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Just a short and sweet idea of a journal entry, post birthday by Miss. Samantha Baker.

It wasn't like I was expecting the world to stop turning when I woke up and realized today was the day, but I expected something. Maybe I wasn't even expecting, just silently praying for it, for anything. I don't even pray, I haven't since near birth, but I would definitely consider it in this case. I can even imagine what I would say. "Dear God, please please don't let anyone forget my birthday. Wait, scratch that, change that to God, please please please let someone, ANYONE remember my birthday, even if it's my stinky, devil faced brother Mike. Amen."

I've never been one of those girls who needs all that attention, not like my older sister Ginny, she's the kind of girl who sends herself flowers on valentines day just to remind herself how much she loves being her. I would never do that, I'd feel like a complete idiot, writing notes to myself, signing love, Sam. You know what, I think I remember my parents giving Ginny a present on father's day, just because. I wonder what my life would have been like if I were the oldest daughter.

I'm still mad about Dorothy saying Mr. T would marry me, I know I held my tongue but that girl makes me almost as mad as Mike sometimes. Like I would ever marry Mr. T, I had weird semi-nightmares all birthday-long about Mr. T and I walking down the aisle. Worst birthday present ever.

When I got home from Jake's house Long Duk Dong was already gone, all of his stuff disappeared. I wonder what grandma and grandpa did with him, and I wonder if I should be worried. That kids just plain weird, but so are grandma and grandpa.

Anyway, I forgot to tell you about Jake. Yes, Jake Ryan. THE Jake Ryan. It still seems too good to be true, he's almost sweeter then I could have dreamed. I keep thinking I made this all up and eventually I'll wake up and it will all be gone, but then I realize its not and I could just die. I'll have to thank Jennifer Woods for giving me that sex test in child development, I guess it's thanks to that really. Thanks to her and that geek who always tries to talk to me on the school bus, Jake said he told him about me, well things he wanted to know, and that freak gave him my panties! Which now, I guess is my fault......but still! Next time I see him on the bus we are going to have a serious talk! I am just not sure if I am going to kick his ass first and then thank him, or thank him and then kick his ass. Jake said he wants to drive me to and from school till he graduates though so I'll probably have to make up some excuse, I'll figure it out.

Randy bought me a bra for my birthday, she said I should try it on for Jake but I think I'm just going to return it. I'm definitely not ready for that quite yet.

Maybe when I turn seventeen.