Blood Hearts

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Chapter five: Let's Live Together


- With Zane -

He's kissed Atticus but when he looked up Yusuke was gone. He stood up, hearing a scream he ran. Atticus followed closely. Yusuke was captured by Hell Kaiser. And just as Zane was about to move towards him, he almost disappeared, but Syrus jumped on him, Saiou and Aster ran up, as well as Chazz, Jesse, and Jaden. Zane looked to Yusuke who was trapped against Hell Kaiser, and he was furious as he challenged Hell Kaiser to a duel.

It lasted a long time and many hard moves were made. But Zane won as Syrus held the card that Atticus had been trapped in, and Hell Kaiser became trapped inside of it. The world began to shift and Zane ran up to Yusuke and grabbed him, as well as grabbing Atticus. He would not lose them this time. And they were all hurled through the portal...

- At the school -

They all awoke, the school, everything was perfectly back to normal. Well almost...Yusuke ran to their room, Zane and Atticus ran after him. While Jesse and Jaden went back with Chazz to his dorm. Saiou looked to Aster who seemed depressed a bit. Saiou really didn't know what to say, he wanted to return the feelings, because he did, but Aster was a professional duelist, would this hurt his career?

- With Aster and Saiou, yes lemon warning -

Aster was in the showers, cleaning himself off. He looked at the ground, his blue eyes filled with sadness. But Saiou came up next to him and looked him into his eyes.

"Saiou? What are you?" Began Aster.

"Are you worried about what they will think. You are a professional duelist with a reputation to think of. I love you too Aster..I do...but..." Began Saiou but he was cut off with a kiss.

Aster grabbed him and pressed him against the wall of the shower as he kissed down Sartorius's neck, moving down his sculpted body, as Saiou shuddered. He felt his hardness down stairs and Aster smirked as he licked the head, Saiou trying to hold back a moan.

Aster smirked as he took the cock into his mouth, and then began to prepare Saiou. He knew his friend would have no objections as he scizzored him with his fingers, pressing into his hot body with his fingers. Saiou moaned loudly as Aster kept going. But before he could cum, Aster came up and kissed him, moving his body with his hands, Aster positioned him against the wall as he took him. Gently at first, but thrusts increased and Saiou moaned loudly as he came all over Aster, whom not long after came inside of him, filling him with his seed.

- Lemon over -

Aster kissed Saiou as he panted and slumped against him on the shower floor.

"I Love you Saiou." Spoke Aster.

"I Love you too Aster." Spoke Saiou's panting tone.

- Over with Chazz, Jesse, and Jaden, yes lemon warning -

Chazz found himself pinned beneath Jaden who was kissing up his body, while Jesse was underneath him, their clothes all lost. Jesse's hands were on his nipples, twisting them, making Chazz moan as Jaden moved lower and began to suck him down into a deep throat. Chazz couldn't hold back his moans as Jaden prepared himself and prepared Chazz. Jesse inserted himself from behind gently, hitting into Chazz's prostate. Chazz moaned as Jaden impaled himself on Chazz's cock. Chazz was dizzy from all of the pleasure as his head moved back and forth, Jaden beginning to move on top of him, impaling himself over and over again, his flushed cheeks and his body were so hot it made Chazz almost come by just looking at him. While Jesse hit his prostate and moaned beneath him. It was all too much for them all. Jaden came first, his seed splattering all over Chazz's chest and stomach. Then Chazz came, his seed spilling into Jaden as he rode out his orgasm. And Jesse came last, as he filled Chazz with his seed, in his tight hot orifice.

- Lemon over -

Chazz lay between the two slackers who both smiled at him and kissed his cheeks. They couldn't say they loved him yet, as this was just brand new.

- Over with Zane, Atticus, and Yusuke, yes lemon warning -

Zane looked at Yusuke and Atticus, both of them seemed pretty lost and they were on opposite sides of the room.

"Listen I know this is all confusing. But...I love you both. Can we work this out somehow?" Spoke Zane's very calm tone of voice.

"Do you love me Atticus?" Asked Yusuke.

"Yes, I love you and Zane. Maybe we can work out relationship like this?" Asked Atticus.

"But then how will dates work out?" Asked Yusuke.

"We'll all be on equal terms of love, fuck standards, I can't lose either of you." Spoke Zane's calm tone.

Atticus was the first to move as he grabbed Yuske and kissed him. Zane watched hungrily as their tongues battled it out, then they moved towards Zane, as the both kissed him, tongues sloppily moving between the three, grinding of the hips as erections ensued, and moans spreading like wildfire. Zane was the first to be de-clothed, the Atticus, and then Yusuke, as Atticus bent over taking Yusuke's cock into his mouth, Yusuke moaning at the feel, as Zane prepared Atticus from behind with some lotion. Moving gently at teasingly he hit Atticus's prostate which made Atticus moan while licking the cock in front of him. Zane finally penetrated deep into Atticus who moaned as Yusuke grabbed Atticus's hair and pulled him closer. Atticus's own cock was being stimulated by Zane's hand. And soon Atticus came all over Zane's hand, his speed spurting everywhere. Yusuke came next into Atticus's mouth, as Atticus swallowed it all. Then Zane came as he poured his seed into Atticus.

- End Lemon -

They all lay next to each other, smiling as they embraced and slept in a new life, with love and no more bloody hearts.

The End


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