Hello. So, considering I'm pretty new to this fandom and am back from a very long hiatus on creative writing so any input (and I do mean ANY input) would be appreciated. These are mostly going to be friendship and actiony fics. I'll try to make some of them funny, but, like I said, it's been a while so I'll see how that goes.

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She watched him unashamedly--what use was there pretending now?--as a young nurse wrapped his ankle up in a tight bandage.

Wally gave her A Look and asked "What happened?"

"Plane crash. Well, the plane crashed because the missile found its mark, so…"


"Kasnia. It was…" Diana's entire countenance--from the skin around her eyes to her arm muscles, appearing to long for something to strangle--as the last word left her lips. "An accident. They believed our craft to be South Kasnian, when in fact we were there to deal with a tip on an assassination attempt on the princess."

She shifted slightly to become more comfortable with her position on the bed she had decided she would not occupy for more than an hour.

"OK. Get well soon, Wondy." With no small amount of embarrassment, he presented her with some flowers that showed every step of their light speed journey.

She gave him an appreciative grin and leaned forward to enjoy the scent which had not suffered in the least. "They're lovely, Wally."

He laughed softly at that. "Not really, but…I would have gotten some for Bats too but…"

He appeared pleased at the spasms of amusement that danced around her lips and then hugged his friend gently around the shoulders. An alarm, somewhere, went off and he waved at her before shooting out of the infirmary.

Clark, who had previously been giving the Dark Knight's ankle a stern look, courtesy of X-ray vision, now drew closer to her bed.


"You were listening?" She asked, half-jokingly.

Clark had the decency to look vaguely embarrassed but then nodded. "And?"

"Well, I jumped out to try to keep the plane in the air--we were going over the guerilla camp so we couldn't just crash. I got a good grip on it and managed to set it down gently…" She gestured vaguely towards his ankle, actually a far lesser injury than he was initially guaranteed, "Enough. Unfortunately, I was so busy with the plane that I didn't notice the eight sentries who proceeded to open fire. I managed to block about half the shots but…" She gestured towards the increasingly-useless bandages that wound themselves around her torso, arm, calf, and thigh.

Clark looked her up and down, then nodded slowly. "Diana, I just wanted to make sure you were all right so…" He edged toward the door.

"Hot date?"

The tomato-tinted red that went across his face was answer enough. He began to leave the room, unable to shake the feeling that he had missed something and then stopped dead.. "The hospital J'onn teleported you from was two miles from that crash. Did you fly injured that badly?"

She swore in her head as she felt the blush she was fighting gain leverage over her face little by little. "No…"


"There really wasn't any time."

Clark considered Bruce's ankle, not just twisted, but mangled. "He carried you?"

"Yes. I blacked out about halfway there, though."

"He ran two miles on a sprained ankle, under fire, to carry you to a hospital?"

"Well, when you put it like that-" She began, the words of denial on her lips.

A rare sight appeared on Clark's face--a wicked smile. He began muttering and she caught little phrases like "Just wait 'til Lois hears" and "Does Wally know?"

He then proceeded to whistle. "Good night, Diana."

"Good night, Clark."

Bruce knew instantly what precisely he was in for as he saw Clark smirk at him on the way out, whistling "Am I Blue?" the whole way.