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Anyway, this fanfic is actually a serie of one-shots, each telling of different ways Spyro, Sparx, and Cynder could have failed their quest in the Legend of Spyro trilogy.

Each failure is supposed to be humorous.

If you have comments or suggestions for possible ways to fail, don't hesitate to leave a review or to send me a PM. I'd appreciate it, actually!

Spyro dies a lot in Legend of Spyro

Ignitus Training Session Blooper

"I have a gift for you, young dragon." said the elderly red dragon as the statue in the center of the room was lowered, the room changing shape.

And then, as the realization struck the young purple dragon and the yellow dragonfly that followed him, their expressions changed from awe to utter annoyance.

"Oh great! School!" whined Sparx. The purple dragon nodded, a rather noticeable frown on his expression.

Ignitus's content expression quickly soured and he bent down, staring deep into the younger ones' eyes, his gaze suddenly very much terror-inducing.

"This unlike any school you might have attended before, young one!" he replied suddenly, in a rather dry tone.

As suddenly as anger had risen, as suddenly it vanished as the red dragon turned around and slowly walked toward the other end of the room, resuming his explanation as if nothing had happened.

As Ignitus walked away, Sparx recovered from the scare he received a bit earlier and turned to his adoptive brother.

"We're REALLY going to play along with this guy?" he asked again, his tone even more flat than before.

"I'm not sure. That wasn't exactly the kind of gift I was expecting..." replied Spyro, looking down.

"... and that is how-" Ignitus interrupted his explanation, glancing to the younglings as he realized that they were ignoring him. He turned around quickly, facing them once more.

"Young dragon! Are you listening to me?"

Considering that Ignitus was currently staring at them as if they were thugs owing him money, the two figured it was in their interest to cooperate and both turned to the Guardian, nodding energically.

"Yes Yes! We are!" blurted out Spyro.

The Guardian stared flatly at the purple dragon before sighing loudly, rolling his eyes.

"Nevermind. Now come over here, young dragon. Your training shall now begin."

Nervously, Spyro moved forward and placed himself just in front of Ignitus.

The purple dragon then waited for instructions... but he quickly cringed as Ignitus begun to once more talk about the nature of things and how fire is a primal element. Geez! Can't this guy just tell him how to breathe fire correctly already?

"-and that is how you..." Ignitus came to the end of his explanation only to interrupt it, a suspicion rising within his mind. "What have I just said now, dragon?"

Spyro's eyes widened as he turned to Sparx. His eyes widened as well. It was obvious they had not listened.

The purple dragon turned back to Ignitus and hesitantly begun to answer. "Err... well... you spoke about... hmmm... the flow of fire... in my veins... and uncommon... thingies?"

Although Ignitus's expression remained impassible, both younger beings made a step backward as they were noticing how the Guardian's tail was beginning to twitch, the older dragon obviously beginning to lose patience.

After a long pause, the red dragon chased away his frustration and proceeded.

"FINE. Then we shall do a basic exercise. Spyro, I shall summon dummies. I want you to follow my instructions and to defeat them in the way I will tell you to."

Spyro listened to the explanation. Seemed simple enough! He walked to the middle of the arena as the dummies begun to form. Surely, that would be easy!

... but soon enough, he found out it wasn't. Not only did Ignitus ask him to defeat them in awkward ways using awkward moves but the dummies, unfortunately, were very much magically animated and for every mistake he did, pounded his muzzle. Sadly, despite being made of straw, their punches were almost as painful as that of the things they were modelled after.

If only he could knock up one of those apes and then crush it while Ignitus was not looking! Would do the same than doing what he asked minus all of the effort. All he had to do is wait for the right moment...

"YAAAAAWN!" went Sparx, bored by the sight. Ignitus turned to him, frowning deeply.


When he turned back, Spyro was smiling nervously, standing next to a squished dummy as the others stopped moving.

"Look! I have completed the exercise! I did well, isn't it?"

Ignitus did not say a single word.

"I... did well, isn't it?" he asked again.

Ignitus walked toward Spyro...

"... Ignitus?"

The red dragon stopped just in front of Spyro. Although his expression was one of calm, the elder dragon's left eye was clearly twitching.

"Young dragon, not only do you not listen to my explanations but you have cheated! You are a dishonor to dragonkind!" like his expression, Ignitus tried to sound calm but the true feeling underneath, burning rage, was more than obvious enough.

"I was foolish. I trusted you, even coming out in the open only to have you make fun of me in such a way? If it is to be this way, then I shall act as the tradition dictate and punish you in the same way as Guardians have punished such young dragons accross the ages!"

"Wha-what?" Spyro's jaw dropped as he finally understood what it meant. He kicked into the ground, his tiny limbs carrying him as fast as they could as he tried to get away. "Heeeeeelp!"


As Ignitus's gigantic funnel of flames engulfed Spyro, his scales turned from purple to a dark, unique shade of grey. His flesh inside also turned from fleshy red to a neat golden color as he was toasted to crispy goodness. Not a bad color swap, actually!... but sadly it wasn't exactly a bargain, the cost for such a color swap being his life.

Sparx hovered there, frowning deeply as he saw Spyro fall on his side after Ignitus finished making a barbecue out of him.

"Maybe we should have taken the correspondence course, after all..." he said, scratching his head.