You thought I'd forgotten you didn't you?


No Kage woke the next morning to the smell of smoke and something burning. The ambiant sounds around him consisted of a lovely smoke alarm and Yugito cussing and swearing at the stove. Yep, it's monday. He sighed getting up out of bed and began to head for the kitchen. He had to give the woman credit, she was trying. As he turned the corner he wasn't exactly shocked to see a fire blazing over the stove as she poured cups of water onto it. "Sweetheart?" He asked of her softly gaining her distraught attention as he walked up and turned the gas off, effectively removing the fuel of the flames and stopping the fire. He picked up the blackened object in the pan with a spatula and rose an eyebrow. "Omelet?"

She looked away. "It was supposed to be a surprise..."

Naruto tried and, with effort, succeded in not laughing. Yugito was one of the most fierce and deadly fighters Naruto had had the pleasure of meeting. And in bed she was nothing short of a fucking animal...But you put her in front of a stove or any cooking appliance and you are asking for a disaster. The last two houses they'd lived in when they were still in Wave had been lost due to her inablitity to realize that the smoke alarm was not a timer. The first time she'd been trying to cook dinner and when the fire initially broke out she wanted to put it out with her chakra like most ninja fire techs do. What she did not realize was that Nekomata's chakra, which was by default her primary sourse of chakra, was fire based. So one thing lead to another and Naruto was left to treat her and leave the house to burn. By either God's grace or Nekomata's intervention, she was fully healed with no scarring in a few months.

The second house was lost in a way Naruto was still unsure was actually possible. He'd been in town getting some groceries and when he'd came back the house was in flames. When he asked her how this had happened she relayed to him a story of how she wanted to surprise him with some homemade rice balls but accidently burnt the rice and when she tossed it in the trash it lit on fire. So she used the fire extinguisher, and somehow, in a way only Yugito could have accomplished, the spray from the fire extinusher lit up causing the thing to explode and catch the walls on fire. And even after both houses had gone up Naruto hadn't had the heart to tell her to just leave the cooking to him. Naruto dropped the object back into the pan shattering it like glass and noted the blackened portion of the wall. "Well, on the plus side, you didn't completely burn the wall down."

Yugito snorted sarcastically. "Oh yes, that's huge progress."

"It is." He smiled. "And you figured out that when that particular buzzer goes off," He indicated the still blaring smoke alarm. "The food's past done."

Yugito frowned and kicked his shin before going to take out the batteries from the device. "Asshole."

"I love you too dear." He yawned as he looked at the wall again. Yep...This is gonna cost a pretty penny to repair..."You know, I've been thinking..."

"Be still my beating heart." She snickered, placing the batteries onto the table and heading for the bathroom to wash her sindged hair and change her clothes.

Naruto followed her into the bathroom and leaned on the frame of the door. He watched as she shed her slightly charred top and cupped her breasts examining her figure in the mirror, just as she did every day. "What if I said I was thinking about buying a house here?"

"I'd say you're crazy." She turned in the mirror. "I think they're bigger..." She frowned, shaking her breasts a little.

Naruto smirked. "And you're frowning about this, why? I thought you were proud of your bust."

"Do you think they're bigger? I think they're getting too big..." Yugito frowned unclipping her bra and letting her nipples out. "I think I want them smaller..."

Naruto rolled his eyes and came up behind her, gripped them both firmly making her squeak in surprise. He pinched both nipples between his index finger and thumb twisting them slightly causing her to let out a soft whimper. "Feel fine to me."

A vein throbbed on Yugito's forehead as she turned and bopped him on the head. "Pervert! You are such a man!"

Naruto only smirked. "I'm sure you would know." Yugito tried to bop him on the head again but he blocked it, and wrapped his own around them before grinning and grining a knee into her crotch. "Aren't we frisky this morning."

"Fuck you." She grumbled as he kissed her cheek.

He grinned, kicking the door shut and pushing her back into the shower. "If you insist."


Three hours later found them already out of the bathroom and back in bed, Yugito was laying on Naruto's chest purring slightly as he stroked her hair with his hand. "God..." She murmured wrapping her arms back around him. "I never thought I would be able to bend like that."

"And here I thought you cat types were naturally limber." Naruto grinned back down at her bringing her chin to his and kissing her lightly.

She let out a long content sigh and snuggled into his broad chest closing her eyes. "So, you were saying something about buying a house around here..."

"Yeah. I figure, since we're probably going to be here for a while we may as well settle down somewhere all our own. Unless you like a thousand bucks of our paycheck going to pay for this penthouse suite every week."

Yugito sighed. "I don't care..." She sighed kissing his neck. "Just make sure we still get cable."

Naruto laughed. "Yes dear."


Naruto sighed as he took a walk around the village as Yugito went house shopping. As she had failed at cooking him a surprise breakfast she opted for the chance to surprise him with the new house they'd be staying in. With his reserved finances Naruto was very well assured that anything Yugito settled on for their new dwelling would be more than adequate. After all with the bounties he'd captured including four S-class criminals he had a reserve fund of over nine hundred million ryo. Surely no house in Konoha, or anywhere else for that matter, was worth that amount of cash. He walked through the training grounds and paused for a time to see a young Hyuga girl attacking a training post. He recognised her due to the large bounty on her head out of Kumo. Hinata Hyuga. Official heiress to the Main Branch of the Hyuga Clan. He remembered seeing her at the bridge and the temptation to claim the three hundred thousand dollar bounty by killing her squad and bringing her alive to Kumo.

He leaned on a tree silently observing the preteen's form as she smacked at the human shaped target with the traditional Hyuga style. She was far too ridged, that was obvious. She hesitated in her attacks...The entire style she was using did not match her personality, which was a key part of any style that worked in the slightest. Looking at her figure it was easy to tell she was more suited to a style similar to his Soresu. The philosophy of which was described as "being within the eye of the storm."

The practitioner maintained a centered frame of concentration, undisrupted by the conflict around them. They did this to maintain the calm center where the outer storm of combat could not harm them. Thus, Soresu commanded powerful defensive techniques that seemed to adapt to almost any circumstance, at the cost of never reaching past the figurative eye of the storm. The Soresu technique used little to none of the attack power needed by the other styles who concentrated on the storm itself. He used the primarily defensive technique to wear down aggressive targets or obscenely large, well trained forces by defending long onslaughts with minimal counter-attacking. He waited until his adversary spent most of their energy, then employed an alternate, more aggressive attack. He waited for eventual lapses in his opponent's own defense. He didn't use the style often, only when he fought someone faster than him or against targets that needed to be taken alive for a better bounty, and even then he was more prone to use Shien.

She attacked the training post one last time with paticular force before collapsing to her hands and knees gasping for breath. He let out a sigh. He wasn't going to lie, the girl did have amazing potential. Just reading the file he'd requested from Sarutobi had told him that. And her personality, with the exception of her inferiority complex, was absolutely perfect for a Soresu master. At least in theory. Who's to say it can't be made into practice?


Hinata gasped as she slammed her palm one last time into the tree post and fell down. Why? Why wasn't she making any progress? How was she ever going to be ready for the Chunin exams if she couldn't even train consistantly for a few hours...And the training was so basic too! Destroy the target. That was it, yet she couldn't even manage that much.

"Getting a little tired, eh kid?" She blinked and rose to a sitting potision to stare at the black clad fighter leaning on the tree behind her. She recognised him instantly as No Kage. He kicked off the tree and approached her. "Not gonna lie to you, that form of yours, the Juken or whatever your clan calls it, it's just not doing it for you. Too ridged, too...aggresive." He extended a hand to her.

"I-I'm sor-" No kage held up a hand as he helped her up.

"Not your fault. It's what you grew up with, what you were told was the 'correct' way to fight." He grinned at her. "What most people, your clan included, don't understand is that every person's style is different. It's determined by your personality. You are a soft, caring type of person. Just my seeing you at the bridge was enough for me to pick up on that. You don't like conflict, you hate hurting other people. Am I right?"

Hinata bit her lip subconsciously. Was it that obvious? All of what he had said was true in some form. She didn't like hurting people, or seeing other people hurt. It just never seemed right to her... "Y-Yes."

No Kage grinned. "That's what I thought. Now with this realization, most people would simply give up on you and tell you to find another profession, like the medical feild." Seeing her shocked eyes he added slyly. "But as you probably already know, I am not most people." He turned away from her and walk to one of the sakura trees. "What if I told you there was a style of combat that was perfected suited for someone like you? A style of one-hundred percent perfect defence. And what would you say if I told you I was willing to teach it to you?" He caught a falling blossom in his hand and brushed his fingers over the petals as he turned around seeing her expression of pure amazement. "Would you be willing to put yourself through the harsh training? The strain of learning to fight within the eye of the storm?" His crimson eyes met her pale blue orbs as she twittled her fingers, then slowly nodded.

And she smiled.


That night Naruto sat on the balcony of the new home they had purchased today. It was a beautiful two story, four bedroom bathhouse with approximately twenty five hundred square feet of living space. It had a private, seventeen by thirty, oasis style pool, large closets in all bedrooms, a fireplace in the master suite, formal dining and living rooms, an indoor laundry room. And there was the optional gardening service Naruto added on as a gift to Yugito. All in all the pricetag came to about one hundred thousand ryo. To celebrate, they'd had a bottle of Vodka and some sex for about three hours before exaustion finally caught up to her.

Naruto's thought were snapped away from him as he rose his hand and caught an arrow that would have impacted his fourhead had he not intercepted it. Attached was a scrool wrapped around the length of the shot. It was sealed with the kanji for ROOT. Looking up he found there was absolutely no one in the area from him to track. Frowning he opened the scroll and began to read.

"No Kage. By order of Konoha's ROOT, your presence is requested atop the Fourth Hokage's stone face."

It wasn't signed in any way, but Naruto got an immeadiate feeling that whoever sent him the note had information that could be quite useful to him at a later date.

And so, crushing the arrow in his hand and burning the note with his chakra he took off noit certain of what exactly he was walking into.


Normally I'd make it longer. But for drama's sake I have to leave off here. Sorry.