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She hated it, I mean truly hated it. Apparently, I hadn't been there, Alice had made the biggest fuss she has ever made about anything and Bella hated to be the centre of attention and of course everyone was invited. All of Bella's friends from school, Renee, everyone. Except me, of course, but that was to be expected right? Well, everyone got Bella lots of gifts and such, so there was a massive fuss, but she got herself through it, with only one outbreak of tears.

Right then I was painting the ceiling on the new baby room, yeah that's right, we got a flat. It was literally one street away from Charlie's, so we were really close. Bella was coming up to her due date now and to calm her down, Alice had taken her shopping, but I doubt that was actually calming her down to be honest. The flat that we had brought had two bedrooms, a front room, a kitchen and a bathroom. It was all we needed for now, plus we could move if we needed to. I was now working, so I was putting money back every week. That's right, I got a job as a mechanic at one of the local garages, and it's great!

Everything was finally coming together for us, all because of the tiny baby that was growing inside of Bella. Well it wasn't so tiny now in fact, she had quite a bump. I hummed as I finished the last corner of the room, with a small smile. We'd gone for yellow, as it's the middle and we weren't sure if it was a girl or a boy. I was surprised when the phone rung, we'd only had that up for a few days and not many people had our number. I picked it up, with a small smile; I couldn't believe all of this was happening. "Jacob, get to the hospital now," It was Alice and she sounded excited. My stomach knotted, I knew this was it. "Bring the bag! Bella has gone into labour."

I didn't need telling twice, I put the phone down and ran into our bedroom, snatching up the gym bag and the car keys. We'd had everything ready for the past two weeks, when Bella had a false alarm; it had been wind according to Carlisle. But apparently this was the real thing. I ran out of the house, I knew Alice would call Charlie and Renee who was actually staying close by in a hotel, then again she might have moved into Charlie's by now.

Reaching the hospital in seven minutes flat, I jumped out of the car, grabbed the bag and sprinted for the door. I knew where to go, I didn't need to ask. I heard a nurse laugh a little and say. "First time dad, I'm guessing." I ignored her and headed for the lift, jumping in and pressing the button for the third floor. As soon as I was there, I ran out of the lift and sprinted down the corridor.

We'd been through this with Carlisle so many times before, practised it. I skidded down the corridor, passed a nurse, panting a little. I shoved a door open, running inside. The scene that met my eyes was terrible, though I knew that was how it was supposed to look. Bella's eyes were closed, sweat was pouring down her face, her hair was everywhere and yet she still managed to look beautiful. A motherly looking nurse, I was guessing mid-wife, was telling her to take deep breaths.

Carlisle was standing a little way away, Alice was beside him, she was holding out pretty well. She flashed me a small weak smile as I strode to Bella's side, taking her hand. Bella's eyes snapped open and she looked at me relief flooding her face. Then she sharply slapped me across the face, her eyes turning furious. "I HATE you Jacob Black! You got me into this mess! I really ha-" She cried out in pain, closing her eyes again.

I could see Alice grinning in the corner of my eye; I just smiled and held Bella's hand, trying to soothe her. This was the moment that we had been expecting for weeks. I couldn't believe that it was finally here. "One more big push honey," The mid-wife instructed, but Bella shook her head, tears pouring down her face.

"I-I can't!" She gasped, gripping my hand extra hard now; I was surprised that she could actually squeeze that hard. "I just can't."
"Bella, you can," I soothed, exactly at the same time as Alice did. I flashed her a small smile, before looking at Bella. Bella took a deep breath, before screwing up her face and crying out. She sunk back into the pillows, taking deep breaths, looking exhausted.

A shrill cry split the air, I froze where I was, my eyes widening. This was it; our baby was here, our little baby! I turned to the mid-wife, as she finished something up, grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around the baby in her arms. She stood with a small smile, rocking the baby as she rubbed it off. "Say hello to your little daughter."

Pride, happiness and so many more emotions filled my chest, making it swell. I was a father, I really was. The mid-wife hushed the baby in her arms, walking over to me and placing the bundle in my arms. I didn't know what to do; I just sat there with the baby in my arms. "Let me see," Bella croaked from beside me. I turned to her, holding out the little bundle to her.

This was our little daughter, all ours. I was so happy that I could barely speak, but Bella spoke before I even had the chance. "She's beautiful." I had to agree with that, she really was. "She needs a name," She whispered looking at me, we hadn't even discussed this. We hadn't known if it were to be a boy or a girl, so we hadn't even thought about it. I searched for a name that would suit her; I didn't have a chance to say anything, because Bella spoke again. "Sarah," She whispered with a small smile.

My mouth dropped open, had she just said that? She was naming our baby after my mother, she had really suggested it. I felt another emotion swell in my chest; I had no idea what it was. Bella looked down at the bundle that was blinking up at her. "She's defiantly a Sarah." She whispered glancing at me with a small smile.

"Sarah-Alice Renee Black," I whispered, glancing over at Alice, who looked shocked, blinking a little. "You got her here Alice, I owe you for that. Thank you so much." Alice smiled; I knew if she could blush then she would have done, but as it was she looked flattered. I looked down at Bella, who was smiling; I guess she approved of the name. But I had one final thing to say. "Isabella Swan," That got her attention, she looked up at me, her eyes widening. "Will you marry me?"

Bella didn't answer, her eyes widened even further. I could hear Alice holding her breath behind us. "Y-Yes!" She gasped, tears pouring down her cheeks. "Oh…Yes Jacob of course I will!" I sat on the edge of the bed, putting an arm around her and kissing the top her head. Carlisle, Alice and the mid-wife clapped, all smiling, the mid-wife even wiped away a tear.

I looked down at my beautiful fiancée and my darling baby…Sarah-Alice Renee Black. This was the perfect scene…

15 months later… (Third person POV)

"Come on Sarah," Rosalie coaxed gently, holding her arms out for the little girl to walk into. "Come to Auntie Rose." Sarah put her head on one side; she was clutching the couch to stop herself from falling. "Come on," Rosalie carried on, smiling a little.

Sarah-Alice had been left in the care of the Cullens while Bella and Jacob were out. Emmett came into the room; Sarah squeaked happily and took a few steps towards him, her arms outstretched. Not being very good at walking yet, she stumbled, but Emmett's vampire speed allowed him to catch her before she fell. "Silly Sarah," He teased, tickling her gently, she giggled. Rosalie looked put out, crossing her arms.

Sarah was dressed in a little dress, picked out by Alice, her black hair stuck out everywhere. She had Bella's big brown eyes, she looked a lot like Bella, but her hair was her father's. Just then both her mother and father entered the room, his arm slung around her shoulders. "How was the scan?" Alice asked, from the couch where she was sat. Emmett passed Sarah to Bella, as she had stretched out her arms for her.

"It was fine…" Bella smiled, taking her daughter in her arms. "Actually, we have some news." The married couple glanced at one another, smiles on their faces. "We're having twins!" Alice jumped off the couch and squealed.

"Seriously?!" She asked, Jacob nodded, grinning for ear to ear. "That is great news! I can do double the shopping now." Bella rolled her eyes a little. "Uh oh, Seth and Embry are coming," She told them, catching their scent on the air. "Better tell them the news."

As soon as the two entered, they were told, both gave their congratulations…

Two clans, completely against each other, had been brought together by something as simple as the love shared by two people, though to be honest, love is rarely ever simple….Love has a special way of bringing people together. You can run from it, you can hide from it and you can deny it, but you can never change it, or try to stop it. Love will happen…and when it does, things could change for the better!

So it ended happily after all. I had fun writing this…it got all soppy at the end, but I can't help that now. The added on bit is a little lame, but never mind. Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading. And also a big thanks to all of you who reviewed!