Chapter 3: The Uchiha Massacre

Itachi felt dread as he plunged the sword his father's stomach. His sharingan memorized the details of the man's last expression, a pained grimace, as it had mother's tearful question, as it had Shisui's loving smile, as it had to many, many dead people. Now that count included everyone in the Uchiha clan, almost. A shiver ran down his back. He turned around, easily letting the corpse fall off of the short blade.

His cursed eyes caught sight of the one thing he'd truly feared since he'd embarked upon this quest, this madness. His little brother dropped the bookbag he'd been carrying, falling to his knees as he figured out what happened.

Traitorously, Itachi saw Sasuke's first steps play across his mind. Still, no matter the cost, this slaughter was necessary. Every. Single. Uchiha. Had. To. Die.

Even after sending out his tengu summons to deal with the few civilians, he still had a hundred odd ninja to deal with. If they were grouped together, it would have been a piece of cake. However they, like most of their clan, didn't get on well with others. Hardly surprising, but it made things difficult. Itachi had to be able to either survive around a hundred ninja duels in a row, or set a couple hundred timed traps in the weeks that preceded the massacre. It was obvious which one the master ninja chose. he only needed a date when the entire Clan was there. Why not for the celebrations of Founder's Day? Everyone had to be involved in the preparations. He'd get them just before the parade...

After the explosive tags were set, the poison gas bombs hidden, and the summoning seals scribed, Itachi was ready to destroy the Sharingan Eye. The eye that had ruined his life. That had ruined Shisui's life. They'd both agreed that this was a good act, wiping out the Uchiha clan, and Kakashi. That was one duel he decided to keep. Unfortunately Itachi was looking at his little brother now, and he could bring himself to kill the innocent little boy crying at him, begging him to explain.

Now, after all the sophistry he'd used to justify what he'd done, he couldn't give an answer. How could he explain the parasitic nature of the Sharingan? The way it would physically eat your brain, slowly driving you insane? The way it replayed the faces you saw die over, and over, and over in your dreams? The way the eye would whisper to you, urging you to become more vicious and inhuman as the battle progressed? That the Uchiha, in their arrogance, though they could control the demon in their eyes and consistently failed miserably? Would a six year old understand it?

"It was very important," He heard his mouth work, knowing the Sharingan had taken him over. He was just a ghost in his own body as the eyes he'd gained by killing Shisui were now in control. He watched his little brother look into his eyes and begin screaming. Itachi had tried to regain control, but he'd failed.

The Mangekyo had won.

"It was very important to test my capacity," Itachi's eyes ground out in their unspeakable monotone.

Sasuke kept on screaming long into the night. Every Uchiha was dead, but for two. Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke. Uchiha Itachi was just watching as his eyes destroyed everything in sight.


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On the toad summons, I kinda get the sense that Kishimoto kinda forgot about them too. He was so wrapped up in the idea of the curse seals and the Kyuubi taking over, both of his characters becoming monsters to defeat their rivals... that it slipped his mind. Or maybe he needed it for a greater plan in his massive plot, but I must say that when I read the book over, I actually got out the red pen and wrote in the margins: Where're the toads? The places where Sasuke totally outclasses Naruto (physical conditioning, his eyes, and mid range combat techniques) are entirely negated by the advantages Naruto has (A-rank close combat technique, numbers thanks to a B-Rank Forbidden technique, huge chakra capacity, and A-S rank summoning). I mean, Naruto was easily handling Sasuke on the hospital roof until the 'genius' went for the Chidori. Just imagine if Naruto had used the Rasengan during his 'Naruto Rendan' or if he'd used the rest of his clones...