A team building exercise for our favourite NCIS team… they get bored…

"Ahh Gibbs, why do we have to do another one of these things?" Tony complained.

"Because, Tony. Now get in the dam car!!!" Gibbs said, he didn't really know. ' Damn directors orders' he thought to himself.


About 5 hours later and they were in the woods.

The team had been told that they had ten hours to find their way to a checkpoint deep in the woods.

"This is boring Gibbs," Abby moaned.

"Got any better ideas Abs?" He asked

"Well…" She looked at Ziva, "Now you mention it, we do"

"What is it?" He asked

"Ok, me and Ziva against you guys, the first team to catch the other wins, each team must head in opposite directions for one hour, then use the remaining nine to catch the opposing team, both teams can set traps, there are no rules except the traps can't be dangerous. If we catch you, you buy us dinner, you catch us, and we buy you dinner… Wanna play?" Abby said all at once.

"It's better than doing this, but do me a favour abs, repeat that bit about no dangerous traps to Ziva" Tony said

Ziva kicked him in the shin.

"Sabotage!!" Tony cried trying not to laugh.

"Ok" Gibbs said ignoring Tony. "You guys head due South from here we'll head North for one hour… then … catch us if you can"

"See you later, oh by the way our favourite restaurant… that Chinese place off 5th street." Abby taunted.

Gibbs smirked… This was going to be easy … those girls weren't going to know what hit them.