Blood Hearts

Summary: Rewritten. Ryo is in love....with two guys! How exactly is this supposed to work? And what happens when his old side has become someone else entirely, forcing him to fight...with a new deck and all! And what about the others? Yaoi

Pairings: Fujiwara x Zane(Ryo) x Atticus ( Fubuki), Satorious(Saiou) x Aster(Edo), Chazz(Manjyome) x Jaden(Judai) x Jesse (Johan)

Author: I decided to rewrite it. Thanks to a review on the other one that made me rethink and inspired me. Thanks! Constructive Criticism always helps. Remember I don't own a thing.


Chapter One: Hell Kaiser


Zane walked down the halls, lost in thought as always. Of course he wondered how it had happened it the first. He'd fallen in love, with two guys! Atticus and Fujiwara. Of course he'd known them both for so was this supposed to work out in a possibly good way!? Fujiwara he'd always wondered about, but Atticus was to his knowledge completely straight. He'd come a long way since his brother had passed him. He'd once again passed his brother, having a vampire deck now. Signaling his kind of rebirth. He couldn't call himself a phoenix of sorts. After all, that was Aster's job. He was thinking to himself, so deep in thought, that if you were in his mind, you probably couldn't hear yourself. Somehow people expected this of Zane, and no one questioned him on it. But he ran straight into Syrus. He immediately felt bad and offered Syrus his hand.

"What's up big brother?" Asked Syrus.

"The usual. I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you ok?" Said Zane.

Zane was a much more pleasant person to be around now. Syrus just smiled and began babbling about the league. Zane sighed, their league was going in a direction here or there. But nowhere fast. It was ridiculous. He'd have to start asking around, the school was pretty big. He'd already beaten everyone he'd lost to with his new deck, including Syrus, he was once again on top of the pack. He actually found it pretty lonely being there. So he'd decided he'd be the manager of the company, and only duel if absolutely necessary. After all, if he was a duelist, it wouldn't be fair. And he decided to hold a tournament once he had everyone in the league, to decide who took place at what places. He explained his plans to Syrus, who nodded in agreement, and he kept walking on. Of course he saw Atticus. The man was beautiful, the way he carried himself. So amazingly graceful. Of course he did annoy a lot of people with just being himself. But Zane found him exquisite. Of course he'd never tell a soul. He made his way to the principle's office. Which is where he made the announcement for the tournament. When he announced that only the top fifty would be allowed to have places, people rushed. Since he made sure he announced that he wouldn't be participating. It turned out that most of the people he ended up dismissing because of them being beaten. But he did get a top twenty at least. Although on the top of his head he could only remember it as this: Aster, Chazz, Atticus, Fujiwara, Johan, Saiou(his name is easier in Japanese), Jaden, Syrus, Hassleberry, and Asuka. It seemed fair enough, and since everyone had obtained their places by dueling, it pretty much couldn't be argued with. He'd actually been surprised at Saiou being there. But it seemed that he'd been visiting with Aster, and the minute they'd heard that announcement, they'd come running.

Of course Zane was the top duelist in the pro league once again, so it didn't surprise him. They'd all want a piece of him. Of course that meant the media too. Tomorrow would be a press conference for the top ten and Zane. He hoped this would be easier then he'd first thought....boy how wrong he would be. He saw a shadowed figure in the distance, he wondered who it could be, little did he know he was about to get a bad wake up call.

- the next day-

Aster stood in front of the press, holding up their plaques from the league and handing them out. Pegasus was there behind him, babbling on to the press. When Aster finally stepped forward.

"Without further ado, please help me welcome Zane." Spoke Aster's very prestigious voice.

Zane stepped forward, still wearing his Hell kaiser clothing, or to be more precise, his black trench coat. Of course he was calm and collected as always as he told them what the league was like, of course what he wasn't expecting were personal questions, which he shouldn't have had to answer...except for the facts that Pegasus had taken it upon himself to say that they would answer any and all questions.

"Mr. Zane! How is your heart condition?" Asked a woman.

"At times it'll rear its ugly head, but I've been pretty ok." Spoke Zane.

"What about your love life sir?" asked another man, with an eerily familiar voice.

The question made Zane go on edge, they weren't supposed to have to answer questions like that, but when he saw the man, he immediately regretted ever having been here.

"My love life...I'm in love with two people. But that is all I will give you." Spoke Zane.

Zane stepped off the stage, and he went up to Fujiwara and Atticus. "We have a code red. The man who asked me that...he's an evil side of me, meaning a Psychopath. We need to follow him." Spoke Zane calmly and collectively.

"But I thought he was gone forever." Spoke Atticus.

"Looks like Hell Kaiser won't just stay in hell." Said Fujiwara.

As the others took care of the press conference, answering in the best ways possible. Zane followed the man and he challenged him to a duel. To which he received it. A duel with his soul at stake! The others rushed up, but as the duel was won by him, the man ran away. Zane felt his heart pound dangerously, and he clutched his chest in pain. Atticus and Fujiwara ran up and held him up. Oh how he wished that he was ok...then he could touch them, after all he felt a blush across his cheeks as they held him, of course he knew they were just trying to help...but still....


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