All's Fair Chapter One

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Genma 26

Iruka 22

Raidou 32

Kakashi 34

Kotetsu 23

Izumo 21

Tenzou 28

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The sand started to whirl as the sound of the helicopter got closer. Hatake Kakashi stood outside the fenced in area for helicopter landing in front of the admittance tent. "New sergeant" he grumbled in his mind "probably some cocky shit that thinks he is god's gift to the war 'cause he was just made sergeant'. He looked to his right at Raidou; the now first lieutenant was once a cocky shit of a sergeant. Sometime war had a way of making you a strong weapon quickly, like Raidou, and sometime it made you into nothing but a mad man or dead. 'Fucking cocky sergeants,' he sighed, slouching his back a bit in boredom. Well at least that was the appearance.

"I hear they have high hopes for the medic sir, but they said that the sergeant is a cocky little shit." Raidou smirked inside knowing that would just twist at his captain's nerves.

Kakashi showed no outward signs of the glare he gave to the helicopter pad as the sand flew hard and the steel bird landed.

Genma grinned as he set foot on solid ground, his loose, golden hair flying around his head as the air currents from the helicopter blades swirled around him. He'd flown through basic with his team and was looking forward to showing his mettle in the specialized training. He'd gotten close with several of his unit members and a few of them were hoping out of the chopper behind him. Kotetsu and Izumo were fine soldiers, both extremely able in their skills and hopefully their ability to get the job done. They were also as close as brothers...and lovers, finishing each other's sentences and sharing similar interests in everything, especially each other. Umino Iruka was a gifted medic. Probably should have been transferred to medical division and trained as a surgeon but he had a lot of humility and his fighting skills had kept him in Genma's platoon.

Genma shot the clearly nervous brunette a comforting smile before crossing the open field to where their new captain was waiting for them. Iruka was too shy to know that he was a hot piece of ass but Genma's interests for him where strictly platonic. His only desire for the next forty days of training were to make the steely Captain Hatake respect him as a soldier and admire him in whatever way he could. He'd heard a lot about the captain's reputation and he desperately wanted to make a good impression. He knew Kakashi's men usually were highly decorated and that his company also had a very high casualty rate but it wasn't going to be like that this time. He'd worked with some of these men, supported them as they killed themselves on forced marches and suffered through physical training. He'd helped them through the difficult navigation training and survival techniques and he'd be damned if he saw one of his friend's hurt or killed in the line of duty. The group of roughly twenty men stopped in front of a silver haired man, whose single visible eye was evaluating them harshly, and a brawny brunette who had burn scars on the side of his face that appeared to run the entire length of his torso. He and the other men dropped their bags as he called out 'ten-hup!' and they formed a perfectly unison salute to their new CO.

Kakashi gave an approving nod, but it was Raidou who stepped forward "Alright men, you have all just been put through the hardest training of your life..."

Kakashi looked up and down the lines of men. 'Hmmm, no women this trip. Good,' he thought. 'They cause too much trouble. I already have enough of them here' He picked out a shy looking soldier who had let hair get longer and combed it over the right side of his face. As he looked deeper into this man there was an edge to his eyes that screamed he meant business and was ready to do anything to protect his country. 'Yes yes, many real soldiers,' he noted as he looked down the line. Then his eyes set on a cocky looking brat with a shit eating grin and spiky black hair. 'This must be the new sergeant. Cocky little shit." Beside him was the cutest man he had ever seen, long brown hair pulled up to show off his pretty tanned face. 'Mmm, a scar across his nose; how sweet. He could be fun,' he mused but then movement from the man beside him caught his eye. It was so fluent and strong... 'Oh shit he's fucking hot!' The tall blond shifted a toothpick from one side of his cocky lips to the other. 'Ohhh what beautiful lips they are.' The cockiness that he hated in most only seemed to being more to this man's smile. More...heat. Oh hell, that heat wasn't just in the man's smile. Kakashi found most of that heat was pooling in his groin. 'He is mine,' An evil smile pulled at his lips and he let a touch of show at the corner of his lips

"Well that was nothing compared to what you will go through here. You thought basic was hell, well welcome to the ninth level," Raidou roared to the new members of their camp. Raidou turned to the man that had been beside him and nodded the dark haired man with the sunglasses walked over and pulled back the door flap to the admittance tent.

"Alright strip down to shorts," Raidou started to yell again. "You will now be having a physical and if you pass that you will be registered to the camp, then we will be starting your training right away. So I hope you ate before you came cause dinner is a long way away. Now move!"

Kakashi leered at the beautiful man with the with the golden honey hair from behind his dark green, cloth mask he wore to keep the sand out of his mouth and lungs 'I think I sit in on these exams' he told himself with a possessive twist to his lips as he watched his new interest.

Genma pretended to check out Iruka's ass as he waited in line. The brunette playfully smacked his shoulder as the sandy air whipped past them. He had no concern about anyone from his unit passing the physical. Even Iruka, who was easily the smallest of the bunch, was well developed and in perfect health. He could see some of the men from other units trying to hide rashes and areas of their body that had obviously not been trained quite as hard. He chuckled as he saw one private frantically trying to hide the fact that he had a severe herpes outbreak with his boxer shorts. 'That's why you've got to wrap it up. Flies spread disease, so keep yours closed!'

"Hey, Sarge?" Genma looked down at the brunet's nervous gaze before following it to the striking silver haired man standing beside the scarred lieutenant who was barking orders. "He's staring at us. Oh gods, he's going to wash me out! I don't want to go to war without you guys beside me."

Genma chuckled and put a hand on both of the bronze shoulders and pulled Iruka back in line in front of him. "Relax, Kiddo. I know for a fact that you're the last person they'll be washing out. Stay tough and focused and you'll be fine." He lifted his gaze back up to the Captain, holding it for just a second before ducking into the tent, wondering why they'd been studied so intently. He knew Captain Hatake had a reputation for really breaking new recruits in...or just plain breaking them; but not his crew. They'd make it.

"Hey, 'Ruka, don't sweat it. You are so damn cute no one will wash you out." Kotetsu gave a cruel laugh. "If anything, they'll snatch you up and tuck you in their bed for safe keeping." He gave Iruka a little shove causing him to bump into Genma again.

He was still laughing when he turned back to his best friend and lover. "Hey, Izumo, I wasn't saying you aren't cute," he tried to disarm his glaring love, "but you are taken and I'm not letting anyone snatch you away from me." He gave Izumo's butt a pinch with a smirk and a wink.

Raidou watched from the tent door as the cute little man with the hair in his face glared at his friend then jumped a bit at his ass being pinched. 'Mmm and what a fine ass it is.' He pulled himself from his daydream when he realized he had walked closer to the small group of men "I don't believe I told you men you could talk," He barked out "You are disturbing the rest of the camp. Just for that you are next." He looked down at Izumo with a leering smile on his lips. "You first, cutie" He placed a hand on Izumo's shoulder and pushed him toward the tent. "The rest of you get down and give me pushups 'til I tell you to stop" he snapped at the remaining three men.

Izumo glanced back at his lover as he was led away, the hand on his shoulder more invasive hand he'd expected. He entered the small room and was surprised when the first lieutenant followed right behind. A doctor was standing behind the curtain beside an exam table and simply told him to drop his drawers and hop up. He wasn't entirely comfortable with getting naked with his superior officer in the room but he was always one to follow orders so he stripped down and reclined on the uncomfortable surface. He closed his eyes as the doctor began a rigorous inspection of his body, making notes of scars and old injuries. He was so deep in his own mind that he almost missed the doctor asking him questions.

"Oh, yeah, I broke it when I was 15. It healed well though. Never given me any problems." His eyes darted nervously around the room and widened in surprise when he saw his superior staring at him with half lidded eyes, like at any moment the man would walk over and eat him up. He couldn't seem to pull his gaze away from the intense stare. The pale cheeks flushed as he felt himself harden as the medic began inspecting his groin. He raked a hand over his face and tried to control his body, missing the look the medic shot Raidou when his face was covered.

"Stand up and lean over the table."

Izumo groaned as he knew what was coming. Sure he was an uke and he had fingers up his ass many times before but it was never hot to have latex gloves shoved up you. He gritted his teeth as the medic spread his cheeks wide, almost as if putting on a show for the room's only other occupant.

Raidou kept his gaze strong as he watched every move that the smaller man made. His smaller frame and pale perfect skin made Raidou's mouth drier then the sand, and the cute shy way his hid behind his hair made him want to snatch him away and keep this one for himself. 'I might just have to arrange that,' he thought to himself, his eyes going heavy with lust as he thought of all the things he could do to that body. 'He's looking at me; what beautiful dark eyes. Oh fuck, he's getting hard.' He was filled with both lust and anger, lust for the beautiful responsive man being examined and anger at the doctor that was touching what he had decided would soon be his.

But the doctor seemed to sense this and gave him a look of invitation to the show

"Stand up and lean over the table."

Raidou felt a shiver run down his spine at the uneasiness the younger man was showing at what he knew was coming. When that beautiful body was bent over the table Raidou silently took a couple steps to get the perfect view as the cheeks where spread wide. 'Oh fuck, I have to have that as my own and soon' he watched as Izumo's asshole flinched and flexed at the two men staring at it. Just from watching that puckered entrance Raidou could tell Izumo was getting nervous.

"Kamizuki," Raidou said in a calm easy voice "Just relax. If you don't relax it could hurt."

Letting out a long breath, Izumo forced his body to relax even as a finger began running up and down his crack. He suddenly had the feeling that this was not going to be your average prostate exam but he didn't say anything. As long as it was the doctor doing the touching, Kotetsu wouldn't be mad. The gloved finger began to tease his hole and he had to bite his lip to keep from moaning. As shy as the pale, dark haired man was he could be a wanton slut when it came to his needs. This however wasn't his boyfriend pleasuring him but a trained medic who probably wouldn't have the same appreciation for his cries of delight as his spiky haired lover.

His body was already covered in a light sheen of sweat as he tried to control himself, releasing only a small grunt when the finger finally penetrated him. Izumo hung his head as the digit pushed further into him. He normally was the type to take things seriously but the finger, in his opinion, had been in his ass too long.

"Hey...ugh...this isn't a date you know." He grunted again as the medic gave a sharp jab to his prostate before removing his fingers.

Raidou gave a barely there shutter and broke from the vivid imaginings the lustful show the medic had given for him had inspired. He walked right over and carefully but with force shoved the medic away from Izumo. He place a hand on Izumo's naked back "Hey, cutie, you alright? Did he hurt you?" Raidou turned so his groin was pressed to Izumo's naked ass his other hand slid up Izumo's back to his shoulder "Sometimes these lonely medics take a little too much time on that exam." His left hand that had been resting in the mid way up that smooth plain of the younger mans back down and around his ribs then smoothed over his chest. Raidou pulled Izumo up into a standing position, back pressed to Raidou's chest. Even standing on the short metal stool Izumo wasn't as tall as the scarred brunet who was now resting his chin on Izumo's bare shoulder, the hand on his chest brushed over a nipple when asked "Do you feel any cause to report your ill treatment?"

The soft pale face turned to look up at the scarred lieutenant and bit his lip before shooting the much taller man a shy smile. "It's just a physical. Nothing to get worked up about."

Raidou had to force his wanton groan back down to his groin but he didn't stop his hand from Izumo's chest moving up to brush a thumb over Izumo's moist lip. "I wouldn't want to see a fine, young man like you get taken advantage of..." he was going to say more but he was lost in those deep brown eyes that were like a hypnotic trap when you could see both.

Izumo flushed at his superior officer's obvious attraction to him. He'd never really thought of himself as a looker, having had only one other partner before Kotetsu, making Raidou's aggressive actions seem foreign.

"I..Thank you for your concern, Sir. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for people who would do that." Feeling just a little sly, Izumo pressed back into the brunette for a moment before grabbing his boxers and slipping them back over his hips. He slipped out of the tent and back to his group of friends who were still doing pushups, making him feel very guilty that he hadn't had to do any. Poor Iruka's arms were starting to shake and both Kotetsu and Genma were sweating. He moved to drop to his knees to start doing pushups but their silver haired CO told them to get up, his visible eye raking over their half naked forms.

Raidou walked out of the tent with a wide smile after giving the medic a pat on the back in thanks, but that smile quickly faded when he saw the men he had ordered to keep doing pushups till he told them to stop, stopping and getting up.

"What the hell do you soldiers think you are doing? Are you to fucking stupid to follow a simple fucking order?" Raidou was right up in Kotetsu's face snarling out his words "Who told you to stop?"

Kotetsu stood at attention, "The Captain told us to get up, sir"

"The Captain. Did the Captain state officially that he was taking over command?" Raidou didn't look away from Kotetsu he didn't break the death stare he had him in.

"No... No, Sir" The spiky haired raven said in the best firm voice he could muster.

"Then get the fuck back on the ground and give me pushups. NOW" Raidou roared tiny specks of spit hitting Kotetsu in the face.

Raidou turned to face his Captain "Sir, these are my men and without making it clear that you are taking over there command I would ask you to not interfere with my orders."

Kakashi walked over to Raidou placing his hand on the man's shoulder "Well said, lieutenant," was all he said as he gave a squeeze to the brunette's shoulder. He gave a look to the young medic who's arms where shaking more with each push up.

"Umino, you're up next" Raidou barked out stepping away from his Captain who was how walking into the medic tent.

Raidou moved back over to Kotetsu "How many is that, Spiky?"

Kotetsu's arms shook as he tried to think and continue with the exercise "I... I don't know Sir"

"You don't know?" Raidou yelled while pushing him to the ground with a foot to the back "Then I guess you better start again and this time count."

There was laughter from somewhere nearby. Raidou walked away yelling for the fucking hyenas to shut the fuck up and get on the ground.

Iruka shivered, even though the air wasn't cold, as he followed his CO into the curtained area. He'd never been very comfortable with authority, doctors, or his body so this was shaping up to be the best event of his life. He stripped off his boxers and lay down on the table, the doctor's hands immediately latching onto his body. Closing his eyes he tried to think himself away. 'I'm on a tropical beach right now. No physical, no CO, just sand and surf.'

"Afternoon, Sir. How's your shoulder doing?" Great, a chatty doctor. This was not conducive to pretending he was somewhere else, Iruka thought as the hands moved over his chest.

"I know! Can you believe how dry it's been? I swear they never get rain here." Iruka was beginning to get nervous. Was the doctor crazy? It was like he was having a conversation with himself.

"Aaah, well you cook it over low heat for ten minutes, flip, and cook for another three minutes and it should be great." Iruka's hairs were standing on end now, goosebumps erupting all over his arms and legs.

"Got a quite few scars here Umino? Not accident prone, are you?" The chocolate eyes snapped open as a question was finally directed at him.

"Oh, uh, well a little bit but most of those weren't accidents."

"Uh oh. Don't tell me you used to be a cutter."

Iruka turned his head to the side and closed his eyes again "Abusive step-father." The rest of the exam passed in relative silence, the creepy doctor embarrassed from his inadvertent discovery and Kakashi as silent as the grave, same as he'd been the whole exam.

Kakashi watched with a pleased eye as Iruka squirmed through the exam. That is until the medic uncovered a pain filled past, and then his mood soured. There would be no enjoyment from watching the younger man squirm from and overly thorough prostate exam. He was pleased when the medic understood that as well and made it as quick and simple as he could. Both men's mouths dropping open when Iruka turned around and bent over, showing them intricate network of decimated skin on his back.

Kakashi stood as Iruka was getting ready to leave; as the man passed by his to leave the tent he grabbed his arm gently "I've heard good things about you, Umino. I'm pleased to have you at my camp." He let go of Iruka with a nod but added before Iruka could leave "Please inform the lieutenant that I request to see Shiranui next" 'I need something to brighten my mood,' Kakashi finished in his head.

Genma was getting tired but that was nothing compared to Kotetsu who was doing most of his pushups with the lieutenant's foot on his back. He was now dipping with sweat as his arms forced his weight up yet again.

Iruka appeared and mumbled something nervously to the lieutenant, his expression looking both anxious and miserable. The lieutenant didn't take his eyes off Kotetsu, whose muscles were now screaming audibly in exhaustion, but spoke to him. "You're next, Blondie."

Relieved that he was able to get up but worried about the young, spiky haired private, Genma stood up and tossed a worried look at the raven as the pushups passed three hundred and fifty. He opened his mouth to say something but as if his mind was being read the lieutenant answered his unasked question with his back still facing Genma.

"He's got 'til four hundred. The Captain is waiting on you."

Nodding, Genma headed back though the curtained area. Four hundred was a lot of pushups for anyone but this was four hundred on top of all the pushups they'd done when Izumo was getting examined. He cringed when he thought about how sore their arms were going to be tomorrow. He rolled his already stiffening shoulders and flashed a small smile as he entered the room.

"Quite a workout that lieutenant is giving." When all he got was a cool glare from his CO, he stripped off his boxers and a laid down on the exam table. He couldn't help but wonder what the silver haired man had said to Iruka to make him so upset. He knew about Iruka's past as did Izumo and Kotetsu but he also knew how much Iruka hated thinking about it. Iruka was like the unit's official little brother. Even though there were men who were younger than him, Iruka had always had a soft spot in everyone's heart. One private had like the brunet's feminine looks and tried to force himself on the brunette in basic but he, along with several other company members straightened the guy out before seeing to it that the man didn't make it through training. You didn't want someone you couldn't trust beside you in battle.

His mind snapped back to the present as a hand that didn't belong to the medic began to stoke his half hard shaft. His eyes flew wide as he saw the pale grip of the captain wrapped around him.

'Fuck, he's so hot. Even, no, especially with his face covered up like that.' Keeping his expression totally neutral, he fixed his gaze on the cloth ceiling above him.

"Do you know what had Umino so upset?" Silence was the only response so Genma kept pushing. "He's a really good medic, we're lucky to have him with us. He's been through a lot already so try not to fuck with him too much. He's strong enough; you really don't need to push him to see that." Genma winced as the grip around his member tightened. He looked around the room for the medic but found that he was alone with the infamous Hatake. Not that this was what the man was famous for, but maybe those he'd messed with were threatened to keep quiet.

Honestly, Genma didn't mind. He'd wanted to find a way to make an impression on the silver-haired war hero and this certainly seemed to have caught the man's attention. He spread his legs a little signaling that the captain was free to play.

A silver brow rose on a pale forehead as Kakashi watched Genma's invitation; 'eager to please' was his first thought at the man's actions. "I have already examined Umino, I can make my own judgment of him." Kakashi spoke in a deep resonating voice "It is now time for your exam and my judgment on you."

Kakashi continued to fondle Genma's balls as he pulled the stethoscope onto his ears and set the cold instrument onto Genma's chest moving it slowly listening to his breathing. He brought his fingers that had been massaging Genma up to his face and under his mask before bring them back slicked to rub over Genma's perineum. He moved the scope over Genma's heart as his fingers slid down and two slicked finger pushed into Genma's body. "Hmmmm" Kakashi made a judgmental sound, "your heart rate is a bit high. Do you or your family have a history of heart troubles?" Kakashi worked his fingers inside Genma pushing them deeper while scissoring them. His eye never left Genma's though.

Genma tried to keep himself relaxed but it was to exhilarating to have the silver haired man 'inspecting' him so thoroughly. He groaned and lifted his hips, hoping that his new captain didn't give all the new recruits their physicals. The long, elegant fingers inside him curled making him moan in delight as his prostate was rubbed and compressed. He lifted his hips to give the exploring fingers more room to work, only just smothering his cry when a third finger was pushed past the tight right of muscles. He looked up at the frighteningly intense, cyclotic gaze above him and spoke before he'd given himself time to think about the words.

"Wanna fuck me, Sir?"

"Shiranui, concentrate, your commanding officer asked you a question." The silver haired man snapped as he pulled his fingers out of Genma's stretched ass. His fingers gripped hard into Genma's hip and flipped him over so he was bent over the table. "Are you that much of a whore you can't answer my question?" Kakashi quickly opened his fly and pulled out his cock with one hand while the other was pressing down on Genma's tailbone to keep him in place. "Do you just spread your whore legs for everyone?" Kakashi leaned forward and thrust his cock into Genma's un-lubed hole. "I'm I going to have a problem with you whoring yourself out to the enemy instead of fighting them. You going to spill all our secrets to them so they will fuck you?" Kakashi thrust hard and fast into the body beneath him snarling his word against Genma's neck.

The sandy haired sergeant gripped the table beneath him until his knuckles turned white. He'd been excited initially to offer himself to the strong, lanky man behind him but there was certainly more pain than pleasure at the moment. God a little lube and he'd be screaming in delight but the dry skin pulled his as his CO moved ruthlessly in and out of his body. The silver haired man almost seemed angry at him for offering himself but that didn't make any sense. Did the captain only want him if he wasn't willing? What hell had he dragged his men into? Is this why Iruka'd seemed so down? Not likely, the exam the brunet had had was far shorter than his or Izumo's.

Grunting, he spread his legs a little more to try to alleviate some of the friction, his teeth gritting at the ridiculous statements coming from his CO's mouth. A whore? A whore for the enemy? What the hell was wrong with this guy? Sure the degradation was making his cock drip with excitement but the man seemed genuinely angry. Taking a deep breath he whispered into the emotionally charged air.


"Are you stupid sergeant, can you not answer one of my questions?" He thrust in deep and held it there. He grabbed a handful of soft honey hair and pulled the head attached back so his lips were over the man's ear "ARE YOU A WHORE SHIRANUI?"

"N-No, Sir" Genma's body began to shake as it was viciously used.

"Then don't act like one." Kakashi pulled out and stepped back "It makes me sick." He tucked his cock back into his pants with the hand not gripping Genma's hair.

He gave a frustrated sigh and yanked Genma off the table by his hair and dragged him out into the yard, the blond struggling to get his legs under him to alleviate the tearing of his hair. He throw him down naked in the dirt. He looked around to the gathering of shocked faces. "You want to act like a whore you will be treated like a whore." He kicked sand at Genma "This man gets no clothes till morning, whatever training he has will be done as he is. So they can all gawk at his whore body he so freely offers." This last part was said to Raidou who only nodded.

Genma stood, stark naked in front of the crowd, a look of poorly masked horror spread over his face. His PFCs were staring at him, naked after having just been brutally fucked by their CO. He had no idea how he was going to get out of this with any dignity intact. Kotetsu and Izumo looked shocked where as Iruka looked as if he were about to have a breakdown and run from the camp all together.

Taking a deep breath, he swirled around to face the pale, silver haired man and forced a look of boredom and disappointment on his face.

"That all you got... Sir?" Kotetsu chuckled once while Izumo grabbed onto a suddenly very pale looking Iruka. That was their sergeant, facing down and talking back to the man who could make the next months of their lives a living hell. Several other men in the group hissed for Genma to be quiet but he just kept staring the captain down, no fear of retribution.

The anger quickly faded from the Captain's face and was replaced with a bored look "For today," he said with a shrug then walked over to take his seat near the tent entrance.

Raidou walked over and placed a hand on Genma's shoulder "Get back into position, sergeant," he said giving the man a shove in the right direction. Raidou stopped right in front of Kotetsu who was still struggling to get through his last three pushups "Come on salve hurry up and finish, it's your turn to be examined." He pressed down on the man's back with his foot again, an evil smirk on his face. "What's the problem, you getting tired? You had enough energy to chuckle at your sergeant surly you have enough to finish three push-ups."

Kotetsu pushed up with all his strength "399" his voice was hoarse and dry. Raidou pushed down hard with his foot causing Kotetsu to fall on his stomach "Aww, slave, you couldn't do it and times up." Raidou bent down and pulled Kotetsu to his feet by his arm. "Guess we'll just have to try it again later." The scarred brunet added with mirth in his voice. When Kotetsu was on his feet Raidou gave him a shove in the direction of the tent.

Izumo and Iruka moved a little closer to Genma who shot them a reassuring smile.

"Uh, Sir, do you think that was a good idea?" Izumo asked looking wearily at the CO at the front of the tent. "He doesn't seem like the type of guy to mess with.

Genma smirked and wrapped an arm around both shy men's shoulders. "You forget, my young PFCs, neither am I. Relax, I'll be fine. How are you, Kiddo? You seemed upset when you came out."

Iruka just nodded but averted his eyes. His sergeant had always been good as seeing what was wrong with him. "It's nothing, Sarge."

"Come on now, 'Ruka," Genma dropped his voice to a whisper, "he didn't touch you did he?"

Iruka tossed his hair as he shook his head. "No, nothing like that. Just asked about my scars. It's okay; he was actually kinda nice to me."

Genma nodded solemnly, trying to figure out what being nice would imply for the bizarre captain. "Good, just be careful around him. He's a bit unpredictable. 'Zumo, what was your impression of our Ex O?"

The pale dark eyed man blushed furiously making Genma arch and eyebrow in surprise. "He's uh...well I don't really know. He...well he seemed alright with me but he made Spike do all those pushups. He...doesn't seem to be dangerous...just a bit of a drill sergeant. Maybe he just doesn't like Kotetsu..."

"Shorts off get on the table" Raidou snapped.

Kotetsu dropped his boxers and slowly pulled himself onto the table, his arms shaking with effort. He looked around the tent 'no medic' he felt a little panicked. Was this guy, who obviously hated him, giving him the exam?

Raidou walked over to the table and grabbed a pair of gloves and a clipboard he was quietly reading from.

'Yep' Kotetsu deflated even more.

"Aren't you the lucky man, the medic has gone for lunch..." He pulled a glove on and let it make a snapping sound as he turned to face the raven on the examination table "so you get me as your examiner" he gave a twisted little smile and walked over to Kotetsu. He started feeling around the man's body for anything out of the ordinary. "Your body seems to be in good shape. Do you have anything that concerns you?"

"About my body Sir? No" Kotetsu answered the strangely worded question.

Raidou nodded and pressed the cold stethoscope against the man's chest and nodded when all was fine. "So you seen to have a close little group there with your sergeant, the medic and Kamizuki" he said and stepped back. "Stand up," he added.

Kotetsu stood and stepped forward with his legs slightly apart. "Uh, yeah, I guess we do. That sergeant is a good man and has taken good care of us. I'm happy to say he is a friend. Iruka is so kind it is hard not to be his friend. And, well Izumo, we've been friends since we were kids." Kotetsu gave a sharp grunt Raidou gave his balls a tight squeeze.

"Turn and cough" the brunette barked out in a rough voice. Kotetsu did just that but with an added groan. Raidou walked over to the other table again and picked up the lube squirting a small amount on his fingers. Turning back to Kotetsu he said in an evil voice "Turn around and bent over the table" the smirk that played over the man's lips had Kotetsu breaking out in a sweat.

"Uhhh, yes sir" he said trying to keep his nervousness out of his voice.

"So you and Kamizuki seem closer then friends..." Raidou spread the black hair covered cheeks and rubbed his lubed fingers over Kotetsu's hole. "Are you two a couple?" he said with a snarl and jammed two fingers in hard, fast and deep.

"Ahhhh fuck!" Kotetsu cursed loudly, biting down on his lip.

Raidou pressed his fingers even deeper then curled them down pressing hard on Kotetsu's prostate. "Answer the question, private."

"Yes fuck. Yeah he's my boyfriend and has been for 5 years." Kotetsu tried to pull himself onto the table more to get away from the rough cruel fingers "Fuck what the hell is you problem with me?"

Raidou gave his fingers one more hard thrust before pulling them out and walked back to the table removing the gloves. "Get dressed, exams over." Raidou busied himself with filling in the clipboard as Kotetsu pulled on his boxers.

Kotetsu walked to the tent door but stopped before he got there "He's mine you know. He always has been. You can't have him." Kotetsu's voice was as solid as stone.

"Well until he's mine your life will be hell," Raidou replied without looking but at the raven.

"He's worth an eternity in hell" Kotetsu bluntly stated as he walked out of the tent.

Genma had quickly gotten over the embarrassment of doing the exercises naked though by the end of the day he was starting to regret his brashness. He had mercifully been given back his boots for the training but that didn't mean that his exposed body hadn't taken a beating throughout the day. The pack had rubbed his shoulders raw during their 12 mile march, his knees where scratched and bruised from the obstacle course and then there had been the crawling under the barbed wire exercise. His back, thighs, ass and arms where littered with cuts. Nothing serious so he didn't complain but by the time he'd flopped down on his cot that evening he'd decided not to cross the captain again, though he still didn't really know what he'd done wrong. It has seemed that the captain was attracted to him, what had been so wrong about offering himself. The silver haired lunatic was the one who had been jacking him off.

Iruka slinked up to his cot with an arm load of pilfered medical supplies making Genma both eternally grateful and a bit worried.

"Kiddo, don't ever sneak supplies again. This isn't like basic. They catch you with army property I really have no idea what they'll do to you."

Iruka kept his eyes on the various cuts and bruises on the body as he pulled out butterfly closures and began patching up his friend's back. "I know, but it was a little overboard to make you do the trench run without clothes. Are you okay?"

Genma smiled and flipped onto his stomach. "I'm fine. Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure. Well that and a good band aid." (Band aid is army slang for medic)

Iruka grinned softly and continued to swab and wrap wounds until he reached the sandy haired man's ass. The chocolate brows furrowed and he gently pulled the cheeks apart, gasping at the raw, used flesh that was hidden there. "Sarge, did the captain do this to you?"

Genma flipped back onto his stomach and gently but firmly grabbed the bronze wrist. "It's fine. I was quite literally asking for it. But if anyone and I mean ANYONE does something to you, you report it right away. That's an order, private." He paused and laid a hand on the top of the restrained dark locks, his tone softening. "You don't need to deal with this kind of shit again."

The pretty bronze face fell and Genma immediately regretted saying anything. "I'm sorry, Kiddo, come here." He pulled the brunette into a hug and stroking the dark hair soothingly. A loud grunt from the other side of the room told him that Izumo had started working the knots out of his lover's shoulders, the spiky haired raven moaning in pain as the skilled, pale fingers kneaded his muscles.

Looking around the room he took stock of the rest of his platoon. There was a young man with long dark hair and bizarre pale eyes, another who looked a lot like Iruka only lazy and not nearly as kind. A pale raven who was only wearing half a shirt was on a cot to his right and a burly man with a beard and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, playing solitaire was in the cot above him. 'Great, mostly kids,' Genma thought. On the other side of the room were a teen with black hair and huge eyebrows, a teen wearing sunglasses despite the low light and a young man who was checking out his fang like teeth in a mirror. He sighed as he thought about how much work it was going to be to get these kids in the same shape as his crew. They still had new people coming in tomorrow. Hopefully a few more real soldiers.

The door to the barracks swung open to reveal a well kept man with woody brown hair and slightly creepy, dark eyes. Glancing at the man's collar he leapt from his cot to stand at attention. "Ten-HUP!"

The men scrambled to their feet at the ends of their cots. Slow heavy footfalls echoed through the room as their second lieutenant strode into the room. He paused in front of Genma, a smile slowly pulling up the corners of his mouth. "You must be sergeant Shiranui."

Genma straightened up a little more. "Sir yes Sir." The lieutenant gave him a very quick up and down before moving further down the line.

"At ease" The men's stance widened but their posture didn't slack, "I'm your platoon leader Tenzou Daiki. I want second platoon to be the finest in the entire regiment. I will expect excellence however I won't resort to cruel and unusual punishment to get you to work hard. Basically I see the reward for you being," a pause for dramatic effect, "staying alive when we finally get to the front. As you were." His eyes lingered on Iruka for a moment before he too found his cot and settled in with a book. "Lights out in half an hour. Shiranui, you may want to consider having a shower." Genma looked down at his dirt caked skin and was inclined to agree.

Raidou ducked into the officer lounge tent looking around to make sure it was just his captain present. "Captain permission to speak freely, Sir?"

Kakashi sat up in his chair and looked over the top of his book. "Granted" was his simple reply before returning to reading.

Raidou gave a quick nod then headed to the fridge and grabbed a beer before sitting down in a chair near his Captain. "So what's the porn of the week, Sir?" Raidou asked with a smile.

The captain didn't look up just replied in a bore tone "Make out Tactics" his eyes shot up to meet with Raidou's smirking face for a second before looking back down and saying "It's not porn it's a romance novel."

Raidou could hold in his snort of amusement "Sir, I find it hard to believe you can call that romance. I wouldn't say the scenes you chose to act out with me were romantic. Fun? Yes. Romantic? No."

"Well that's because they came from make out violence," Kakashi said, leering with the last word.

Raidou nodded "Yeah, that would make sense." There was a heavy silence that followed as Kakashi read on and Raidou watched putting his words together again in his mind.

After a few minutes the brunet finally spoke "Sir what is your opinion of our new sergeant?"

Kakashi looked over his book and sighed. He placed a mark at the place he stopped reading and set it down on the table beside his chair next to the glass of scotch he then picked up and spitted off of. "Well he is cocky and too eager to please, but he seems fit for the job. I seem to remember you being much the same."

"I never offered myself up as a quick fuck in my medical exam." Raidou seemed to take offense.

"No. You did other stupid things to try and please me" Kakashi said with a smirk to his lips.

"Yeah yeah. Don't bring that up" Raidou said with a groan. He took a long drink from his beer "He handled himself well today. He didn't bellyache once and he was damned cut up by the end of training. He seems to have good relations with his men. The group he was with today are very loyal to him. Even to the point of risking themselves to ease his sufferings." Raidou said emphasizing that last sentence.

Kakashi looked up from his drink, "And what's that about?"

"It is Umino, Sir. I caught him with sticky fingers in the medical supplies. He doesn't know I saw him. I'm sure he was sneaking off to fix up his friend. I wish to let it go this time, Sir," Raidou said in his own way of asking for permission

"Have a talk with him about it off record. The sergeant thinks highly of his skills and I'd like the chance to see if he's right before the kid fucks up and forces our hand to send him home... or worse."

"Yes Sir."

"And what of the others Namiashi? What impression did you get from them?" Kakashi asked sitting back with his drink in hand

"They are a bunch of kids. Nara seems too damn smart but fucking lazy as shit, if we can get him to work he will be very useful. There is Sarutobi he seems to have his wits about his and a fine strong soldier. Kamizuki is shy but strong and in excellent health, quick in mind and body and a brave streak that runs deep. He didn't flinch at anything I threw at them today" Raidou's tone was almost on the proud side, which caused Kakashi's silver brow to shoot up.

"Ohh and what about Hagane?"

"I hate him, sir," Raidou bit out with a glare. He took a long drink from the bottle in his hand then let out a sigh "But he is a damn good soldier he can easily take the steps to become a leader, it's all there in him. He is strong... even though he is a midget." Raidou gave a smirk and Kakashi could stop the short chuckle that escaped "He is smart even though he tries to hide it. He is... ahh fuck don't make me say all this Captain. He is a good soldier and he should be monitored for advancement." Raidou leaned back in somewhat of a pout and finished his beer.

"So you want to fuck his boyfriend, do ya?" Kakashi stated more then asked with huge grin on his face

"Only about as much as you want some more of the sergeant" Raidou through a frustrated frown.

Genma was having a bizarre dream that normally would have been classified as a nightmare but after his day today it seemed almost normal. He was in the officer's club, naked as the day he was born. He brought his new CO a drink and knelt at the man's feet looking up into the masked face for praise, grinning from ear to ear when he received a hand curling into his hair absentmindedly. Then suddenly he was bent over the exam room table moaning as the silver haired captain thrust into him again and again. There was no pain this time, just smooth, animalistic fucking. Covered yet still sharp teeth dug into his shoulder and he cried out in delight as a rough voice whispered in his ear.

"You're such a good whore. My whore." Genma moaned again and tossed in his small bunk, the dream taking yet another bizarre turn. He was still pressed up against the exam table but now there was a bloody battle all around them. He watched as the Nara kid from his platoon got mowed down by a machine gun and the kid with the sunglasses was blasted away by a grenade.

"This is all you're good for, whore." Genma tried to call out to Iruka who was wrapping Izumo's head in a bandage as he could hear artillery fire headed for them but his voice seemed quiet even to his ears. He watched in horror as two of his men were torn to pieces by the mortar. When the smoked cleared he saw their mutilated remains and heard the pathetic whimpering of Iruka's voice.

He sat bolt upright in bed, his body covered in cold sweat. He tried to calm his body and block out the sounds from the dream when he realized that he wasn't still dreaming but the sad whimpers were still reaching his ears. He looked across the room at Iruka's cot, surprise to find someone leaning over the cowering brunette. Silent as the grave he slid out of bed and grabbed his trench knife out of his boot before creeping across the room.

Tenzou smoothed hair away from Iruka's sweat soaked face and leaned in close to his ear "It's just a nightmare Iruka. Come on wake up. You are safe. You are in your bunk at the camp and it's your lieutenant speaking to you. You have to wake up now private, don't let the dream win," he whispered gently hope to draw the man out of his nightmare without a fright.

Tenzou may be young but he was well trained he could feel the killing intent creeping from behind him. He moved quick grabbing the attacker's wrist and twisting it so the man was sitting on the floor in front of him with the knife to his own throat.

Tenzou took in the long hair and naked body "For fuck's sakes, Shiranui, What the hell do you think you are doing? Attacking another officer is treason." He squeezed Genma's wrist till the knife fell which he caught with his other hand.

He gave a sigh and released Genma's arm knowing that the man must have been trying to help his friend. "I wasn't going to hurt him. I was just trying to quietly wake him. Look he is having a nightmare..." Tenzou turned to look back at Iruka.

The brunet had settled some but was still thrashing around on his cot. Genma dropped his head to the floor with a thump and turned his gaze up to the lieutenant. "Lot of that going around tonight. I'm sorry, Sir. I thought...Well let's just say after today I'm not sure how much i trust the CO's in this unit." He glanced back at Iruka, watching the young man getting further tangled up in his sheets. "One of us should wake him up. This doesn't happen often but a few things were brought up today that must have dragged the dreams up again. He's usually alright. If you want to do it, shake him awake and clap a hand over his mouth so he doesn't scream. Just keep talking to him until he calms down." The other man looked horrified at the waking up process. "I know it sounds brutal but when you just shake him awake he screams bloody murder."

Tenzou looked back down to the stressing man whimpering in his sleep. "Oh gods I hope you don't hate me for this," he said a bit nervously not wanting to hurt the kind man he had met today but not wanting him to suffer in his nightmare any longer. He held a hand over Iruka's mouth and shook his shoulder with the other. "Come on, Iruka, wake up."

He quickly pressed his hand down on Iruka's chest hold the other tight over his mouth when the long haired brunet woke screaming on the other side of his hand his sweaty body struggling to get away. Tenzou leaned over him bring his lips close to Iruka's ear "Iruka, it's ok, you were having a nightmare. You are in your bunk at the training camp. I'm your platoon lieutenant, Tenzou. Please just calm down and stop screaming so I can take my hand away. I didn't want to do this to you. Your friend said it was the best way to wake you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. Please calm down, I don't like doing this to you." Tenzou kept talking in a calm soft voice almost pleading for the man to calm; it was hurting him to force Iruka down like this.

Iruka's fearful eyes relaxed and his whole body went limp against the mattress. Ashamed of having a nightmare like a child the brunette turned his face away from the officer and squeezed his eyes closed tightly.

"I'm alright, Sir. Sorry, this won't happen again."

Tenzou placed two fingers on Iruka's chin and place a tiny bit of pressure so the man would know he wanted him to look at him but know he was not being forced. "No Sirs right now. Ok, Iruka? And don't be sorry. I hope it doesn't happen again but there is nothing wrong if it does." Tenzou brushed some hair out of Iruka's face "It is ok that this happened, Iruka, I was just worried for you. You seemed to be in a very bad place. I'm not asking you to talk about it but if you feel you need to or want to, come to me ok" He looked around the room then back to Iruka "Don't be embarrassed about this, Iruka. You're not the only one here having nightmares" Tenzou pointed out two other men struggling in there sheets.

Iruka sighed and looked up at the kind face above him, wanting to reach out and pull the warm body to him. No, that was just his nerves talking. Most men didn't have the overwhelming urge to be comforted and this wasn't his old unit. It was time to make a new start and finally start acting like a man, like a grown up. Time to leave the scared little child inside of him behind.

"Thank you, Sir, but I have it under control. You might want to see to the others." He flipped on his side away from the older man and cradled his knees. He'd been so gently, so afraid to hurt the brunette. That thought alone was comforting. He'd been so afraid when he'd awoken to someone other than Genma or Kotetsu holding him down but he felt like he could trust this man. It was too soon to be sure though. He'd been tricked before...

"Goodnight Iruka" Tenzou rubbed a reassuring hand over a dark shoulder "I hope you can sleep peacefully," Tenzou said in the same kind calm voice. He got up a little heavy hearted it had hurt that Iruka had shrugged him off and turned his back to him. But he didn't really know the man so maybe that was it. He silently moved to the next man in the fits of a bad dream.

"Hey, Iruka, you ok kiddo?" Kotetsu asked hanging down from his bunk next to Iruka's. He quietly swung down and sat on the edge of Izumo's bed stealing a quick kiss before looking back to Iruka.

The brunette sighed deeply and looked at his friends who were eying him with concern. "He's been dead for almost ten years and he still is making me miserable. How is that fair?"

Izumo sat up sleepily and draped an arm around his lover's shoulders. "He only haunts you because you let him. Why don't you take the lieutenant up on his offer? You went almost dream free for seven months after you talked to Genma." He nuzzled the side of his boyfriend's face before turning back to Iruka. "It's not a weakness to reach out to someone, Kiddo."

Iruka eyed the couple with well masked envy. That was easy for them to say, they had each other. They'd always had each other. He had Genma but it wasn't the same. It hadn't been long before he'd realized that he was like a child for the men to protect. A precious commodity that they had to keep safe from danger in order for to protect themselves. Even Genma, or maybe especially Genma, treated him like he was fragile and could crack at any moment.

'I've survived more than they have, why do they think I'm so weak?'

"Thanks guys, I'm fine. Let's all go back to sleep." He tired to ignore the hushed whispers which he knew were about him as he closed his eyes tightly, trying to block out the sounds of his friend's voices and the lieutenant moving around the room. Maybe what he needed was someone who really cared about him, maybe even loved him. The caring gentle voice filtered back into his mind. Maybe the man did warrant more of a chance, however frowned upon a relationship between an officer and a PFC might be.

"If you need us we are here for ya, Kiddo" Kotetsu reminded him "Night 'Ruka" Kotetsu turned to Izumo and leaned into him. "Night baby," he whispered in a husky voice and started kissing his lover goodnight for like the fourth time.

Tenzou had just left the bedside of the last restless soldier. He headed back to his bed. He looked up just as Iruka turned his back again on his friends' kissing. Tenzou let out a sigh. 'He seems so shameful of the pain he bares. I hope he'll understand that it is not a weakness, it's a sign of his strength'

Tenzou silently walked over and placed a hand on Kotetsu's shoulder who jumped and whipped his head around to see who had startled him.

"Shit, sir, you scared the crap out of me" Kotetsu panted

"Well go change your pants then get back in bed. Your bed. Lights out means go to sleep not make out with your boyfriend." Tenzou's voice was quiet and kind but firm as well.

"Yes sir" Kotetsu said sulking at being taken away from his Izumo

Tenzou turned back to his bunk and leaned on his bed looking down at Iruka "Sleep well Iruka" his whisper was almost not there. "See you in the morning, Umino," he said a bit louder and hoped up to his bed.

End Chapter