Power of the Cordakah, Chapter 1

Another day in the land of pain and suffering. For Torak, that meant running around like crazy, trying to dodge the Vahki and Karakash forces that fly about the slave compounds, attempting to rescue Matoran slaves that haven't been brainwashed to the point that they consider being beat by a Slavedriver an honor, and making sure that the resistance received the supplies needed for future use when fighting against the forces of Makuta Nui.

Torak couldn't remember how long he was on this island. All that he can vaguely remember was that he woke up to find a snarling monster in his face tell him that it was time to work in the fields. It was only thanks to his strong will that he didn't go insane like many other people and end up begging for beatings from the Slavedrivers.

Torak could also remember how he joined the resistance. It was about five years back when his arch-nemesis, the Slavedriver called Thokros, was about to use a good friend of his for a blade sharpener. Right then and there, in a tremendous rage Torak used his carving tool and struck Thokros' unprotected back, severing his spine tail from the rest of his body. As Thokros went down, Torak took advantage of the fact that Skakdi cannot move their legs without their so called "spine" that extends from the back of their heads.

Quickly, he and his friend Lekka both ran as fast as they could, dodging brainwashed slaves, Slavedrivers with less intelligence than muscle, and Vahki patrols that were too concentrated on Thokros' pained shouts than to concentrate on two escaping matoran.

They quickly made their way to the sewers, which is how Torak and Lekka met up with the resistance, which happened to spend most of their lives in the sewage tunnels beneath the city plateaus of Makuta Nui. He has played a large role in the resistance, and will continue to do so until his very end.

Right now, he is on a very important mission.

Last night, the Slavedrivers announced that in a week or so the celebration of the Anniversary of Makuta Nui's formation would begin. This is a very important event for the Brotherhood of the Makuta, the Slavedrivers, and slaves alike because it was the time when the Brotherhood of the Makuta arrived and made their permanent headquarters on the island continent. For the slaves, this meant that they could take the whole day off of work.

It was what the Slavedrivers got that bugged the resistance.

Every time an anniversary like this was to come, which happened once per century, the six highest ranked Slavedrivers would pick one single slave in Makuta Nui. That slave was to be given an infected "Toa" stone, which allowed them to become a relatively weak, armorless Toa that was considered false and easily dealt with. Since Toa were not allowed on the island, the Slavedrivers were to make the Toa combat them in a fight to the death, in which it was guaranteed that the Toa would die, because even if he did defeat the Slavedriver, the Brotherhood would simply throw him off of the plateau.

Torak knew for a fact that it was a 5,000 foot drop, one that not even a Toa of air could survive.

Torak's mission was simple; find out which slave the Slavedriver in his current position was choosing, and kidnap the slave right in front of the Slavedriver's overly disgusting nose. This would ensure that the resistance would go to any lengths to ensure the survival of the matoran.

Torak quickly walked down the ally that he was hiding in. As he peeked from around the corner, he saw a troop of Vahki march down the street. The matoran workers made sure that there was room for the Vahki squadrons, as they were programmed to trample anyone smaller than them that got in their way.

Torak thought it was hopeless. He was never going to have a glimpse of the new Slavedriver that was taking over Thokros' place. It seemed that he got here for nothing.

Suddenly, he felt something very cold and very hard hit him from behind. He fell to the ground, an ice cube formed from his chest down, pinning him instantly.

A very familiar face looked down upon his now frozen body. Too familiar.

"Hello, Mr. Kinloka face!" snarled Thokros, his eyes gleaming with hatred and the glint of victory.

Torak had no doubt that this would be the worst moment in his life.

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