"Why'd you do it."

"Because god commanded it, because we have work for you."


Caleb Reaves jumped up in his bed with sweat dripping down his face. He was shaky all over and mostly confused. He just had a dream about Dean and was startled about it. He knew it couldn't of have been a vision because Dean was dead and there was know way in hell, God would command Dean Winchester to be dragged out of hell. So he decided to call Mac up and ask what the hell is going on.

"Hello?" "Mac!" Caleb said unable to calm down.

"Yes Caleb, everything alright?" Mac asked.

"Um…yes…well….no… not really. I need help."

"Well, what is it?" "Um, I, uh, had a dream"

"Dream or vision?" Mac said starting to get worried. His son was having bizarre dreams recently.

"I don't know, It was all so confusing." Caleb said trying to think of the right word to say.

"What happened in your dream or vision Caleb?"

"Okay, um it was about deuce." Caleb said breathlessly.

"Dean is dead son." Mac Stated solemnly hoping his son had not gone crazy.

"I know dad! Just listen, Dean was there, Bobby was there, and this dude named Castiel."

"Hmmmm…… Castiel, Castiel……… I'm sure I've heard of that name somewhere."

"Well, where Mac? I'm freakin' out right now, I need to know what the hell is going on. Call up Bobby would ya?"

"Why? What are you going to do?" Mac said starting to worry again.

"I'm gonna go find Sam, maybe he knows what the hell is going on, cause apparently you and me don't" Caleb said as he hung up and left.


Sam Winchester stood and looked at the motel room in shock. It was a mess, a huge mess. Glass was everywhere. He scanned the room for Dean but didn't see him. He was probably still with Bobby. So he tried calling Bobby but no luck. He just decided to clean it up a little bit to make it look somewhat decent than it did right now and wait for Dean to come back.

About an hour later Sam heard a knock at the door, he quickly looked around to see if the room was somewhat decent, there was still glass in some places but it was a hell of a lot than it was before. The knocking continued and Sam starting to get annoyed shouted; "Hang on!" Damnit. Where the hell was Dean when he needed him?

Sam opened the door and saw who it was…it was Caleb.

"What the hell do you want, Reaves?"

"Is that any way to greet a fellow psychic?" Caleb said in a strange accent.

"Funny Caleb, real funny," Sam said as he opened the door to let Caleb in.

"I know right?" Caleb said as he came in. When he came in he took one glance at the room and said; "What the hell happened here?"

"Don't even ask, 'cause I don't know. It was worse than this before. Cleaned it up a little bit."

"You call this clean?" Caleb said raising his eyebrow in shock of what the younger physic called clean.

"Well Caleb I, wait what the hell do you want?" Sam said beginning to lose his temper.

"I need to ask you something runt…"

"Shoot, and it's Sam." Sam said glaring at the elder hunter as he leaned back in his chair.

"What?" Caleb held as he looked at Sam.

"Ask me what you wanted to ask me you ass"

"Oh yeah… sorry Sam, okay well, I kinda had this really weird dream the other night."

"What was it about?" Sam said starting to get worried because he had also began to have strange dreams too.

"It was about your brother." Caleb said as he looked Sam in the eye.

"What about him?" Sam asked tensing down a bit.

"Well Dean was in my dream or vision or whatever the you wanna call it, and so was Bobby, and oh yeah there was also this dude who called himself Castiel and-"

"Oh shit!" Exclaimed Sam.

"What?" Enquired Caleb.

"Godamnit Dean."

"What the hell is going on Sam?" Caleb asked annoyed that Sam was ignoring him

"My stupid idiot brother went after the damn thing." Sam said starting to get mad.

"What? That's not possible, Dean is dead Sam…you know that!" Caleb shouted.

"Not anymore."

"What? He's alive? How?" Caleb asked, with a grin glowing on his face.

"Something brought him back Caleb. Something that can burn people's eyes out." Sam said in an anxious tone."

" You mean you didn't?"

"No…I couldn't do it. Castiel did."

"Oh I see. So, who or what is Castiel??" Caleb said curiously.

"That's what we want to know, who or what is Castiel, and why did he bring Dean back?"

"Well, where's your brother?"

"I guess he went with Bobby to summon the damn thing." Sam said through clenched teeth.

"Oh, well that's a problem." Caleb said looking down as he bit his lip.

"Okay, well tell me exactly what happened in this dream of yours." Sam said quickly.

"Okay, well Deuce was there, Bobby was there, kinda, well Dean asked Castiel why he did it and Castiel replied, because God commanded it, because we have work for you."

"Hmm… What did he mean by that?"

"I don't know,"

"let's not tell Dean about this, okay?"

"Why not?" Caleb said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Because we don't know what really happened."

"well how about we just act like nothing happened?" Caleb suggested.

"Okay, fine whatever works," Sam said with a shrug. He and Caleb didn't particularly agree with each other on a daily basis, but when it came to Dean, they did, "Okay, well I guess were good, now let's go to Bobby's"

"Alight fine, but I'm going to stop at McDonalds to get something to eat, because I'm freakin' starving" Caleb said as his stomach growled.

"Fine, I guess I 'll get something too, " Sam said as they left.

Well, at least he and Caleb got along fine now, but if it wasn't for Dean, he wouldn't know what to do.