"Bells, let me show you!" I walked over to Bella carefully, standing just behind her and putting my arms round her to take the bat with her. I felt her shiver against my bare chest, I knew I was warm and she seemed to be freezing, but she was holding out well. I nodded to Quil who nodded in return and threw the ball as hard as he could, which was pretty damn hard to be honest at us. I grinned slightly as I made Bella swing the bat with all of her strength and a fair bit of mine. There was a loud crack as the ball made contact with the bat and flew high. "Bells you did it!" I exclaimed happily picking her up and swinging her around gently.

She giggled slightly wiggling to be put down, which I did. She was so small that it was cute, well compared to me she was small. With a small sigh she glanced at her watch and exclaimed at the time, her hand on her head. "I am so late. Edward is going to be wondering-"She stopped suddenly as Edward strode across my yard now, his eyes furious, he was unhappy. I wrapped a protective arm around my Bella, I knew it wasn't her he was going to snap at, it would be me.

Edward and Bella were like brother and sister; it was hard to separate them sometimes. But I managed it, the only one who really could, which annoyed Edward greatly. He didn't like he little adopted sister mucking about with werewolves, it scared him more than anything, being a vampire himself. But Bella was human, she had every right to be with me seeing as she lived in my house half the time.

I growled a little as Edward stopped in front of us, he shouldn't have even been there, he should have stuck to his side. "You shouldn't be here, it's breaking the Treaty!" I hissed at him as Bella shrunk into my side at the sight of Edward's glare.
"Oh and you never cross the border do you," Edward growled in defensive, sarcastically. Ok, so he was right, but I wasn't going to let him win that easily.

"Sam with be here soon, then you'll be in trouble. You and your little bloodsucking family," I provoked, I knew I shouldn't have, but we were sworn enemies and it was hard not to. His whole family made me sick. Not that they were a family, not really. There was him and his girlfriend, Rosalie, or Barbie as I called her. Then there was Jasper and the freaky one who could see the future, Alice. And the parents were Carlisle and Esme Cullen, married of course. I didn't mind Carlisle or Esme and sometimes I got on with Alice, but the others I despised, even though I'd never had any contact with Jasper. And they had been the ones to adopt Bella as a sister, well sort of.

Basically Bella's father, Charlie an old family friend, had been so busy with work that he was unable to have Bella living with him without her being unsupported by him. So she had been forced to choose between going home to her mother, or stay in Forks. She took the Forks option and moved in with me and my dad Billy, going home to see Charlie whenever she could; he seemed fine about the new living arrangements. But recently she had been half living with the Cullens and half living with us. Of course we didn't agree with that, but Bella had insisted that it was fine, so we let her. Charlie had no idea, and she wanted it to stay that way.

Edward shrugged a little, holding his hand out to Bella, who hesitated. "Actually, I was thinking of staying here for tonight," She whispered, her tone apologetic. To my pleasure, Edward looked more than a little wounded, but he nodded and turned to leave. He half turned back as if to say something, but thought better of it and disappeared in a swirl of dust and dirt. Bella sighed, picking up the bat again and turning to me. "Ready to go again?" She asked with a small grin, I returned it and started where we had left off, as though Edward had never interrupted.

About an hour later we stumbled through the back door to the house, giggling madly as we clutched our sides. Quil had managed to hit Embry on the head with a bat when he had swung too hard, and Paul had thrown a fit, phasing in the middle of the pitch. Ok, that hadn't been so good, I had been forced to phase in front of Bella (again) to knock him of the pitch and into the forest.

Quil sunk into one of the chairs as I went to the fridge and took out some drinks for the four of us that were left. Bella sat herself on the worktop, her legs crossed in a very ladylike position. I threw her a can, which she caught quite well, I grinned before throwing one to Quil and Embry who both caught it, no surprise there though.

"You know, I think Bella could be playing for a professional team soon," Embry teased her; she glared at him, knowing he was winding her up. She picked up a jar off the side and threw it at him. She knew it wouldn't touch him because he would catch it, which of course he did. She sighed shaking her head a little, with a small pout. Well how could I resist that? She knew exactly what she was doing, and my Bella wanted a hug.

I crossed over to her, putting my arms around her waist and lifting her off the counter, she giggled again, struggling against me. "Jacob Black put me down now!" I just grinned holding her close to me, knowing she would give in eventually. She soon did and wrapped her arms around my back and hugging me, which I returned with her still about a foot in the air. "You win, again."

"I always win," I teased, putting her down and glancing at the other two. Embry wolf whistled and Quil rolled his eyes shaking his head a little. I knew what was going on in their minds; I had to put up with it every day. They all wanted to know why we hadn't got it together yet, we were so close that it was hard to think that we hadn't.

The door slammed open and we all turned, knowing who it was without needing to hear their voice or see their face. "Guys, Bella," she added Bella's name on coldly, making Bella winced a little at the sound. Leah hated the fact that Bella was friends with both vampires and werewolves, though nearly everyone else had accepted the fact, well maybe not Edward. "Sam needs you three on patrol." She turned and left quickly, the other two got up and followed.

"Will you be alright?" I asked Bella as I took her chin in my hand to make her look at me, she had been staring at the floor. She nodded with a small smile, which warmed my heart.
"I'll be fine," She assured me with a nod. I wrinkled my nose and nodded too, hugging her once again. She returned it limply and I sighed sadly releasing her and heading out the door. Stupid Leah.