Demon Battle

Spawn was to say the least surprised to see a young girl near rat city. The girl did not seem frighten, but rather she was ready to fight. Spawn walked closer, when something big appeared behind him. It was a large blue creature which had a smaller red creature on his shoulder. " Leave her alone" the big one said. Spawn was surprised but not frightened and was ready. " And I thought this day was going to be boring" said Spawn.

Spawn charged forward to the big demon and hit it across the room. It got up feeling very little from the hit and charged toward Spawn. After throwing a few more blows, Spawn was able to get behind it and wrap his chains around the creature's neck. The creature tried, but could not break free. " Stop it" the girl screamed. Spawn reluctantly let go. "Who the hell are you" asked a confused Spawn? " My name is Aerial, this is War and the small guy over there is Piece" expained the girl. " And who are you masked man" said Piece sarcastically? " Spawn is what Im called" said Spawn. " Werid name" said War.

"As long as were all getting to know each other let me introduce myself" a voice said. Suddenly a large brown demon, a little bigger than War appeared. " Pennance" said Aerial. " So you thought hiding in a big city would allow you to escape me, how foolish you are" sneared Pennance. " I don't know what the fuck is going on but if its a fight you want lets see get passed me" yelled Spawn. " I don't know who you are but this is none of your concern" said Pennance. " Im making it my concern" said Spawn. " Very well, first I kill you then them" said Pennance.

Pennance charged at Spawn with increadible speed, knocking him through a wall. " Maybe we should help that guy" said War. " That guy looks like he can handle himself" said Piece. " But he might need our help" said Aerial. "What happens if we try, you might end up dead, its better if we go" explained Piece. They quickly left, leaving Spawn to fight Pennance by himself. Unknown to either of them, Clown was watching them. "Oh man, I'm really liking this guy" snickered Clown. Just then the firey image of Malebolgia appeared. " Have you found the girl yet" asked the great demon? " Not yet boss, but take a look. It seems like Im going to have some tough compitition, that is if I had a little pick me up" explained the Clown. " So your suggesting I give you the power to become the Violator again" said Malebolgia. " Yeah, if that alright with you" said Clown. " Very well, but if you fail I'll turn you into something far worse than a clown" warned the demon. Clown then vanished.

Spawn and Pennance were still going at it until Pennance ripped a big chunk of Spawn out. " Fool, you should have stayed out of my way" said Pennance thinking Spawn was dead. Pennace then left as well, while Spawn remained to slowly heal his large injuries.