My main problem with 'Journey's End' was that the Doctor and Rose didn't seem to spend a single moment alone together and this is what I deem a 'missing scene'. Set some time during the journey from Earth to the Crucible.

I think that we'll all just have to take it for granted that there would have been time for this!

He grabs her hand and pulls her along, away from the others to the privacy of the bunker below the main room. He slams the door open and motions for her to enter first, his hand on her waist.

Once inside, they stand there, staring at each other. They're not quite smiling, but they don't really need to be. She takes a hesitant step forward and puts her hands on his shoulders, then leans up and kisses him on the cheek before hugging him fully. He returns the embrace fiercely, and they stay like that for about thirty seconds.

"I've missed you so, so much," she voices, now solemn, her tone cracking.

"Quite right, too," he replies, and then laughs gently. Her face cracks and she's smiling again.

"God," she exhales, sliding down to sit on the floor. "This is such an emotional rollercoaster."

He smiles gently and squeezes her hand. "It's so brilliant you're here. 'Brilliant' doesn't even begin to describe it."

"I love that. Even when it could be the end of the world, you're still ever the optimist."

"You know me."


Silence, and they both quietly acknowledge the fact that it's been three years. Could they ever still really know each other?

"How're the family?"

"Oh, they're fine. Mum's still quite herself, changing dimensions hasn't had the remotest impact on her feistiness. Her and Pete get on like a house on fire."

"And Mickey?"

"He's been great. You'd be so proud of him, Doctor. He's grown so much. He grew so much when we left him the first time … Great, I sound like he's my little brother!"

"He might as well be …"

"Oh, shut up!"

"See, ten minutes back together and we're already bickering like a pair of old sisters!"

They laugh and it really is like before, minus the cramped location and hushed sense of impending doom.

"But … what was it like for you?"

"Y'know, lonely to start with. It still is, sometimes. Then it was scary, then … just different. There was Martha, she's …"

"Yeah, I came across her. Pretty, dark girl … seemed intelligent."

"That's the one! How did that happen?"

"Y'know … intergalactic Facebook and all that."

"You saw that?"

"Yep. Thanks for the mention, by the way." She smiles her melancholy smile and he looks at her, deeper than before.

"Actually, I met Donna before her, the day I last saw you. She just … materialised. And you know what it's like, evil monsters and aliens along with it."

"You met her again then, after Martha?"

"Yeah, it's all been a bit weird really … such coincidences. I met her, then a year later her Granddad, then a few months later I stumbled across her again. All by chance."

"That is weird. And now this … Daleks and all that, all over again."

"You know what it's like. Danger is all part of the game …"

Suddenly Jack bursts in. "Uh, hate to interrupt but the TARDIS is going mad. I think we're about to make contact with the Crucible …"

Jack leaves and the Doctor helps Rose up.

"Yes, I know just what it's like."

They smile and he takes her hand, leading her back up the stairs. Just like they always have done. If you were a stranger watching them, you'd think they'd never spent a day apart.

I know this really isn't my best work, but I it's more something I needed to write for myself than some work of prosaic art! I hope you read it with a sense of impending doom.