Nightmares and Demons

It was a cold night in Rat City as it always was. However, this night was different, and Spawn knew it. He sensed the smell of death in the air, which was natural for a hellspawn. He finally tracked the sent to a mutilated body. Closer observation revealed that it had been clawed to death. It couldn't be an animal for Spawn would have herd it. There were very few creatures that could do this, Spawn being one of them. A ambulance and police cars suddenly appeared as Spawn hid.
Elsewhere, two familiar figures were disguising there evil plans. " Why the fuck do we need some little slut anyway" said one. "Silence, her importance is none of your concern, your mission is to find her and bring her here, is that understood" said the other. " Yeah boss, right away" he said as he ran.
Back at the alley, Spawn was becoming concerned with his discovery and decided to investigate by going to Twitch. "What is it that you need" asked Twitch? "Information about the guy killed in the alley" said Spawn. " Are you implying that you didn't kill him" said Twitch? "No I didn't" replied Spawn. " I wouldn't be surprised if you did, the man killed was a suspected rapeist" explained Twitch. " Really. Well if I did meet him he still would have died, but why didn't he scream? asked Spawn? " Perhaps his last victim was more than she appeared" said Twitch. " I intend to find out what, thank you." Spawn said as he left.
At the same time, something was wandering through the alley were the body was found. The creature was far to big to be a man, and the fact it had wings seem to prove it even more. It looked down on the blood stained ground and picked up a piece of blond hair. " Shes here" it mumbled. Suddenly it turned to 2 bums. One ran but the other was caught. "Now scum, tell me who did this" it asked? "It was a girl, but she turned into some type of monster" the bum said. " Can you tell me were she went" the creature asked? " No" he said. " Thank you, you have been most helpful" the creature said as it crushed the bum's skull. The creature then wandered off not noticing someone watching it. It was the Clown. " My my my, who are you, you ain't one of ours. But you certainly my kind of guy, better tell the boss" the Clown said.
Spawn was almost home, until he noticed someone out of place. A young girl ran into a condemed church to escape the rain. Spawn desided to follow this out of place visitor. Spawn entered the church, and wandered around a minute until he saw the girl. It was Aerial Chylde