Ziva had come home after a delicious meal paid for by Gibbs, Tony and McGee and was busy getting ready to go to bed when she heard a knock at the door.

She went to answer it and found Tony there.

"Hello Tony…" She said wondering what he wanted.

"Ziva... can I uhhh come in?"

"yes of course" She moved out the way and aloud him entrance.

"Look Ziva there is something I have to tell you only I don't quite know where to start"

"Try the beginning," She responded… "What ever it is Tony just say it."

He looked her in the eyes for a moment before deciding there was only one way to say it.

He pulled her into him and brushed his lips against hers, she was shocked for a minute but then began to kiss him back, running her hands through her hair pressing her body as close as she could to him.

Clumsily he pushed her back until he found a wall and pushed her into it. He felt her pull him closer, before slowly breaking apart. He rested his head upon hers as they caught their breath.

"Ziva, that thing I was going to say…" Tony said looking deeper into Ziva's eyes. "I think I love you"

She smiled. "I think I love you too." She whispered.

TA DA!!!

Sorry couldn't resist that bit of Tiva… Thanks for reading! x