Chapter 4 part 2

Warning: THere is a lot going on in this chapter. Lots of sex, both yaoi and hetero. Also, there is a VERY disturbing sex scene with Kakashi near the end of the chapter. Hope you can handle it and consider your self warned. There is also swearing and noncon-ish sex. Ugly violence...but it's still readable i think. we are angst whores after all.

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Raidou looked down and saw Kotetsu sucking his cock, he immediately gripped the black spiked hair and pulled the man from his cock with a growl, when the heavily slanted black eyes looked up to him they were wrong, they were softer eyes, too light, the skin was too light. Rai released the not dark enough hair of Shimon, seeing who was really there and not the apparition that he thought it was. "You need to practice sucking cock on your off hours," he snapped to the heavily panting man, then shoved his face back down to continue sucking his cock.

'Fuck that was weird.' He lulled his head back to stare to the ceiling, he looked up when he heard a passion filled moan fill his ears echoing the sounds Izumo had been making the night before. He looked down to the mattress on the floor a petite pale skinned male body writhed under Aoba's tanned skin. 'Mmm Izumo, what the fuck!? Why is Izu...?' Hayate's face turned toward Rai in a passionate cry, the spell was broken. Raidou's body relaxed back onto the couch, his heart rate slowed a bit. 'That wasn't Izumo getting fucked by Aoba it was the attractive corporal, his Izumo wasn't here with these sex freaks, he was in his bunk safe...' he gripped Shimon's hair and his hips started to thrust into that hot mouth; his gaze locked on the show Aoba was putting on of fucking Hayate. 'He's writhing under Kotetsu's body just like that probably, his perfectly formed body arching and twisting under the solid form of his lover just like Hayate is under Aoba.'

The scream of pleasure as his prostate was hit was smothered by Aoba's mouth as Hayate lifted his hips to meet the smooth thrusts. His head lolled against the mattress and turned to the side to watch the spiky haired man blowing the fierce lieutenant. 'It looks like Kotetsu going down on him from this perspective. I wonder if he's seeing the same thing.' Hayate watched the intense eyes on him for a minute before a sharp nip to his neck brought his hands to Aoba's hair as he moaned and twisted in delight. 'We have a similar agenda; Namiashi and I do. And we both want different parts of that relationship. I wonder if he would help me. If he'd make a move on Izumo while Kotetsu and I are away?' His body shivered as his gaze turned back to Raidou and their eyes locked again. 'He looks like he wants to fucking eat me up. So intense...' His eyes closed as shudders and trembles shook each part of him and his muscles tightened to the point they hurt.

Aoba moaned as the already tight passage closed around him and warm sticky cum erupted between their bodies. "Ah fuck! Yeah, oh you're so good, Kitten. Oh yeah! Ah! I'm gonna cum!" His hand gripped the small frame leaving finger and hand shaped bruises on the pale skin as he emptied his load into Hayate. "Wow...whew. Fucking great, Gekkou. Whew. You okay?" He ran his had over the smaller man's face when a small coughing fit erupted from the man's throat. Rolling off the younger man, he pulled him tight to his chest and rubbed his back, not wanting to get up from the post orgasmic bliss anyway.

"Yeah *cough cough* I'm good."

Raidou's body tensed his balls tightened up to his body watching the attractive corporal orgasm his pale skin flushing so much like Izumo. His Izumo; his beautiful Izumo. When the dark haired Corporal started coughing Raidou looked away trying to keep the image that was taking him to the edge he needed to go over. He looked down to his lap expecting to see Lieutenant Hijiri sucking his cock bring him to completion, but instead he saw that piece of shit Private Hagane working him and the edge he was seeking was suddenly too far away. His orgasm faded away before he could even cum. "For Fuck's sakes get off me Hijiri" Raidou snapped pulling the man off him by his hair. He glared down at the man, hardly thinking of anything but causing the man serious pain, with a sneer he gripped the hair tighter pulling the man up to eye level. "I can hardly even look at you, just stay out of my way tonight," he tossed the man to the mattress-ed floor. He knew that was not Kotetsu that it was a 'friend' but he just couldn't look at him it made him feel all his hatred and... something he didn't want to admit but could not deny to himself... jealousy.

He tore his eyes away, wanting to break away from the rage building within, before the drugs weakened his willpower to the point he would hurt a friend and fellow officer. He scanned the room which seemed to set upon uneven ground, the figures of the room moving in unnatural ways. Shikamaru was moaning and groaning in delight as Iwashi plowed into his tight body, the fluffy bunny tail visible as his back curved so his chest was pressing against the mattress. But the whole scene was distorted. Anko was sitting on Ebisu's lap, riding his cock, their bodies seemingly twisting into each other. He pulled his eyes from them, the scene bringing a cold clammy feeling to his skin. "Fuck, I hate women," he mumbled thinking it was said as internal monologue. His gaze stopped again, it took a moment for Raidou's eyes to focus on the blurred figure leaning against the bar. The dark and misty looking shadow turned into a shorter, stocky man with a shaved head then with a few exaggerated blinks, it turned out to be Tonbo smoking a joint watching... he tried to look for what but the room just shifted into unevenness and warped movements, he looked back to the last thing he had in focus.

"Tonbo," he said again thinking it was in his head, the man in question turned to look at Raidou. The brunet jerked a bit in surprise. Had the man known he was thinking about him? He did always seem to know what was going on without anyone saying a thing; he was kind of creepy that way.

Tonbo gave a huge smile to the heavily drugged brunet. "Hey guys, I think we lost Namiashi. It looks like we might have just found Raidou." He pushed off the bar and made a slow easy walk over to his friend.

Rai struggled with each step to keep him in focus also battling with the confusing words the man was saying. It didn't make sense, he was Namiashi and he hadn't gone anywhere. He was still sitting there getting his cock sucked... "No, I'm not" his internal voice said too loud again.

Tonbo tilted his head at Raidou's strange replay. "Hey, Rai. You feeling ok man?" Tonbo said sliding his army issue black framed glasses to the top of his shaved head, "You got a pretty girl sitting so close to you her tits rubbing against you as she wraps your wounds..."

"What? The fuck, girls, tits, wounds, what the fuck? Who are you talking to, Tonbo?" Raidou asked in a serious voice that was made comical by the slur the drugs and booze caused.

"You Rai. I'm talking to you, but I'm talking about this fine piece of ass beside you." Tonbo said leering at the blur to Raidou's right he followed the man's arm to where it pushed long bangs from a delicate, pale cheek, his other hand resting on a creamy shoulder, his thumb brushing the soft skin.

Raidou's chest tightened immediately "Izu..." the hand moved down to reveal large beautiful green eyes "Rei." A loud rumble came from Raidou's chest and he glared up at Tonbo, teeth bared in a dangerous snarl.

Tonbo's eyes widened for a moment before his features moved back to his knowing smirk and he quickly removed his hands from the now incredibly stoned woman. "Ok, so she's out of bounds then," his voice holding the same smirk. He brought his hand back to pull a joint from behind his ear and lit it, Raidou relaxed again and looked down to Shimon sucking his cock... he wasn't there, to looked up to Tonbo in surprise.

"You having a problem there Rai?" Tonbo asked in an amused voice.

"Yeah, no one's sucking my cock," the scarred brunet replied bluntly.

Tonbo couldn't help but laugh out loud. "You're right there is no one sucking your cock. You want me to do something about that?" his voice showing the enjoyment he was getting from seeing his friend so fucked up.

Rai looked to his cock then back to his friend. "Yeah, you can fucking suck it," he said with a cocky smile on his face.

Tonbo gave a cough on the smoke he was holding in his lung when he started to laugh again. "Yeah, ok Rai. I can do that." Tonbo moved around and knelt between Raidou's legs, he could feel the dark brown eyes following his every move. The eyes that were usually so cold now held a curiousness that seemed completely out of place on the hard ass lieutenant. "Rai... Rai... Raidou," finally he snapped out of the stare to look at the joint being held out to him. "Here, smoke this; you could use some more," Tonbo offered with a laugh. Rai took the joint and leaned back to smoke as his cock was finally enveloped by the sweet heat of a mouth.

Slumping against the front of the couch, Rei wiped her sweaty brow and cast her bleary gaze around the room. Heat was pouring off her body in waves and she didn't know if she was glad she'd been left alone or not. This was why she didn't do drugs; she always reacted badly to them. She let out a small moan and cupped her burning cheek, her other hand sliding down her chest and over the breast before reaching her bellybutton and heading north again. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and gripped the couch as the room began to spin. A sharp gasp pulled from her chest and her eyes went wide as warm hands slid up over her knees and the dark eyes of the rabbit caught hers.

"You're popping pretty good, huh?" Shikamaru asked the woman who had yet to do much to participate in the night's events and looked back over his shoulder at Iwashi who was slowly stroking himself in anticipation for what he'd asked the lazy brunet to do. When the woman just whimpered and pushed back into his hands, her body sliding onto his lap he knew she was either over her stage fright or too fucked to care anymore. In a swift, graceful move he spun himself around and dropped her back to the mattress, smirking at the way she clung to him like he was going to drop her off the side of a sky scrapper. He leaned down and nuzzled her throat before reaching a hand into both cups of her bra and pulling the soft flesh above the orange lace. As soon as he dropped his mouth to one of her pert nipples she shrieked and shuddered, lifting her hips to push their groins together. He lifted his head and smirked at Iwashi, listening to her ragged breathing as she relaxed again. When he dropped his head again he got a similar reaction only twice as violent, as the man with the goatee he'd recently been fucked by had dropped beside him to take control of her other breast.

Rei thrashed hard beneath the men, her brain and body at war. Hell her body was at war with its self. It wanted the attention but it was quickly becoming too much for her senses. Her nerves were on overdrive and every touch, every breath against her skin, was driving her mad and sending tremors through her body. She opened her mouth to take another gasping breath but found her lips captured by Hayate's mouth. She moaned and kissed him back for a moment before going into seizure like convulsions as Aoba started sliding her lace underwear over her hips.

Tonbo jerked his head up from Raidou's lap and watched the four men ravage the young brunette who's eyes were wide with fear at the intensity of what she was feeling. Shimon was crawling over to the group and he could see the woman start to shut down as yet another pair of hands was added to her skin. "Hey! She's rolling hard, no more than two or she's going to lose it." He was about to drop his head back to Raidou's cock again when another thought crossed his mind. "And no one fucks her unless you get a definite verbal agreement." He didn't need her to wake up tomorrow and start screaming rape. When he saw Aoba glare at him and move out from between her legs he wrapped his lips back around the massive piece of meat in front of him.

Raidou stared at the tan cloth ceiling watching the smoke that clouded up from his lungs. 'Fuck' his mind cursed, something was wrong, the immanent pleasure he had been receiving stopped; the erotic sounds of moans and cries of pleasure were still ringing through his mind. 'Fuck' the sounds were driving him crazy, his body was burning; with each cry his skin shivered, the heat building within causing the air to feel cool. "AHHHH!" Raidou roared and thrust his hips up into the mouth that was once again surrounding his cock. "FUCK, FUCK, Yessss!" he hissed the last word. He reached down to grab Tonbo's head knocking his glasses that were perched there to the floor, he laid his hand flat to crown not finding hair to grip. With his firm hand on the back of the head that was bringing so much pleasure he thrust up into the moist heat; the sounds from around him bringing him quickly over the edge. "Oh FUCK," he cried out thrusting up hard burying himself deep in the tight throat; his orgasm released thick liquid into the flexing passage.

Strong fingers dug into his hips as Tonbo tried to push himself away from the long thick member choking him. Raidou's body pulsed and tightened again releasing another stream of cum before dropping back boneless to the loveseat.

Gasping for air, Tonbo fell back onto the mattress and wiggled his now sore jaw. Raidou didn't seem angry or agitated, his head lolling against the back of the couch bonelessly so he decided to take his leave while he had a chance. Turning back to the group he saw that Iwashi had now pulled Anko down on to the mattress and was fucking her face as he watched the incredibly erotic show that the party favors were putting on. Rei was sandwiched between Shikamaru and Hayate, both of whom had their hands down her panties. Hayate was slowly pressing his finger into ass, his other hand tilting her head back to hungrily eat her mouth as Shika's fingers plunged in and out of her dripping sex while his mouth and free hand mauled her breasts. Rei was mewling in delight into Hayate's lips and tongue while her hands stroked each of their drooling members.

Even as his orgasm faded the erotic sounds didn't, it kept his blood heated and wanting more. Pulling off the used condom his head lolled to the right and his eyes cracked open to find what was making such a passionate song. "Mmmmm fuck," he moaned out, seeing the three little pets rubbing and grinding against each other. One darkly tanned and two pale figures were moving together in the most x-rated way that his cock instantly sprung back to life. He watched Rei break the kiss with Hayate to arch and scream in pleasure, her cries harmonized by Hayate's moans and Shikamaru's increasing grunts as all three approached their climax. A growl started in his chest as Ebisu and Aoba moved forward toward the group, Ebisu sliding a hand down Shikamaru's ass and roughly plunging a finger into him while the other man began sliding his hands over Rei's stomach and breasts when the youngest man's mouth and hand detached themselves, too wrapped up in getting filled and the slick heat clenching around his fingers.

"You wanna get fucked, little fox?" Aoba grunted hoarsely, leaning down to suck on the long graceful column of her neck. Rei was too overwrought with sensation to respond and wrapped the arm that had been stroking Shikamaru around the lieutenant's neck when Ebisu pulled the bunny away from her completely. Not getting a response he took over fingering her as she clutched to his muscular frame.

Raidou wants Hayate

While he'd been angry that the sexy scene had been broken up Raidou hadn't moved in, but when Shimon crawled up behind Hayate and knocked Rei's other hand away, something inside him snapped.

"RARAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" Raidou roared and lunged off the couch tackling the Kotetsu looking man off of 'his' beautiful pale brunet. He crouched over Hayate on all fours growling, when Shimon crawled back a bit but with a glare on his face. Raidou dove into his prey, capturing Hayate's lips with his own, linking his arms under the small man's knees, crawling between them then folding them up to the pale chest. "MINE," he snarled against the pale lips. He pressed his dripping member against Hayate's entrance but before he could push through the tight ring of muscle he was grabbed from behind; his hips held in a tight grip. Ass pulled against a throbbing member, he couldn't help the wanting moan he let out. All movement around him froze; he wanted movement from in front, from behind, he didn't care, he just needed to fuck. He was breathing hard in anticipation when nothing happened he opened his eyes seeing large brown eyes staring at him he pushed forward again, "I want it." He took Hayate's mouth again with his, pulling his hips forward to thrust into the small body.

Those fingers were tight on his hips again, "Rai wait." They gripped hard pulling him back from the small brunet, the hard cock pressing against his ass again. "Condom Raidou, you have to have a fucking condom," Tonbo was yelling at him to get through the haze of drugs. He pressed his ass against the hard member again still keeping his lips firmly to Hayate's, but as the hands continued to tug him away and not give him pleasure in exchange he whipped around and tossed Tonbo off of him.

"He's mine now" he snarled.

"Raidou, I don't fucking care that he's yours if that's what you fucking want. But you are fucking putting a condom on!" In a smooth and practiced move he tackled Raidou to the ground kneeling between his legs, he gripped Raidou's shaft and rolled the latex sheath over the monster, praying the small dark haired man was going to be able to take it. Raidou laid there for a moment staring up at the boxy man between his legs. Sweat glistening on Tonbo's bald head, his thick rimmed glasses lost to the room somewhere, his small deep dark eyes returning his stare with worry, wonder and fear. Rai's body was pulsing with need his hips making slow gyrations without his will, but Tonbo didn't move any closer; he was frozen in the lustful gaze of Raidou's brown eyes. "Fucking coward," Raidou growled pushing Tonbo away from him and rolling back to his little brunet; he could see that the much smaller man was scared but also wanting. Raidou calmed a bit he didn't want to scare him he wanted to enjoy him. He could feel movement around him and snapped his eyes up to glare at the nearby persons, with a low growl deep in his chest he clutched Hayate tight to his body and picked him up, he moved then both back to his safe place, his loveseat. Setting the brunet on the soft cushion he whispered, "I don't want to hurt you, little kitty. I want to make you feel good."

The change in the hulking lieutenant was palpable. 'He's in control again,' Hayate thought as he slid a hand up Raidou's thigh and gripped the huge, condom wrapped cock, desire pouring through him. Shyly he climbed onto Raidou's lap and rocked his hips so that his hard cock ground against Raidou's, the condom pulling a little at his skin. He just had to have that fat cock inside him.

Everything and everyone else forgotten he carded a hand into Raidou's hair and lifted himself off the scarred lap, positioning the head of the throbbing erection at his entrance. "I want you inside me," he breathed and pressed their lips together as he slowly lowered himself, impaling his body on the hardness.

'Impossible. Nothing can fill you up this much,' Hayate's mind screamed as he was stretched deliciously, the slight burn of pain eased as the fat head pushed past the tight ring of muscles.

"AHHHHH so fucking tight," Raidou cried throwing his head back eyes clenched tight. His fingers gripped around slim hips he wanted to push the tight body down fully over his cock and struggled each second not to. "Oh fuck, I want more... fuck, fuck so tight." He kept control somehow through the haze of drugs. He knew he could harm this man; this beautiful, soft, diminutive man. His entrance into the body was very slow at one point Hayate had leaned forward and rested his head on Rai's strong shoulder panting hard. He had to make this easier before the man decided he couldn't take it; he fished around the couch earning a whimper from Hayate at the movement, he slowed down his movements. "Shhh, shh it's ok just take your time, there's a long way to go yet." Rai tried to comfort but only drew another whimper from the trembling body. He finally found the lube he was looking for and brought it up behind Hayate's back squeezing some into his other hand, he gently reached under Hayate to smear the slick gel over more than half his length that was still outside of Hayate's hot little body. He ran his finger around the tightly stretched muscle adding lube and trying to relax the flexing and clenching ring. He dropped the lube container and ran that hand up Hayate's pale back to lace his fingers in the dark hair "It's ok Hayate nice and slick now, it will be ok," the large man purred nuzzling his face against the soft locks.

Moaning as he slid further down the slick shaft, the younger man cupped the side of Raidou's face, his lips pressing against the unscarred side of the thick neck hungrily. 'He's so gentle. Is this the same badass, hardcore lieutenant that's usually screaming at me when I see him? The man who took me out this afternoon, during the game?' A deep moan tore from his chest as he was finally fully seated, the heat from Raidou's thighs pressing against his ass. "Oh gods! You're so big. I feel like you're splitting me in two."

Strong arms closed around him, one resting along his spine, the hand cupping the back of his head; the other wrapping all the way around his waist relieving some of the pressure his weight was putting on his stretched hole. The strength in those arms reminded him of just two days ago when Raidou had carried him back on the desert run, encouraging him the whole way until he couldn't go on. Then the same strong arms had scooped him up as easily as an extra pack and Raidou had continued to run in the blazing heat.

"You're not what you appear to be, are you?" he whispered, not really expecting an answer.

"Shh don't say it," Raidou shook his head pressing his face deeper into the dark locks. "Don't notice please, I don't want this to end," he whispered in a pleading tone. Arms still tight around Hayate he rocked back into the couch pulling the tight body up his cock a bit before slowing rocking back, careful not to move too fast; he could tell this body was not use to being fucked all the time. "I can't trust myself not to push you way if you say such things to me. I just want to be with you, Hayate" Raidou admitted, completely out of character because of the drugs.

Gasping a little at the confession Hayate lifted himself an inch and carefully slid back down the shaft. "Mmmm, so good," he whispered, his body clenching around the throbbing cock. Desperate for more of that sensation he lifted himself a little higher and dropped his weight more forcefully. His cry of pleasure when the bulbous head of the dick pressed against his prostate made everyone in the room turn to look at them but neither man seemed to notice. "You feel so fucking good." His words were breathy and disjointed as he began to set a rhythm with Raidou's shallow strokes, gradually building up speed until he was bouncing smoothly on the broad lap, his mouth open in a silent cry of bliss.

"Oh fuck baby, you're so good. You take it so well, mmm... so beautiful," the large man panted. "Watching your tight little body take my cock so deep it's so..." He moaned out his pleasure as said body clenched around his cock."Oh fuck you're so strong, you're such a perfect man to be able to take so much and turn it into enjoyment."

Tonbo had been staring in awe since Raidou's voice had first turned softer, never had he seen Raidou act like this; they had had sex plenty of times over the five years they had known each other, and not once had Raidou's voice or actions been so soft. He ripped his eyes away to look over his should to check if Aoba and Iwashi were seeing this as well. Iwashi was frozen in spot, holding Shika down with a hand to his back cock buried deep and unmoving in their pet bunny, he saw what was happening, he looked over to Aoba who was kneeling with his jaw dropped open; yep he saw too. He looked back to see Raidou's hand caressing the slim pale body staring deep into dark eyes and whispering gentle words. "Wow, fuck those are some pretty strong drugs. Fuck Morphine, Rei, we'll just give him ecstasy next time he's in your care and he'll be as sweet as a peach." He looked down to the fiery nurse to see her glaring at Raidou and Hayate. Smirking he crawled on top of her seeing as how Aoba was too wrapped up in watching Raidou to pay any attention to the still very drugged woman.

"Are you jealous, Rei? Does it bother you to see him fucking someone else?" His words were soft, not wanting anyone else to hear, especially not Aoba who would shoot his mouth off before he thought about all the consequences. The emerald eyes turned to him and though she shook her head, his intuition told him that he'd been right on the money. His hand slid over the flat plane over her abs which were soft and smooth unlike the stomachs of the men he usually slept with. Her body gave a great shudder before she turned her gaze back to the two men on the loveseat.

Running his nose up the delicate skin of her neck he moved so he could whisper in her ear as his hand pushed the fabric of her somehow still on underwear to the side and two fingers prodded her sex. "Do you wish it was you up there on his lap, riding his thick cock for all it's worth? Is that why you're always yelling at him? Do you just want more of his attention?"

Her fingers gripped the sheets on the mattress as she gritted her teeth and tossed her head from side to side. "No...girls...I like girls. Just worried about him. He...AH!" She gasped as Tonbo's thumb began rubbing circles on her clit and bucked down onto his thick fingers. "He...deserves more than...just a fuck though." Tonbo chuckled lightly in her ear as he kissed down her neck, his face meeting Aoba who had finally snapped out of his stupor and their tongues battled for a minute before they both began trying to convince Rei to switch teams. Aoba whispering manipulatively, trying to get Rei to agree to be fucked as Tonbo fingered her and glanced around the room making sure everyone was following the rules.

"Uh! Uh! Ahh oh gods!" Hayate keened as he was lifted and lowered on the thick erection, his fingers clutching at Raidou's shoulders in vain as his body was assaulted with sensation. "Uh, I'm so close." Hooking his legs under Raidou's knees he began pushing himself downward with as much strength as he could take, his body beginning to tense as his prostate was pounded repeatedly.

"Ahh baby so fucking beautiful, cum for me baby," Rai laced his fingers in Hayate's hair again gazing deep into lusty eyes. "Do you like it baby do you like riding my big cock, you look so good seated there like you belong there." He then slid his hand down over the pale chest brushing his thumb over a dusky nipple before the large fingers dance over his abs and through his course black curls to wrap around this straining cock. "You are very beautiful, Hayate."

Hayate's lips parted in a long moan. His body was wound so tight he was about ready to snap. 'Why can't Kotetsu look at me the way he is right now?' The image of the sexy short man's face swam in his mind and his body clenched around Raidou as he imagined it was Kotetsu he was sitting on, riding and holding tightly. "Ungh! Oh god!" He erupted with a guttural cry of pleasure, his hips thrusting into Raidou's hand as he squeezed his eyes shut tight. "AAAAHH!" His voice cracked as he screamed and string after string of fluid sprayed Raidou's chest.

Grunting, Raidou thrust upwards one more time and pressed Hayate down on his lap, his orgasm washing over him as he looked down at the blissful face. It took all his restraint not to call out Izumo's name as he came, it was too similar to the time Izumo had ridden him in the hospital. Instead he just let out a long groan of pleasure and cradled the boneless body to his chest as they both basked in the post orgasmic bliss. But this wasn't Izumo, it would never be Izumo again, this was Hayate and he was beautiful and small and soft, he was good and he felt good and most importantly he was not with Kotetsu.

After a few minutes of just resting in silence and listening to the sounds coming from around them Hayate began rubbing Raidou's arm, not wanting to look at him when he spoke. "You want Izumo still, right?" His voice was just above a whisper but no one around them was listening. The silence from Raidou was interpreted as a yes and taking a deep breath he continued. "Help me break them up and we can both get what we really want, who we really want."

Raidou pulled back a bit more so he could look at Hayate more clearly "You want Kotetsu?" He questioned his chest starting to feel tight again. Hayate gave a quick nod in response. Raidou's arms that where holding Hayate's slim hips started to shake, 'What the fuck is with that guy? Why the fuck is he so fucking great?' his mind growled, 'That's right he's not me.' Raidou stood up at the same time as pushing Hayate to the floor towards Shimon. "You want him so fucking bad he's right there, and if that's not him he sure as hell looks enough like him. Get yourself off on his little pencil dick." Raidou snapped and walked away to the bar where he grabbed a beer and one of the pre-rolled joints. He didn't turn back to the party, he just stared at the wavering line of smoke raising from he end of the joint he had just lit.

Even as Shimon pulled him into his arms, rubbed his back and eventually started kissing his neck, Hayate couldn't stop looking at Raidou's back. The rigidity in the broad back made him wince as he thought about what he'd done. Sure, he'd told Raidou that he'd wanted Kotetsu, a man that Raidou despised but that shouldn't have been a problem because Raidou wanted Izumo. The only reason he'd been so adamant that they sleep together was he looked like Izumo....wasn't it? He thought back to after they'd sat down on the couch. Raidou had been in control, fairly clear headed, calling his name, not Izumo's. 'Did he want to be with me?' Hayate pressed into Shimon's touches but his mind couldn't help but stay with the scarred lieutenant. 'No wonder he's so pissed, he thinks he lost another man to someone half his size.'

Shimon pulled Hayate around to face. "Hey kid do I remind you of someone you want? Do I look like him enough to pretend? 'Cause I don't mind you know, you can fuck me thinking of him calling out his name. I'll play along as best I can for you, you sexy little thing." Shimon rolled on top of Hayate sliding between his legs grinding his cock against Hayate's yet to recover member. "So what's his name, cutie?"

Hayate's brows shot up. "Don't call me that and his name is Kotetsu," his brows eased back down and lust took over his face once again as the name slipped from his lips combined with the steady rocking of the firm cock against his.

But the movement stopped as Shimon stared at him then looked up to Raidou then back down to Hayate "What kind of game are you playing here kid? You're talking about the Kotetsu Hagane that tried to take on Raidou two days ago?" Hayate nodded. "Well that explains his mood toward me tonight if I look like him. Ok, I'll play along cause you are so fucking hot and the added danger makes it even hotter but holy shit you had better be able to run if Rai snaps from this." He captured Hayate's lips in a heated kiss to take away thoughts of Raidou and the danger involved with him. "So baby what does he call you?" Hayate tilted his head in question "This Kotetsu, what does he call you?"

"Corporal Gekkou" Hayate answered honestly.

Shimon let out a low chuckle "So you have really made some progress with him then. Ok babe, what does he call you in your fantasies?" Shimon clarified.

The small brunet's back and neck arched like a bow as he brought to mind one of many fantasies involving the spiky haired man. "Babe," he moaned. "He calls me babe like he does Izumo, like you did just now." Hayate couldn't help but grind his body against the strong form above him.

"Nice, very nice," Shimon commented on both the name and the reaction it was having on Hayate. "Is his voice deeper than mine?" Hayate nodded a bit. "More like this babe?" Shimon asked dropping his voice half an octave. He didn't need a verbal reply from Hayate to know he had got it and he wasn't going to get one cause their mouth were smashed together in a furious kiss.

Hayate bucked and moaned as one of Shimon's fingers prodded his stretched hole and that sexy voice he adored so much purred in his ear. "Are you sore, Babe? Are you too sore to have me inside you?" Whimpering as the finger pressed against the muscles of his entrance making the pleasure he'd just been wracked with flash in his mind. The light burn of the ravaged flesh wasn't nearly painful enough for him to deny his Kotetsu impersonator. Instead of responding he clenched his tired muscles around the invading finger and moaned lustfully. The crinkle of a condom wrapper could be heard and Hayate looked up to see the spiky haired man rolling the rubber onto his length. His body trembled at the sight, it was exactly the way he always imagined it. 'Kotetsu' above him, looking down at him with want and passion.

"I need you...Ko." He added the name nervously but when Shimon dropped his face beside his ear and whispered 'Babe' huskily he knew it was allowed. He moaned and spread his legs wider as Shimon's cock prodded his entrance. 'The perfect size,' he thought as it slid into him. It felt so good after Raidou's monster. "Mmmm, 'Tetsu. Feels so good."

"Yeah that's right babe, it was made just for you. I was made to bring you pleasure." Shimon purred against Hayate's neck as he started a slow rhythm. "Sorry it took me so long to realize what you truly meant to me," he continued to play up the act. When Hayate tightened his leg around him, Shimon carded his hand in the dark hair and nuzzled the dark circles under the younger man's eyes. "You're so hot, Hayate, so sexy. Mmm, you feel so good, babe." He was rewarded with a shiver and an arch as he slid in to the hilt again.

Raidou watched as the joint he had been smoking burned down to his fingers tips he squeezed the last of the ember out not even feeling the slight burn it gave them, his mind was too far lost in thoughts of Izumo and Kotetsu and Hayate. His brows furrowed even more as he thought of the irony of the situation; he thought maybe Hayate could have been a distraction to help him get over Izumo. The young man was similar enough to suit his tastes; he had pale skin, a small frame, and was quiet and gentle, all things that attract him. But he was also different enough that he wouldn't be mistaking him all the time, would be able to see him as someone different more than just a replacement. But of course this man wanted Kotetsu as well.

He cast his eyes around the room, taking in the various clumps of bodies with no real interest. Sure the sight of Tonbo pounding into Aoba from behind while Rei lay beneath them sucking Aoba's cock was hot and so was Shikamaru moaning around Ebisu's cock as he cleaned it of a very satiated looking Anko's juices. But he wasn't interested anymore. The whole scene was making his stomach churn as he realized this was the most real human contact he was likely to get. Sighing he thought about leaving but somehow ended up back on his couch watching Shimon slowly fuck Hayate.

"Gods he looks beautiful" he said thinking it was in his head, the pot had jump started the E again, his mind was moving away from his very fast. He aggressively scrubbed his fingers through his hair. "Fuck, why him?" he growled quietly, his mind replaying every moment he had spent with Kotetsu, the little cocky fucker, but then he remembered the moments he had seen him with Izumo, where the spiky haired raven had been everything he's not. Kotetsu had been kind, open, caring and happy these were traits Raidou didn't even know how to show. He rubbed his hands over his face in frustration. "Kotetsu is the better man, that is why they want him and not me. They'll fuck me, that's all; a novelty cause I got a big cock and I can control their bodies in ways he can't but they don't want someone this fucked, so I will always remain this fucked," he explained to his hands why they didn't want him.

The small, soft hands that closed around his caught him by surprise. Only then did he notice Rei kneeling beside him yet again, his stomach covered with a clean new bandage and the cum covered ones on the floor beside her. Those green eyes, eyes that had seen more of him than he'd ever want a woman to see were looking up at him sadly and he was about to jerk his hands away when to his immense surprise the petite woman crawled up onto his lap and carded fingers into his hair, rubbing his scalp in a way that was familiar, though he didn't know from where, and calming, though he couldn't say why.

"Get the fuck off me, Rei. I don't fucking want to deal with you now," he said in a mild growl at the same time as nuzzling into her touch. "Why does it feel so good?" Raidou's voice no more than a whisper, "When I feel so shitty." Rei could tell Raidou didn't know he was talking out loud. This was a bad habit of his when drugged and that he really didn't want people to know, it could be dangerous if he was captured for interrogation. "For fuck's sake get off me Rei..." his voice low and warning again, but softened out into frustration "...I don't want to feel this way."

The gentle hands tightened in his hair for a second and the bitch's voice hissed in his ear. "Shut the fuck up, Namiashi! I get it, you hate women, but I'm begging you to just sit there and pretend to enjoy this for ten minutes so I can sneak out of here before someone decided they aren't going to wait for my permission to fuck me!!" Her grip loosened again and she resumed massaging his scalp, working down his neck to rub the massive knots he called his muscles. Her hands were firm but at the same time gentle, always easing off the pressure when he hissed in discomfort. "Listen, it wasn't my idea to come here and I wouldn't have if Anko had told me what was going on. But she knew once we got here I'd have to make a good show of it and I'm sure as fuck not getting screwed just so she can show you men that she can tame her tail as well as you guys can." When her hands moved to behind his ears and pressed against his skull and the softer tissue below his jaw she smiled softly as Raidou let out a groan of appreciation and closed his eyes in enjoyment. "So just relax, please, and I'll try to work some of your tension out."

"Yeah, you think so? Are you going to turn into a beautiful brunet with perfect pale skin, a petite body that is built solid and strong with ripped abs, whose movements are graceful and smooth?" Raidou rattled off features of Izumo that had made his blood boil as his tensions faded and his body relaxed; accepting of the skilled touch. He had often been forced to give up control to this woman, it was not a new feeling to have her touch him. His face was smooth and his eyes gently closed as he pictured the sexy man he had had in his arms the night before. He features shifted and twisted into hurt and frustration as his mind reminded him that he would never have that again, that Izumo would never be his; Izumo didn't even want him, he wanted Kotetsu.

Seeing pain flash over his face, Rei stroked his jaw and down his neck before very briefly nuzzling the bottom of his ear and shushing him. When the large body relaxed a little more she moved down to his shoulders, lifting and rolling them to loosen the muscles. "Well I'm pale, petite and brunette but I'm afraid that's where the list ends." Chuckling she leaned back and prodded her own flat belly. "Especially the abs. I've gotten soft since coming to the camp. I think it's the lack of a gym." Raidou cracked and eye open to look at her but didn't laugh. He did grunt in such a way that she could tell he wasn't going to kill her and possibly found it amusing. 'Thank god for my ability to give a massage!'

Glancing over her shoulder she saw Tonbo and Aoba watching them intently. "Shit, we have a bit of an audience. Put your hands on my hips. We're going to have to make this more convincing." She moved his large hands from his sides to her lower back, surprised when one moved on its own to cup her ass, Raidou not missing the way her body shivered and the soft, blond hairs on her forearms stood on end when he did.

Running a hand through his hair, the young woman stared down at him contemplatively before reaching into her own hair by her ear and pulling out a hidden away joint that had been held there with a roach clip. Lighting it up she took a big drag and held it as she placed the pot between Raidou's lips and started swinging her hips and lightly grinding against his cock, her hands skimming over his skin and her pupils going wider even as Raidou watched her, the pot heightening her fading ecstasy rush again. In a drug induced trance her wide eyes followed her fingers as they reached up to the bridge of the man's nose and slowly traced over the scar tissue, following it over his jaw and down his neck.

"Rei, why are you touching me? Get off" he murmured trying to convince his hands to shove the annoying nurse off his lap. She was touching him, touching him in ways 'she' should not be touching him; in ways that any woman shouldn't be touching him. It was wrong, he hated women, he didn't want that to touch him, he didn't want them to have any control over him. He couldn't hold back the moan Rei's tiny hand pulled from him. "Nooo," he moaned, "Rei I don't want this, I don't want you; I don't want to feel this from you." His words were heavily slurred and he couldn't hold his head in the right position to look at her. He was starting to think his eyes were trying to avoid her, not wanting to see that he thought she was sexy, not wanting to be reminded further that it was a woman making him feel so much.

Her hands just kept stroking down his scars, her drug hazed mind marveling at the texture. Slowly she leaned into his body and ran her tongue over the rough skin on the left side of his neck. His hands tightened on her tiny frame as the wet muscle slid over the very sensitive skin. "Mmmm," he moaned, the hand on her back moving up to hold her head in place even though his words were still telling her to get off. "No...Don't...want..." His words trailed off as she pushed herself harder against his hardening cock. The licks were now randomized with soft lipped kisses and light nips to the tender scars and he could feel his reservations slipping away more and more.

Sliding her lips up past the scars she caught the soft cartilage of his ear between her teeth, scraping it gently, rewarded by another groan and a small buck of the large hips. "I see you, Raidou. I've seen the real you." He tossed his head from side to side as if trying to shake the words from his ears. She caught his face in her hands, her right softly stroking his scars again. "I'm not afraid. You're a good person and I'm not afraid of you." His hands tightened around her again, the one in her hair pulling a little so she thought she was going to be thrown off but to her surprise she was just pulled closer. "So strong, so sad," her lips pressed against his neck, "so scarred, so flawed." Her hands moved deftly over his scarred chest, never once flinching or pulling away. "You're the most tragically beautiful person I've ever known."

Raidou shook his head from side to side, "No, you can't." He leaned his very heavy feeling head on her shoulder taking comfort from her warm body. "Why do you try to be nice to me? Can't you see I am only an oversized monster, that I am nothing more than hate and anger turned killing machine. You can't say stuff like that about me, I can't let them be true." He whispered against her neck, "Not with you... I thought I could for a moment when he was there with me, touching me. But I was wrong; if he stayed near me I would end up hurting him, just like I'll hurt you if you don't learn to stay away from me. I'm not beautiful, Rei, only flawed." Rai's body tensed quickly as he fought back his emotions, crossing his arms across her back, his large hands wrapped around her thin sides holding her tight, trying to steal back some of the strength the drugs and her words were stealing from him.

Pulling back to nuzzle the scars on his cheek she swallowed her sob at his self degradation. "I'm not afraid," she whispered, pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth, a shock of sensation pulling at her gut at the thought of being so close to his lips. "Why? Why can't you see you're so much more?" When his face pressed gently into hers she moved and caught his lips in a soft, adoring kiss. Her lower lip trembled and she sucked his lip between hers and slowly coaxed him into the embrace. Then suddenly her mouth was force open and filled with a hungry, needy tongue. Needy to believe what she believed, to see what she saw. Hungry for the taste of her mouth which was so familiar even though he knew he'd never kissed her before. Her mouth was so soft and warm, so inviting; he just wanted to taste it forever. That sweet intoxicating familiar...

She pulled her head back to look him in the eyes as they finally parted. The man's brows furrowed in confusion and she dipped her chin to hide behind her bangs, thinking she'd gone too far.

'Izumo,' his mind sighed. 'Tastes like Izumo.' His eyes fluttered open seeing beautiful pale features dusted with a light blush, a dark eye staring nervously up at him and half of the pretty lustful face covered by dark bangs. "Izumo?"

He smashed his mouth against hers before throwing her off his lap and onto the mattressed floor. He crawled over her his eyes barely seeing through uncontrolled emotion, lust and drugs, not seeing the woman before him but seeing what the drugs told him to see...and that was Izumo. With a possessive snarl he tore the orange lace panties off of her like they were made of paper, then did the same with the offending orange bra. In seconds he had spread her legs wide and was between them, his large, dripping cock stabbing into her tiny body without warning.

Aoba smirked at Tonbo as the brunette woman was tossed to the mattress. To his surprise the bald man almost looked disappointed and shook his head. "It lasted longer than I expected I guess. I..." His words trailed off as they watched in horrific slow motion Raidou tear the orange lingerie from the pale frame and thrust savagely into the shocked body.

"NOOOO!!!" They screamed in unison, jumping up to capture the massive arms. The stunned look on Rei's face made them both afraid that he was either raping her or trying to fuck her to death. They pulled at the tree trunk like biceps but Raidou tucked his hands under Rei's slim shoulders and plowed into her harder.

"Stop! Raidou!! Let her go!" Tonbo screamed as he tugged at Raidou's back, nodding to Iwashi to pin a now frantic Anko to the mattress to keep her from getting hurt, either because Raidou would see her as a threat to his new possession or because she was a woman. He watched in horror as Rei's wide eyes stared up at the ceiling and her mouth moved but no sound came out.

"This is like a mouse trying to push a fucking freight train!" Aoba shouted nodding to Ebisu to get up and help them.

Her breath being knocked out of her when she hit the mattress, Rei tried to tell the men to get off of him but couldn't seem to make her voice work. Now Ebisu and Shikamaru were pulling at Raidou too but the man's grip on her body just kept tightening and they were only making her shoulders start to bruise from where his massive hands were holding her.

"No, let go," she whispered but it only had the opposite effect she'd wanted as they tried even more frantically to pull the hulking figure off of her. Shaking her head she finally drew a deep breath and said a little louder. "It's okay. It's okay, it's okay. Let go, it's okay." Not even sure if she was talking to the group or to Raidou himself she wrapped her thin arms around his neck and placed one of her feet flat on his tailbone, aiding his already powerful thrusts. "Raidou..." She didn't know what to say so she lifted her shoulders off the bed and pressed their mouths together breathlessly, letting the domineering man control the kiss completely.

"Fuck, we are so dead," Aoba said as he fell away from them. "She is going to be ripped after this and in the hospital, screaming rape in the morning and Kakashi is going to have our heads on spikes outside the fucking gate." He got up on his knees and ran a hand through his short black hair. "Fuck this is my fault I shouldn't have brought him; I knew he was fucked up already today. Fuck." He lunged back at Raidou again and grabbed his arm, "Rai get off her!"

Tonbo grabbed his friend and pulled him off. "Don't touch him. The more we tried to move him the more he hurt her. We just have to let it happen, we were too late," he said in a defeated tone falling away to lean against the couch and watch the train wreck they had created.

"Fuck. I'm so sorry Rei," Aoba said in the same defeated tone as Tonbo. He fell back to face the ceiling rubbing his hands over his face, "I'm so fucking sorry."

Ebisu moved away from the scene like it was leaking poisonous gas. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, we are all to blame here we all had a part in this." His guilt was more prominent than anyone else's; he'd brought the ecstasy, he'd given Raidou the green pill. Iwashi was still holding Anko who had a hand clapped over her mouth in shock. Her mistake was bringing the woman in the first place. She'd insisted that Rei stay even though the woman had said it was a bad idea.

"Shit," Tonbo whispered as he watched Raidou fuck the young woman into the mattress. "What about a condom?"

The words were slow to filter into her brain as Rei watched the men from over Raidou's shoulder. The word condom drew her attention to Tonbo who looked positively sick with guilt. "It's okay. I'm okay." Her eyes moved from Tonbo to Aoba then back to the bald man. "He needs this." With that she lifted her other foot to his back and began arching her body into the thrusts, her mind finally snapping out of the shock. Moans and low grunts began pulling from her throat as the scarred man began attacking her jugular with harsh bites and she cradled the back of his head. "Raidou..." Her lips were captured again and she moaned loudly into the man's lips.

Suddenly the atmosphere in the room shifted from horrified to voyeuristic, like they were watching something very intimate and personal. Everyone except Tonbo moved away, most of them heading for the bar, trying to shake off the adrenaline that was pulsing through their bodies. Anko tried to move towards them but a sharp look from Tonbo and Aoba and Iwashi pulled her away and reassured her that it would be alright, even if they didn't believe it themselves.

As Raidou felt the threats move away from them he relaxed more his movements less frantic, his fingers loosened on her shoulders and he began to lick and kiss her neck moving one hand into her silky hair. "Izumo," he whisper against her neck, "How did you do this to me Izumo? You have destroyed me." He panted his words against pale soft skin. "I don't know how to function with all these... these feelings, Izumo. I can't be the only way I know with what you did to me." He wrapped both arms around her back holding her as tight as he dared to his chest. "Gods, I need you so much Izumo I need the world you offered me last night, the one you tore away from me this morning, I need it, I need you." He was almost whimpering the words against her cheek. "Gods" he moaned out as the arms clinging to him tightened.

If he'd been looking at her he would have seen her face scrunch up in pain from his words the way that Tonbo did. Tiny droplets of moisture formed at her eyes as she nuzzled his temple, sad both because he didn't want her but mostly sad for him, for wanting something that would probably never be. "I'm sorry," she whispered in a much deeper voice than usual. "I needed you and you gave me more than I could hope for. But our timing was all wrong. We have tonight though; tonight I'm yours, just yours. There's no one else here but you and me."

Raidou's body shuddered with a sob he couldn't keep in, "I don't want it to end Izu; I don't want to wake up to that cold lonely world. I want to stay with you. I want to be alive. I want to be yours." Raidou's hips started thrusting harder again. "I don't want to go back to being stone, it's so cold, it's so lonely. I want to stay with you." His voice was broken and hoarse from holding back his emotion, his movements frantic once again to try and keep them all in.

Green eyes brimming with tears closed and two perfect streams of saline ran down the sides of her face into her hair. 'So beautiful.' Pulling him a little tighter to her body she put on the husky voice again. "You're perfect when you're not stone, Rai. Why can't you see? Flesh and bone and heart...why can't you see?" She ran her hand up his back and gripped his hair, crushing their mouths together, desperate to do what he asked, to make him feel alive and human. Unable to hold it in she released a small sob into his mouth, trying to hold back the next as he stroked her cheek, kissing and fucking her deeply.

He pulled from the kiss to say more to his Izu but when he opened his eyes they didn't meet with deep black they met with the green tear filled eyes of Rei, he couldn't hold back the chocked sob tore from his throat. "Oh fuck, it's not even real" he clung to her, burying his face in her long dark hair, jaded disbelief crushing him. "Oh fuck Rei it hurts so much, please help me. Make the pain stop like you always do." He could remember now a time when he had said those same words to her as she hovered over him trying to sooth her frightened patient. "Rei" he said her name in a pleading manner, begging her to save him from where he was.

Her voice somehow steadied and her fingers massaged his scalp for lack of anything better to offer. "There's no shot I can give you for this, Raidou. I'd do anything to take this away from you. I know how badly it hurts." Her fingers of one hand found their way to where his scars wrapped around his side and stroked them as she grasped for ideas to help him. "This is part of truly being alive. You feel everything, the pleasure and the pain. You just have to let it out, let it go...and then try again." He shook his head but she stopped him before he could say he couldn't do that, couldn't ever try again. "Just let it out," she whispered as he breathed raggedly in her ear and she gently pressed a kiss to the side of his head. "Just let it out..." She rolled the body that was easily a foot taller and probably twice her weight over onto his back so that she could see his face from where she was perched on top of him, his softening cock still insider her. "Just feel."

She dropped her face to his scarred chest and began licking and kissing his chest, paying special attention to where the marred skin on his peck should have held a nipple. Slowly working her way up his body, she looked deep into his sad eyes before leaning down and softly pressing their lips together and stroking his temples with almost maternal care.

Raidou wanted to fight against the feelings, he didn't want to feel this from her, he wanted it to come from Izumo, but his strength was gone like it had been drained from him by some sort of magic. He had never felt so vulnerable, so incredibly weak and at someone's mercy; even his time with Kakashi he had always deep inside known that he could overpower him, but he couldn't fight her. The muscle was there, he could move her and touch her but he couldn't stop her, because he had no will to. He closed his eyes for a moment hoping to find a way to make it all stop... all this feeling; but what he found was Izumo. He snapped his eyes open not wanting to get caught in that again. His eyelids lowered until they were open just cracks as he watched the little brunette touch him, ride him, pleasure him; he moaned out and arched into her touch. 'If you don't have the strength to win the fight then don't fight, give in to her, you can trust her,' his traitorous mind muttered over all other thoughts.

Reaching up he wound his hands into her hair and pulled her torso down to his chest, holding her tight as his hips lifted into her. Her compassionate green eyes watched him as she cupped the side of his face and stroked his scarred cheek with the other hand. He moaned as he turned his face into her palm and placed a kiss to the soft skin before leaning up and pulling their faces together. She only leaned in to kiss him when a sob was about to tear from his lips, smothering the sound with her moans as she rolled her hips, bringing him closer and closer to completion. Raidou might have forgotten about the other occupants of the room but Rei wanted to keep them from hearing his pain. 'Just feel...' his mind repeated again and again as the sensations of her body on top of him, around him, shook him to the core. 'Let it out.' His chest tightened as their combined thrusts lost their rhythm into a frantic pace, his balls tensing as Rei pushed herself off his chest and threw her sheet of silky hair over her shoulders as she sat up and rode him will all the energy she had.

'Let it go.'

He gripped her hips and pulled her down, impaling her on him as his hot cum poured into her body. "UH...REEIIII!" Waves of pleasure and relief crashed over him as he climaxed, her hands closing over his on her hips and her muscles bearing down on his pulsing erection as she tilted her head to the canvas ceiling at the cry of her name. Her full lips parted and her emerald eyes slid closed in pleasure as her tiny frame shook and an orgasm ripped through her as well. Her hands tightened and her lips formed his name but she didn't make a sound, gracefully letting the pleasure over take her and collapsing to his chest when it passed.

Raidou's breathing calmed and he could start to hear murmured voices and movement around him. 'Don't look; you don't want to know who can see you now.' There was warmth on him, holding him with weakened arms, chestnut hair splayed across his chest and neck, he was unsure who it was but it didn't really matter anymore, be it Rei or Izumo he would never have either; but they had cared for him tonight, tried to give him something, were still trying to give him more with gentle pets and strokes. He breathed deep and relaxed into the mattress more fully. He felt very heavy, his physical strength fading quickly from his body, his hands slipping away from where they were still holding the slim hips 'I'll let it happen for right now' was his final thought on the person above him before the realm of sleep was passed by and he slipped into the blessed, dreamless realm of unconsciousness.

When she felt his breathing slow and his hands fall away, Rei dozed with him on his chest for a minute before fervent whispers pulled her back to alertness. Moving slowly so that she didn't wake him, she turned her head to see the rest of the group arguing quietly.

"Look no one says a fucking word about what they saw here, do you fucking understand me?" Tonbo snarled at the others in the room. "You just saw real proof the lieutenant is a human being, don't exploit that. If you think for a second that he is weaker or you should treat him differently because of what you saw, he will rip you a new asshole and that's after he turns you to paste, and if he doesn't I will."

Shikamaru seemed to be watching it all with indifferent boredom leaning once again between Iwashi's legs who's fingers ran through his now loose hair; but Hayate had taken the scene in a totally different way as he sat on the mattress knees pulled up to his chest, chin resting on knee caps as silent gentle tears trickled from the corners of his eyes and down the sides of his cheeks. He had watched the whole thing in the same manner. Shimon tried a few times to pull him away from the train wreck but he wouldn't move, he had to see that he had been part of this mess he had been the cause of some of that man's torment. He was musing about what it all meant to him when Aoba stood up beside him.

"Were you even in the same tent as us Ton? How are we supposed to treat him like the cold hearted bastard he was this morning when we have seen this," he pointed at Rai and Rei. "I mean we saw him cry..."

Tonbo lunched off the mattress and tackled Aoba to the ground a hand locked in his hair roughly to make sure he was listening, "Because he is still Lieutenant Namiashi you stupid fuck, just because you got proof of his humanity tonight doesn't mean it wasn't there before. It was even there when you would shit a fucking brick 'cause he looked at you. I've seen you cry you little fuck and for a lot less pain than he did, hell I've been there when you wake up in your own piss, does that mean I should treat you like a four year old?"

"Hey, I was plastered man," Aoba defended, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment and anger.

"And he is fucked on mind altering drugs, booze and pot. Do you think we would have seen so much as a crease in his brow if not for that?"

"He broke down, Tonbo."

Smack. Tonbo slap Aoba's face hard leaving a bright red hand print on his cheek, "Look at him, you little fuck. Do you really think he is going to wake up broken? Do you think tomorrow we are going to see a feeling, caring lieutenant Namiashi walking around our camp passing out hugs, or do you think he's going to wake up pissed beyond anything that we saw what we did and that if he gets wind of any of us feeling different about it or thinking of exploiting it he's not going to make sure you can't fucking talk about it?" His hand gripped hard in Aoba's hair threatening to tear it out he was so mad that others had seen this happen to Raidou. "If you or any of you," he looked up to the others for a moment then back to Aoba, knowing he was the one with the big fucking mouth and needed the most warning. "If any of you talk about this I'll kick my foot up your ass and wear you as a boot."

A stunned and pregnant silence fell into the humid air as everyone absorbed the words, saw the truth in them and took the very real threat to heart. Aoba glanced at the pair of bodies and caught the green eyes watching the fight before turning back to Tonbo who was still standing over him and gave a small, wide eyed nod. Glancing to the side he slid a hand up Hayate's back soothingly before looking to Shimon.

"I think we should get the pets back to their barracks. I don't think anyone should be here when he wakes up."

Tonbo gave an approving nod but the dark haired man who had Hayate in his arms raised an eyebrow. "They're still stoned. What the hell will their platoon leader think?"

Shikamaru lit another cigarette and leaned against the bar. "We're both from second. Lieutenant Daiki probably won't be too hard on us...or he'll work my ass into the ground tomorrow. Either way, we should get back. The corporal has to go to desert conditioning tomorrow."

The declaration of his rank snapped Hayate back to himself and he patted Shimon's arm and stood up. 'Desert conditioning, tomorrow, Kotetsu, Raidou.' His mind was swimming with the overload of information though his face was impassive. When Shimon's hand slid into his he gave a small smile and let himself be dressed and let the strong arms lead him out of the tent, Ebisu leading Shikamaru behind them.

Iwashi tried to pull Anko away but the feisty woman shoved him and shook her head. "No fucking way I'm leaving so don't tell me again. What if he wakes up angry like you said? I'm not leaving her alone with him!"

Aoba rushed forward and clapped a hand over her mouth and for one terrifying moment Raidou stirred and it looked like he might wake up. But Rei slid her hand into his hair to massage his scalp and he drifted off again, humming in contentment. The four remaining people exhaled in relief and Tonbo rested a hand on Anko's shoulder. "I'll stay. I'll send her along to your tent when she's up." The dark haired woman looked like she was going to argue but when she looked down at her girlfriend/lover/fuck buddy and the pale face nodded against the scarred shoulder, she slumped and allowed Aoba and Iwashi to pull her out of the tent.

Tonbo sat in the dark silence of the Officer's club for almost an hour with no sound other then the steady breathing of the three occupants and the occasional flick of his lighter as he lit another joint. He watched the two of them rest 'Both of them are too gay to admit that they are in love with each other. The saddest part is even if they could admit it, it wouldn't matter because they hate the opposite sex too much, they could never work.' He held in the chuckle that wanted to release. 'Isn't this what's suppose to happen to straight people? They can't admit they have fallen for someone of the same sex.' He shook his head in a moment of pity, 'Why does it have to be so damn hard just find someone who cares?' He forced his mind into silence again, not wanting to explore that thought any deeper, when a deep groan took all his attention. 'He's waking up. But which one will it be Lieutenant Namiashi or Raidou; the monster or the man?'

Weight, warmth, breath these three invaded his sleep, tugged and pulled at his consciousness drawing him from his exhausted rest. His breathing was labored something was on his chest. 'Slow, Namiashi, slow. Don't let them know you are awake.' He cracked his eyes the slightest bit; silky chestnut hair, small delicate body and fingers, two perfect soft lumps in all the wrong places. A growl came from deep in his chest but he didn't move to push the body away, "Rei, what the fuck are you doing?"

Squeezing her eyes closed as if to smother her disappointment, she let out a soft, morbid chuckle. "Welcome back, Scarface." She could feel the vibrations of his growl underneath her but didn't move. This would never happen again, they would never be this close and she wasn't ready for it all to end yet. Her fingers in his hair continued their languid massage and her other hand drew a sloppy pattern on the skin of his bicep, her legs squeezing his hips, not wanting to hold on but not wanting to be tossed off either.

"Fuck you, Nurse Joy" he gave his usual reply to being called Scarface but it held none of the warning and hate it usually did. He shifted slightly to straighten a twist in his back; placing a hand to her back to keep her from... from, what, leaving... falling off of him? Another growl rumbled through him but he didn't remove his hand, his fingers splayed over her soft warm skin which felt comforting, he hated it but still didn't move his hand away. The bridge of her nose was nuzzling him so softly, in a way she should never touch him. Why was she naked on top of him? He shifted his hips again, still carefully holding her to him, and he felt the odd sensation of his limp, wet member slip on to his stomach, a sticky substance following it as his cum seeped from her body. He internally cringed at what this meant, he had fucked a woman. Worse, he had fucked Rei and he couldn't even remember how it happened. He pushed through the haze of the evening searching for how they could have ended up like this. His whole body tightened when he saw her lean frame thrown to the ground and her lace underwear ripped, right before he mercilessly tore into her body. The hand on her back pressed her closer to him. "Did I hurt you?" his voice was deep and hoarse and carried an unreadable tone.

Rei's breath caught in her chest and she let her fingers close around the short brown hair and tighten around his thick arm as she clutched to him in the way she'd told herself she wouldn't. Her shoulders hurt and her hips were killing her. She could feel a harsh sting between her legs and the bite on her neck was sure to bruise black and blue but there was only one appropriate answer for this situation. "No," she slid the hand from his arm to his neck in tender reassurance, "You didn't hurt me." She felt a little of the tension his guilt had built in him release and she let her fingers resume her slow stroking as they lay in a slightly uncomfortable silence.

'This time maybe I didn't but next time you get close to me I might. You have to stay away from me.' He wanted to say it, he wanted to warn her away but he couldn't make himself destroy this moment; not yet. His hand slid up her back and into her hair he leaned his head up and pressed his lips to her crown "I'm sorry" he whispered, he held his lips there for a moment knowing this would never happen again, he wouldn't let it, but this was another first for him and he wanted to store away what he could of it, he breathed her scent in deep then relaxed back onto the mattress again, his hand slipping away from her.

This was it, their time was coming to an end. Raidou was about to leave and tomorrow there would only be Lieutenant Namiashi, her Scarface. "I'm sorry too," she whispered, about their situation but also about him in general. This was her only chance to speak her peace so taking a deep breath she continued. "I'm sorry about your burns, sorry that you don't see how endearing they are. I'm sorry that we were so fucking swamped in the hospital that I couldn't look after you properly. I'm sorry about him..." Raidou turned his face away from her, his body tensing again as he thought about Izumo and a shot of pain tore through his chest.

Propping herself up on her elbow she smoothed a finger over one of his eyebrows. It had been a lot for him emotionally in the past couple of hours and she didn't want to push him too far but these were things he had to hear. "I'm sorry he doesn't see what he's missing." His eyes turned up to hers and she could see a hint of vulnerable fear in the russet depths. "I'm sorry you don't trust yourself with another person, that you think so little of yourself. You're not a monster, Raidou." He tried to turn away but one of her hands stopped him so he just closed his eyes and pressed his face into her palm. "I'm sorry that..." 'That I'm not a man...that we'll never work...that life has kicked you around so much...about the bitch that made you so closed off from people,' She wanted to say them all but she'd run out strength behind her voice. "I'm sorry." She stroked his cheek and he looked up at her again, his eyes softer than she'd ever seen them. Her heart clenched and hesitating only a moment she leaned down and pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss.

This can't happen. I can't feel this way, she can't feel this way... I have to end this, it's too much. He took another moment to revel in the gentle lips pressed to his, before he slowly stood letting her fall away from him. He walked to the tent opening and stopped, he didn't look back to her he just stared at the tan cloth of the door. "If you were a guy I might have let myself care what you have to say, but you're not, so I don't." His chest burned with the poisoned words he had just uttered, but he had to make this end, it would never work; he could never let himself feel so open again. He pushed the tent flap out of the way and disappeared, naked, into the night.

Tonbo gave a pained sigh and stood; he walked over and offered a hand to the broken looking woman who was clutching her heart, her eyes staring blankly at the cloth ceiling. "You've gotten more out of him then anyone alive, including that little slut, Izumo. That's at least something you can take from this." He held out her silk robe he'd collected off the floor for her to slip over her bruised shoulders. Her solemn face nodded but Tonbo could see in her eyes that it was cold comfort. "Come on," he said placing a hand gently on her shoulder, "You should go see Anko before she thinks you're dead or something." When she didn't say anything he led her from the tent and out into the warm evening air.

They were supposed to go back to the barracks but Shikamaru had informed him that they needed water so somehow they ended up back in the mess, pounding down water and trying to hide their over dilated pupils as the throbbing base vibrated through their bodies. The lights that hung from the top of the tent all had soft halos around them and everyone looked so beautiful. Hayate looked from person to person in numb awe, his hands absentmindedly rubbing over his chest and stomach, addicted to the feeling of them moving over his torso. He saw Izumo laughing and smiling with Kiba who was gesturing to his cock and shouting about how he'd gotten taken out of the game. He watched Izumo look to the dance floor and gesture to Kiba that he'd be right back. The dark eyed private looked back to the dance floor again as he ducked out of the tent with a guilty look on his face.

When he looked to where Izumo had kept glancing to he saw immediately why. Kotetsu was grinning as he swung a chick around the dance floor. It looked like there was a long line of women waiting their turn on the far side of the dance floor. Kotetsu smiled broadly and did a little bow before grabbing another woman who squealed in delight. The pink haired nurse was flushed as her crush dipped her, and pulled her back up, very close to his body. Looking back at the door to the mess, Hayate snorted in disapproval, "Off to see the fucking lieutenant, whore. You don't deserve him." Shikamaru looked up at him before mumbling troublesome and heading off to find another glass of water, leaving Hayate alone, watching Kotetsu dance.

"Fuck, he's so hot. He's like sex incarnate. So confident, so in control of himself. Fuck, I want to be just like him." He licked his lips as Kotetsu traded partners again. Gods how he wished the man would dance with him like that.

Kotetsu whirled spun and dipped another woman around the dance floor as he looked around for his Izumo. He couldn't see the younger man anywhere. 'He must have left for the latrine.' he told himself. When this song finally ended he dipped the black haired blushing nurse deep and blew his hot breath on her stretched neck. She giggled and turned a bright red looking as though she would pass out. He carefully stood her up and stepped away with a polite bow. "Thank you beautiful lady for the dance, but it is my time to leave the floor and refresh myself with a cool drink of water," he said in a overly polite manner which just made the young nurse giggle more and skitter off her friends to chatter and continue giggling. Kotetsu wiped his brow on the bottom edge of his shirt he pulled up, showing his toned abs covered with a light dusting of sweat slicked black hair leading from his belly button down into his low hung jeans. His eyes met the large dark rimmed eyes of Hayate who himself was drinking a large glass of water. With a bright smile Kotetsu made his way over, "Good evening Hayate, have you been enjoying your civi day?"

Hayate's eyes were huge, showing off his wide pupils as he looked over the rim of his cup. 'Holy fuck, he's talking to me! What do I say? Does he know how stoned I... wow, his lips are sexy. I just want to kiss them so bad. Gods, I might just orgasm if he touches me. Note to self, ecstasy and Kotetsu are a dangerous combination. Okay, say something smart.' Swallowing his mouthful of water he grinned nervously. "Uhhhhh, yes?" He mentally slapped his forehead as Kotetsu chuckled and grabbed himself something to drink. "It's been an...interesting day I guess. How about you? You seemed to be having a good time." He nodded to the dance floor as he figured that had somewhat redeemed him from being a total loser in the other man's eyes. "I wish I could dance like that. It looks like a lot of fun."

"If you'd like I could teach you," Kotetsu said with a large smile. "We could each grab a girl and give it a go. The red headed secretary seems to be a good dancer, you could ask her." He took a seat beside Hayate and drank down the whole glass of water in one go before filling it back up to the top. He drank from his one slower, watching the party, looking at the smiling and laughing people. His eye caught sight of Kiba leaning close to the black haired nurse he had just been dancing with, she was blushing and giggling but making no move to accept Kiba's advances, her eyes kept flashing to the quiet brooding Shino sitting on her other side staring into his glass of soda. Kotetsu gave a little chuckle and turned back to Hayate who was staring at him with those huge black eyes. "So what do you think Haya, you want to give dancing a try?"

Shifting uncomfortably, Hayate took a long sip from his cup. How was he so thirsty? He was on his third glass of water and suddenly he was so parched he could hardly swallow. 'It's probably just the drugs. Yeah, talking to my crush has nothing to do with it.' "Uh...that wouldn't really work for me. I guess I'm not quite as good an actor as you are. I..." he trailed off and took another big gulp of water, glancing away from Kotetsu's curious gaze. "I... just don't think I could do that. I'd just look like an idiot." He turned away shyly and refilled his cup, drinking half of it immediately.

Kotetsu stared at the older man and his shy actions. 'What does he mean acting... oooohh.' Kotetsu leaned in closer "Hayate are you gay?" he questioned in a whisper Hayate's flushed cheeks was all the answer he needed. "Well then maybe you are a better actor than you think. I had no idea." Kotetsu stayed leaning close so Hayate would be able to reply in the same hushed tone. He didn't want to out the man if that's not what he wanted.

Choking on his sip of water, the corpral wiped off his chin and hid behind his hand. Kotetsu was so close to him. It was all he could do to keep from leaning in and pressing their lips together. He hadn't really told many people that he was gay but how could he not confess to Kotetsu? The man was actually paying attention to him and was soooo close. Maybe if Kotetsu knew that he was gay and that terrible whore broke his heart again then maybe, just maybe he could find a place in the spiky haired man's heart. "Uh...yeah. I am." He clapped his hand over his eyes to hide his embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I'm really not ashamed of it... I just... haven't told many people. My dad would kick the shit out of me if he ever found out. He's... very religious." He looked away, trying to hide his face. His dad was a miner by trade and tough as all hell. It wasn't that his dad didn't love him or that he beat him, but this was different than cutting classes or sneaking beer from the fridge. A fanatic homophobe, his dad probably would beat him over this before disowning him.

"Shit, that's harsh," Kotetsu said resting his hand on Hayate's shoulder in comfort. "I guess I was lucky my mom knew before I did and was supportive all along. Don't have a dad so don't know how he would've reacted. Izumo's parents flipped at first but have come around alright now. They have known me my whole life so it wasn't like some stranger was bastardizing their son." Kotetsu let out a little chuckle, "It was the neighbor boy instead." Kotetsu leaned back and took a drink of water, before leaning toward Hayate again. "So, I guess this means you wouldn't want to dance with me eh?"

Hayate dropped his hand and looked at Kotetsu in shock. "NO! I mean yes. I mean..." 'Dammit Hayate, watch your mouth. It's speaking without waiting for you to think again.' Wiping the sweat off his brow and taking a quick glance at his crush before dropping his eyes Hayate resumed stuttering. "I-I'd love to dance. I've... never danced with a guy before but you really don't have to. I know you're with Izumo and I wouldn't want to make you feel like you have to after everything I said. But if you really wanted to..."

"Izumo won't mind," Kotetsu said standing. "He knows I'm Izumo-sexual only." Kotetsu gave a chuckle and held out his hand, "If you are cool with others knowing or thinking you are gay then I'm all yours on that dance floor." Kotetsu looked at the women staring at him, "That is at least as long as we can hold off the females." Kotetsu snatched Hayate's hand when the man blanched at the sight of the glaring women, and pulled him onto the dance floor. Ko looked up to the slightly taller man's dilated eyes, seeing them in the brighter lights of the open area he could see how wide they were. 'Hmm, looks like he's high.' Ko mentally shook his head. 'He can't be that is just...' He brightened his face when Hayate tilted his head at him "Ok so this song..." he stopped and listened "It a mambo so..." He placed a hand on Hayate's shoulder and one on his hip "Umm do you want to lead or follow?"

Hayate blushed and he wondered if he looked like Iruka, flushing at every little thing Kotetsu said. "I...I'm not very good at either so you better lead." He'd barely finished the sentence before a strong arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him close. He could keep up with the feet movements alright but the head turns and the magic Kotetsu was doing with his hips was amazingly intricate... not to mention soooo sexy. Their groins pressed together every few steps and it was all Hayate could do to keep from moaning at the touch. He was so hard already that he felt like he was going to cream his pants at any moment. Soon Kotetsu had moved behind him and wrapped both arms around his hips, moving them perfectly as Hayate's back was pressed into the shorter man's chest. It felt so intimate but Hayate knew better. This was just a dance. It didn't mean anything to Kotetsu. When they turned back to face forward, he tried to push his hips back to keep his swollen cock away from Kotetsu but the lead man, forcefully pulled him close again. The dark eyes of his partner widened and Hayate tried to look anywhere but in them. He tried to pull away but Kotetsu didn't release his grip. "I-I'm sorry," Hayate whispered, his blush so bright that he was certain he looked like Iruka now.

"It's ok," Kotetsu gyrated their hips together, grinding his hard member against Hayate's. "This music and dance is meant to be hot. If we didn't get hard from this there is something wrong with us." Kotetsu gave a sexy, sultry smile and ran his nose up Hayate's neck to whisper in his ear, "I mean we are both gay men, you are very good looking, may I even say hawt, our bodies are moving so close together, touching and grinding to a beat that screams sex. How could I not be hard?" Kotetsu spun Hayate out then pulled him back so their chests and groins slammed together just as the song ended. "But the trick to being a proper dancer is to know that when the song ends so does the affair" He gave a wink and a kiss on Hayate's cheek "Thanks for the dance, babe."

Hayate watched him move to the line of women, completely frozen to the spot where Kotetsu had kissed him. 'He kissed me. He KISSED me! He said I was hot and ground against me! He...' "He called me babe..." He was snapped out of his stupor as Shikamaru's hand wrapped around his arm.

"Okay, lover boy, we should go to bed." Hayate allowed himself to be led away but turned to Shikamaru after they'd exited the tent.

"He...he called me BABE! Did you hear it? He called me babe!"

Shikamaru just shook his head and dragged the corpral to the barracks. Some people just shouldn't take drugs... ever.

Raidou's feet led him back to his tent by reflex, walking tall and straight movements of the perfect soldier though his face never turned up not wanting to see the world around him; he was struggling to rebuild a wall that fell hard today. He looked up just as he was 50 feet from his tent; he shook his head when he saw Izumo standing outside his tent.

Izumo's eyes flashing wide turned to see Raidou's arrival taking in his naked appearance, he was sure at this point there must be outward signs of his intoxicated state.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," he said in a frustrated growl, and walked past the stunned man into his tent.

Izumo watched with wide eyes as the naked man walked past him and didn't even take a second look. 'What the hell is wrong with him? Is he on drugs? And why does he smell like sex?' Cautiously he followed him into the tent and watched as the hulking naked man crawled into bed and turned on his side so his back was to Izumo. 'What the hell happened to him? He looks disgusted and like he just killed someone. Why was he walking around naked? Did... did he just have sex with someone? Why does that thought still bug me? It shouldn't, I know... but...' Hurt and guilt flashed through Izumo's dark eyes so he took a tentative step forward and cleared his throat. "Uh, Raidou... I... just wanted to..."

"You shouldn't be here Izumo," Raidou gave a frustrated sigh and rubbed his hands over his face. The whole afternoon had been more than he could handle both sexually and emotionally. Gods if he wasn't more emotionally drained than he'd ever been. It started with Shimon when Raidou had mistaken him for Kotetsu, then Hayate and of course Rei...

A new pang of guilt struck him as he thought about how the young woman had tried to help him, everything she'd said to him and how he'd just dismissed her. 'No, you did what was right. Just like now. Don't let them in, you'll just get hurt.' There was just too much going on in his head already to deal with Izumo right now... or ever again. "You shouldn't be here..." 'But...' "But I won't force you to leave. What do you want?"

Swallowing Izumo stepped up to the side of the bed. "I wanted to talk to you this morning but we didn't really have a chance. Then, I was going to wait until morning but I couldn't stop thinking... about you," he hesitated as he spoke because he didn't want it to sound like that. "I mean about us... I mean..."

"Just leave," Raidou said his voice flat and soft.

Izumo flinched, hating that tone. It would have been better if he'd yelled. "I can't really stay right now anyway." To his surprise Raidou rolled on his back and looked him in the eye.

"Because Kotetsu is waiting for you." Izumo felt like he'd been kicked in the gut at the look on the usually stoic man's face. He seemed so sad in that emotionless, I'm too much of a man to show any real feelings kind of way, but Izumo could see deep in his eyes that he was really upset, jealous and angry. 'I did this,' Izumo thought as his brows furrowed and guilt filled his eyes.

Watching the dark eye fill with emotion Raidou growled and turned back on his side so he didn't have to look at them. "Don't fucking pity me. Doesn't he know I don't want that?"

"What? I wasn't..." Realizing Raidou hadn't meant to say that out loud, Izumo shut his mouth and rubbed his sweaty palms against his thighs. 'He is on drugs. That's what he was like when he was in the hospital. Is this my fault? I... I didn't know I meant this much to him. What can I do to make it better?' His small hands came together and knotted nervously. "I know you don't want to talk about this now, and that's okay. But I will want to talk to you tomorrow. I want a chance to apologize properly. I want you to really understand, because I don't think you do."

"There's nothing else to say. Just go."

He wanted to object. There was so much he wanted to say to Raidou but it wasn't anything that couldn't wait until tomorrow, until Raidou was sober again. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow." With a sigh he left the tent, hoping he was still in the mood for his and Kotetsu's make up session. It seemed horrible to be thinking about Kotetsu right now but Raidou was right when he said he shouldn't be here. It had only been hours and he'd broken his promise to Kotetsu. He'd just wanted Raidou to understand... but he wasn't going to let this get in the way of his plans for Kotetsu tonight.

Tonbo gathered up Raidou's clothes and took Rei's arm leading her to Anko's tent. The female lieutenant was very happy to see that her 'girlfriend' was ok pulling her inside and shoving Tonbo away closing the flap of her tent in his face. "You are welcome," he hissed and walked toward Raidou's tent to return his clothes. At the thought of the large sexy scarred man Tonbo's head with filled with Raidou's deep voice naming him a coward for not taking what was offered when it was there. The image of Raidou's legs spread with him between them assaulted his mind's eye while the sound of the rusty brunet's wanting moan replaced the taunting of his words. 'Oh shit, I could have fucked Raidou and I didn't. What the fuck is wrong with me?' He ran a rough hand over his bald head sigh to himself at what he could have had.

He looked down the row of tents to Raidou's, just as his dark eye's met the tan canvas a small figure came from beyond the flap opening. "Izumo," he growled under his breath and sped his steps up just a bit. He tried to make himself look casual but when the brunet stopped and looked up at him, his large eyes widening he knew he had failed looking calm.

When they passed each other it was three tents down from Raidou's. Izumo's eyes shot to the ground when he couldn't take the stern look from Tonbo any longer. The Lieutenant stopped when he was just a few steps from Izumo. "What are you doing here? Coming to rub it in that you used him to test the waters of something new?" Tonbo's words almost stuck to his tongue the tone was so cold.

The younger man flinched at both the words and the tone, his body recoiling as if he'd been struck. 'He knows. Everyone knows. I'm so fucking stupid. I don't deserve to be with anyone after what I've done.' It was painful torture as his mind raced, wondering what people were thinking and saying. The idea was making him queasy, hating being the center of a gossip chain like that. He managed to clear his throat to unstick his words as the lieutenant stared down at him. "I just... wanted to talk to him. I wanted to try to explain," he paused for a minute before raising his averted eyes to the older man's dark gaze. "What's wrong with him? He seems like he's... like he's stoned or something." His voice was disbelieving but the look on Tonbo's face made him swallow even more as his estimation seemed to be right.

Tonbo glared hard at the young man who was obviously very nervous to be dealing with Raidou's friend. "What the hell do you care what's wrong with him?" Tonbo snapped then drew his volume back down to a low growl. "Look... he would probably rip my cock off for saying this..." He looked down to the tent the little brunet had just exited, then back, his eyes determined. "Look kid, just stay away from him, you understand?" Tonbo stepped up right close to Izumo so he could lower his voice even more but the young man would still be able to hear him. Izumo swallowing hard in fear was just a bonus. "You fucked him up. He had never felt anything like he's feeling now and he was fine with that. He was getting through this hell called life. But now you have opened up Pandora's Box inside of him; something that never should have been opened if you weren't going to stick with him to deal with consequences; something that can never be closed again. Damn it kid, you melted the ice man and left him as a puddle to vanish into vapor. Just leave him be so maybe his real friends can have a chance of getting him standing again." Tonbo shook his head and glanced back to the tent his friend was in.

Izumo didn't respond, just stared at the ground, not able to meet the other's gaze. He hadn't wanted this. He hadn't meant to hurt Raidou. The whole situation was so fucked up. First Raidou seduced him, then he and Kotetsu had almost broken up for good. Then Raidou had opened up to him and just after that Kotetsu had agreed to give him another chance. He really hadn't wanted it to be like this but he couldn't deny that Kotetsu was the one for him. They had so much together already, they already had love... but that didn't make him feel much better. Raidou was a good man; vulnerable and hard like his life had been, but good and kind deep down and he'd hurt him, wounded him gravely. He hoped that Raidou would get past this, that the indomitable lieutenant would be alright because he just couldn't stand the thought that he, an unremarkable, uninteresting, not overly bright, not overly attractive man could break someone like that. He wanted to say something but no words seemed to come. So instead he just nodded and toed the ground uncertainly. It was for the best, he thought. He'd have to talk to the man eventually but tonight had been a poor choice. They both needed sometime, not to mention that he'd promised Kotetsu that he'd stay way. For now at least, the advice... or warning made sense.

Tonbo looked back at Izumo when he saw the small nod from the corner of his eye. "I saw his open wound tonight, I never want to see something like that again, but what you did to him will scar worse then any burn could." He took a step back from Izumo. "Now get out of here little boy, you are obviously not old enough to play with the men." His nostrils flared with the disdain he felt for the young man at that moment. With a last look of scorn, he walked away toward Raidou's tent once more.

Izumo just watched him leave, his heart a little heavier as he headed back to the mess tent to collect Kotetsu and show him the surprise he's painstakingly set up. Lieutenant Tobitake was right. Maybe it was better if he just stayed away. He'd done enough damage already. He hesitated on the edges of the tent and watched his lover swing a woman around the dance floor expertly, trying to banish his feelings of guilt and remember how lucky he was to have the grinning man before him.

Folding back the flap silently, Tonbo slid into the tent and stared for a minute at Raidou's scarred back. Fuck, those scars were so sexy. Calming his breathing as he looked down at the hulking frame he cleared his throat to let the man know he was there. "I brought your clothes." It was a rather lame breaking of the silence but Raidou wasn't one for small talk, and he wanted the man to know it was him and not that little slut again. "Are you okay, Rai?" Taking a great risk he sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers up the muscular arm. "She's fine, just so you know. You didn't hurt her." He felt the man tense beneath him but he continued to trail his fingers up and down the rippling bicep. After a minute he felt the man relax a little and he pressed on. "Women can be so fragile, don't you think? Not like men, like us. We're not afraid to get fucked silly, not afraid of physical pain or the pleasure that a good hard fuck can bring." All he could think about was getting into the intimidating man's body. He was literally risking his life by doing this but he had a feeling that the man would be up for it. There was nothing like getting fucked to banish thoughts from your head. His hand slipped under the sheets and began stroking the man's flank, letting his fingers move onto the rippled abs, tickling the muscular flesh as his fingers traveled south.

Raidou's body hummed with sensation, his emotions were running higher than he had ever felt and his skin felt like it was burning from the residual drugs in his blood, his body still wanting more... more... more what? Everything? Or was it just one thing? Touch, heat, passion. His breathing was stiff and forced into a calm rhythm as his hand moved and grasped the thick wrist of the bald lieutenant. "Tonbo, what are you doing?" He wanted to pull the hand away, send the man away but the warm calloused fresh felt so... pleasing against his skin. Raidou's lips sucked against his teeth as he breathed deep to build what strength he could to continue. "I think I've fucked enough people today. I'm not going to fuck you. So you might as well leave," is what his words said, but he didn't release the hand pressed against his stomach; tips of fingers just brushing against dark brown course hairs.

"Mmmm, that wasn't what I had in mind." Stretching his fingers, the bald man let the tips of his digits tangle into the top of the curly mass of pubes. Raidou's hand was still on his wrist but it wasn't pulling him away which was a very good sign. He could feel Raidou's huge length brushing against his hand and, risking all, he stretched again and let his fingers envelope it. "You may have done enough fucking tonight, Rai, but you didn't get fucked. It seemed like that was something appealing to you, Rai. Do you want that? Do you want to get fucked by a man who can make you feel good, make your brain stop thinking for a while?"

Raidou's grip tightened around the think wrist. 'I can't. I can't be that weak to another. If I let him I'll be worthless to him, he will not look up to me again. He'll treat me like Kakashi does. Kakashi... I can't let another.' Raidou's grip tightened even more with his thoughts till he pushed the hand away aggressively. He subconsciously pulled himself tighter, turning his face deeper into the bed. "If you find such a man send him my way and I'll consider it," Raidou bit out, his shoulders hunching to protect himself.

"Raidou," Tonbo purred, sliding in closer to the hulking frame, both his hands moving onto the scarred skin. He knew that Radiou wanted this, he just had to do a little convincing. Sliding under the covers he pressed his body against Raidou's, his covered cock pressing into the grove of the fleshy ass. "I think you want this. I think you want to get fucked and more to the point I think you want me to be the one to fuck you. Remember how you called out to me earlier and then the way you pressed back into me when I was putting the condom on you? You know you can trust me and you know you can stop me if that's what you want, but I think you want me to make you feel amazing." He nuzzled Raidou's neck, his cock thickening at the smells of the other people that hung to the older man's skin. Rolling his hips forward he moaned and smirked as Raidou's body gave a great shudder. "Do you like that, Rai? Does that feel good, my cock against your ass? Do you want me inside you?"

Raidou's body pressed against the firm solid form of Tonbo, the bald man maybe shorter than him but he was solidly built and the hard body felt good pressing against him. The muscles of his chest pressing against the planes of his back, the defined strong arms wrapped around him, even the weight of the man as he leaned against him caused his blood to rush through his body and pound in his ears... and other more needy places. He tried to hold it in but his body shuddered with the roll of Tonbo's hips and he let out a moan as lips brushed against his neck. 'It's so different from Kakashi. In every way it's different. Maybe...?' Hips rolled a cloth covered, thick cock against his ass again and he couldn't help but press back. Then in a released breath slipped a single word, "Yes."

It took all of the bald man's restraint to stifle his moan of desire as he let his hand clasp around the huge member, stroking it a couple of times and making the older man moan in pleasure. "Mm-mm, fuck Rai. You sound so hot when you're enjoying yourself." He awkwardly undid his pants with his other hand, not wanting to stop pleasuring Raidou. Finally, when they were undone, he wiggled out of them and pressed his naked front against Raidou's back side, chest to back, cock to ass. "Ahhhh shit. Damn Rai, you feel so good against me." His lips trailed up the muscular shoulder blades before he lightly nipped at the thick, scarred neck, his tongue moving to sooth the skin immediately. He didn't want this to be anything cheap or rough, even though that's what he'd used to get Raidou to agree. He wanted Raidou to enjoy every minute of this and he wouldn't risk doing something that would turn his superior off.

Raidou felt a strange pull in his chest, like something was wrong with what they were doing. He ground back harder into Tonbo. 'He must feel it too. Why isn't he fucking me? I should be face down and getting slammed by now. Isn't that what he wants from me? Control over a large person.' Rai's mind was humming with worried, fearful thoughts, something he wasn't used to, it was making him impatient. "What the fuck, Tonbo?! I though you were going to fuck me!" Raidou rolled more onto his front moving into position to be fucked at least the only position he had ever been fucked in, face down ass up, whether on a bed or over a table or chair, it was always face down ass up. He knelt on his bed with his ass up in the air positioned and ready for Tonbo. Face pressed against the sheet he held tight in his hands. He wanted to forget about Izumo, he wanted to feel something different even if it was just a different kind of hurt or shame.

Sighing, Tonbo ran his hands over the older man's ass. 'Who did this to you, Rai?' he asked internally even though he was pretty sure he knew the answer. "Uh uh, Raidou. On your back. I want to be able to see you." His hands pressed against the broad hips, making the scarred body turn. Those dark brown eyes looked up at him with uncertainty, almost confusion and Tonbo almost shook his head. That was a look a man like Raidou should never wear. Grabbing a spare pillow he rested it under the older man's tailbone and snagged the tube of lube from his discarded pants before spreading the thick, muscular legs and gazing down at the exposed body with unbridled lust. "Fuck, that's beautiful," he whispered as he absentmindedly slicked his fingers. He bent his back and nuzzled the bandages that were covering the scarred stomach and thigh before kissing his way up the soft skin on the inside of the burnt leg. His fingers rubbed against the man's puckered entrance as his tongue began to lick at the massive member in front of his face. The taste and smell of sex made him harden even further. He pushed his thoughts away from his own dripping cock and focused on the one under his tongue, laving it with attention. His finger pressed into the tight, hot hole as his lips finally closed around the head of the fat member.

Raidou clenched his eyes shut and gripped the sheets again. It was hard to relax when he felt so vulnerable to someone. He had never been touched like this before, not when it was him who was going to get fucked. He had done this to others but had never had it done to him like this. It made him nervous, and that made him angry. Though, it did feel really good. He cracked his eyes open and looked at the man touching him, the bald head darkened by slight stubble, gentle closed eyes behind thick rimmed glasses; this was his friend. Someone who had trusted him many number of times with his own body, someone who always spoke kindly to him; an intelligent man and a good soldier. 'It's just sex, Rai' he started to convince himself. 'You don't think less of him for bottoming for you. He is not the type to think less of you for it. He wants to make you feel good, wants to pleasure you. Relax, enjoy, there is a first time for everything. Besides, if he does turn out to be a dick about it, it's not like he could be worse than Kakashi.' The thought of that name made him angry but he pushed it away. This wasn't Kakashi, this was Tonbo; he was nothing like Kakashi. Raidou relaxed his body into the bed releasing the sheets from his hands. He let the feel of Tonbo's touch and the drugs still in his system take him away from this hell in the desert. Quiet moans and heavy breaths relayed his pleasure, while his hand smoothed over the rough surface of his friends skull in thanks.

Tonbo moaned around the turgid flesh between his lips as he finally started to get a positive reaction from his friend. 'That's it, Rai. Let me make you feel good. Forget every thing else right now and just enjoy.' He slowly eased a second finger into the tight passage as he lowered his head and swallowed around the thick, throbbing flesh. 'Yes!' He smirked a little as Raidou threw back his head and arched into him, the hard member pushing further into his throat. Wanting to loosen the man's inhibitions a little more, he crooked his fingers and pressed them against the older man's prostate with practiced perfection. A low shout of pleasure tore into the air and Tonbo pulled off the huge cock to smile up at his friend. "You taste fucking amazing, Rai. You taste exactly like a man should. Mmm, fuck!" He dove back down onto the throbbing meat with new enthusiasm, adoring every sound that he pulled from the broad chest and arched throat above him. He now had three fingers buried in Raidou's body and it was a good thing because as much as he wanted the scarred man to feel pleasure, his own balls were turning blue with anticipation.

"And how's that Tonbo? How should a man taste?" Raidou groaned arching his back and pressing himself down hard on the fingers within him wanting more, wanting deeper. It all felt so good; the fingers filling him, the skilled mouth on his cock, it was all stuff he had done before but not at the same time and not in this way. Any mouth on his cock had always been his bottom's, and the only fingers in his ass were Kakashi's and they had always been rough and hard, done with brutality not care and pleasure. Raidou's body flexed and arched and pressed into and upon Tonbo; where ever he could feel the heat of the other man's flesh. There wasn't enough; he couldn't feel enough of the other man. He wanted his weight, his body, as much flesh as he could, against him. Raidou's hand on the top of Tonbo's head slid down to the man's jaw. Rai gave a slight tug forward to suggest Tonbo move up but as the lips pulled off his cock he wasn't sure. It felt so good and he immediately missed the suction and warmth, but as he looked down at those strong firm lips then to the dark intelligent eyes he knew he wanted the touch more than the suck. He led the man up till he was able to capture Tonbo's lips with his own. The large hand on the strong jaw moved to the back of the thick neck, pressing them closer, deepening the kiss as his other hand ran over Tonbo's well built body.

Diving into the kiss, the bald lieutenant shoved his tongue into his superior's mouth, his lips and tongue were rough while his free hand gently smoothed over the man's rippling muscles. Carding his fingers into Raidou's hair, he wrenched the scarred head back and sunk his teeth into the thick cords of Raidou's neck. His tongue following to sooth the abused skin immediately afterward. Feeling the older man tense, he removed his fingers from the hot passage, earning a groan of loss from below him, and let the fingers of each hand trace up the wide flanks, lingering on the uneven scars. "Strength, Rai. You taste like strength. Sweat and dirt and blood, everything you've accomplished and everything you've given... it's in your blood, your skin, your spit, your cum. It tastes so good." He captured the other's lips again, softer this time, pouring his deep respect for the lieutenant into the kiss. One of his hands gripped the scarred side of Raidou's face as he slicked his dripping cock, gripping both it and Raidou's together, pumping them a few times, reveling in the heat pouring off Raidou's massive member and how good it felt pressed against his. His tongue didn't battle for dominance this time, just moved slowly and sensually against the older man's oral muscle.

"Oh fuck," Raidou moaned into Tonbo's mouth. He stayed with the pace Tonbo was setting; he liked it, it felt so very good to have a man above him like this not controlling him but being in control. He wasn't the one deciding what happened but he felt that he could lead it to how ever he wanted. His body was being touched and gently manipulated but he didn't feel like he was being controlled or forced. All this brought a strong feeling of freedom that was not familiar to him, it drove his senses higher causing each touch, each press against him to be more than pleasurable. "Tonbo, you feel so good. Touch me more, I want to feel more of you." Raidou's husky voice rumbled against the bald man's chest. Raidou's hands were everywhere, moving slow and firm, feeling each muscle they passed over, following the smooth, strong arch of Tonbo's spine; calloused fingers spreading over firm flexing buttocks, pressing them closer together. "I want you inside of me Tonbo, I want your cock to fill me." The scarred lieutenant growled before pressing their lips back together.

"Mmmmm." The moan was all the bald man could manage. Not at any point during the orgy had he been this turned on. Not even watching the pets play together was as hot as this. Lining himself up with the stretched entrance, he slowly rocked his hips forward. His hand left his cock to grip the broad shoulders tightly as waves of pleasure crashed over him as he pushed into the hot body. "Oh fuck, Rai. Nnngh." His eyes closed in pleasure as the tightness and the warmth wrapped around his cock. He slid in half way before opening them to stare down at Raidou's flushed face; panting and doing his damnedest to keep from hilting himself and possibly hurting his superior.

'Oh fuck, OH FUCK, it's moving so slow!' Rai's mind was screaming in pleasure, he wanted to be fucked but this was so... so... amazing. He panted hard as his fingers dug into Tonbo's shoulders, his back arching so their chests were firmly pressed together, his head tilted way back to try and get more air, the fire in his blood seemed to be stealing all his oxygen. He tightened his body around the slow moving cock wanting to bring as much pleasure to Tonbo as he was bringing to him. There was nothing cruel or violent or even mocking in this; it was all for pleasure, a shared pleasure and he was determined to absorb every moment to his fullest. He didn't imagine he would get something like this again.

Inch by inch Tonbo slowly eased into the tight body, almost indiscernible praises spilling from his lips with his ragged breath as he hilted himself. Leaning down he pressed his lips against the side of Raidou's face and pushed himself in even farther. "Let me know when you're ready," he whispered into Raidou's ear. He would wait as long as he had to because he wouldn't move before the scarred man was ready, but his control was fading. He wanted to fuck this man so badly that his whole body was shaking in anticipation. His breathing was labored and getting more so as the spasming passage massaged his cock, but his lower half remained perfectly still as he licked and sucked Raidou's neck and jaw. Even though this had nothing to do with love he wanted this to be gentle. He knew how Raidou saw himself and this was a rare and amazing experience to show him other wise, he refused to blow it. Forcing his thoughts to stay with his hands and mouth he focused on relaxing the massive, muscular body, teasing, tickling, and massaging whatever he could reach to help Raidou adjust. More than once it felt like Raidou was urging him on but the tightness of the passage told him that it wasn't time yet. Patience was a virtue, or so they say.

Raidou flexed and released his muscles many times, his body trying to draw the cock deeper; they always returned to their tight clenching as he waited. He waited for Tonbo to take the sign that he was ready, did he have to say it out loud? His ass loosened and pulled in tight again inviting Tonbo to fuck him hard, he was tightened up for him just like Kakashi usually demanded. 'Tighten the fuck UP Namiashi you fuck loose whore. What do you do sleep with a baseball bat up your ass to keep it this loose?' Kakashi's mocking words ripped though his mind he tightened his ass hard, his body was stiff and still.

Tonbo was gritting his teeth now, his ball aching at the excruciation of having to wait. "Please relax for me, Rai. I want to fuck you so bad... but I can go if you don't want this." His hips shifted just the tiniest bit and he moaned loudly, at the feeling of the strong muscles gripping him. "Just tell me what you want and I'll do it. Do you want me to just suck you off again?" His words were slightly garbled by his panting but he forced himself not to move again. 'Please relax. Please, please, please!'

"Just Fuck Me already! What else do I have to do to be ready for you?" Raidou snapped. "I'm as tight as I can be. I can't relax my body much more and still keep tight. JUST FUCK ME." Raidou was getting pissed now. 'Ready... relaxed... what the fuck does he want from me?' He was about 30 seconds from throwing Tonbo off him and chucking him out the door if he didn't do something. He gritted his teeth and bared down as much as he could while relaxing his upper body.

"Jesus Christ, Rai!!!" Tonbo tossed his head back and closed his eyes. 'What the hell does he mean by that? Tight as he can be?' Realization filtered through his lust fogged brain and he cupped Raidou's face with one hand and stroked the muscular flesh of Raidou's glutes with the other. "You don't have to try to squeeze my cock off, Rai. It will feel so much better for you if you stop clenching. I'm going to enjoy this no matter what; I want you to enjoy this too." He dropped his forehead to the scarred chest and tried to regain a little more composure. "You're with me, not him. I don't want to hurt or tear you. I don't want you to feel degraded, I want you to love every second of this. Please relax for me because I won't move until you do."

Raidou released his muscles with a frustrated sigh. He let his body just relax into the bed. He had never had anyone but that bastard fuck him; he didn't know how to bottom for anyone but Kakashi. Most of the time he hated getting fucked by Kakashi but he got enough enjoyment out of it to know he enjoyed anal sex. But he wasn't a uke he didn't know what Tonbo wanted. He tossed an arm over his eyes. "No cock has been in my ass but his. I don't know what to do or how you want me to act?" Raidou's voice was hoarse with strain. Everything had been going so well, everything had felt so good, so amazing and fresh but this was awkward and frustrating; he was almost wishing Tonbo had just fucked him like he was used to.

Sighing, Tonbo nuzzled his way up Raidou's neck so he could purr in the man's ear. "You've fucked a lot of guys, Rai. How do you want them to act? Do you demand they tighten themselves up so that your fat cock tears them apart or do you take your time to stretch them and give them time to relax so they can enjoy it? I know I'm not as big as you but tightened up like that even I might tear you. Don't worry about what to do or how to act. I'm begging you to relax your ass so I can fucking move before my balls turn blue, the rest will come." His dark eyes watched Raidou take and release a deep breath, his body loosening some with the exhale. Jumping on the opportunity he executed a shallow thrust, pulling out of the hot body an inch before sliding back in. He groaned and stopped again when Raidou tensed back up, chewing his lip as he waited.

'FUCK' Raidou screamed in his head when his body tightened again as soon as Tonbo moved, Kakashi had him so well trained. He clenched his eyes shut and wrapped his hands around the bald lieutenants biceps. "Kiss me," Raidou said in a low voice. "Make me forget what he's done to me. Make it so different from him that I can't associate it with him." Raidou breathed long and slow relaxing his body fully again. "He's fucked me up Tonbo but it's the only thing I know. I want to be free of him... but I have..." Rai opened his eyes and smashed his mouth to the surprised dark eyed man's "For one night give me something else."

"Gladly." Crushing their mouths together in a fiery kiss which softened after a few seconds, Tonbo gripped the coppery hair and gently massaged the man's scalp as they kissed. Almost immediately the man relaxed just like Tonbo had expected he would. When he felt the taught muscles loosen he performed another shallow thrust, moaning into Raidou's open mouth at how amazing the man felt. He just kept that rhythm of thrusting and pausing until Raidou got the message and finally forced his ass to relax. Pulling out further this time, Tonbo pushed back in very slowly, pausing only for a second when the larger body tensed, but this time it was from pleasure and not from Kakashi's conditioning. "Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah. Doesn't that feel good? You feel so amazing around me. You're still so tight that you don't have to squeeze me to feel amazing," he breathed against Raidou's lips. Maybe it was the fact that this was Raidou that made this so exhilarating, that at any moment the older man could pound him into a coma. But that didn't seem right. No, it was because this was something special for his superior, something he hadn't had before. And he'd been trusted to give it to him. Withdrawing again in the same painfully slow pace he pushed back in, making sure to find his friend's prostate as he moved.

"Aahh fuck," Raidou moaned as his prostate was struck "There. Oh fuck, right there." He pressed his body into Tonbo's thick stocky body, gods it felt so good; his words, his touch, and his movements were all bringing the scarred officer into a type of ecstasy he had never experienced before. He grunted and groaned in pleasure letting himself be free with what Tonbo was doing to him, it was one night and he was sure it would be the only. Tonbo was one of the few people he trusted. The man's intelligence and insight had allowed them to build a relationship of trust. He let his whole body relax against the bed his legs spreading wide, bouncing with Tonbo's slow thrusts. The only muscles he kept tight were the ones he was using to roll his hips to met Tonbo's, deepening his pleasure.

They rocked back and forth like that for several minutes but neither of them were going to last long. Raidou was completely lost to the sensations and Tonbo had been fighting off his orgasm since before he'd entered his superior's body. Feeling he couldn't hold off any longer, Tonbo wrapped his hand around Raidou's massive, neglected erection and pumped it in time with his thrusts. Gritting his teeth as the tight passage squeezed around him, the bald man increased his thrusts in both speed and depth, pounding into the large body with abandon. Raidou was wailing in delight as his prostate was hammered, begging Tonbo never to stop as his cum splattered up between them.

"Oh, Jesus, Raaiii!" Finally, knowing Raidou was satisfied, Tonbo submitted to his body's desire for release. His body shook as he pumped string after string of hot cum into the hulking body. Collapsing down onto the puddle of cum on his fuck buddy's chest, he tried to regain his breath and judging from the way the ribcage beneath him was moving, Raidou was trying to do the same. When his body had finally relaxed enough, he hopped up and grabbed a towel; wetting one of the ends in the shower before moving back to the bed. Raidou almost looked surprised to see him and he furrowed his brows in confusion and cocked his head to the side at the lieutenant. 'He expected me to just leave! He expected me to use him and run.' Very gently he wiped the semen from the chest and thighs, earning a small moan when he passed the damp, terry fabric over the well fucked hole.

As Raidou watched in startled surprise as Tonbo didn't leave didn't berate him for being a whore, but tenderly cleaned Raidou's used body; running a caressing hand along his side and leg as the other hand moved the towel to clean. He was very glad in that moment that it was Tonbo he had showed his weakness to and that the quiet knowing man hadn't taken cruel advantage of that. Sure he had realized what he could have with a bit of work and done so but it was not in a cruel way and Rai could tell in those dark eyes behind thick glass that Tonbo had done this as much for Rai as for himself. Raidou sat up with a bit of a gasp when the now slightly wet Bandages on his stomach stuck to his burn. He stopped Tonbo's cleaning hand and used it to pull the man closer. "Thank you," his voice no more than a hoarse whisper against the desert chapped lips of his bald friend.

"No, thank you. That was amazing. I know this was strange for you but I'm glad you came around. Tomorrow you can pretend it didn't happen and I'll never bring it up again but if you ever want that again from me, I'd be more than happy to oblige." Tonbo looked down at Raidou's face which was riddled with conflict. Like he didn't know how to deal with this after sex emotional nonsense. "Do you want me to go, Rai? I can go if you want."

"Uhh..." Raidou hummed as his thought about the question. "You can stay for a while, I've never had anyone want to stay after sex except for Izumo," Raidou's voice trailed off as thoughts of Izumo filled his mind. Did this mean he was over Izumo? 'No!' his mind quickly snapped. Was this some sort of betrayal to the small brunet he had claimed to have strong feelings for; wanting the younger man to be his boyfriend and now he was being tender with Tonbo? What did this mean for him and Tonbo? What did this mean for Tonbo? His mind swam with questions and his brows pinched in thought, till finally he let out a frustrated groan and flopped back on this bed. "Please stay I need your insightful mind to clear my head of questions I don't have the experience to answer on my own." It was hard for Raidou to say, but he had shown so much weakness already and knowing Tonbo for who he was -a man who could see deeply through the strongest built wall- there was no sense in trying to hide it when it would be more beneficial to all if he just admitted he needed the help.

Smiling, Tonbo crawled behind Raidou and maneuvered him onto his side so that he could wrap his arms around the scarred body and pull his friend tight to his chest. "It'd be my pleasure." He pressed a tender kiss to the back of Raidou's neck but then held still, only his fingers moving gently along Raidou's arms as the man began to speak.

Genma had quite the bounce in his step as he stepped back into the barracks. There was only half an hour before he was supposed to meet Kakashi and he wanted to clean up a bit. 'Probably should have a shower,' he thought as he gave himself a quick smell check but there just wasn't time. Instead he grabbed his deodorant out of his locker and applied it as he glanced around the room. Spotting Tenzou up on his bunk, he smiled and started pulling out clean clothes. "Hey, Lieutenant. What's the word?"

"I've been given a platoon of whores and sluts," he grumbled as he turned away from Genma to stare at the tan ceiling. "You sound chipper; you must be heading out to spread your legs and ass for the Captain again."

Genma chuckled as he stepped out of his dirty pants and pulled on his only other pair of jeans, his nice ones with the dark wash that made his ass look like a masterpiece. "Can't deny and won't disagree with you, sir, for the most part anyway. That would be cheeky of me." Genma shot Tenzou a rather cheeky grin to accompany his comment but it quickly faded as he saw that the older man wasn't looking at him, just staring up at the ceiling with absolutely no expression on his face. "Uh... Sir? Is something wrong?" He asked as he looked up from trying to choose between two sexy button down shirts.

Tenzou glanced back at Genma for a moment to see him trying to find the best clothes to drop to the Captain's floor; he shook his head and looked back to the ceiling. "Is that all your little group of friends think about? 'When am I getting fucked next?'" He made a disgusted sound in his throat, he wasn't normally this put off by sexually open people but it just seemed like they were rubbing it in his face that they fucked all the time and whoever they wanted without thought. It was stupid and wrong and had no place in the Army.

Shocked by the bitterness in Tenzou's voice, Genma tossed the blue shirt back in the trunk and pulled the wine coloured silk shirt over his shoulders. "Well, as far as I'm concerned when at war the only good things to think about in your off time are food, sleep and who you're sleeping with." When he didn't get even a chuckle from the reserved man he tried a different tactic. "Hey, if that's jealousy I'm hearing you should go find 'Ruka. I can't promise he'd put out but you both could do with a little less tension. I didn't see him when I left the mess but he's probably still there."

"Oh, he would put out," Tenzou snapped then glared hard at the ceiling while his fists clenched. "He was practically begging to be fucked. Somehow I thought he had better morals then the rest of the sluts in this platoon." God, how were these bitter hurtful words coming from him? He didn't want to feel them or think them, but he was and he didn't seem able to not say them. "Your group will fit in well in this camp. I'll let the others know I know some easy and willing party favors for the next Lieutenant orgy." Tenzou looked back over his shoulder with a sharp judgmental glare, "Four of them." There was a wavering in his anger at the shocked and offended look in the friendly Sergeant's face; he turned back quickly to resume his glaring contest with the cloth ceiling.

The shocked hazel eyes narrowed fiercely and Genma struggled to keep his voice even. "Feel free to say what you want about me but you watch what you fucking say about my friends. Kotetsu and Izumo are only sluts for each other. Aside from Lieutenant Namiashi I don't think either of them has slept with another person. And Iruka... don't you ever call him a slut again!" His control wavered as he clenched his fists, his arms shaking with rage at anyone talking that way about the sweet, little brunet. "Now tell me what the hell you're talking about before I get seriously pissed. What happened? I thought you two were hitting it off?"

Tenzou rolled off the bed and took the few long strides to be nose to nose with Genma. "Was that a threat Sergeant?" his voice a deep growl from his gut. "You had better rethink how you chose to talk to me."

"And you better rethink how you talk about my best friend, one of the few people in this hormonal camp who won't bend over for just anyone!" Genma hissed through clenched teeth. His hands were still sore enough that he really didn't want another punishment but this wasn't during an exercise, this was two men talking in their barracks about a subject that seemed to be sore more often than not. "Now, are you going to tell me what happened or should I just go find 'Ruka and ask him?" 'You know, for someone who's generally a good guy, he sure has a hot temper.'

"He was grinding himself against me all day. I keep telling him it isn't right for us to be so close at this stage of our relationship then tonight we had a very good talk and I made it very clear how I would see a relationship with him going and when I thought I finally got it through to him and we agreed on it, the only thing he could think of was when I was going to fuck him. He is so willing to spread his legs..." he couldn't even finish his sentence he was so pissed off. "He's not looking for a man in his life he's looking for a dick." He snapped in Genma's face.

Genma's fists twitched at his sides and it took all his restraint not to deck the lieutenant. His knuckles cracked under his tight grips and he looked Tenzou in the eye. "You are so wrong. He likes you which is probably why he was acting that way. Did he ask you to sleep with him or did he ask you when you would have sex?" A flash of hesitation crossed the navy eyes and Genma nodded knowingly. "He was actually asking you that. He's never had a relationship before and doesn't know what to expect. You should have just made up a time line, and adjusted it as you went." Sighing and understanding how easily that could be misunderstood Genma stepped back so they weren't chest to chest and dug around in his foot locker for his hair brush. "Just tell me exactly what you said to him."

Tenzou used everything he had to shove his anger aside, maybe he had looked at it wrong, 'Maybe Genma could be right and I misunderstood, but I didn't misunderstand the way he rubbed against me, what exactly did we say to each other?' "I told him I wanted to take things slow, that I hadn't had many relationships so I wasn't very good at them. That I didn't want to rush with him and ruin things. I said that if we agree to this we would be a couple, meaning we don't go with others and we are working to bring ourselves closer together. That I didn't want to be a regret in his life." The corner of Tenzou's lips turned up at that. He wanted to be happy and he had wanted Iruka to be happy with that. "He said, 'Me neither.' Then proceeded to ask, 'So, when do we get to have sex?' I was completely offended and shocked that after that his mind was only on sex."

Genma let out a light chuckle but then shook his head sadly. "Oh, Kiddo, we're gonna have to have a talk about tact. He wasn't propositioning you. At least I don't think so. As for grinding up against you, which I assume wasn't altogether a terrible experience," Genma arched an eyebrow knowingly but continued before Tenzou could respond. "Well... he's a man. An incredibly sexually repressed man. I know he seems perfect most of the time but he's human just like the rest of us. Now what did you say after he said that?" Genma pulled the brush through his hair, trying to think of what he was going to have to do to fix this. 'Gods, I love Iruka, but he's a lot of work sometimes.'

"I was very upset and what I said to him might have been harsh but it was how I felt. He's suppose to be my boyfriend now so I don't want to hide my true feelings from him; make him think things are ok when they aren't," Tenzou tried to put conviction in his voice. "I asked if that was all this meant to him, if that was why he wanted to be my boyfriend was to have sex. Then I told him if that was what he was looking for he had the wrong guy. He continued to sputter about no and yes and well, he has been having urges and someone told him he should have sex with someone," Tenzou growled. "He basically admitted that sex was his prime motive. I was very angry so I sort of really snapped at him." He felt guilty but he was so hurt and mad at Iruka's actions. "I said 'A relationship is not supposed to be about sex Iruka. It is about caring for each other then when two people really care about each other they make love... have sex. If you are looking for a quick way to get laid you are looking at the wrong person. I don't play that way. I'm not having sex with you, just 'cause you got your horn on. Go jerk off or something, Iruka, it's a lot safer.' I could tell that it hurt him but I was so mad and angry and considering his past... you know, fuck that! I don't even really know about his past 'cause he hasn't told me yet. And I certainly don't blame him for that, he needs to trust me and know me before he could share that with me; and if he can't share something like that with me why would he think it would be ok to share his body with me. It is just wrong!" Tenzou's voice had risen in volume with his rant.

Genma, who had long since stopped brushing his hair and was gripping the bridge of his nose and shaking his head in exasperation looked up and stared at Tenzou in a way that chilled the older man's blood with apprehension. "Tell me you didn't say that. Tell me you didn't tell him to go jerk off." Tenzou shrugged and nodded, thinking that was a pretty normal thing for someone who was horny to do, but his jaw dropped as Genma jumped to his feet and glared with cool hatred, fear and sympathy. "You stupid bastard," was all he whispered before he started to the front of the tent.

"What the fuck is your problem? Everyone jerks off I don't see why you find that part offensive. It seemed like a very reasonable suggestion," Tenzou said in a tone that questioned Genma's sanity, but inside he feared what Genma's reply was.

Stopping just short of the door, Genma peered out to make sure that no one was around to over hear what he was about to say before turning his grim face to Tenzou. "Sir, how often do you have a date with Palmela Handerson?" Tenzou's eyes went wide and his jaw went slack, not expecting such a personal question. "What? Every day? A few times a week? Once a week? My guess is you get off somewhere between fifty to two hundred times a year, being as conservative as you are."

"I don't see what possible relevance..." Tenzou started; incredibly pissed that Genma would even bring something like that up. But he was quickly silenced by a look and Genma's voice as the blond began to speak again.

"When he was eleven Iruka's step father caught him jerking off and beat him within an inch of his life; for no real reason either. Iruka doesn't masturbate. Ever. And he doesn't sleep around. He's tried his hand a couple of times since I've known him but he always ends up getting violently ill. How well do you think you could deal with that kind of sexual frustration?"

"Fuck," Tenzou groaned loudly. He turned and kicked the metal post of the bed, and gave a hiss of pain. "Fuck," he said much quieter. "So, I've said the most offensive thing I could have." He rubbed his hands over his face. "I guess we're even then," he said in a very quiet voice.

"If you really feel that way then you misread him completely and you should stay the fuck away from him," Genma whispered, thoroughly disappointed with both Tenzou and Iruka, but mostly with the lieutenant, who he thought was smart enough and intuitive enough to understand the mass of complexities that made up Iruka. Turning on his heels he left Tenzou there to think about what he'd said. Both those men needed to learn how to be just a little less sensitive. Glancing at his watch he saw he still had fifteen minutes before he had to meet Kakashi so he set off at a light jog to look for Iruka, who was undoubtedly a mess right now.

Ten minutes later he was no closer to finding the brunet and was starting to wonder how pissed Kakashi would be if he was late. He noticed a head of dark brown, almost black hair in front of him and sighed in relief. "Pearl! Hey Neji!" The pale eyes turned to him as he cantered up and grabbed the pale arm. "Have you seen Iruka?"

"Not since I left over an hour ago. He was with you at that point." Sighing, Genma raked a hand through his hair and the white eyes narrowed in concern. "Problem sir?"

"Maybe. Could you help me look for him? Just bring him back to the barracks if you find him and make sure he's okay."

Neji nodded once before heading off in a different direction. He liked Iruka. How could you not? But Iruka's close relationship to Genma gave him pause. They weren't together, though it seemed that way often. In the field Iruka was as adept as the rest of them. He'd proven that in the few days they'd been here. But it wasn't Iruka's medical or even martial skills that had him worried. It was the way that only Genma seemed to hold him together. In fact, it seemed like Genma held a lot of people together, held the group together. He was a smart leader and a damn good soldier. Fun and charismatic. He was a lot of things the pale eyed man wasn't and all in all it intrigued him. What was it exactly that made Sergeant Shiranui so special?

His pondering was halted as he caught sight of Iruka sitting in the sand between two tents, biting his nails and rocking back and forth. 'He looks like such a child. What a difference from seeing him running through rubber bullets to 'save' the men.' "Iruka?" The glazed brown eyes turned to him and he knelt down and rested his hand on the top of Iruka's head like he thought Genma might have. The bronze body inched uncertainly forward and he pulled Iruka into his arms, a flash of jealousy pushing through him as he thought about how often Genma held Iruka like this. "Are you okay? Genma and I have been looking for you." When Iruka just nodded and clung onto him a little tighter he pulled them up to their feet and gave Iruka a small squeeze. "He's probably still out looking for you. Why don't you head back to the barracks and I'll go find him so he doesn't spend the whole night out looking for you."

Grinning as he watched his absolute charmer of a boyfriend swing a girl around the dance floor, her shrill squeals of delight the envy of every woman in the tent, Izumo stalked closer and snagged the pale wrist and batted his eyelashes. He grinned even wider when Kotetsu immediately apologized to the woman and the line of furious females who had been waiting their turn to be swung around the room. He dodged several swipes of long nails of the nurses and female soldiers and pulled Kotetsu out of the tent. "Well, it looks like you made some new friends and I've made just as many enemies."

Kotetsu gave a deep chuckle. "Don't worry baby, they'll get over it, when it finally sinks in that it is just dancing and I'm totally Izumo-sexual." Ko pulled Izumo into his arms and dipped him deeply kissing along his stretched neck. "You're the only one I want." He stood them both up again smiling at his love. "So, where we going babe? This is not the way to our tent, you planning to go AWOL with me?" he laughed knowing there was no way his man would endanger them like that.

Izumo grinned wryly and knocked Kotetsu's shoulder before wrapping his arm around the angular hips and pulling him tight to his body again. "Don't worry. I promise to get you home before your mom gets worried." He pressed himself as close to his boyfriend as possible while walking and sighed deeply. "I love you so much, baby. I'll never love anyone else the way that I love you and I pray I'll never have to try. I need you so much, babe. You. Just you. My strong, brave, brilliant Kotetsu." He pulled them to a stop so he could dip his chin and press their mouths together in a perfect, adoring kiss. He'd never risk this again. This was the definition of his existence, he was nothing without Kotetsu and he would never put what they had in jeopardy again.

"We have both made mistakes babe and we have learned from them, as long as we remember that we'll be fine. You are the only person that I have ever loved and that will never change. We are meant to be together." He sealed their lips once more, making it deep and meaningful, asserting his position as dominate male in their pairing.

Izumo's knees nearly buckled at the searing possessive kiss. 'Yes, Baby. I belong to you and you to me. I'm going to bring you so much pleasure tonight it will wipe out the past few days and just leave the years before.' "Come on," he whispered breathlessly, tugging on Kotetsu's arm. "We're almost there." He could hear his boyfriend start to ask where they were going again when they climbed to the top of the small dune and the little camp that Izumo had set up came into view. He heard the sharp intake of breath beside him and grinned, relieved that all his hard work had been worthwhile. In the soft sand he'd laid out their blankets and pillows making a perfect little bed for them to make up on. Both their electric lanterns were on either side, covered with their sheets, giving off the softest light, which coupled with the light from the bright, almost full moon, gave the setting an ultra-romantic feel. He'd even snagged some of the snacks from the mess tent which were sitting in bowls beside the blankets. And the crème de la crème was the two t-shirts that were carefully laid out next to one another on the make shift bed. Their two favorite shirts, which now belonged to the other person. And even though it was going to be obscenely small on him, he'd wear the shirt he wore all through junior high and part of high school for Kotetsu, so it would smell like him for when his lover left for the week.

"Holy shit babe, you did all this?" He stared with his mouth open, his eyes looking a bit glassy in the moon light. "It's perfect." He pulled Izumo back into his arms, "Just like you have always been perfect for me" as his lips claimed Izumo's once again he scooped the slim body into his arms and carried him to the blankets. Kneeling he laid his long time lover on the perfect escape bed the black eyed brunet had made for them. "Here we start our journey into forever once again," he said lying down beside his love, lacing his fingers in his silky hair while staring deep into those black pools.

Izumo whimpered and clung to Kotetsu, not ever wanting to let go. "I love you so much. Oh Ko..." Forever. The word had sent the most delicious shivers down his spine. 'Forever' used to scare him but not anymore. No, with Kotetsu above him like this, those loving black eyes boring down into his, forever would never scare him again. He pulled the spiky haired head down to his, devouring his mouth as his hands shifted from desperate, frenzied grabs to slow, massage like strokes along the muscular back, and back to frenzied again.

Kotetsu pulled Izumo's shirt up and over his head, grabbing the tee shirt that Izu must have found under his pillow when he grabbed their blankets, he pulled it over Izumo's head, kissing him deeply. He leaned back and pulled off his own shirt, "I want it to smell so strongly that it will seem like you are with me the whole week I'm away." He pulled on his old shirt that Izumo had set out for him. "I want you to feel me beside you at night when you close your eyes. I'm always with you even when I'm a 1000 miles away, you know that right?" Kotetsu stroked his fingers gently over Izumo's cheek.

For a moment Izumo wanted to cry and nuzzle into the soft touch, but when he opened his eyes and saw his devastatingly handsome boyfriend smiling down at him, also sporting a way too tight shirt, he grinned and pulled Kotetsu beneath him before sitting up and flexing the muscles of his chest and arms in the thin jersey fabric. "Shirts I can live with but if we're wearing shirts this is a no pants party." He undid his own pants and wiggled out of them then he pulled down Kotetsu's pants and underwear at the same time. His mouth began to water as the pale skin was exposed to him and he began to kiss and nip his way up the white thighs towards his sweet destination which was already hard and dripping in anticipation. He let his tongue flick across the tip, taking the salty treat that lay there into his mouth before moving his mouth away and teasing the shaft and balls with just the occasional lick or kiss, paying most of his attention to the angular hips.

"Oh fuck Izu, baby don't tease me, I'll end up blowing my load in your eye if you keep it up," Kotetsu chuckled and laced his fingers into Izumo's hair stroking it back from the brunet's face so he could better see that teasing mouth. He watched a bit longer as Izumo continued to nip at his hips but he only flicked his cock head as he passed over to the other side. His knees went weak at the seductive way Izumo worked his mouth. "Baby... oh shit," he moaned loudly. "Baby, we need to lay down before my legs give out, you are so good at this it is hard to stay standing on jelly knees," Kotetsu groaned tightening his grip in Izumo's hair just a little.

The younger man backed off just enough to let Kotetsu lay down before latching his mouth back onto the pale hip, teasing his lover for a moment. Then he took the hard flesh into his mouth and hummed in contentment around the velvety skin, savoring the taste. He started slow, with soft pressure, coating the length with saliva as he massaged the soft tip with his tongue. Glancing up from under his bangs, as his lover started to moan and buck, he started taking more of the heated flesh into his mouth until the whole length was engulfed. When Kotetsu bucked again he swallowed hard making the sexy short body arch in delight. The suction of his mouth lessened until he was only sucking on the flared head, when suddenly he hollowed his cheeks and sucked his lover to the hilt again, massaging the sensitive skin with his throat and tongue. He could hear Kotetsu telling him to stop because he was close but he only dove back down with more enthusiasm. This was just making up for lost time. He was going to make Kotetsu cum so many times the already tightening balls would be devoid of sperm for the entire week Kotetsu was away. Pale fingers gently stroked the tightening sack, rolling it carefully as he expertly worked his lover's cock. Izumo was so hungry to taste his lover again. He couldn't wait to feel that hot essence inside him, his mouth, his ass...

"Mmmmm" The thought alone made him suck harder, swallowing his lover deep into his throat as Kotetsu's body tensed.

"Aaaaah! God! IZUMO!!!" That sweet taste filled his mouth and Izumo took it all in hungrily, pulling back just enough to catch the last couple streams in his mouth. He grinned up at his lover who was panting, trying to catch his breath before licking at the softening flesh making his lover shudder at the excess stimulation. He worked his lips slowly, tempting the flesh back to hardness. Soon the wet member was throbbing and twitching again and he wrapped his lips around the head.

"Oh Christ!" Kotetsu groaned as Izumo deepthroated him in a single move. "How long are you planning to stay down there babe?"

Izumo pulled back but didn't remove his lips completely, laying a sloppy kiss to the sensitive tip. "As long as you let me," he whispered before devouring his lover's cock again. He wanted more. He wanted to feel his lover cum again and again. It wasn't an apology, they were past that, it was what Kotetsu deserved for just being Kotetsu.

"Oh fuck babe, you treat me so good," Kotetsu laced his faces through Izumo's hair. "You scared me so bad, love; I thought I'd lost you. One moment you were mine then the next second you were being taken from me. My heart can't take it babe, I never want to feel I'm losing you again." Kotetsu released Izumo's hair and leaned back on his elbows. His head lulling back, he panted and moaned as his lover worked him toward another orgasm. "Oh babe, so good, fuck. You are so good at sucking my cock, ohh." He moaned and praised, his voice becoming hoarse in the dry desert air.

Izumo smiled as his lover spilled his seed in his mouth and throat again, moaning around the flesh and sending vibrations up the spent cock causing Kotetsu shriek and pump a few more mouthfuls of cum into him. He started to lap at the spent member again but a great tremor racked the short body and Kotetsu urged him upwards.

"No more babe, I can't take anymore right now."

Smiling Izumo crawled up the muscular chest, his lips pulled into a smile but he was trying to blink back tears. It pained him to think about how much he'd hurt Kotetsu. He let his lover pull his face down for a kiss but that made it impossible to hold back the liquid in his eyes. Hot drops of saline fell from the dark orbs onto Kotetsu's cheeks. Izumo tried to just focus on the here and now but memories of Kotetsu in the stocks were plaguing his mind. He pressed their lips together hungrily, not ever wanting to lose a chance to show his lover just how much he loved him, but his tears just kept on falling and soon Kotetsu was easing his face away, a look of deep concern on the handsome features.

"I love you too babe. I always will." He kissed the younger man's lips again lightly, "We'll be ok now; don't worry. I have you now, you are mine again; but most importantly I got you back before you got hurt. Babe, I would have died if you had of been hurt by that monster." Another light kiss and he pulled Izumo down into a crushing hug. "Forever babe, we belong together forever."

In his head he knew that Raidou wasn't a monster and would NEVER intentionally hurt him. It made him a little defensive that Kotetsu thought so little of his ability to read people, but this wasn't the right time for that argument. The mental image of Raidou shooting Kotetsu several times flashed through his head and he clutched his lover, afraid to lose him again, only permanently. But his love had said forever and that was exactly what he'd needed to hear, but he didn't know how to say thanks for those words so he said the only thing that was on the tip of his tongue. "I'M SORRY!" Now he was sobbing and holding onto Kotetsu so hard that his grip was sure to bruise. "I'm so sorry!" He choked out between laboured breaths. "I love you so much. It will never happen again. I'll die without you, Ko. You're the only thing that makes my life worth living!"

"Shhh Babe," Kotetsu soothed. His lover's tears tore at his heart but healed the hurt there as well. Hearing those sobbed words let his heart truly believe in them, that his Izumo was sorry and did love him and that from now on he was his and only his. "Shh babe, it's okay now. We leave it behind, right? You are going to stay away from the lieutenant and stay safe, and I will love you forever just like I always have." Kotetsu rolled them over so he was above his younger lover and between his strong legs, running his hands under the soft fabric of his tee shirt. He pulled the shirt up enough to show where that sexy treasure trail started at his lover's belly button. He slid himself down so his face was over that sweet little dent in Izumo's well formed stomach. He slid his hands up to tease nubbed nipples at the same time his tongue dove into that belly button fucking it like he would soon be doing to his ass.

"Oooh, Ko! Mmm, baby, I need you so much. Please don't ever... ah... stop touching me." Izumo's fingers curled into his lover's spiky hair, his breath pouring out of him in pants from his full soft lips. He was forgiven. His kind, strong, patient lover had forgiven his trespass and still loved him. "I love you, I love you, I love you..." His mantra choked off as Kotetsu's tongue moved lower, teasing his hip bones and the inside of his thigh. His back arched involuntarily as he searched to get more attention on his straining member. It wasn't long before he was sobbing again, desperate for his lover to stop teasing. The attention to the inside of his thigh was driving him crazy; it's so close to his ass and his cock but not close enough to get him off. "Aaahhhunngh. Ko Pu-leeeeeze." His words were almost indiscernible as he writhed on the blanket. Tears of want were streaming down his cheeks now and he just wanted his lover inside him, holding him as they made love.

"Ohh babe, you are so needy," Kotetsu teased. As he moved up, he nibbled his way over Izumo's cock causing the younger man to buck and writhe beneath him. "Babe you need to calm yourself again or you'll explode before I can even get my cock in you. So deep in you, stretching you, filling you, bring you pleasure from deep inside." Kotetsu's words were purred against Izumo's hot skin his breath puffing against the leaking head of the brunet's cock. Kotetsu's tongue twisted around and collected the spilt precum, giving a deep vibrating moan as the flavor filled his mouth. "You taste so good babe, maybe I should just suck you off. Hmm you don't really want my cock pushing at your insides do you?" Kotetsu looked up with a wicked smirk on his lips.

Gripping the sheets, Izumo let out a wail of despair at the thought. "Oh baby, please no! I need you inside me. Please make love to me. Please! I'll calm down, just please tell me you'll make love to me." He let his shoulders relax and struggled to calm his respiration as he looked down at his love's teasing face. "Please don't tease me about that, babe. I really do think I'd wither and die without you, especially tonight. Your mouth always feels amazing but I want to feel you against me. I want you inside me tonight, babe." His voice had evened as he looked into Kotetsu's black eyes, the tease and mischief disappearing from them as he implored with the older man to satisfy his desperate need.

Kotetsu pressed his lips to the center of Izumo's chest, his reply was more a purr than words, "Babe, I'll make love to you forever if you give me the chance." He kissed the rest of the way up Izumo's chest, nipping gently on the pale skin, careful not to leave marks. Izumo had made some mistakes -so had he- but Izu was not a whore and he wouldn't leave him looking like one. He pressed his lips to the rushing pulse point in the stretched neck holding them there absorbing the rhythm of his love. "Marry me, Izu." The words in a breath that tickled from throat to earlobe, "Let me love you for as long as I live. Promise that it is us forever." Kotetsu pressed his weight against Izumo wanting as much of the younger man to be touching him as he could have. His cock pressed and rubbed against Izumo's balls and taint but he didn't even feel it; he was lost in the deep black pools of Izumo's eyes hoping that Izumo's reply would calm the hammering in his chest or even better increase it with hope, love and excitement rather then the fear that fueled it now.

His hands covered his face to hide his tears as Izumo dissolved into sobs. This had been unexpected to say the least. Yesterday, he didn't know if Kotetsu would ever forgive him, thought they'd never be together again and now Kotetsu was asking him to spend the rest of their lives together. And Izumo knew that it would be the rest of their lives. They'd talked about marriage before, not like this, but about the subject and Kotetsu had always said that he'd want it to be forever, that he'd never want to get a divorce. Drawing a deep breath into his lungs he peaked through his fingers at his lover who looked so apprehensive. 'Why does he looks so scared and sad?' Scared and sad were pretty much understatements, Kotetsu looked terrified and depressed, not to mention blue as it seemed he was holding his breath in waiting. Izumo grinned when he realized that he hadn't responded. His arms reached up and pulled Kotetsu's head down to his, mashing their lips together. "Yes, baby. Oh gods, yes." He started peppering his love's face with soft kisses. "A thousand times yes, love. Nothing would make me happier than to be yours forever."

Kotetsu gasped drawing in a relieved breath, for a moment he wanted to scold Izumo for scaring him but he wasn't going to ruin the moment for something so silly. The answer was yes Izumo would be his forever. "Babe, I love you so much. I don't ever want to think of my life without you in it." Kotetsu kissed back trying to catch Izumo's wandering lips. It wasn't till the third try that they sealed together in a passionate embrace. Kotetsu's cock head pressed against Izumo's entrance wanting to make love to him to complete the moment with a most intimate act. As his lips and tongue searched and explored Izumo's mouth, his hand searched the blanket they were laying on for the lube he had seen. "I'm sorry I don't have a ring for you Izu, this is not how I would have planned to ask this. But there would never be a moment more perfect than now to ask you. I never want you to doubt again what you mean to me. We have been through so much in the last couple of days. I know you have been fighting with the same things I have. Your mind lying to you, telling so many falsehoods about how I was feeling towards you. I know that that was what you had been going through, your kiss last night told me so much. Those lies made a confusing situation grow out of control and I'm sorry I let the lies in my mind keep me from telling you how I truly felt; that I love you forever, that you mean more to me than the air I breathe, cause it's you that keeps me alive. Without you I'm nothing but a shell, an ugly, hollow shell. You complete me Izumo; you have from the moment I met you twenty years ago." At Izumo's confused look Kotetsu chuckled, "I'm sure you don't remember, you were only one." Kotetsu continued to tell the story as he rubbed lube over his cock then Izumo's pulsing hole. "Your parents had just moved in next door the week before, I was in the back yard playing in my sandbox alone, I think mom was making food watching from the kitchen window. And your mom came out and set you down in the grass to play with some blocks, while she sat knitting in a chair. I was so lonely, there were no kids around, and mom was always too busy to play with me. So I got up, bucket and shovel in hand, and walked over to your yard. As soon as you saw me, you struggled up on wobbly legs and tried to run to me with a block outstretched, but you fell and landed on a block scrapping your arm. I ran over to you and you latched onto me crying showing me your scraped arm. I gave it a kiss like my mom did when I had a hurt and you stopped crying, but you didn't stop hugging me for a bit I knew then that you would be my best friend forever." Now fully lubed Kotetsu was leaning over Izumo supported by his elbows, dick brushing over Izumo's puckered entrance, watching Izumo's writhing body and sparkling eyes.

The word forever seemed to send shocks of electricity through Izumo's nervous system. He spread his legs as wide as he could and slid his hand up Kotetsu's back. "I didn't remember that. But I do remember you being there my whole life. Gods, Ko. I can't remember a time when we weren't joined at the hip." A small smirk formed on his lips as his hand slid down his love's spine, resting it on the pale tailbone and pressed down so Kotetsu's cock pushed against him harder, "Or joined somewhere else." He hummed in delight as Kotetsu rocked his hips forward and slowly began to breach his body. "I'll never get enough of you, baby. We could live to be the oldest people on the planet and it'd still not be enough time. I promise to worship and adore you every second of every day, together or apart, you'll be the first thing I think of when I wake and the last thing I think of when I go to sleep." His words trailed off as Kotetsu pushed into him deeper and he tossed his head back against the pillows in pleasure. His vows may have been corny but he just couldn't help it. He had never thought much about what he wanted his marriage to be like, just that it was with Kotetsu and a bit about the words he might say. They were just words but they had to be perfect, worthy of his lover. He could feel Kotetsu pushing in further, hilting himself inside of him. All he could do was arch into his lover's muscular body and whisper breathlessly how amazing it felt as Kotetsu nuzzled the side of his face.

Kotetsu hummed and groaned against Izumo's cheek as he pressed slowly in and out of Izumo's beautiful body. The younger man's words warmed his soul and made the pain of the last few days fade away almost completely. "We'll be two old men sitting on the porch of our little cozy house on the lake, holding hands, watching the sun go down, even more in love than we are now." Kotetsu pushed in deep and wrapped his arms under Izumo to hold him even closer, "Can you see it babe? The sun glistening off the lake, my withered old hand in yours. Our souls making this same promise we are now, to continue on together for all eternity." Kotetsu's thrusts were smooth and caring, bringing his lover deep, lasting pleasure. "I feel it, the way you would look at me with the same light in your eyes as you did the first time, when you were only one." Kotetsu pressed his face against Izumo's cheek. "You are so beautiful it hurts my old eyes to look at you but I can't look away; I'll never look away." Kotetsu's voice was choked with tears he couldn't hold back. They slid silently and gently down his cheeks to streak down Izumo's cheek and jaw, making a trail along his neck and into the back of his soft hair.

His body was thrumming with pleasure but that didn't distract Izumo from cupping his love's face and gently brushing away the tears. "You're so damn gorgeous hon. Gods, even when you cry you're the most beautiful thing in the world, but every tear feels like you're stabbing me in the heart. Please, just smile for me as we make love." When Kotetsu shot him a watery smile, he wrapped his legs around the pale hips. Kotetsu's hands carded into his hair, making him arch his neck as their words died away, dissolving into pants and grunts of desire as his love worked his body expertly. His nails dug into Kotetsu's pale skin as he clung to his lover's back with more strength than he thought he possessed. He never wanted to let go, wanted to hold Kotetsu to what he said, make the spiky haired man make love to him forever. Nothing would ever feel as good as this, his love inside him, grunting and moaning into his ear. His head was spinning as their hips moved together, pleasure gripping his chest and making it hard to breathe as the force and speed of Kotetsu's thrusts sped up.

No more words were said, their bodies and spirits speaking louder than their words ever could; screaming out to each other their love and wish for forever to be true. Kotetsu's thrusts continued to speed up striking Izumo's prostate causing the thin body to flex and squeeze. He slid in deeper filling him as completely as their bodies would allow. Kotetsu kissed and nuzzled Izumo's face as much as he could between grunts of pleasure and gasping breaths of ecstasy. Kotetsu's balls tightened almost painfully as Izumo's head tilted back into the pillow and a cry of sheer euphoria escaped his body. "Oh fuck," Kotetsu panted. "Babe I'm so close. You close baby?" he asked as he gripped the underside of Izumo's shoulders. Izumo's breathless nod was his only reply. Kotetsu changed their position, pulling Izumo's leg up onto his shoulder, changing the angle and deepening the thrust. "Cum with me baby," Kotetsu moaned out.

Tremors of delight wracked the slightly taller body making the hairs on his arms stand on end at the amazing sensations. "Ooooh, Ko! Uh!" His member was pinned between their stomachs, his outpouring of precum slicking their skin making his cock pulse with pleasure. "I'm close! I'm close!" He pulled his lover closer to him, rocking against his pale body, grinding himself against the muscular pane of abs above him. "Oh god baby. You feel soo good. I'm... so... close..." His eyes snapped open wide as Kotetsu's hips lost their rhythm and snapped into him with abandon. It felt so good he couldn't even form words, his body contracting and spraying his seed between them as Kotetsu moaned through gritted teeth and began emptying his seed into Izumo's body.

"Ah, Gods! Baby, I love you so much. Ungh! Ahhh!" Izumo smiled as Kotetsu collapsed to his cum spattered chest and stomach, his fingers pulling through the black spiky locks languidly.

"I love you too," he whispered, letting his lover doze against his shoulder as they both reveled in their afterglows. Sweet, blissful endorphins pushed through their veins as they sat there in the dead silence of the desert eve. It was only as they lay there in the silence, Kotetsu's breath on his neck that Izumo's heart began to race. 'I'm engaged! He asked me to marry him, I said yes... I'm engaged to Kotetsu!' He smirked into the black spikes by his chin and gave his lover a tight squeeze.

Kotetsu panted hard against Izumo's shoulder his heart beating in time with the frantic pace of the one inside the chest below his ear. "Babe, I've been waiting for this day since my mother shook me till I opened my eyes for real and saw that all the confusing feelings I had for my best friend was because I was in love with him, for real in love with and that it was ok. I knew then that I wanted to marry you." Kotetsu pushed himself up to look at Izumo, his smile was so huge that his cheeks were hurting. "Oh my god babe we are going to get married!" Kotetsu smashed his lips into Izumo's. "You said yes and we are going to get married." Kotetsu was giddy with excitement. "When? When do you want to? Do you want to wait till we get out of here? Or till the war is over?" Kotetsu's face scrunched on that one, then his brows shot up and his eyes were almost one fire with light, "We could ask the Captain to marry us!" His head tilted a bit looking down at Izumo's amused face. "Or do you want a big wedding with like white kimonos and stuff?" Kotetsu gave an excited sigh and flopped onto his back beside Izumo, staring up at the stars for a heartbeat before turning to his side to lean on his elbow, smiling at his lover. "Make love to me Izumo."

The porcelain cheeks of the younger man flamed and he dipped his head to hide behind his bangs. "I...I won't be any good at it. Let's not ruin this moment with my clumsy attempts at making you feel as amazing as you do me." He fingered absentmindedly at the blankets below them, not wanting to meet Kotetsu's eyes. If this hadn't been the night that Ko had proposed he might have agreed but he didn't want anything to ruin this night. Maybe once they were married he'd work up the courage to give it a try, after a chat with Genma to get some tips. Kotetsu tipped up his chin so he had to look his lover in the eye.

"Okay. You don't have to, but you know nothing you do could ruin this." Their lips pressed together for a moment before they lay on their backs and gazed up at the sky.

"I don't want to wait."

"Hm?" Kotetsu grunted turning to look at Izumo.

"I definitely don't want to wait until the war is over or we're out of the camp. In fact, I should drag you off to find Kakashi right now before you change your mind. I want to get married soon. Maybe as soon as you get back from desert conditioning. Our parents will want to have a ceremony with them when we get home but I just can't wait that long." Izumo smiled at his lover before linking their hands and lifting them up so they were in both of their fields of vision. "I want something on my finger though, and yours too. I want to be able to look down at my hand and grin because I'm the luckiest man on the planet. I don't care what. We can grab a marker and draw them on for all I care, or use grommets or wire..."

Kotetsu sat up and reached over to his pants. "That's a perfect idea love, and I know just what will to the trick." He grabbed his pants and pulled them closer grabbing his pocket knife and flipping it open. He turned back to stare at Izumo with big spooky eyes, "I'll cut a ring into your finger with this, wahhahaha"

Kotetsu started laughing as Izumo clutched his hand to his chest out of instinct, before giving a sigh and a weak glare to his lover, "Not even funny Ko."

Kotetsu just laughed more, "Sure it was babe. Just more on my side than yours." Ko leaned over and kissed Izumo's sulking lips. As he sat back he pulled up the front of his shirt and carefully undid the stitching of the hem, he unfolded it and cut a thin strip off. Kotetsu folded up his knife and set it aside for a moment. He moved around so he was on his knees before Izumo and took the younger man's left hand. As he tied the scrap of shirt around Izumo's ring finger he said in a voice full of love and passion, "Izumo Kamizuki will you marry me?" When the cloth was tied he brought the hand to his lips and sealed it with a kiss.

Grinning widely, Izumo took Kotetsu's knife and copied his lover's actions on his own shirt. It seemed so fitting that that's what they made their rings from. When they got real rings he'd keep both of these, maybe get them put in a little frame or something. An item this precious should be treasured forever. "Kotetsu Hagane, will you marry me?" he asked as he tied the scrap of fabric around Kotetsu's finger in a neat bow. His brow arched as Kotetsu teasingly pretended to think about it, hmming and hawing as Izumo's eye began to twitch. "Say yes before I kick you in the nads and leave, baby."

Kotetsu chuckled and leaned forward, "Hmm so a feisty, little nymph, like you could get away from me. My answer is yes baby, forever and always." Kotetsu pressed his lips to Izumo's and pulled him down so Izumo was laying on top of him. "I love you so much babe, I can't wait for you to be my husband," he whispered against Izumo's soft lips as his own twisted into a happy smirk. "So you want to go back and try and find the Captain?"

"Sure thing Kotetsu Kamizuki!" He was up and running before Kotetsu even registered the words.

"You wish Izumo Hagane!" Kotetsu chased him around the dunes for a few minutes before tackling his lover and tickling him until tears formed in the wide, dark eyes. "Let's just gather this stuff up and crawl into your bunk. I want to sleep with my fiancé tonight."

Izumo smiled and wound their fingers together, kissing the fabric band on Kotetsu's pale finger. "Are you sure you want to wait until you get back? We could go find him now."

Kotetsu shook his head and wrapped his arms tight around his lover after checking his watch. "I think I can wait another week. It's getting close to lights out so we probably shouldn't disturb the captain tonight. He did shoot you in the head this afternoon. But I want to do it as soon as I get back. That will be the end of my patience I'm sure." Izumo nodded and after trading a few kisses they gathered up the blankets and moved back towards the camp, still teasing one another about who would take who's name, even though Izumo was fully prepared to take Kotetsu's and Kotetsu had always liked the name Kamizuki.

Tenzou laid on his back staring at the tan cloth ceiling. Genma had said a lot heavy things to him and had given him a lot to think about, so thinking was exactly what he was doing. 'What do I do? I've hurt him but he has also hurt me. How do I deal with this? He is sexually frustrated, and understandably so if he has never masturbated; but I'm not ready to have sex with him after knowing him for only four days... even barely that. It just wouldn't be right. But I don't want him to just go to anyone to get his relief, he deserves to be treated right; but still I'm not ready to give him what he thinks he needs.' He clutched the hair on the sides of his head and let out a frustrated growl. "What the fuck am I suppose to do?" He let out a long sigh and let his arms drop to his sides hanging over the edge of his rack.

Iruka walked into the tent, his mind hardly on the moment as he gazed absently at the room. It was only when he spotted the bare forearms hanging down from above his rack that he began to panic again. Insecurity and remorse were the name of the game and he began chewing on his cuticles in his nervousness. All he wanted was to be able to say he was sorry and that it was a big misunderstanding and that he would be ecstatic to be Tenzou's boyfriend if the man would still have him. The brown eyes closed and he pictured himself in Tenzou's strong arms, turning slowly in languid circles and the remorse really hit home. His feet slowly carried him towards the bed, his heart in his throat and his mind still empty of the right thing to say.

Tenzou didn't hear the footsteps coming toward him till the sound was almost upon him, he looked toward the sound and his heart clenched in his chest. The man that had held all his thoughts for... hell for four day, was walking towards him. He looked back to the cloth above him hoping it would finally tell him what he should do. He pulled his arms up to rest on his chest and bent his knees out of nervousness, unconsciously creating a wall of limbs to protect himself from his uncertain feelings for Iruka.

Iruka wasn't a student of people like Genma or Tenzou himself were but it was easy enough to tell that Tenzou's body language was telling him to keep his distance. With a sad nod to himself he closed the rest of the distance and stuck a pin in his desire to reach out and touch the man that could have been his first real boyfriend. He pulled his shirt over his head and tried hard not to think about how quickly he'd ruined it. He was just about to remove his pants when Tenzou's voice made him look up. For a moment he let himself hope, until the words seeped into his brain.

Tenzou watched Iruka from behind his arm. He wanted to touch him, to hold him and tell him that they would figure out a way to make this work together. Iruka looked so hurt as he stood so close and pulled up his shirt. He was about to say something of the sort when his eyes caught sight of a bruise on Iruka's collarbone. He lowered his arm to get a better look and saw two more lower on his stomach. He closed his eyes to get away from the evidence of obvious betrayal, he breathed deep and could only smell one thing. "You reek of sex, Iruka," his voice was strained and hurt as he rolled over turning his back to the long haired brunet. He was so hurt; he didn't want Iruka to see the pain on his face. 'I'm too late... I made the wrong choice I guess, I've already lost my boyfriend,' he thought to himself but he really didn't know what choice was wrong asking Iruka to be his boyfriend or not just doing what Iruka so obviously needed and having sex with him.

The tan frame began to shake and the full dark lips parted in shock and hurt. It was harsher than a slap to the face, more like a stab to the heart, but he'd probably earned that after what he'd done. 'I'm sorry I made you mad earlier and that I don't know how to be a good boyfriend. I didn't want to hurt you or make you hate me. I should never have gone with Kakashi tonight but I was so upset and I thought that maybe if I wasn't so worked up that I wouldn't act so bad to you, that I wouldn't do whatever it was that made you so upset. I don't just want you for sex, how could you think that?' He wanted to say all these things to Tenzou but his voice was sticking in his throat as tears began to pour down his cheeks and all he managed to whisper was "I'm sorry," before crawling into his own cot and burying his head under his pillow.

Tenzou struggled to hold back his tears of hurt as he heard Iruka moving about and his weakly whispered 'I'm sorry' before he crawled in the bunk below him. His chest was tight and making it hard to breath, he wanted to make it right with Iruka tell him that it was his fault; that he had failed him as a boyfriend within the first few minutes of them being together, that it was his fault he had gone to someone else for what Tenzou wasn't comfortable to give him yet, but he couldn't he couldn't get past the pain that welled in his heart. When he heard Iruka's quiet sobs he curled into a ball, his mind so locked on the struggle to keep his tears away that he hadn't noticed he had lost the battle; the salty liquid making a wet spot under his cheek.

"Fuck," the silver haired man growled as he paced the small open area of his tent. 'Fucking little brown eyed...' He clenched his teeth together tight wanting to scream out horrible things about Iruka, the beautiful silky haired brunet causing him so much frustration, but he couldn't think of anything bad enough that was true. "Minx," he jeered grabbing his glass of scotch off the table and finishing the last of it. He looked at his watch 20:03. 'That stupid fucking Sergeant!' He seemed to not have any trouble thinking of mean things to say about Genma, "That ignorant puke is making me wait again!" He growled, "He is going to regret this. He's probably fucking grinding against that little tease. Iruka, Iruka, Iruka, why will that name not leave me alone tonight?" He walked to his cabinet to grab the scotch bottle and poured another drink when he heard that the name his mind was repeating in his head was being called outside his tent. He stopped all movement and listened hard, his teeth gnashed together as he recognized the voice, "Genma."

"'Ruka... Where are you kiddo?" Genma glanced at his watch and ran a hand through his hair nervously. He was already officially late but he couldn't just stop looking. 'Kakashi is going to kill me!' he thought, as he continued down the row of officer's tents. "'Ruka! Come on, Babe. It's just me. Where the hell did you go?" He kept searching the area, all the while moving closer and closer to the captain's tent. He adjusted his shirt as he thought about Kakashi. Damn, he'd wanted it all day. It had been torture, the little game they played at the end of the paint ball match. Having Kakashi hunting him was hot. Kakashi was hot. The whole idea of submitting himself to whatever the older man desired was thrilling in a way that fucking someone's ass never was.

"Fuck. Kiddo, get out here now! 'Ruka! 'Ruka! Iruk-ugha!" His call was cut off as he was grabbed by the back of his burgundy collar and jerked into one of the tents to be tossed to the floor. Above him stood Kakashi, naked and glaring down at him coolly.

"You're late, Shiranui." Kakashi backhanded him across the cheek when he foolishly tried to get up. "Was my warning last time not clear enough? I told you to be here at 20:00 hours," he growled. "I expected you to be here at 20:00 hours!" he ended in a roar. He kicked Genma in the chest to get his back flat to the floor when he tried to rise up again from the hit to his face. "And where the fuck were you this time? Out fucking chasing after your little medic! Do you want me to hurt you? Do you want me to take my anger out on you?" He knelt down over Genma, grabbing a fist full of hair he pulled the bleeding face up to his. "Did I strike you dumb Shiranui? Fucking answer me!"

Struck dumb was actually a pretty good way to describe Genma right now. His mind had stopped when Kakashi's hand had impacted his face. Now his cheek was stinging and he could taste the blood from his split lip on his tongue. Kakashi's hand tightened in his hair as he impatiently waited for his answer making the blond wince a little. 'He looks so fucking hot right now, his gaze is so intense... but I don't know how much of this I'm going to want to take. This isn't like before. Before it was just rough sex.' But this time he could tell that it was going to be much rougher, Kakashi was going to hurt him bad but he could feel himself hardening anyway. "Yes. Use me however you want," he breathed as his tongue darted out and lapped at the crimson, coppery fluid on his lips.

"Stupid answer Shiranui; really fucking stupid," he snarled as he stood Genma's hair still tightly locked in his hand. Genma struggled to get to his knees and keep up with the long stride or his... captor. "I'm in a pretty fucking bad mood, you pathetic cock sucker, and a lot of it is your fault." Kakashi tossed Genma forward, the blond stumbled and fell face first into the frame of the bed. Then that hand was back in his hair pulling him up from the floor painfully his head throbbing. Kakashi flipped him over so he was sitting on his ass, back against the bed. The silver haired man ran his finger over his swollen cheek then over his brow where blood from his forehead was starting to leak into his eye. "Now you are starting to look real pretty." He pulled his arm back and punched Genma right in his left eye "MY PRETTY PUPPY!" He stood and kicked Genma again. "Do you hear that you retarded grunt?" He walked over to the table where his gear was sitting. "You are mine. No one touches you..." he glared over his shoulder at Genma "... and you touch no one." He turned back to the table and picked up his hunting knife.

The hazel eyes widened in fear as they saw the steel blade glint in the low light of the tent. His mind raced with all the possibilities of what Kakashi might do to him. 'He's not going to kill you. This is a test to see if you'll run... but you won't. You can take anything he can dish out.' He tried to make his body relax but it was hard especially when Kakashi grabbed him by the throat and brought the knife down to his chest. Genma choked on his hiss of pain as the blade slid through his silk shirt and nicked the skin over his ribs as the burgundy fabric was cut from his skin. Kakashi wasn't taking much care to make sure he didn't cut the creamy flesh. The blade cut into Genma's shoulders and pecks before Kakashi stabbed it into the wood slat of the floor and tore the scraps of Genma's favorite shirt away from his body. The pale fingers traced over their handiwork, smearing a trail of blood down from the small cut on his shoulder, across to one on the muscular chest before savagely grabbing one of Genma's nipples earning him a gasp of surprise and pain.

"Your shirt was nice but the color was all wrong," he smeared more blood across Genma's chest. "Bright red suits you better." He almost sounded pleased; then his face twisted with anger again. "That color would have been much more suiting on a darker skin like Iruka's." Grabbing up the knife from the floor, his other hand grabbing Genma's bottom lip, "Would you like to see Iruka wearing your shirt, Genma? Is that why you have clothes that would look good on him? Do you want to dress him in pretty clothes so he looks his best while you suck his face and grope his body?" He pulled Genma's bottom lip down painfully "Is that not why you were looking for him? So you could cuddle him into pressing his body to yours, begging for you to sleep with him... just... so... you... could... tease him?" He emphasized each word with a sharp tug of his lip. He slowly brought the knife up to Genma's face giving a good show of it in front of Genma's eye. "If you disappoint me again Shiranui I'll make tonight seem like old people making love compared to what I will do to you." With that he made a shallow slice to the inside of Genma's lip. He tossed the knife to the floor and grabbed Genma's head in both hands, quickly standing and slamming his cock in Genma's face. The older man hissed when his hard member didn't enter a wet cavern but hit against the teeth of a close mouth. He back handed the stunned man for his error and grabbed his head again. This time when he thrust his hips forward his dick passed through blooded lips and down a tight throat. Kakashi showed no mercy; he skull fucked the blond not giving him time to breath or swallow the blood in his mouth.

'I'm drowning on my own blood,' Genma thought as his head spun a little but he managed to take a quick breath as the muscular hips pulled back. 'What the hell was I thinking? Maybe he isn't trying to kill me, but he just might end up doing it anyway. And why was he talking about Iruka? Why did he call Iruka Iruka and not private Umino?' Cool fear gripped him as he was truly afraid for the first time since he'd been dragged into the tent. Well, he'd nearly pissed himself when Kakashi held the knife up to his eye, thinking that the captain might decide to give them matching wounds. But this time he wasn't scared for himself. This would send Iruka off the deep end if he A) saw Genma cut up like this or, and even more prevalent, B) Kakashi decided he wanted to play with Iruka. Iruka, who was so vulnerable right now and might not know what he was getting into if he accepted a proposition from the captain to release his sexual frustration. 'I can't let that happen. I have to be and want to be all that Kakashi needs. There has to be a reason why he's like this. Maybe once he sees I'll do, I'll be, whatever he needs he'll be less... insane.'

Tightening his throat around the thrusting piece of flesh and wrapping his abused lips around the member he sucked for all he was worth. 'You only need me. You only want me.' Eventually, he would ask himself why he cared and wouldn't come up with an answer but for now pleasing the sadistic man was the only thing on his mind.

The only outward sign of Kakashi's release was a tightening in his eyes as his cum shot down Genma's throat. He pushed the blonde's head back dragging his heavily pumping cock from the raw throat to splash a last jet of cum onto the bloodied face. He looked down on the panting body struggling to fill its lungs with air but all he could see was Genma's body rubbing against Iruka's at the dance. Someone might question the mad man's motives, why he didn't he feel this anger toward Iruka when he obviously was enraged with Genma for being involved with the man; it was an easy answer but not easily understood. He had warned Genma not to touch others, Iruka had never received such an order.

"Clean my cock."

Genma scrambled to his knees, his wide hazel eyes looking up at Kakashi for praise as he lapped at the soft dick, trying to clean it of cum and blood. His lips however were still bleeding, and so was his forehead and even as he licked and sucked the member clean, blood smeared on the wet flesh and Kakashi's pale stomach.

"You call that clean?" Kakashi demanded as he gripped the silky, golden strands again, giving Genma's head a bit of a shake.

Tilting his chin downward in submission, Genma whispered into the very tense air between them. "I'm sorry, Sir. I'll do better, I promise." He leaned in and gave a long, slow lick to the flesh again, proud of his sore mouth for putting up with more.

"You are a worthless whore, Shiranui. You don't deserve to be given any chances, but here I am being the nice guy, giving you chance after chance, treating you nice, and what do I get in return? Your disobedience! I get my new puppy grinding up against his own little toy!" He said in a spiteful tone. "You know what happens to bad dogs that do bad things with their toys?" Kakashi walked away from Genma while he was still trying to clean off the blood and cum, he squatted down in front of a large square cloth bag and opened it. He pulled out a length of rope, a bandanna, and a riding crop. He picked up these items and walked back toward Genma. "They get their toy taken away and they get punished," his voice was mockingly evil. He dropped the items in front of Genma before grabbing his hair and throwing him to the floor again. He quickly went to work tying Genma's forearms together on his chest. His hands were covered with a piece of his burgundy shirt and tied around his wrist so he didn't have use of his hand. Then were tucked under his chin and fastened around his neck. The gag was then put in place and Kakashi grabbed his hair again pulling him so his ear was next to Kakashi's lips. "There are no safe words in my game." He tossed him back to the floor and struck him with the crop across his bicep, "Kneel you worthless piece of shit!"

With only a small whimper of fear and pain Genma used his abs to pull himself upwards, bowing his head as soon as he was vertical. 'No wonder he washed people out.' This was almost too much for him and he'd agreed to it; knew that it was going to be ugly. But the memory of their last time, when Kakashi had slowly and passionately fucked him was still on his mind. The taste of the powerful man's lips and the slow, gentle caresses were worth whatever the man could dish out if he could have that Kakashi again. Kakashi, not Captain Hatake. He liked the mind games and the degradation but there was a line that Kakashi was flirting dangerously close to. The crop he could take though, he assured himself as he felt the worn loop of leather slide across the tight skin of his blood smeared chest. His eyes were watering now and he turned his leaking eyes up to the commanding, pale figure as he spread his denim clad knees and leaned back a bit so his chest and abs were on display.

"You are such a wanting dirty whore Shiranui, whores can't be trusted. Look at you, bloodied and beaten and still you are thinking of nothing but getting fucked. I can't even look at your whimpering tears you are so pathetic!" Kakashi roared grabbing Genma's shoulder, turning him around and over the edge of the bed. He brought the crop down so the cloth spun plastic rod left a red stinging line across his back. He gave twelve hard blows to his back and one across his covered ass marking the creamy skin with angry red welts. He dropped the crop to the ground and picked the knife back up. He made quick work of Genma's jeans cutting down Genma's ass crack, being quick but not careless, he didn't cut Genma's skin with this cut of the denim cloth. He pushed the cloth out of his way and spread the firm cheek with the fingers of his free hand. "Such a pretty little pucker," he dragged the tip of the sharp knife over Genma's flexing hole. "If you want to stay as pretty as I let, you don't move. If you hold still, you will only receive the wounds I want you to have but if you move, you will get very hurt." Kakashi warned. Just as the last word left his mouth, he made a small nick at Genma's tail bone and a slow trickle of crimson made a leaking path over Genma's wanting entrance. Kakashi was leaning over him and thrusting in hard, in seconds, the knife held in his hand on the bed close to the blonde's face.

Grunting, but holding as still as the forceful thrusts would let him, Genma pressed his face into the blankets, a familiar smell he couldn't place hanging on the fabric. He wanted to thrust back onto the hard member, which felt like it was tearing him apart, but he didn't want to move and disobey his dom. 'You can take it. You may not be able to walk tomorrow but you can take it.' A low moan tore from his throat even as Kakashi tore into him, the pale member striking his prostate in the vicious pounding. His stomach clenched as the hand with the knife disappeared from his line of sight and he felt the hand holding it against his back.

"You are mine Shiranui and now everyone will know it," Kakashi carved carefully with his knife not to deep to cause any harm to muscle or nerve tissue but enough to split open the skin drawing blood, as long as Genma stayed still the wounds would not need stitching just good bandages. It made him think of Iruka and he had to pull the knife away or the blond would have the number four cut through to his chest. 'He knows now he won't make the mistake again, NO ONE will touch him now' his mind played, as his finished carving his ID number into Genma's skin. "They will know you are mine cause it is written across your back in crimson," Kakashi's tone was proud, on the pale skin of his puppy were the numbers 297420; his number.

The cock inside his torn ass began to move again and even though he hurt everywhere, Genma pushed himself back on the pulsing flesh rod, showing the older man that he wouldn't run away. But as he did so, the abused flesh stretched even more and a high pitched whine tore from his throat, ending in a sob, choked by the gag. He turned his face so he could watch for Kakashi's reaction to his moment of weakness, the more battered part of his face exposed to the arid air. He'd tried to hold it in but his limits were being pushed. He hurt everywhere and having Kakashi inside him, the pleasure he craved so deeply, was overwhelmed by the pain wracking his torso.

Kakashi's eyes snapped up to Genma's head where the noise had come from, then his face as it turned to look at him. The blonde's perfectly angled cheek bone was hidden behind swollen flesh, blood was smeared everywhere; his pretty puppy was almost unrecognizable. What had he done? He quickly scanned the rest of the body he could see there were wounds everywhere; there was blood everywhere. Kakashi's stomach twisted and his heart sank. He had done it again, he had gone too far; he wasn't a dom, he wasn't anything labeled in the sex world. He was a fucked up, power hungry, possessive freak and he had just scarred and torn a beautiful man who had given himself to him in trust. "Oh fuck Genma. Shit," Kakashi forced himself not to panic like everything in his body wanted to do; if he panicked he could hurt Genma more. "Oh fuck," he leaned down resting his forehead to Genma's back. "I'm going to pull out now." He moved slow, unsheathing his cock from the abused body. "I'm sorry," he whispered as his dick slid free with a sickening wet plop. He crawled onto the bed and pulled Genma fully onto the mattress. He grabbed up his knife again and cut free the ropes that bound Genma's hands and arms then tossed the blasted thing across the room. "Genma are you ok? Should I take you to the infirmary?" Kakashi asked untying the gag from his mouth. He wanted to kiss him, to hold him, and pet him but he was afraid the beautiful man would flinch away; he had all rights to be afraid of his Captain now. Kakashi knew he had been rough with Genma before but this... this was just wrong. "Fuck."

Genma closed his eyes as fingers ghosted gently over his swollen cheek but were pulled back immediately and the blond winced at the loss. He opened his eyes and slid a little closer to Kakashi, who looked like he was about to be sick. "I'm alright, Sir. Really. I don't need to go to the infirmary." Plus if they went then he'd have to have an excuse as to how he got all the injuries. And if Kakashi took him then there would be reports and word of mouth... and Genma wanted to keep what happened between them between them. "But you didn't cum. Please let me finish you." He slid one of his shaking hands onto the pale thigh and up towards the crimson tinted package. He drew his hand back and pressed his chin to his chest as Kakashi flinched and jerked his hips back. "I'm sorry," he whispered, wringing his hands together. "I just wanted to make you feel better. Please let me make you feel good."

A small squeak of surprise pulled from his throat as he was pulled tenderly into Kakashi's arms. His squeak turned into a moan of utter delight as his face was tilted upwards and his abused lips were captured in a soft, apologetic, yet hungry kiss. He tentatively slid his hands up the muscular pale back, groaning in pleasure as their tongues brushed. The shift in the pale haired man was remarkable as the strong hands soothed over his body making him tremble at the care in the touches. The thin, pale lips left his and pressed against his swollen cheek causing a small sting of pain shoot through him, but he didn't make a sound except a small sigh of contentment.

"You are so beautiful Genma," Kakashi whispered against honey hair before dipping his head to lay gentle kisses to Genma's shoulder. He kissed across to the closest sluggishly bleeding nick with was right above his left nipple. He lapped at it softly with his tongue while his right hand slid down Genma's side to stroke lightly over the heated flesh of his member. "You have taken everything I have given you so beautifully, even when what I was giving was wrong; I should never have been so cruel. I was angry and let that take over." Kakashi shook his head, "I won't let it happen again. You came to me, trusting me and I broke that trust. If you choose to come back to my bed again..." he couldn't finish. He didn't truly know what to say or believe Genma would come back .

He didn't know what to say but he knew what to do to show the young man he was sorry for how far he had taken things tonight. He slid backwards on the bed and bowed before the blond, the tip of his pointed tongue flicking over the head over Genma's throbbing penis. Chills filled Kakashi as the salty taste of precum filled his mouth from that small lick. It had been a long time since he had sucked a cock, it just wasn't something a man like him did, though this week he had done a lot of things a man like him wouldn't do. He followed the directions that he had given many a man; loosening his throat, he took the cock as deep as he could, the head pressed into his throat and he gagged a bit. His pale body tightened and flushed red; he pulled back and off to swallow and get a new breath. 'How embarrassing' he thought as he felt Genma's eyes on him. The embarrassment didn't produce the anger he thought it would; in fact it rather excited him. He shifted so his hard cock was hidden under him more; it wouldn't pay to have anyone know that about him. He licked his lips and took the cock in his mouth again. He took the advice he had given Iruka and wrapped his fingers around the base of the younger man's cock. He felt so strange; he felt weak for not being able to take a cock like he had made so many others but it also felt so good to have this man's cock in his mouth, his lips pressing around it to create suction, his tongue tracing the head and slit, the strong flavor filling his senses when he pulled back. He took it deep and couldn't help but moan around the thick length. He had watched so many times as his cock was sucked, watched as his cock was enjoyed by others. He had wondered what it would be like to take a cock in his mouth again; it had been so long he had almost forgotten. This wasn't something a man like him did, but here he was enjoying it; feeling weak and embarrassed and getting very hard over it. 'Does this mean I'm not the man I thought I was?' He shut his mind off now was not the time to think of himself, now was the time to think of Genma and the damage and betrayal he had caused the man.

Genma's eyes rolled back in his head as his dom, the cruel, all man Kakashi went down on him like a pro. He could tell from the small gags and chokes that this was not something the older man did often, if at all, but the enthusiasm and thoroughness that the captain used to bring him pleasure was what was quickly pushing him to the edge. His abused hole fluttered in reflex sending just the right amount of pain into his system as his cock was swallowed deep into the handsome man's throat. "Oh gods, Kakashi. Uh!" He carefully pushed the silver tresses off the pale face so he could watch the incredible sight of those sexy thin lips wrap around his hardness. The bipolar switch from sadistic to servicing was wreaking havoc with his mind and body and Genma knew he wouldn't last long at all. 'It's so amazing when he looks after me. I'd take that crop every single day if I thought he'd be tender like this afterwards.'

"Uh... Kakashi... I'm close ... mmmm..."

Kakashi couldn't stop the pleasurable shudder that ran through his entire body at Genma's words. He sucked harder and pressed hard with his tongue against the slit the wanted fluid would come from. Yes, he wanted that cock to shoot its cum into his mouth and down his throat; he wanted to feel it, to know it. His hand that wasn't still holding the pulsing cock slid under and cupped the tight balls, two fingers moving down more the massage the blonds taint. He could feel his skin flush with embarrassment at how hungrily he sucked and lapped at Genma cock. The body he had so badly abused was now tensed but not from fear or pain but in anticipation of release. He pressed his face down as deep as he could, his want to please making it so he could take it all. As his nose touched the dark blond hairs Genma's body jerked forward pressing the last bit into his throat. "Ka... Ka... shi!" the blond cried out as jets of hot thick fluid filled his mouth and throat. All these sensations ripped through Kakashi's mind and body and he didn't even know he had moaned till he was chocking on the cum in his throat. He pulled off of Genma and coughed cum leaking from his lips, his face twisting in discomfort as some of the salty fluid went into his sinuses. He coughed a few more times till he was able to get it all swallowed and out of his throat. He was so embarrassed his body was almost glowing pink.

Hazel eyes watched the domineering man blush from head to toe, the usually pale member coloured from desire and the remnants of his blood. He tried to push himself upwards to return the favor but his body was still too worn out to move. He collapsed back to the bed with a grunt, surprised when Kakashi climbed up his body and carefully pulled him into his long, muscular arms. Pale fingers reached out and brushed over his bruised forehead and blackened eye but Genma slid a little closer and ghosted his fingers over Kakashi's dripping erection. "You shouldn't be embarrassed about getting hard from giving head." The fingers immediately removed themselves from his face and he could see some of Captain Hatake return. Taking a firmer grip of Kakashi's cock he stroked it slowly. "That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. The muscles of your back rippling as your head bobbed up and down. It can be so rewarding to give pleasure... sometimes more than receiving it." Kakashi shivered a little as the creamy hand moved over him but his eyes opened, a hint of warning there to remind Genma of who he was talking to.

"That's why I come. That's why I'll keep coming. I like making you feel good. I even like it when you hurt me some. It's exciting. And the pleasure you give me..." He trailed off a little breathless, leaning in to press his sore lips to Kakashi's. The man was so amazing when he dropped his guard a little. There was so much more to him than just the Captain Hatake and he'd gotten a glimpse of that.

Kakashi took over the kiss quickly no more of his blushing and weakness. He was thankful a moment like this hadn't happened with Raidou; he would have lost control over the large man and would not have been able to gain it back he was sure. 'Raidou was a hard ass to keep in the first place, if he ever saw weakness in me he'd skull fuck me till I was blind.' He pulled from the kiss and stood looking down at what he had done to his new pet. 'He's special; he's one you want to keep. Don't fuck this up again. Be the master but don't lose the control.' "Can you stand Genma?" He asked his voice was low and firm.

Genma slowly moved his legs over the edge of the bed and pushed himself up, as soon as his hands left the bed's support his he fell back to the mattress. "It appears not, Sir" Genma said the tightness in his voice showing his pain. Kakashi moved in, carefully picking the slightly smaller man up bridal style and carrying him out to his shower.

He set Genma's legs down so he could stand with Kakashi's arm around his chest for support. He pulled the lever on the shower and stepped forward so the warm water was raining down on Genma's carved back. "Grab the bar of soap on the shelf not the rope. It is for my eye; it is a disinfectant, for washing wounds." Kakashi's tone was very casual; most of the edge was dropped away.

He managed to wrap his hand around the soap before his arm dropped to his side lifelessly. His cheeks burned in embarrassment as the bar of soap was pulled from his fingers and rubbed all over his chest. He didn't want Kakashi to think he was weak, that he couldn't handle himself. It was a bit of a ridiculous notion as he stood in the water, too drained to hold his own weight. Leaning back into Kakashi's chest, he gripped lightly at the man's hips, Kakashi's still hard cock pressing into the torn crevice of his ass as strong hands washed over his body. The soap stung as it cleaned his cuts and, hissing, Genma turned his face, pushing his nose into Kakashi's neck. That hurt too, his cheek pressing against the bones of Kakashi's shoulder, but it was comforting to feel this almost intimacy between them. He wanted this to be more than just sex but Kakashi was nowhere near ready for any kind of relationship so he'd take what he could get. And right now he was getting more of the softness that he craved so deeply from the older man. He let out a deep long moan as Kakashi paid special attention to the cut above his nipple, the calloused fingers dancing over the hardened piece of skin and nerves teasingly.

"Oh gods... you make me feel so good." A giant shiver wracked his body as the nipple was captured and rolled between the pads of two of the fingers. He was already hard again but that was an inevitability when you're pressed up against the wet, naked, body of a man as sexy as Kakashi. Even though he was in agony he still wanted the captain's cock inside of him. It was like an obsession. He needed more Kakashi. More sex, more abuse, more tenderness, more secrets. He wanted to know this man inside and out.

"In need of more already Shiranui?" Kakashi's hand slid up Genma's chest and throat to grip his jaw with just the right amount of force turning the handsome face so he could kiss him possessively. "Such a pretty, needy thing you are." He took a step forward with Genma so the younger man was facing the thick post the shower head hung from; he leaned over and rested Genma's shoulder on the post. "Support yourself while I wash your back, I can't have my pretty things getting ruined," he purred as he slid his supporting arm around Genma's waist and stepped slightly to the side, pressing his throbbing cock to the side of Genma's ass cheek while he washed over the carved back.

Gritting his teeth, Genma pressed his abused cheek against the wood post. 'Not so pretty anymore. He... wouldn't do that so no one else would hit on me, would he?' It wasn't beyond the possible scope of Captain Hatake but he pushed the thought from his mind and relaxed as Kakashi's hands soothed away his cares. It stung when the soap moved over his newly acquired mark of possession, the suds burning the now raised flesh. He drew a sharp intake of breath and squeezed his eyes shut, reaching back to try to pull Kakashi in a little tighter to his left side. He chanced a glance over his shoulder and looked at Kakashi's face, the bizarre, rusty eye uncovered and trained on his back with an unreadable expression on the stoic face as the pale fingers slid over the numbers.

Kakashi looked up feeling Genma's hazel gaze on him, the look was so full of lust, wonder and to Kakashi's surprise even respect. He couldn't hold himself back, he didn't want to hold himself back, as he leaned forward at the same time as he pulled Genma back into him, sealing their lips in a passionate kiss, all clashing teeth, lips and tongue. "I didn't have the right to mark you like that yet. I'm sorry but I couldn't take the thought of someone else having you," he said as he pulled away from the kiss for a moment, "Touching you, you are mine, Genma. I've claimed you." Kakashi's hand slid down his tight abs to grip his stiff member stroking it firmly and slowly, while he slowed the kiss down into something deep and possessive. His hips gently rolled to rub his cock against Genma's firm cheek.

The complete ownership and the soft admission of insecurity, coupled with the stimulation to his body, made Genma weak in the knees; they actually buckled after a minute of stimulation. He clung helplessly to the wood post, trusting Kakashi's hands not to let him fall to the slatted floor. Kakashi's arm tightened around him, making his bruised ribs and chest throb but he barely even noticed; spreading his legs and lifting his ass a little in presentation to Kakashi whose hand slid away from his member to slide fingers over his nicked tailbone. 'Why does it not freak me out that he used my blood as lube? How the hell do I understand what he needed was a punching bag, and since he went so far he's not going to let it happen again for a long time? But don't think forever. It will happen again... eventually.' Kakashi's long fingers probed gently at the abused entrance and Genma just had no idea if he should moan or cry. The mixture of the terrible burn and the craving for Kakashi inside him were conflicting and all he could manage was a small whimper of need. "Mmmm, Kashi. I want you all the time. I certainly was never a prude but I was never such a slut until I met you. Gods... you've certainly done a good job of breaking in my ass."

"Are you saying your ass wasn't in use before me? Are you saying you are only a slut for me, Genma? Is that what you are telling me?" Kakashi's cock was pulsing hard with the idea, his voice full of lust. He soaped up his hands with thick lather then smeared it over his cock, hissing at his touch on his sensitive skin.

Biting his lip, Genma looked into Kakashi's frighteningly intense, lust hazed eyes. "Yes, Sir," he breathed, his heart slamming into his chest and his head getting dizzy from anticipation.

A deep rumble erupted from Kakashi's chest. He captured Genma's lips again showing the younger man all the possession he felt over him. "You're mine." Kakashi slid his fingers down the crack of Genma's ass and into the abused hole, slicking it with the medicated soap. "My cock will be the only cock to enter your ass." He pulled his fingers out and quickly and smoothly pressed his soaped cock in. He thrust into the abused body with deep smooth movements, nothing brutal like earlier but strong and sure... possessive. He never released Genma's lips except to say the few words he did, keeping their moans and cries to themselves as much as possible.

Shuddering as waves of pleasure assaulted him, Genma mewled into the older man's mouth. 'Only yours. I'm only yours. I'll save everything I have for you if you want. I'll keep to myself and distance myself from my friends if it makes you angry to see us together. I just want you to want me as much as I want you.' He bucked into the pale grip as their tongues wrestled. His body throbbed with sensation as he reached back and pulled on the back of Kakashi's neck, deepening the kiss. Kakashi ravaged his mouth and body, nipping at his lips until Genma just couldn't take anymore and pulled his face away to give his swollen lips a break. But Kakashi tipped his head back up and pressed their mouths together again in a soft kiss. They parted and kissed again, their lips meeting and both of them releasing short, sharp gasps into each other's mouths before they kissed again.

Kakashi turned away from Genma's mouth; the gentle kisses making his heart stir in ways he's wasn't sure he could handle. He licked and nipped at the lightly tanned shoulder, one arm wrapping around Genma's chest pulling him up to lean on his chest, the other hand lifting Genma's left thigh, bending it up so his right was just hanging, all his weight supported by Kakashi. Slowly Kakashi lowered them to the ground having Genma kneel. He pulled him back so his torso was laying across his own thigh, ass low to the ground butt sticking out behind him; like he is bowing before the most powerful man in the world. Kakashi pressed into the abused hole again having slipped out when he laid Genma down. When he was fully sheathed, he leaned right over Genma supporting himself on his hands and knees. He thrust slow and deep, nipping and sucking at the blonde's neck and shoulders. "Mine," he growled against the soft skin.

"Mmmm," Genma purred as the cock sheathed inside him again, his body quivering with the pleasure of being possessed. He liked it... he loved it. He was dying to believe that Kakashi wanted him as much as he wanted the delusional older man. "You feel so good," he whispered even though his ass was burning from the earlier rough penetration. "You barely have to touch me and I want to cum. Uhh, Kakashi." The slow, deep thrusts were driving him wild and he could indeed feel his body preparing for release even as he spoke. Kakashi's mouth moved down his neck making torrents of electric pleasure shoot through his body. He really wanted to kiss those pale lips again. He wanted that soft tenderness that made him feel like more than just a sex toy.

"Your words are as honeyed as your hair, it's no wonder your men love you," the sliver haired man purred as he adjusted his angle so his cock head was striking and sliding over the younger man's prostate with each slow thrust. He was so close it seemed like a year since he had cummed down Genma's throat; in reality it had only been 30 minutes but so much had happened. There had been so many emotions, so many times he had been close to release just for it to be pulled away, so many idea's and thoughts he was not comfortable with or at least didn't think he should be comfortable with; it was all bringing him to the edge quickly. He kept his movement's slow, hoping to hold it off, not wanting it to end; wanting to keep his puppy under him, keep him his…but the slow pull of skin on skin and the tightness of Genma's writhing body was making it impossible to hold back any longer. His body jerked and his muscles became uncontrollable, his slow steady pace became erratic. "Oh fuck Genma!" he grunted right before his teeth sunk into Genma's shoulder where it joins his neck. Thrusting deep one last time, he released deep inside the battered body.

The splash of hot cum against his inside walls and the whisper of his name, his name on those sexy, ruthless lips, pushed Genma over the top and once again Kakashi made him orgasm without touching his cock, his cum spraying his legs and stomach and the slatted wood floor. Unable to hold his own weight again, he collapsed forward, his stomach pressed against his knees as his back heaved. He couldn't keep his eyes open. Too much had happened to his body and he was finally so exhausted that he let his body go lax even as Kakashi's broad hands slid up his back. He could feel himself being lifted off the floor but he couldn't force his eyes open to see where he was being taken. His muscles wouldn't listen when he told them to lift his head, instead he sighed as his back was settled on a soft surface. He dropped off immediately into one of the deepest sleeps of his life, his mind finally going blissfully blank.