Confessor's Secrets

Based upon Legend of the Seeker, based upon Sword of Truth

Reader's Note: I am a HUGE fan of the Sword of Truth novels, so this story is a bit of a mix between both Wizard's First Rule and Legend of the Seeker. Just go with it. Feel free to ask questions if you're curious about the books or anything, and leave me a way to get back to you and I'll be happy to fill you in.

Takes place just before the start of the episode: Brennidon.

- - TRUTH - -

"Why do people come to her to solve their problems?" Richard asked Zedd. "Can't they just settle their disputes themselves?"

Zedd was finding it harder and harder to conceal the truth from Richard; he was the Seeker of Truth after all. The more time they spent with Kahlan in the Midlands, the more likely it was for Richard to learn what a Confessor truly was. Zedd would have already told him, but Kahlan had not, and it was not his place to betray her confidence. He was the First Wizard, but she was the Mother Confessor and the Wizards and Confessors had had an agreement for thousands of years and Zedd trusted her judgment.

"The Confessors have protected the people of the Midlands for thousands of years, and people trust them. Their touch and their natural ability to sense the truth makes them powerful, and feared, but respected."

"I've seen her touch," Richard said, glancing back to the desk where Kahlan sat in front of a long line, "But I don't understand it."

Zedd grumbled quietly. "A Confessor's touch is unique to each Confessor, and it is her business to tell you about it when she wishes." Zedd smiled a little on the inside, he considered that a very good answer. He knew that Richard had more questions, but he was hoping to curb a few of them.

Zedd watched Richard study him for a moment. "But you could tell me. You know more about Kahlan's power than you're leading on."

Zedd smiled a little. "Always the Seeker, searching for the truth. I could tell you, yes. But I am not going to, the Wizards and the Confessors have worked together in a symbiotic relationship for thousands of years, and I will not be the wizard who betrayed a Confessor because of an overly curious and impatient Seeker. You may ask Kahlan about her power, however, she may not tell you until you need to know, or until she is ready."

Richard watched Kahlan again, for several seconds. Zedd could almost see the wheels in his mind turning.

"No," Richard shook his head. "I won't ask her, when she is ready, she'll tell me."

"It is always a wise choice to live on a Confessor's schedule instead of your own. However, the Seeker also lives on his own schedule, so you must learn the balance." Zedd stood to leave.

"Is that another rule?" Richard asked before Zedd turned to walk away.

"Not specifically, but you must learn the balance of all things. Everything balances with something else, and sometimes the Seeker must find the 'something else.' Sometimes Truth is the balance." Zedd walked away, leaving Richard on a cryptic note. The boy hated riddles and Zedd took his chance to escape from the questioning about the Confessor's secret.

He knew that she would have to tell Richard sooner or later. He saw the connection building between them and knew that if Kahlan did not tell him soon, Zedd would have to take action to protect the Seeker.

- - FIN - -