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Now that is out of the way, for all the readers of "Whatever It Takes", I welcome you to the sequel, "Whatever It Takes II"! Over the past several months, when my muse took a vacation, I had thought about making a sequel to "Whatever It Takes," thus my brain came up with the idea of having Shion visit Konoha instead of having Naruto return to the Demon Country. Having Shion visit Konoha opens up many possibilities of what might happen during her stay, and it just makes for interesting plots revolving around Naruto. (snicker)

So hop on board for this interesting ride with this WIP, for I can imagine the drama unfolding for poor Naruto. ;p

MAJOR WARNING!: I thought I could wait until after certain unfolding current canon events in the manga, but my muse just can not wait to write up this story. So I just want to say that "Whatever It Takes II" is an AU after Chapter 425 of the manga. If future manga chapters tell things differently, I do not want to hear from people that I made a mistake in the story due to canon. I will not change anything in this story to fit manga chapters beyond Chapter 425, unless I can incorporate canon events in chapters made after the manga chapters were released. Okay? Good.

PAIRINGS NOTE!: I definitely will be making this a NaruShion and NaruSaku story, with possibilities it could end in NaruShionSaku. Yet there is a question mark regarding a third girl joining. Currently I'm not entirely sure whether I can make her work into the story well, for after all, she didn't interact much with Naruto in canon any way. Yet as the story progresses, I'll see whether she can be incorporated into becoming Naruto's third girl. And no, I will not be doing a poll. I already know who I want to be for the third girl, just as I said, I'll just have to see whether I can make her work well into the story.

Story rating: T (PG-13)(for minor sexual themes)
Written: November 2008 -

Summary: Shion visits Konoha to request Naruto to 'help' her again, but not without changes and consequences. Spoilers. NaruShion, NaruSaku, Naru?.


Whatever It Takes II
Chapter 1 - Preparations
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

The Elemental Countries. In the entire world, this group of countries together made up the shinobi civilization, where jutsus, chakra, and other shinobi abilities were a way of life for the people living in these lands. Five of these nations were the known super powers of this region – Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, and Lightning. Yet the smaller powers were no pushovers, even though all their lands combined would not measure to the vast acres of any one of the major five.

One of these smaller nations was Demon Country. Situated at the northeast corner of Fire Country, this state and its people were mostly peaceful, wanting very little to do with the clashes between the major powers or any nation that sought power. Ruled by a good and kind daimyo, they lived tranquil lives.

Yet despite their serenity and small size, Demon Country was the only hope the world has against a powerful being that sprout up once in awhile from the spirits of evil people – Mouryou. No number of powerful shinobi could stand against this evil, yet Demon Country has one weapon that no other nation has, the bloodline of their High Priestess. From generation to generation, the bloodline was the only thing that was able to stop Mouryou, sealing the creature away or destroying it at the cost of the priestess's life. It was this reason why Demon Country was respected and renowned by the other nations, and why the High Priestess, not the daimyo, was seen as a leader, despite she was not the true ruler of the small nation, although she did resign over the governorship of the village where she lived.

Residing in the Shrine/Palace of the High Priestess, the current high priestess was busy in her living quarters. She was instructing her staff in preparations for a trip, thus not only her clothes and few other items were ordered to be packed for the journey, but also her directions were given to those who would keep things running in the estate while she was gone.

Her name was Shion, and at 17 years of age, she was already considered gorgeous within the standards society would deem for women in general - long light-blonde thigh-length hair, well-toned shapely body, a good size bust, and a beautiful face topped by a pair of light-violet eyes no one else in the world has. A little more than 11 months ago, she has helped stop Mouryou from reeking havoc to the world, and since then, she has became more involved with the running of her village, when before, her top administrators had been doing the job. It was clear to many in the village that their teenage high priestess was becoming a true adult and leader, and for that, they were thankful and blessed the young girl has grown up so much since that epic war 11 months ago.

Yet for Shion, that war against Mouryou marked a special turning point in her life. Not just because it had changed her as a person, for also it enabled her to meet a special someone in her life – a young Konoha genin who helped her defeat Mouryou once in for all. When she had thought all hope was lost, he has lifted her spirits to believe otherwise. When she was about to sacrifice her life to destroy Mouryou, he had rescued her, and afterward, they as one obliterated the evil being, combining her powers with his. Not only would he be forever remembered in Demon Country's history as the young man who had worked together with High Priestess Shion to destroy Mouryou, he would forever hold a special place in Shion's heart, for he was the man she has fallen in love with – Naruto Uzumaki.

With hair in a long manageable braid while wearing a peach kimono with flower designs, the young priestess grinned slightly on her thoughts regarding the blond Konoha shinobi as she inspected a small trunk containing her clothes. Pleased with what she saw, Shion closed the trunk and nodded to two male servants, who took the trunk to be placed on the carriage outside in the front courtyard.

"I still have reservations about you going on this trip, Shion-sama," an older male voice spoke from behind the priestess.

Sighing, Shion turned to train a small reassuring grin at her chief administrator. "Osamu, I'm going to be fine. You make it sound just like it was nearly a year ago when I went off to the Sealing Shrine to seal away Mouryou. We're not at war today."

The middle-aged man nodded with a small sheepish grin. "True, but you may never know whether you might run across bandits and other criminals along route to Konoha. I and everyone here will feel more reassure if you reconsider taking your entire personal guard with you."

In response, Shion shook her head. "That will only attract more attention. During the war against Mouryou, if I had taken the entire guard with me, they would have all been slaughtered. I'd made the right choice to go with just my Konoha escorts, for we made great time in getting to the shrine without the burden of my personal guard with me." A wistful sigh escaped her at the memories of her head guard's stubbornness to not leave her. If only he had stayed, he would be alive today. Yet the blonde girl couldn't dispute that Taruho's sacrifice was not in vain.

Osamu saw the brief sorrow in his leader's eyes, thus he knew she was remembering Taruho. She had taken his death quite hard, so despite her making great strides in making more friends among her subjects since the Mouryou War, she has yet to fully recover from the lost of her closest friend. Yet in spite of his sympathies for her, he continued to press the issue that was at hand. "You weren't carrying luggage at the time, Shion-sama. This time, you will be taking luggage and one personal servant on a slow moving carriage with only one guard, not to mention you will be taking your barely two-month-old child. It'll take you least a week to get to Konoha. Anything can happen along the way during that time."

"One more time, Osamu, I'm going to be fine," Shion responded with a gentle tone that also said that she would not tolerate anymore arguments. "Before the end of today, Konoha should receive the letter we sent yesterday by messenger hawk. If all goes as planned, we'll get an escort of Konoha shinobi within a day or two after we depart from here." A small smirk graced the young priestess's face. "Surely you have not forgotten that shinobi can travel great distances much faster in shorter periods of time."

A chuckle from her administrator told her he has not forgotten that fact. "Of course I have not forgotten. Just as I said, many of us will feel better you will be safe with more guards. The news of the past year regarding the Akatsuki War is not very reassuring, especially given you will be staying in Konoha."

Shion frowned at that last statement. "The war is over, Osamu. Konoha has prevailed over the Akatsuki and Oto, and they had not been attacked since then. The Hidden Village in the Leaves has emerged stronger than they were before the war. It's another reason why I do not need my entire personal guard with me. I'll be staying with the strongest shinobi village on the entire continent, thus I'll be quite safe there." She paused for a moment to let her frown transformed into a small warm smile. "Besides, I'll be with Naruto."

Sighing in defeat, Osamu nodded with a tiny grin. He couldn't dispute how much the Konoha boy had helped in protecting his leader, not to mention the special place he held in her heart. In the past nearly 11 months, every time Shion had mentioned her child's father, her eyes and facial expression changed so warmly and confidently, it reminded all those who saw it what deep, true love looked like. "Of course, Shion-sama," Osamu nearly warmly whispered, "of course."

Turning around, the smiling young woman strolled toward a wooden crib, which was etched with Japanese figures and designs along the bars and base. "Other than meeting Naruto again, I very much want to see Konoha. I want to know about the village that so much influenced Naruto's life as well as the possibility our child will live there as well for some time," she finished upon arriving at the crib and peering down into it to the sleeping infant.

Smiling fondly at the sight of the young mother looking affectionately at her child, Osamu decided to take his leave. Being a father and husband, he have seen that look so many times on his wife whenever she had looked at their children with love. "I'll see to the final preparations, Shion-sama." With that said, the kind administrator bowed his head once before leaving mother and child alone as he left the room.

With a still tender expression, Shion reached down to gently pick-up the sleeping baby, making sure to wrap the blue blanket warmly around the small body. Holding her infant securely in her arms, light-violet eyes couldn't help but to twinkle at the beautiful sight of what she has personally created over the course of nine months. Wanting very much to do so, the High Priestess of Demon Country bended her head down to place a small kiss on her child's forehead.

"Soon, you'll be seeing your father, Little One," Shion whispered, eyes on the small peaceful face and the blond hair a shade darker than her own. "Your life is just beginning."


Many kilometers southwest of Demon Country, almost in the center of Fire Country, lay the most powerful shinobi village of the five major nations. It was not always the most dominant, since it was founded a century ago. Yet since the end of the Third Great War, it has taken over the top spot in all of the Elemental Countries, and it has grown even stronger since the end of the Akatsuki War and its war against Oto several months ago.

For this was Konohagakure no Sato, or Konha for short as many called this shinobi village of the Fire Country. It was also known as the Hidden Village in the Leaves. Surrounded by a high wall nearly three stories high and forest of lush greenery, Konoha was considered home to many civilians as well as the shinobi population, the Fire Country's primary fighting force.

Below the Hokage Monument, a series of five large stone faces of the Hokages carved out of the side of a cliff, sat the Hokage Tower, the main government building of Konoha. Here the Hokage, the village's leader and considered the most powerful village shinobi, worked to guide and run the village. All shinobi missions and other administration matters went through the Hokage and those who work in the Hokage Tower, so if anyone needed to seek any important matter regarding the village as a whole, one only have to come to this building.

Yet if one would happened to look inside the Hokage's office, one would happened to find the Godaime Hokage, Senju Tsunade, doing something unexpected. Instead of reading and/or signing papers, the granddaughter of the First Hokage was currently doing something other than her job – she was asleep in her chair with her head over folded arms on the desk with a bottle of sake next to her.

The office door opened to allow a brunette kunoichi, in her upper 20's, to enter as she held up a small scroll. "Tsunade-sama," Shizune began to speak, only to halt upon seeing the state of her blonde mistress. Spotting the sake bottle, guessed to be empty, the frowning medic-nin placed her right hand over her face for a moment and groaned. She had dealt with the Slug Sannin's drinking habits ever since she had begun her apprenticeship so long ago, so in the end, it really was no surprise to her. Yet it was one thing to be drinking during their traveling days, it was another to do so as Hokage. It made Shizune wonder how could any of the younger kunoichi, who idolized the famous female sannin, still able to look up to Tsunade with her looking like this.

After closing the door, the Godiame's assistant strolled over to the desk's left side and pondered to what would be the best way to wake up the blonde. Decided on a course of action, Shizune leaned down a bit to get close to the sleeping Hokage's head but leaving enough room to back off quickly. "Tsunade-sama, wake up! There's a pervert looking down your chest!"

As expected, Tsunade instantly awakened and stood up with an enraged face and right fist ready for action. "Where is he?!" she growled as her eyes wandered quickly around the room, looking for the so-called 'intruder'.

Hearing the giggling from her first apprentice and seeing there was no pervert in the room, the Godiame frowned as she relaxed her stance, knowing perfectly well what had happened. "I wish you do not use Naruto's way of waking me up," she groused before eying the amused younger woman.

"Do you want me to go back to using the bullhorn?" Shizune jibed with a smirk.

Sitting back down, Tsuande waved a hand negatively. "No," she answered with a slightly scrunched face, remembering the ringing in her ears after every time Shizune used a bullhorn to wake her up. Of course, the Fifth also knew another reason why her assistant had began using Naruto's way was that she saved money on buying a new bullhorn after each one had been destroyed by the awaken and frustrated sannin.

Letting out a puff of air, Tsunade relaxed totally. "Do you have something to tell me, or did you come in here just to harass me?" she finished with a raised eyebrow toward the brunette.

Expression still in amusement, Shizune nodded an affirmative to her mistress's question. "Hai," she began while holding out the scroll she had toward the blonde, who took it. "This had arrived minutes ago by messenger hawk. It's from Demon Country."

"Demon Country?" Tsunade raised both eyebrows at this news before pealing the scroll open. "We have not heard from them since the brief Mouryou War last year." As she read the scroll's contents, an amused grin began growing on the 50-something woman's face, and by the time she was finished, she was chuckling.

"What is it, Tsuande-sama?" Shizune asked out of curiosity, wondering what was on the scroll that has her long-time sensei giggling.

Tsuande replied with a wide grin. "It's from Priestess Shion." She rolled the scroll closed as she locked her eyes with her assistant's. "Surely, you remember the Demon Country's high priestess that had asked for Naruto's help with passing down her powers to the next generation of priestesses, eh?"

"Oh, my," Shizune spoke softly as she remembered now. "Did she give birth?"

"Yep," Tsuande answered with a proud smirk. "Two months ago actually." Placing the scroll on the desk, the Godiame shook her head. "With all the problems regarding the Akatsuki and the Sound Village during the past year, I have totally forgotten about Shion's pregnancy with Naruto's child," she chided herself before snickering. "I wonder how our hyperactive gaki will react to this news."

The younger medic-nin giggled at the mental image in her head. "He'll be quite surprise at first, but I say he'll be one proud father. Knowing him, he'll request to go visit Shion as soon as possible."

"No need," Tsuande dismissed the notion with a hand wave, her grin widening. "According to this letter, Shion is coming here to Konoha in one week, and she's bringing that little bundle of joy with her."

Shizune's eyes went wide with open-mouth joy. "Really?!" Getting a nod from her mistress in reply, the raven-haired woman began giggling even more. "Naruton-kun will be quite surprise."

"I know," Tsuande agreed with a smirk, imagining the reaction from her pseudo-son, before a dejected sigh escaped her. "Just too bad Naruto's team is currently away on assignment. Shion requested for a ninja team to rendezvous with her group to escort them the rest of the trip here. Naruto's team will not be back until after Shion arrives here."

A thoughtful frown covered Shizune's face as she thought about it, until an idea came up. "What about Team Gai? They are free to take the mission."

"Good idea," Tsuande approvingly grinned as she pointed momentarily at her subordinate. "Neji and Lee will be familiar faces to Shion, since they were part of the team that had escorted her to the Sealing Shrine last year. Get them, Shizune."

"Hai, Tsaunde-sama," the jounin medic-nin grinned in return before leaving the office immediately to summon Team Gai.

As Konoha's Fifth Hokage reached for a regional map of the area along the Fire and Demon Countries' boarder to prepare the mission briefing for Team Gai, she mentally softly laughed at the thought of what awaited for Konoha's future Hokage.

"Things will definitely be quite interesting for Naruto after next week," she mentally stated as the blonde woman spread opened the map to gaze at it. "I have a feeling things will be changing once again for not only Naruto, but also for Konoha."


End of Chapter 1


1) All spelling & grammar mistakes are mine. This story has not been betaread/proofread, thus why there are mistakes posted. Please do not bother to crit me regarding these mistakes, given I'm not ever perfect when it comes to writing. No one is. Unless someone wants to volunteer to betaread/proofread my Naruto fics, I know future chapters and fics from me will have mistakes as well.

2) I'd placed Demon Country as one of the smaller countries that sits northeast of Fire Country. The map Tsunade showed at the beginning of the Shippuuden movie looks like the smaller northern countries, and only few of the smaller countries have been identified on the Elemental Countries map in canon overall. Given this, I'd thought I might as well place Demon Country as one of the few that sits not far from Rice Country, home of the Sound. There is no true indication exactly where Demon Country is on the map of the Elemental countries, so what I had written is just my interpretation.

For anyone's information, Fire Country does not boarder any of the other major four countries, with maybe the exception of Water Country (containing Kiri, the Hidden Village in the Mist). I recommend to all Naruto fanfic writers to find an online map of the Elemental countries, so you can see where the boarders are. I keep reading fics where the writer made Fire Country boarder Wind, Earth, and/or Lightning when it's clear that Fire Country does not boarder the others anyway.

3) There is no indication canon-wise of Shion's age. We can take a guess she is a teenager, given her height compared to Naruto's. Yet other than this, there is no way to determine whether she is Naruto's age or older than him.

I say this because I made Shion 17, a year older than Naruto, because I like to have another major difference to make her different than Hinata. Shion has the same hairstyle and facial shape as Hinata's, so if one just colors Shion's hair black-purplish and her eyes like a Hyuuga, one will get Hinata in appearance. So despite Shion have a different personality than Hinata's and no doubt longer hair than Hinata's, I like to give her least a year difference in age than Hinata's to make them really different.

4) Don't expect this story to contain lemons. It is rated T. I had thought of doing a lemon fic for "Whatever It Takes" to tell what had transpired during the three days Naruto was with Shion, but I decided against it, given I'm not that great when it comes to doing lemons anyway. Maybe some lime, but not lemons.

5) Last, does anyone know of some good websites to do research for Japanese names? I need some new names of some OCs, especially Naruto and Shion's child. I appreciate the help. :)