Interview with a Freshie, Part I

INTERVIEWER: We're here today to talk to a member of one of the most unusual lifestyles in Los Angeles. A woman who calls herself a "freshie." What that is, what it entails, and what makes it so unusual, we're about to find out.

Lucky Alexander, thank you for agreeing to talk to me today. Let's start very basic. What's a freshie?

LUCKY: I'm happy to be here. I do want to say that I received permission to be here. That's important for certain people to know. And your question is a little too basic. It's only half the term. The real term is "willing freshie."

INTERVIEWER: Okay, then, what's a willing freshie?

LUCKY: Someone who agrees—willingly--to donate blood, to feed a vampire. Or vampires.

INTERVIEWER: That raises a couple of questions. First, vampires. Are they common? How many are there?

LUCKY: Oh, I have no idea about numbers. They stay pretty low profile, you know? Secrecy is important to them. But I've met—a few.

INTERVIEWER: Interesting. When you say "donates," how do you mean? With a needle, like the Red Cross? Or what?

LUCKY: I know there are some vampires who only drink bagged or bottled blood, but most I've met prefer to feed fresh. Direct from the vein.

INTERVIEWER: So they bite you?


INTERVIEWER: Wow. Does it hurt?

LUCKY: Hurt? No. I mean, well, it can, if the vamp isn't careful, or is the type who enjoys inflicting pain. But most of the vamps I've met, they want the experience to be as pleasurable as possible for everyone involved. That's one thing that keeps the freshies willing, you know?

INTERVIEWER: I'm interested in the mechanics of this. So the vampires really have fangs?

LUCKY: Oh, yes. You can't see them all the time, you understand. They—retract and extend, as the occasion demands.

INTERVIEWER: The occasion?

LUCKY: Well, when they want to feed. Or they get angry, and sometimes you see them—we call it "vamp out." Their eyes turn this beautiful crystal blue, and the fangs come out. (laughs) But we try not to make them angry.

INTERVIEWER: That sounds wise. But, doesn't that mean it's pretty dangerous, what you do?

LUCKY: It can be. I think the benefits outweigh the negatives.

INTERVIEWER: And the benefits are?

LUCKY: It's a tremendously satisfying experience…not just physically, but, you know, knowing that you're actually keeping someone you care about alive.

INTERVIEWER: So—you care about the vampires?

LUCKY: Oh, I guess that sounded strange. Not all of them. Just the one. I only feed one vampire.

INTERVIEWER: Really? And how does that work?

LUCKY: Well, I'm—I guess I should explain that there are different types of freshies. Some are just casual about it, they meet up with a vamp at a club or party or something, and get bitten. Then they go on with their lives. And there are what we call 100% freshies…those are people, and we're not all women, you know…who prefer to play the field. They, well, I don't want to sound like I'm looking down on them or anything, but they seem to be more interested in the bite than the biter, if you know what I mean. Sort of like party girls. And boys.

INTERVIEWER: That sounds…promiscuous.

LUCKY: It can be. I think a lot of them…the bite is a real rush, you understand. I can't really explain it, and I know it's not for everyone, but for us, getting bitten, and then the blood being sucked, it's very pleasurable. And some people get hooked on that.

INTERVIEWER: Are you? Hooked?

LUCKY: Well, I don't really know how to answer that. I mean, for me it's gotten all tangled up with my vampire.

INTERVIEWER: You mentioned earlier—you only feed one vampire?

LUCKY: Yes, that's right. We have what they call an exclusive agreement. He—takes care of me, and I only feed him.

INTERVIEWER: You said you cared about him. Is it a romantic relationship?

LUCKY: Oh. Oh, my, I'm not quite sure how to answer that. We care about each other. I feed him. I actually live under his roof. But it's not like we're dating.

INTERVIEWER: Are you—I don't want to offend you, but do you sleep with him?

LUCKY: Feeding is really a very intimate act, for them. Really, I think it's almost as intimate as sex. But no, my vamp doesn't sleep with any of his freshies. He says it would complicate things. I mean, there are several of us that live there. And he has other freshies as well.

INTERVIEWER: Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for him. You're a modern young woman—isn't it difficult to care about someone, as you obviously do, and have to share him with others? And don't you want something more?

LUCKY: Sure, it's hard. It helps that we're all really close. We take care of each other. And he's really insistent that we get along. There was a girl once who moved in, very jealous, very unpleasant. She didn't last long…he sent her away. He won't put up with that kind of discord in his home.


LUCKY: And as for wanting something more—sure, but you know, I'm pretty happy with things as they are. Sorry to interrupt.

INTERVIEWER: No problem, this is all very interesting. So how did you meet this vampire, anyway? Was he your first?

LUCKY: No, not my first. Let's just say it was a "friend of a friend" kind of thing.

INTERVIEWER: I notice you aren't mentioning any names.

LUCKY: That was one of the conditions of my talking to you. As you know.

INTERVIEWER: All right, moving on. Back to a bit of the logistics of it. How often does he bite you?

LUCKY: It varies. Usually once or twice a week.

INTERVIEWER: And how much blood does he take?

LUCKY: Well, it's hard for me to say. Not enough to affect my health. He says he'd rather take less, and feed more often, than the other way.

INTERVIEWER: Why is that, do you think?

LUCKY: I don't want to sound all mystical and poetic, but—my vampire—says that there are, I don't know, flavors in the blood of his special freshies that sustain him better than other blood. (laughs) Maybe it's biochemistry. No one's ever analyzed it.

INTERVIEWER: Isn't there a risk he'll take too much?

LUCKY: He's pretty careful about that. He really has amazing self-control.

INTERVIEWER: It sounds as though you admire him.

LUCKY: Yes, of course. He's…he's a unique individual.

INTERVIEWER: I'd love to talk to him someday.

LUCKY: I'm sure you would.

INTERVIEWER: All right, we're going to break now, and when we come back, we'll be taking call-in questions. If you have a question for Ms. Alexander, please call us at (310) 555-….


Does it bother you you're going to burn in hell for feeding an undead monster?

That question really can't be answered. For one, he's not a monster, and for another, he's one of the most alive people I've ever met. It would be more evil not to feed him, as far as I can tell. As far as burning in hell goes, well, I think we have different beliefs. But I appreciate your concern.

"Do vampires prefer one blood type over another?"

"Hello? Someone there? Oh, sorry. Yeah, well, ahm, I wanted to ask a question. So. Hmm, Miss Alexander, I just want to know, how do you meet a vampire to become a freshie? I mean, obviously they stay secret, but they must have their sources. I guess you are not allowed to say much about that, but still. Ahem. Is there some kind of job description or something?"

*calling with an observation/question ... "This is really very interesting. Your vampire sounds like a caring person/soul. I wanted to ask if you get paid for doing this. Maybe not you personally, but some of the girls."*