw a discarded tree. Saturn kept her concentration as the various attacks slammed into the shield. With every direct hit, Saturn had to expend more of her energy to keep the barrier up.

"Optimus! Don't shoot!" Yelled Sailor Moon as she saw the Autobot aim his weapon at the nearest enemy. "Your shots will just ricochet off the barrier and probably kill us all!"

"We just can't sit here!" Replied Prime as he contemplated the current situation.

Sailor Venus stayed silent as she thought of a plan. "I'm gonna try something." She then looked at Bumblebee. "You with me?"

"Yeah. Good to go." Replied the yellow Autobot.

Venus then put a hand on the mech's leg and with a sudden flash of light, both teleported out of view.

"Hey guys." Called Saturn. "I...I..can't keep this up."

Grindor raised his left arm and fired his pulse weapon. The massive shockwave hit the barrier like a typhoon, and forced Saturn to expel most of what ever energy she had left. She fell to her knees, and struggled to keep her concentration. Grindor fired his pulse weapon again, and Saturn's body stiffened then went limp as the last of her energy was expended, and the barrier collapsed a second after.

Optimus sprinted into action. A loud bang from his battle rifle signaled the release of a high velocity round. The solid slug slammed square into Grindor's chest and sent the mech backwards. Runamuck and Runabout, were startled by the loud noise, and the sudden displacement of their fellow Stunticon. A few pot shots hit Runamuck, though very little damage was done, it only served to anger the Stunticon. He glanced around, and saw Sailor Venus and Bumblebee along the treeline. The mech snarled and took off after the pair.

Runabout glanced over. "Get back here, stupid!" He commanded with a harsh tone.

Ironhide and Elita-One burst out of the treeline, guns blazing. The distracted Runabout feel to his knees as his systems tried to re-balance themselves from the unexpected attack.

"They're here!" Exclaimed Sailor Mars with much relief.

"Let's get the bastards!" Yelled Sailor Uranus as she slammed her fists together at the anticipation for some payback.

Mercury kneeled down next to the passed out Saturn and still weakened Jupiter. "You guys go ahead." She said. "I'll stay with Saturn and Jupiter."

"Agreed." Replied Sailor Moon. "Optimus we're good to go!"

"Very well." Rebutted the large mech. "You and the Sailors take out Runabout. Ironhide, Elita, and I will take on Grindor."

The Sailors nodded, and sprinted to their assigned objective. Mars took a quick look back at Mercury. It can't be originating from Mercury. Could it?

Separated from their friends and allies, Sailor Venus and Bumblebee ran amongst the trees and other flora. The Autobot spotted a large tree, and climbed it as fast as he could. Venus stopped at the base of the old and solid plant, she looked back at the deranged Runamuck who finally closed the gap. A short burst from from the mech's arm mounted gun sent chunks of wood, and earth in all directions, and dropped the Sailor to her knees. Up in the branches, hidden from the two combatants below, Bumblebee grabbed his knees guards, and slowly pulled out a pair of long daggers.

Runamuck retracted his projectile weapon, and yanked a tree stump from it's foundation. He approached the downed Venus and snarled. "Any last words, fleshy?"

The wide eyed Venus leaned back up against the wet trunk. "Just one." She replied with a shaky voice. "BUMBLEBEE!"

The Autobot leaped from his hiding place, and fell onto the the back of the unexpected Runamuck. One dagger lunged into one of the Decepticon's optics, the other stabbed in the base of it's neck. Bumblebee used his momentum and pulled down the Decepticon forcing it to arch backwards. The powered up beam from Venus cut through the Decepticon's damaged chest, and pierced the spark chamber. A blue explosion ripped a large cavity in the chest, spelling the end of the Decepticon's life. Bumblebee pulled on his daggers and dragged the lifeless Runamuck to the ground.

"Is it done for?" Queried Venus as she cautiously walked toward the Autobot.

"Yeah. He dead." Confirmed the yellow mech just prior to reclaiming his daggers from the corpse. He sheathed the long knives, then grinned at the blond haired woman. "Your plan worked without a hitch. Nice work."

Venus smiled as she passed the downed Decepticon. "Thanks, Bumblebee. Let's get back to the others."

The Autobot nodded, however, before they could make their way back Venus grasped her head and leaned up against a tree. "You ok?" Inquired the yellow mech.

"Yeah." Replied Venus as she tried to tolerate the throbing pain. "I'll...I'll be fine. Must've taken a blow to the head during the fight." The Sailor took a step forward, but dropped to her knees.

"Here, hold on." Said the bot. The mech crouched down and gently picked up the disoriented woman. With Venus safely cradled in his arms, the duo made their way back to their colleagues.

Dirt, grass and pieces of timber flew in all directions as Runabout fired his weapons at the advancing enemy. The heavily damaged Decepticon steadily stepped backward from the onslaught of attacks from the Sailor Soldiers. Their various strikes pounded the mech relentlessly, and managed to blow off chunks of armour. Nearby the Autobots, Optimus Prime, Elita-One, and Ironhide tangled with the Decepticon Grindor, but the mech proved to be quite the task to bring down.

Elita-One held on tight to the Decepticon's upper back as it swung itself to shake her off. Grindor also swung his arms widely to keep the other two Autobots at bay. Optimus carefully aimed his battle rifle and when the opportunity presented itself the solid metallic slug shot out with a loud bang. It struck Grindor right between the two halves of his chest armour, and pressed against the spark chamber, the resulting power surge threw the Decepticon backward and knocked him offline.

Runabout jumped and landed right in the midst of the humans' formation. The thunderous thud scattered the Sailors about. The Super formed Sailor Moon lifted her head just in time to see Tuxedo Mask swatted away by Runabout's arm. The man struck a nearby tree stump, and didn't move.

The scene tore the odango haired woman apart. Deep inside her, a rage, one that was fermenting for many years, finally boiled over. A long mystical object, the Moon Power Tiare Staff, suddenly appeared in her right hand. It's power crackled around it and it's owner's arm. Moon rose to her feet as the angered Runabout tromped his way too her. With a strong thrust, she impaled the mystical staff into the ground and menacingly stared at the Decepticon.

"GET OFF MY F*CKING PLANET!!!" Screamed the odango haired Sailor, her tone filled with hatred.

The top of the staff glowed, a bright beam of light shot from it and sliced right through Runabout, destroying the mech's armoured spark chamber. The spark within exploded in a bright flash of blue. The lifeless mech then tilted and fell limp onto it's back.

"No." Whispered the damaged Motormaster in disbelief. The Decepticon rose to his knees, and tapped into his auxuliary power core to energize his systems. "This isn't over, Prime."

"Motormaster!" Bellowed Malachite just after teleporting next to the large Decepticon. "Enough!" The Dark Kingdom general glanced to the Sailor Soldiers in the distance, and the approaching Autobots. "Queen Beryl and your Lord Megatron want to see you."

Before the mech could respond, Malachite placed a hand on the Decepticon, and both teleported away.

"They're gone!" Exclaimed Sailor Mars.

"I agree, Prime." Seconded Ironhide after a quick sensor scan. "They turn tailed and f*cked off."

Optimus exhaled, relieved that the ordeal was finally over, and probably most important of all, it was a victory. Two Decepticons dead, one captured alive, the other retreated, and the most unexpected, Sailor Mercury escaping from her captures and rejoining her kind.

The damaged Prime stepped to the embracing Sailors, and beckoned their attention. "You all did well, especially during this most desperate of circumstances thus far." He paused briefly to collect his final thoughts then continued. "You could have teleported away to save yourselves but you didn't, and risked life and limb. If it wasn't for you Sailors...I doubt if I would've survived."

Moon looked up at the damaged Prime. "This alliance means alot me, Optimus. Despite everything that has happened between us, I want to believe that this can work out."

"From what you gals and guy did today, meatball head." Said Ironhide as he reached the assembled group. "It just might work out."

"Optimus, we better get going soon." Interrupted Elita-One. "Emergency services from Tokyo are on their way here."

"Very well." Replied the Autobot master then returned his focus to his human counterpart. "This victory is yours, Sailor Moon. The first of many."

Sailor Venus smiled and nodded at Bumblebee, whom returned the favour. She rejoined her fellow Sailors, and teleported away. The Autobots made their way to the offlined Grindor, and loaded the mech onto a newly arrived shuttle.

"Bumblebee." Said Optimus as the ramp began to close. "Exactly how did Sailor Mercury escape from her confins of the Decepticons and the Dark Kingdom?"

"I don't know, Optimus." He replied. "She just ran right for me, she got in, and that's when I drove off."

"You were pursued, right?"

"Yeah, Optimus. Briefly though." Rebutted the yellow mech. "Why do you ask?"



"Yes, my Lord." Replied the kneeled, Motormaster. "I...saw an opportunity to deal a serious blow against the Autobots by taking out Optimus Prime, but I may have been...misplaced in my judgement."

"No sh*t! You figured that out by yourself!?" Continued the Decepticon master with his loud voice.

"I was only trying to serve our great cause, my lord." Explained the still damaged mech.

The red haired Beryl leaned back in her large throne, and looked at how close the large Motormaster came to meet his end. "Motormaster." She said, seeing that Megatron had finally paused. "You should've followed orders and met up with Malachite. It was he that noticed you hadn't made the rendezvous, and contacted me and Lord Megatron. If it wasn't for his vigilance, your head would be proudly hanging of Prime's mantle. You should thank him."

"I do not need a lecture from YOU, insect!" Snapped the annoyed Motormaster. He never took b.s. from anybody, save for Megatron, and conducted himself as he saw fit, and lead his Stunticons as such. He didn't like being told a lesson, especially from a alien.

Megatron took a step forward and prepared to reign in the insubordinate mech, but a hand motion from Beryl kept him silent. The Decepticon master stood by her side, and didn't had to wait long for her rebuttal. Beryl took her floating staff and tapped it on the smooth, glass like floor. A bolt of electricity suddenly snaked across the ground and shocked the Decepticon.

Megatron chuckled at the unfolded event, sometimes, just a simple action is worth far more than words. He strolled to the distressed mech, and knelt to better communicate face to face. "Do anything like this again without my authorization. I will f*ck you up."

"Yes, my lord." Submitted the deep breathing Motormaster.

Megatron rose to his feet and pointed to the large set of doors. "Get yourself fixed, then report to Malachite."

Once the limping mech left, Megatron focused on another pressing issue. "Shockwave. What are the current results of your Unicron project?"

The holoscreens surrounding the mech disappeared, and the mono eyed Decepticon turned to face Megatron and Beryl. "The project has been located by one of the deep space probes I dispatched. The sensor records showed the Unicron, including it's construction facility is completely without power, and both have deteriorated much over time. However, the nanite colonies are untouched, and can be activated to begin their repairs of the construct. After which the unit can be transported to this solar system for final evaluation. My Lord."

"Very well. Keep me posted." Ended Megatron.

The mech nodded, and left the room. After a moment of silence Lord Megatron knelt down next to Beryl, and looked at his counterpart. "I'm waiting for this little project of yours to pay off, my dear."

"Patience, Lord Megatron." Said the red haired monarch with a soft voice. "She'll work out in the end, you'll see."

"I hope so, my dear Beryl." Added the Decepticon master, then rose to his feet. "Because today has cost my Decepticons dearly."

Shockwave strolled down a lengthy hallway, and used his telekinesis ability, to open the large double doors to a familiar room. He stopped before the Matellia entity and looked at the fiery object.

"Everything is set." He said. "Begin."

Fiery, and mist like tendrils emerged from the entity, and wrapped themselves around Shockwave. One of the energy tentacles penetrated his single, large optic, and touched his mind.

Inside the warmth and comfort of Lita's apartment, Amy quietly slept in the brunette's large bed. Lita on the other hand slept on top of the blankets, and on the other side of the bed to give the blue haired woman her space. She wanted to cuddle up to Amy, but thought her best friend might take it the wrong way, and decided against it.

Amy turned over and faced the edge of her end of the bed. Her closed eyes twitched, and she moaned softly as whisper like sounds entered her head. The sounds suddenly became more constant, and she began to wake. Amy yawned, and slowly opened her weary eyes, then suddenly the whispers became clear.

Dark Mercury. Breathed the soft sounds.

Amy's eyes suddenly opened wide, and became fully aware. "Yes." She replied softly.